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Myspace Bot – Add Friends, Send Message, Post Wall

Myspace Bot – Add Friends, Send Message, Post Wall, Manage Accounts

c# or ok

This needs to work on there current updated myspace site.
Must have the functions as follows.

Manage accounts
The ability to store usernames/passwords of multiple accounts in a text file etc. so they can simple click on a saved account have it auto log in.

– Friend Adder
The ability to scrape IDs add them to a list, and have it loop through and "add to friends". Do not need to have captacha bypass.
The ability to set a threshold on how many friend request they want to send in a day.
The ability to set a "pause" feature inbetween friends requests.

– Friend Message Sender
The ability to auto send messages to scraped ids of friends.
The ability to set a threshold on how many messages they want to send a day.
The ability to set a "pause" feature inbetween messages sent.

– Friend Wall Poster
The ability to auto wall post to scraped ids of friends.
The ability to set a threshold on how many wall posts they want to do a day.
The ability to set a "pause" feature in between wall posts.

This is very simular to other bots out there, so you should have a good idea of what to do.

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Social Bookmark Submit Story

I need an article/story/press release submitted to a social bookmark site and then voted to front page for 24 hours. See additional info for site.

I need you to go to site and add all Top Contributers as friends, invite them to vote and then also vote via your accounts which must be on separate IP.

24 hours work no more. Regular work for those that do well.

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Add 20,000 Myspace Friends In About One Month

Hi, I need someone to create several myspace accounts and add 20,000 friends to them in total, ie collectively, in about one month. The Specs on the demographic are below.

This is a simple job if you have friendblaster or a similar software.

Experienced only, please show me a similar project you have completed.

Serious only, please.

Project Specifications:

Gather 20,000 1) "EXCLUSIVELY United Kingdom" Friends,
2) All Friends to be: MALES, who are
3) Here(ie in MySpace) for "Dating" AS WELL AS "Networking"

4) Freelancer To Send Out Some PRE-WRITTEN Messages To The Friends SOON AFTER Friend Requests Accepted by them (2 messages only to be sent to each friend gathered; 1st msg: 1 day after the friend accepted request, 2nd msg: 1 week later to him … ), and

5) All Accounts Used to gather friends Be Lady Profiles

6) All Accounts to have minimum 800 friends at the end; if short of these, keep adding friends till you reach this minimum. Maximum: Unlimited.

7) Send me the photos once the profiles created so I can take a look at these.

8) Provide me with login access to the accounts as the Friends Gathering project is running (even long before the project ends).


Please note:
These 20,000 refer to really 20,000 accepted friend requests, but not 20,000 outgoing friend requests sent out.

So the new profiles should gather 20,000 friends (which must be real people) collectively at the end of the project.

Also, these 20,000 new friends gathered should be Strictly from my targeted demographic and not anybody else.

Furthermore, none of these profiles should get deleted during or at the end of the project. Otherwise, make up for these profiles deleted and send them to me.

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