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Myspace Bot – Add Friends, Send Message, Post Wall

Myspace Bot – Add Friends, Send Message, Post Wall, Manage Accounts

c# or ok

This needs to work on there current updated myspace site.
Must have the functions as follows.

Manage accounts
The ability to store usernames/passwords of multiple accounts in a text file etc. so they can simple click on a saved account have it auto log in.

– Friend Adder
The ability to scrape IDs add them to a list, and have it loop through and "add to friends". Do not need to have captacha bypass.
The ability to set a threshold on how many friend request they want to send in a day.
The ability to set a "pause" feature inbetween friends requests.

– Friend Message Sender
The ability to auto send messages to scraped ids of friends.
The ability to set a threshold on how many messages they want to send a day.
The ability to set a "pause" feature inbetween messages sent.

– Friend Wall Poster
The ability to auto wall post to scraped ids of friends.
The ability to set a threshold on how many wall posts they want to do a day.
The ability to set a "pause" feature in between wall posts.

This is very simular to other bots out there, so you should have a good idea of what to do.

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Social Bookmark Submit Story

I need an article/story/press release submitted to a social bookmark site and then voted to front page for 24 hours. See additional info for site.

I need you to go to site and add all Top Contributers as friends, invite them to vote and then also vote via your accounts which must be on separate IP.

24 hours work no more. Regular work for those that do well.

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Link Builder needed. What can you do for 200$ ?

I have 200$ to spend on link building.

I have 10 domains with around 150 sub pages total. All need incomming links. Tell me what you can do for 200$ to get maximum result.

Please tell me through PM.

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I need Friends Digg/BallHype

I need roughly 500 friends 250 in on each site. I will give you additional details in PM.

Time frame is really irrelevant Im not sure if there are limits on how many friends you can add.. I am looking for someone who is experienced in avoiding going over those limits!

Again looking for 500 friends between these two networks.. I know how easy it is to get friends, so budget will be limited! Thanks!

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Need 100 email accounts

I need 100 email accounts on one popular platform which I will tell you on PMB. These need to be done by changing ips and should be taken care not to get deleted.

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Project for SUNIL- 4 articles on 10 sites

This project is to deliver 40 links to my professional indemnity insurance site through posting 4 articles – all on 10 sites (i.e. 40 links – destinations to be specified).

The project has several phases.

Create 4 articles on various aspects of professional indemnity insurance or professional liability or business risk protection for professionals: lawyers, accountants, surveyors, advisers, management consultants, freelancers, agents, assessors, valuers, and contractors in the UK.
These articles should include key words involving subjects:
Professional indemnity insurance
Business risk protection
Business professional liability insurance
Include the links provided

You will then be required to post the 4 articles on the 10 sites (provided), signature links included. These articles are to add value to the sites, so they do not get deleted or identified as spam.

Send me copies of articles, and and a spread sheet details the sites, and the article locations so I can then pay you as project completed.

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Build A Website – API Integration

I need a website like,it is a price comparison website for books, cds, and dvds. I want a website with same function and it should be different looking. Pls let me know your bids, id also require it to get internal SEO for the keywords i provide you
Another thing , customization, that i can add or delete options of more products or more companies to search in afterwards, once you have a look at the site, youll understand what i m trying to say, pls PM me how will you like to go about it

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Craigslist Posting With Hassen OBO


I have read your reviews and am pleased with the service I believe you can provide. I am looking to work with an experienced craigslist poster to post 1 ad in multiple cities daily without getting ghosted (my ads are professional, hiring in sales, management, and marketing jobs and tend not to get flagged, I just keep getting ghosted and dont have the time to solve the problem myself). Initially, I want to run an experiment with you for 1 week, running somewhere between 20-50 ads per day, depending on the cost. Basically, I want to see if you can provide the service for a competitive cost with the ads not getting ghosted.

I can provide several different versions of my ad, as well as different titles, as well as the cities I would prefer the ads be posted in. Of course, you are welcome to manipulate my ads if needed to keep them unique. If you prefer, I can also create pictures to use with picture ads. Im not referring people to any website, so I would need them to be able to email me a resume by responding through the craigslist email on the ad. I would want that response forwarded to my email address.

I would count on you to manage the phone verified accounts needed, as well as ip rotation management and anything else to keep the posts active and verified. If you do a good job, I will be interested in a continuous, increasing posting agreement.

Please let me know your fees, as well as what you would need from me to start and complete a project(basically, right now my operating budget will be approximately $20-$30 per week, increasing over time. Im going to entrust you with the details as the professional, lets see if we can work together.

Warmest Regards,
David Wood

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