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Urgent !!! Translation Thai To English (freelance)

Urgent Translation Thai to English !!!! (freelance)

I will give you the articles that need to be translate to engish (excellent in thai & english language)

If youre interested in this project please contact –

Thank you.

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Freelance Salesperson To Sell To Australian Businesses

I run a CD and DVD duplication service, aimed at both people who want their music CDs duplicated (i.e. bands etc.) as well as companies looking to distribute software or anything else that goes on a disc.

I want to expand my service offering to supplying outsourced duplication services to larger companies, for instance a printing company (like Kwik Copy of Kinkos) so that they make the sale and I fulfil the order for them, thus saving them the hassle of training staff on new equipment, having to have expensive equipment in every branch and allowing them to offer another product at no risk to themselves, other than any marketing they might want to undertake.

I am very good at the back end of running things but am terrible at sales and would like to develop my business further and thus am looking for a freelance salesperson to sell my services.

Marketing to large companies that could use my outsourcing service is the primary aim here but any and all business brought in will be paid for.

Sales will be remunerated on a commission basis and if a contract is landed for outsourcing an ongoing commission will be paid for a significant period of time. Commission is negotiable, depending on what amount of business you are able to bring into the company. I am happy to take on several freelance salespeople as well.

Email me with your proposal and what you are able to do for me that others cant. Not really looking for Telemarketers, I am looking for someone to handle the sales process from beginning to end, not just set appointments.

If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask.

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Freelance Writer(s) Needed For Regular Blog Posting

I am in need of freelance writers to contribute 300-500 word blog posts to multiple blogs. This project will last for the next 4 weeks minimum and has the potential to become a long-term assignment.

Project Requirements:
– Must be familiar with Drupal or WordPress as you will be assigned an author profile and will upload directly to each blog.
– Ability to contribute to each blog at least 3 times a week. For the first week, you will be assigned one blog. If the work is acceptable, then you have the opportunity to take on additional work.
– You will have some latitude in the selection of topics but they must be topical, well researched, and closely related to the theme of the site. Topics include: gardening, disaster preparedness, environmental/sustainability issues, headache symptoms and treatment, medicare and senior health issues.
– Non-US is fine, but you must have a firm grasp of English and have excellent spelling and grammer skills.
– Your work must be able to pass copyscape.
– The rate of pay will initially begin at $0.01 per word but will increase if you demonstrate exceptional ability. I will also pay extra for posts that include stock photos (must be properly licensed, not lifted from other sites) and any other graphics or media that is integrated into your work.

Please submit at least 3 writing samples or links to any previous work if you would like to be considered. Thank you for bidding and I look forward to working with you!

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Freelance Editor – Trading

The Position

Looking to present our members with in-depth knowledge on the topic of trading, will launch a website dedicated to teaching online trading to its portfolio. For this new project we are looking for freelance editors who will write trading articles for our trading website.

As Freelance Editor – Trading, your role will entail the compilation of trading related content in an informative and interesting manner. This includes guides explaining basic trading knowledge to our users as well as more advanced strategy articles.

Your publishing will be read by a large community which means that you will have direct influence on the level of satisfaction of our customers.

Your Responsibilities:

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Human Resources Services

I need help selling my freelance accounting and business consultancy services to exporting companies in India. I have prepared my brief CV and can modify and improve it to target specific job vacancy or requirement of the company for creating a new vacancy.

I need help with securing a contract that is valid and can be honoured by the company for a year. Past experience in foreign employment and contract freelance abroad has been disappointing resulting in a loss to me, as lot of time was spent and work done. I am prepared to re-locate and work abroad for 1-2 years contract, Also, to start and develop a new subsidiary with proactive financial and management service .

I have 40 years of UK and International professional experience which is an outstanding achievement. Also MBA management qualification which makes me suitable for senior executive role in any organisation or professional practice. I would be equally happy to take up a non-executive employment or freelance contract for fixed term supporting and assisting the financial accounting and management function.

You must be an experienced Human Resources Manager or Recruitment Consultant who knows the local companies, who is who in the organisations, current and future opportunities and the recruitment market for foreign workers and contractors. If you are in a recruitment agency business then this should be a very easy job for you. You may have standard contracts, job descriptions, visa formalities and other relevant documents under the Indian legislation.

I am open to negotiate the recruitment fee but have indicated the minimum that I am prepared to meet when a contract has been agreed. I would be willing to be contracted to the agency who holds a main tendering contract with the company/ organisation.

In the UK, such arrangements are known as temporary, interim and fixed term contracts.

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Freelance Creative Web Designer (Must Be Based In Melbourne)

We are a venture funded web start up based in Melbourne.

We are looking for a local freelance web designer, who has the creative flair to design web pages that are W3C standards compliant.

Most the of the work will comprise of creating the PSD files for the front end developer.

Must be based in Melbourne.

Interstate or overseas applicants wont be considered.

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Work Availability Website

I need a website for freelance drivers. The website is designed to create a connection between freelance drivers and companies. The website should be designed to allow companies to search for freelance drivers with skills that they need and who are available to work on specific dates. The big necessity is that companies need to input dates they require drivers with skills they require and a search will retrieve available drivers with skills for required dates.

The freelance drivers need to be able to create profiles of themselves, which will include relevant information for their job roles and location. They can then fill in a yearly availability for which companies can search for. Should the driver

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Freelance Programmer For Several Jobs

Im looking for a freelancer who nows the zend framework and is excellent with xml and php. i have several projects for my community website

i only accepts freelancers and no companies

for more info send me a message

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Completing A Website For A Freelance Hairdresser

Project Description | Project Details | Skills & Groups

Hi, I need a half finished website completed for a Freelance Hair Designer.
Suggested Pages to be included are:

Special Offers
Happy Client Reviews
Client Promise

Please go to: (Posting of links with contact details is prohibited by admin)
to see the current progress of this site.

I would also like to add a name/email capture box and Facebook "like" link.

Please advise total cost and estimated number of hours to complete this site.
Although the site has been set up using Googlesites, I am open to changing this.
Any other suggestions would be welcomed!
Please include portfolio examples with your response.
Many thanks

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Freelance Script

I need a freelance script. Anything that looks similar to,, or is appreciated. If you already have a finished script, much better. Please PM me with a working demo.

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Administrative Assistant: Student | New To Freelance ONLY!

The company provides services over the internet to help our client achieve their company goals. We are one of the most successful freelance staffing development agencies that get a good feedback and goals through our clients. The company is a freelance agency, that

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Freelance Copy-editor For Photography Blog

Our company is looking for a freelance copy editor to help edit blog posts, newsletters and user manuals from time to time. Fact checking may be required depending on topics. You may work from home in any countries. You need to edit 4 articles of approximately 300 words each in two weeks time.

– Native English speaker a must
– Exceptional editing and proofreading ability
– Strong command of meticulousness
– At least 2 years of professional copy-editing or proofreading experience
– Flexible and could work under tight deadline with short notice
– Knowledge on photography or photographic equipments a plus

Please include the followings in your bid:
– Education background and relevant experience
– 2 text samples on published work
– 2 references from your previous employers
– Hourly rate

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New Design + Template Needed For An Exsisting Freelance SIte


I have an exsisting freelance website product like Its design is very basic/ugly/disturbed. I want a professional designer who can design some thing very cathcy and professional (not childish or glamorus), like LimeExchange,, liveperson etc. The job is to design a template. I will give the demo of the product in PMB. Only professional designers with healthy portfolio/skills should bid. Indian and Pakistanis will be warmly welcomed. Low price, quality work will definately be the periority.

What i will require is the design first. and after getting approved the html/css of it.

Remember!! The site obviously dont have 1,2 pages. But most of the pages will share the common layout.

1 more thing, I am a developer and designer too 🙂 just not having time.


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PHP Website / Script To Manage Freelance Writers

I need a script based on PHP/MySql that will be used to manage freelance writers. Coders familiar with or are encouraged to bid. All specifications will be provided before work commences. Happy bidding!

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I Need A Google Adwords Expert


I am starting a new business online. I am looking for a profesional google adwords expert.

I need a freelance able to provide me a high Return Of Investment (ROI).

In my first campaign I do not want to spend too much money. I will pay 10% of full budget for bid winner. If the campaign runs well, I will increase the budget of the campaign and, obviously, the payment to the freelance.

Thank you.

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Freelance Writers

Freelance Writers Needed Now !

1.To Write Articles & Stories Thousands of topics to write about! (Up to $100/article & $500/story)

2.Help Improve Books & Movie Scripts Give your suggestions and input and get paid $$$! (Up to $25 – $45 per hour)

3.Writing Blog Posts Create simple blog posts or comment on blogs! (Up to $25-50 per blog post)

People Writing Blog Post Are Earning Big Every Week

Ebook Ghost Writers Earn Hunsreds Per Project (Fiction & Non Fiction )

A greats Job In Any Economy As Compines Outsource More & More ….

If you have Writer Please Register Now
Please Sign In

Writter.Team @

Jobs This Is Closing When the Quota Fulfilled
Thank you

Hail Success


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Freelance Writers

Freelance Writers Needed Now !

1.To Write Articles & Stories Thousands of topics to write about! (Up to $100/article & $500/story)

2.Help Improve Books & Movie Scripts Give your suggestions and input and get paid $$$! (Up to $25 – $45 per hour)

3.Writing Blog Posts Create simple blog posts or comment on blogs! (Up to $25-50 per blog post)

People Writing Blog Post Are Earning Big Every Week

Ebook Ghost Writers Earn Hunsreds Per Project (Fiction & Non Fiction )

A greats Job In Any Economy As Compines Outsource More & More ….

If you have Writer Please Register Now
Please Sign In

Writter.Team @

Jobs This Is Closing When the Quota Fulfilled
Thank you

Hail Success


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Creative Freelance

Design on Adobe Suite CS5 software (Dreamweaver, fireworks, illustrator, flash, indesign, premier and Acrobat) layout design, logo, banner, html and css programing, dinamyc web sites on CMS joomla, wordpress and ecommerce on Zencart.

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The Mill Is Looking For An Experienced Freelance Nuke Compos

The Mill is looking for an experienced freelance Nuke Compositor for immediate start.

To Apply Visit: [Removed by Admin]

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Freelance Commission Only Telesales

We are looking to outsource our telemarketing work to hard working, committed sales people.

Your job will be to call small businesses nationwide and sell low cost websites to them. You will earn £50 for every website sold and paid for by the client. The websites come with many extras that make selling all the easier.

A list of businesses will be provided. You will also be encouraged to make sales via any channel you see fit ie. online forums, social networking and you will receive the same commission on these.

You must be native to the UK.

Any question, please feel free to ask.

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Freelance Web Developer

Im looking for a freelance web developer to small jobs on mainting and updating our existing OsCommerce and wordpress website sites.

Experience in using PHP, WordPress and OsCommerce.

Please PM me your experience, examples of previous work and hourly rate.

Office in Perth so a local developer would be ideal but probably hard to come across.

Thanks Adam

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Apartment Script And Freelance Script Website


I have 2 sites for sale – one is an apartment site with a customised cms.
You can enter your list of areas, the choice of number of bedrooms, bathrooms, extras such as a/c, garage, swim pool, etc…

Local amenties can be added as well as a blog.

It is a very comprehensive site with plenty of search sections and is currently being held at

Although the design needs to be updated, you can see from the script however, that this is a very high spec for an apartment or rental site location.


The second site is fully registered at This site is more or less a a replica of
This is a new site that has only been registered for 1 week so work with google adwords and advertising is still being done here.

I am looking for a min of £750 PER SITE, if however you wish to have both – an arrangement can be made.
Only bid if you want the sites.
If you wish to have more data regarding the sites – please pm me.

Thanks for reading!


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Need To Hire A Part Time Freelance Designer.

Coming up with a design based company and I need a highly skilled web design and UI designer along with HTML skill.He/She must know to validate with w3c validation.The candidate must be elegant in photoshop and must produce web 2.0 style.Flash exp is not required but a good sense of flash banner and landing page is an additional bonus.This will be a continuous process of work.I want a design style like cssmania

So if you can kindly send some of the genuine work links you have worked on including client reference.Ill sign an NDA with the final person and the work will go on per project basis and will provide him all sorts of information.This is the first round process so please take time and send me the details.Please note that this is for individual freelancers not for companies and would be interested to work on a flat rate basis.Ill discuss rates and everything on my next Private message.

Thanks and waiting for your response.For not selecting scams please write on general msg board "Application for the post of freelance web design" so that Ill consider you as you have read the requirement before bidding.

Thanks and regards

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Write And Manage Outsourcing Consultancy

Write and Manage Outsourcing Consultancy

Looking for experienced people who are good at:

* and other similar sites

2 of my clients want to use the site but dont have the time to manage listings and or pick bidders
So they want someone to manage their 5 to 10 projects each..

You must have experience hiring and/or managing freelance/outsourcing projects

PM me your experience with managing freelance/outsourcing projects


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Freelance Researcher For Automotive Engineering Company

We are a small automative Research and Development company based in London. We require a freelance researcher to help with basic internet research to find suitable suppliers, materials, and information to develop our products.

The researcher will work from home, 10 hours per week, on an ongoing basis.

Example tasks:

1. Reading engineering regulations and reporting which regulations will apply to our products
2. Finding specialist suppliers of workshop equipment and parts for our products
3. Designing automative chassis in CAD

The work revolves primarily around the development of custom 4×4 vehicles. A strong interest in this subject will be very beneficial.

The freelancer will require basic engineering and automative knowledge, but not necessarily formal qualifications.

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Freelance Researcher

We are a small web application development company based in London. We require a freelance researcher and copy writer to work approximately 10 hours per week from their own home. The researcher/copywriter will be given a range of tasks, primarily:

1. Product research
2. Copy writing for websites
3. Writing software specifications
4. Software testing

Our products are all web based business applications. Therefore good knowledge of web technology is required.
Very good level of written English is required.

We are also opening a sister company which will be doing Research & Development of specialist 4×4 vehicles. The new company will also require a researcher to research information on automotive and engineering subjects. It would be greatly beneficial if we could find a single person that has skills in software and also has basic automative knowledge, and can therefore fill both posts. The second position is also advertised on this website.

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Talented Writer For A Long Term

Our company needs a talented writer to become part of our team of writers.
About our company: Our company aggregates freelance projects from all across the web and offer it online to writers from all over the world.
You can see our service here:

Your job is not only write articles but also suggest topics to write about that our community of freelance writers will find appealing and interesting.

In order to see if we fit each other, please take a quick look at our site and send us 1-3 suggestions of article titles.


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We at Poweronics are looking for freelance marketing agents who can get clients and customers for us through telemarketing and internet marketing.
We will pay commission of 20%-50% per sale or confirmed client.
More details through PMB.

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Freelance Project For Joomla Programmers

Dear programmers, we are leading joomla company for asia and australia and requires freelance programmers. pls send me msg would be appreciated.

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Seeking Freelance Field Sales Representatives In Thailand

Daily deals website is looking for freelance field sales reps in Bangkok, Pattaya, Samui, Phuket and Chiang Mai

This is a freelance job which can be done either full time or part time.

– Must have experience in sales
– Must have experience in cold calling
– Fluent either in English or in Thai

Please PM me for details

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Simple Freelance Website

I would like a freelance web site coded and programmed where employers post projects and providers bid, once project completed employers and providers let reviews. I am looking for a simple and unique website, well coded with good features and graphics nice to see.

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Freelance Academic Writing

We need Philippine writers to write academic articles for per page payment (275 words per page) starting at $2. Must proficient in academic writing and knowledgeable of APA, MLA formatting.

Payment is every 15 days once the writer has worked for at least 30 days.

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