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Multiple Quality Niche Writer Needed!!

I am in need of another writer for my project!! The writer must be able to write error free, unique articles and on multiple niche!! I will pay only via freelancer!!

Most of the articles are 300 words (with some 200 words as well).

My rate per 300 words article is $1.

Please place a bid of $30 only!

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Writers From UK Are Welcome. $2.25 For Each 500 Words


writer from UK is needed! ..

I want a writer who can provide me high quality work in time, I do not want writer who is always surrounded by problems.
You must be able to do at least 5 articles. And, of course quality! I cannot accept fluff and articles with poor grammar.
Deadline is something very important after quality. In case you are not good in meeting deadlines, please do not waste my time, and your BID as well..
Do not bid over $30. I pay via PayPal, so do not set milestone, or ready to get ignored! .

hope to get responsible and punctual writers bids…

02/20/2011 at 5:06 EST:

Writers from South Africa are also welcome to bid…

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Very Very Easy Data Entry


This is very very easy data entry project.

Need only hard workers, We need 450 New freelancer for my project

I shall pay them weekly,

Everybody can earn weekly $110-$150USD

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Moneybookers Exchanges

I require you to send me money with moneybooker to my moneybookers.
I can send you with paypal or freelancer.

$15 commission on 100-200 transactions
$25 commission on 200-350 transactions
$50 commission on bigger transactions.

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Discount Website

I need a website similar to:, but I want to provide the design as a Photoshop file.
I need a backend

Main page to show photo of our choice that can be changed on demand with title of what the offer is. subsection with the value, and the amount they are saving to be editable.
section to describe what they are getting in more detail, a company info section and a section for terms and conditions of that deal specifically. All editable.
we need to be able to put any description and links we want including a google maps link showing the location either pic or just a link.
we need to have a tab for home, information, faq, privacy policy, and contact us.
we need a refer friends button which will have a unique referral link. We can make it as basic as having just a unique link which the person can copy or can click on something which will open their mail browser and they can email it to whoever they want. It would be nice if there was a facebook link to share as well, so please check both options. I guess if there is a unique link it probably wont matter where it gets posted. In this area we will need a section explaining the terms.
Pay with paypal button(we need to be able to limit the # to our choice of 1 or more)- if we get bigger we will have to get a CC option of course but pp is good to start. We could also give google checkout as a secondary option.
ideally if the person tries to buy under a specific email address they should be able to be limited by us as necessary. Beyond email address I am not going to worry about it right now. in the future maybe we will become more strict. We can always state in the terms that users found to abuse it with same name and address purchase but diff email may be rejected and limited to just one, etc.
We need a place someone can sign up to receive our email notifications without creating an account first. If this is possible. Asking how they found us would be nice.

Wanted but can live without to make it more affordable:
time left to purchase
how many have purchased
And other more advanced options

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Lead Distribution Script

I need a lead delivery system. It will capture leads on my website, and sell them to businesses. Here are the three key components of the script.

Website form

– The script will include a simple HTML form I can copy/paste on my site similar to the one at

Client side

– The client will register on my site and select which leads they are willing to purchase, based on the state, credit score, estimated cost, and home type. They will also be able to pre-pay via paypal for leads. Clients can create/edit an email that will automatically be sent out to users that submit the form and match the criteria of the client.

Admin panel

– In the administration panel, I should be able to view/edit information about the clients and user-submitted leads.

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Movie/DVD Reviews

Hello and thank you for viewing my job posting. I have a new movie website and currently looking for someone to join the staff in the mold of a movie/dvd reviewer. Your job would be to write reviews for movies at the theaters as well as dvd/blu ray movies. Now on the dvd and blu rays would want all the features and all that included in review. For the right person this could be a on going job. Looking for 1 theater movie review per week plus 1 to 2 dvd/blu ray reviews. While this is a new site the budget is not that great and will improve as site grows. You will be required to post your own reviews and will be given login information once deal is agree upon. I will pay either paypal or GAF either is fine by me. Would like a sample of a review from all potential bidders. Samples will not be used so dont worry. Please no copying or palagrism. Any questions feel free to ask.

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Serious Writer Needed ($1 For 400 And $1.5 For 500 Words)

I want an efficient writer with solid grip of English. Excellent grammar is must and native is preferred. Please do not bid if you can not maintain time-line and do not have sound knowledge in English. This is a ongoing job for the right person. I love to submit incomplete report. So, do not ruin your career if you are not good in English.

I will pay through freelancer escrow and after completion of the project preferred payment method is Moneybookers. This is really a long time job. So, I want a serious person.

Rates are:
For writing-$1 for 400 words and $1.5 for 500 words
Rewriting- $0.90 for 400 words and $1.20 for 500 words

Welcome to my team in advance 🙂

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Writers Needed Immediately.

I urgently need some articles. Topics vary greatly. I will provide you the keywords. You must be able to comply with following requirements of the project.

1.All articles must be 100% unique and must pass copyscape. Strictly no plagiarism.
2.All articles must be written in grammatically correct English.
3.You must be able to optimize the articles with proper keyword density

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Ebay Sellers Needed (International)

We want to sell highly effective items ( 100-200$ per item )

You must Have ebay and Paypal Account .( with no limit on send or receive money )
We Need 100+ feedbacks and top rated seller

Auctions will be BIN (Buy-it Now).

Only authentic item , no fake no replica
You take 15% per item sold
You will be able to get bonus 50$ for first 1000$ sold

We pay Ebay + paypal fees

1. You sell the item!
2. You send me the price without your comission and the buyers address!
3. I ship the item to the buyer!

PM me with Ebay id

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Urgent Paypal Help

I need someone to give me $200 in payapl and i will pay $215 here in freelancer.

i need this urgently today.

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Accounts Creation Project

I need to create thousands of accounts. Go to for more details.
I can pay weekly via GAF , paypal
Interested one PM me

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I Need $40 In Paypal. I Can Pay $45 Through Gaf Instantly

I need $40 in my paypal account paypal. i can pay $45 through gaf instantly. contact me immediately if anyone can help me.

Please dont bid more than $45 as it will be rejected .

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Need Many Writers@$1 Per 400 Words


I want to hire many writers/teams that are interested to work for long term to help me out with some writing work. THE BASIC RULE IS THAT ALL rewrites MUST PASS COPYSCAPE, MUST BE WRITTEN IN CORRECT GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION AND WORK MUST BE SUBMITTED ON TIME. You must be able to deliver minimum of 10-15 articles per day.please state in your bid how many article you can provide everyday.

The pay is $1 per 400 words and i send payment through freelancer only after completion of the batch of articles i send to you.i have many writers who have wasted my time and then run away in the middle of the project, so please only serious writers should bid.

i will retain full rights of all work done, you should not use the articles in any way upon receiving payment.

Please dont attach any sample in the pm, just paste 100 words of original sample of your own writing that pass copyscape so that i can evaluate your writing skill.

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Serious Writers Needed


I want someone who can maintain deadline… I am really tired of slow writers, so if you cant maintain the deadline, please please please dont bid here… IT IS A REQUEST…

Payment $1 for 500wrds for rewriting and $1.20 for writing, via paypal or… if you dont agree again please dont waste ur bid here..

Writers needed urgently, so u have to start now… so respond my mails quickly please…

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