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Translation From Polish To English – General/sports Specific

Hi, I require a translation from Polish into English.
Please email me only if you have done this before and send me a copy of your previous work if possible.
these are going to be sports/specific texts, on various aspects of strength training.

I realise that some vocabulary can be very specific, so I do not mind occasional word or phrase left in bold colour in translated text, and I can sort it out quickly myself.

No google/machine translation please. If you use any translator, youll need to go through everything and do/re do regardless. In essence real human translation, please.

Please note, I do know both languages so will be able to assess the quality of your work well. The only problem is I do not have time to deal with it now, but need things translated pronto.

Please quote your fee per A4 page or number of words.

All goes well, we could get some regular translations in the future.

Thank you and dziekuje,

Good luck,

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Translation Of A Polish Document Into English

We need a 1 page document translated into English.
Please provide rate and time frame.

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Translation Polish-Dutch

Hello, I have a document (1200 words) to be translated from Polish to Dutch. Deadline 16.07.2010

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