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Add Restart Button To Flash Game…

I have a flash game that needs to have a restart button added so that win a person wins or loses they are able to restart the game….

files are attached

this is a simple project and the budget is $30 MAX

You can use stock flash/flex buttons if you like, label needs to read "restart"

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SEO In Flash Game Arcade Industry

Hello, We am looking for someone to optimize my website for search engines. Looking for good results in certain keywords.

– Keyword researching must be done first to determine which keywords we should focus on.
– Before we start, you must give me a guild line of the steps taken to achieve better placing for the chosen keywords.
– You must send me daily reports of what exactly you are doing to boost my website up the search engines.
– White hat methods ONLY. Black hat is not allowed.

This will be an ongoing project on our other websites if results are good.

Thank you.

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Flash Game Distribution

I need a skilled person to upload released games from my website all over the web

Upload the game on lists given and compile an independant list of his own to upload and/or contact websites with my game

I need you to have a list ready of 1k + sites

Contacting sites for submission and sending emails as well as uploading is easy

So i want a flat rate for this..

This job will be weekly

Read here to get an idea of how this work

I need a excell list after each submission to know to what sites you have submitted to

No duplicates, dont try to cheat .. decent work will have long term partnerships

After you get used to it it will take you a couple of hours to do so


If you have experience in this then its better

if you can compile me a list of 1-5k sites it would be great too


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Experienced Flash Game Developer Required Urgenly

This is a 2 months project, and works needs to be started within a day or so….

Only experienced and serious individuals are requested to bid and show their previous work.

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Flash Game Development

This is a Flash Game development project and the vacancy needs to be filled today in any case. only experienced person should bid on it. Rest of the details are attached in a word file.

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Flash Game

We are looking for a flash game to use on our website which is aimed at 7-12 year olds, the game will need a competitive element and progressive levels as well as a timer, also the ability to generate a log of the users and their scores in order to award prizes at any chosen time.
A full brief of the game will be forwarded to interested parties, graphics can be provided by us but we are also open to the idea of graphics being created as part of the project.

Completion of the project is required by 15th March 2011

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3 Flash Game

Name of Company: World Communications Network Resources (M) Sdn Bhd

Role: Flash Game Developer

Remuneration: RM500 per game (Nego)

Requirements: Flash Game Developer


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Pac-Man Style Flash Game

Our client is looking for a Pac-Man style Flash game. The client make treats such as cupcakes and cookies. As you may guess, Pac-Man will be eating the treats they produce. We are in the budgeting phase now and are looking for quotes. Due date is the end of March.

We are not sure what the cost for a Flash game is so please go above or below the "medium project" budget if needed.

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Flash Game Development

I am looking for a Flash actionscript 2 developer who can assist me with coding a game based on a game that already exists. The game is a 2D side scroller that I wish to create for a new client.

I want to model the game based on this:

My game of course will have a completely different look – I just want the functionality aspects of the link above coded for me. The project is due in 6 or so weeks. I will be designing all the graphics. The successful bidder on this project will be responsible for the development of the actionscript only.

As I mentioned, I already have some code for what I want. But I cannot get it working exactly how I want it. So the sucessful bidder can look at this code and potentially use some of it, or start from scratch if it suits.

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Flash Game Programmer

We need a group of programmers, that can make games like the next

we only need the programation, we have the artwork, plase bid for one game.

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Flash Game Needed

An example of what I want can be found by doing a search on google for "supreme deer hunting game".

Basically. A Flash Game where you control the sights of a gun (like looking through a scope/ crosshairs) on the flash game. Background is woods. You click start and the goal is to shoot the deer which makes you score go up.

Different deer give different points.

Best 20? high scores ever table.

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Promouting Of Flash Game

Promouting of a very good new flash game in english-language blogs, social networks and forums.

Writing and posting review and articles about the game.

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(ARABIC ONLY) Online Multi Players Cards Game

The project details has been written by Arabic language in the attached file, so if you don

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Expert Flash Game Developer


I am after a Real time EXPERT flash game developer.

I need a simple flash game to be made.

The game I am looking mostly like:

but with new design and mostly same functionalities.

More details will be sent to the winning BIDDER.

I want all rights of the game.

I welcome for any good suggestion.

Please send me your QUOTE and time frame for this JOB.
Maximum allowed time is 8 days.

Send example of your previous works.


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Iphone Game Similar To Checkers

We are looking to create a board game, that is similar to checkers in ever aspect except some rule and the following listed below:

men(pices) move straight forward or sideways, instead of diagonally. When a man (pice) reaches the last row it promotes to a flying king which moves like a rook in checkers.

Everything else would be the same. I would require more animation/design oriented as the programming is limited to the boardgame.

We would also require to make the game playable online with other users (with a monthly subscription fee)
Offline gaming would be for free.

More details on the game and the graphics/animation required will be given.

The graphics/animations are a must and vital part of the project.

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TAOFEWA Flash Game For Provider Tarekahmed

Flash game for TAOFEWA, project for provider "tarekahmed" as per our agreement

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Flash Game Widget

Need a programmer to customize a flash applet that activates a pop-up window upon being invoked. The window will display content from and interact with an online database. The popup will be displayed when the user clicks a hyperlink embedded in an HTML email. This database does not a GUI. The admin will run it with the customary Access menus.

– Basic Flash (have licensed embedded effect code already; user only needs to create the popup wrapper with SQL links)
– Basic database work (the DataDef and table creation is complete in Access. We need the XML handshaking between the server and the client popup coded, and some basic logic and a couple update queries.)
– An HTML widget to create an "Amazon affiliates" type meta tag protocol that is created on the fly during a mass email distribution.

This is a cloud application. For the senior and reliable coder there may be equity in a startup available. We still have process and architecture questions we need to resolve depending on the approach chosen by the chosen programmer. Please reply. Once we find the right contractor well commit immediately.

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Flash Game Development

Job Description
Development of a flash Blackjack game. Game dimentions, mechanism and design should look exactly as , not leaving out sound and animations.

Technical details
– game dimensions as in the provided example
– the flash should be able to read a configuration XML
– chips values should be configurable ( ie. 1,2,5,10..)
– maximum allowed bet should be configurable
– graphical asset configuration used for the background and card-backs
– the game should manage all the game logic and randomise the cards
– basic API to work with the server side:
** balance request/response
** place_bet request/response
** settle_bet request/response

– source code in AS3/Flex
– vector files of all the assets created
– swf file
– simple demo page demonstrating the game in work
– simple configuration file format and API documentation

No upfront payments. Payment would follow after complete testing and approval

Notes to the developer
– we are looking for the main developer, who would be able to organize the whole technical team

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Flash Game

Hi all,

Im looking for flash game makers for many projects, when you do a good job I have about 2/3 games to be made a month. I would like to know how much you ask for an exact replica of the following game(included all the levels) :

I hope hearing from you soon!


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Flash Game Developments

We require a flash game developer to create and illustrate 2 games.

The first game is something similar to this:

Where by you drinks are thrown down the bar and you have to catch them and drink them. The bar on the right hand side fills with beer until it is reached.

The illustration wants to be set in a bar theme and as the person drinks they get FATTER until they fall over.

Scores also want to be held in a database.

The second game is similar to the above but with 2 peaple being able to play so the first person to get fat and falls over wins the game.

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Flash Game Developer Needed Urgent

We are looking exceptional programmer/developer to develop online game. The bidder must follow the criteria mentioned hereunder before bidding and must comply to the same.

1. Must have rock solid experience in online flash game development.
2. This is for a real time game, all we need is just the flash part not website, the bidder must be available on IM.
3. Bidder must understand that this work needs to be completed in 7 days time, we dont have time and those who excel will be taken for all our future assignments.
4. Please remember we will not accept any excuses upon work allotment.

Now about the project please visit the ace2three dot com and click on play now button, create an account and see the whole funtion, we need similar stuff, if you can bid otherwise please lets not waste each others time and your valuable bids.

Please PM for any clarification, and provide me with just a small demo no need of all the functions.

Happy Bidding…..Cheers

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Physics Flash Game

Im looking for someone to create a physics-based flash game engine. What I need in the game is a Cannon to shoot a ball when the mouse is clicked. The ball would fly across a playing field or level (this would be a 2D side view of a room or box) and the object of the game is to get the ball to land in a basket or box. There should be the ability to have obstacles in the way of the ball in order to make different levels. These objects could be stationary or could fall over if the ball hits them.

Basically, the game will need to be customized by myself after the engine is created. So Im looking for a good starting point with source code so I can create a full game from the provided engine. Its very important that the physics are very life-like, and that the source code is not sloppy.

11/30/2010 at 16:48 EST:

Examples of previous work are requested.

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Vector Graphics For Flash Game


Looking for someone to create a cute animal character for a flash kids game. Has to be in vector, preferably done in flash or illustrator. Please send me samples of previous work and I will send shortlisted candidates more info about the project.


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Flash Game That Helps Teaching English

I need a number of games that can be used in teaching English. They can be quite traditional, how crosswords or rearranging words to produce words as well as more sophisticated (see, e.g., for examples of the game types Im looking for). These games have to look nice and be somehow easy to configure from my side (i.e. changing word list etc.). I can pay for each of such games up to 70 USD.

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Flash Game Development

We need a simple game creating in flash that also keeps scoreboard.The game will be tied in with a website and be branded to the site.

What we would like to happen in the game is to have a man stood in a pub and by clicking your mouse he picks up a drink and drinks it, this makes his stomach bigger after drinking so much his stomach explodes, the person with the quickest time wins.

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Banner Creation For Flash Game Website

My website has new games that I want to advertise in affiliate network. I will provide basic images and concepts and I want to put them online in the next 10 days (starting from the date of contracting).

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Flash Game Designed And Developed

I need to create a flash game and interactive flash banner together with the game.

It is a shooting game or something along those lines where you have a big gorilla and you attack him with various weapons.

Ideally, I would want you to start with one weapon and than after you kill the gorilla, you can attack him with a different cooler weapon.

I am looking for something hands, gory, and violent… Not guns, more like baseball bats, etc…

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Flash Game Similar To Bubble Shooter

I want a Bubble Shooter look-a-like game only with christmas theme. The goal should be the same is in the original game, but the look of the game should be different. (instead of bubbles, it could be christmas gifts…)

Here are the main parts of the game:
– Should be integrated with Mochi Leaderboard
– Language choice after intro where the user can choose language, and then get taken to the game, but with the correct language, and different ads.

The game needs to be complete by 1. december 2010.

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New Flash Game

I need a simple flash game to be added to my facebook application. This one will be similar to the classic Scorched Earth. Small tanks on a 2 dimensional layout have a bunch of weapons to choose from. This is single player for now but will be made multiplayer in the future. The "computer" tanks must be logical in attacking the human player, but not too hard to defeat. Make some tanks better at playing than others. Create 25 different types of weapons. The landscape is destroyed with each blast from a gun, in different scales depending on the weapon.

Please also make 5 different musics that are randomly played with each turn. Create random landscapes.

Do well on this project and more will follow, thank you!

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Re Skin Flash Game

Re skin flash game

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Flash Game Template Designer + Developer


This is for small scale project approx 1 WEEK of designing and testing. Website is highly flash animated with cartoon/graphical interface. Looking for someone experienced in creating template for games site and you should know designing template , php, mysql ,Flash and ActionScript knowledge


1. Need website inspired by the reference above
2. Please send samples of related type projects completed or in development is MUST
3. You can look at the reference site so you can see how the website functions by registering.
4. Communication is a MUST need to be able to relay information between my client and developer in timely fashion.
Must be able to talk by yahoo messenger, msn or google talk online messengers daily!!!!!
5. i need color to be same as pink with different layout , comments , rating, reset size bar etc
5 you need to install the project on my hosting details will be provided later. after all review only i can release the payment
6.Payments for project will be made on escrow only and i will release a deadlines are completed on project.

Sampling is must and i can provide you a game script after choosing one

Message for more details



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All Fours Online Card Game

Hello I would like a online all fours card Came like the downloaded one found at the following url

the executable is located at , if you are not familar with the all fours game.

The game must be a online webgame , which allows online play and allows me to advertise within the game for example ( in the background or on the table or back of the cards)

also the user must be able to play against the computer ( example the solitre game located on almost all windows machies. Thanks in advance for your help

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Flash Game Development

A simple spaceship game.
The user represented by a spaceship and need to shoot certain objects in space.
Each level the user shall shoot objects from a certain type.
There is 50 object

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