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Project Interesting For All Good Webdesigners: Resell!

All webdesigners pay attention!


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Web Site For Fun

We want a website that is made for fun and to have fun with your friends. You enter persons name, surname, and profession, choose a story (male or female) that is predefined. When you choose everything you push button to make a story. Then new site opens the persons name will appear in the story that is funny. It will look like it was published in a internet edition of a real newspaper (we don

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Bubble Tea Blog Writer

Required to write 15 articles (300-500 words) each on bubble tea. I can provide some material and give some headings but expect some research to be done. I am looking to pay around $20-30HKD per article.

Good English only. Require writer to be creative and write easy to read, informative blogs that are fun as well

I will provide documents that I need summarised and also expect market to be researched.

If writing is suitable to needs, is fun, creative and informative, I will look to hire long term writing 1 or 2 articles a week for future.

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Simple Iphone App For A Bit Of Fun

This is just for a bit of fun, and is actually sort of like an interview. I have a company in New Zealand that makes iphone and ipad apps for my clients and i need more key developers for the huge ammount of demand i have for apps through my business relationships.

so the right person will have a a constant supply of contact work if they want, so i need really good comunication and competitive prices.

This app i do actually want made for a bit of fun but is more to see what you can do.

this app i believe will need a siple web interface first and works like the following:

app is called "bitsbook"

basically works like this, you take a head and shoulders picture of somebody (male/or female) then you type in the persons name age , sex, and height/weight range (these i want as options to tick not entering text)
once this is filled out on the app and the web inter face (note on the app you can take pictures using the phone and on the web interface you upload one)
then the program i need to take the information and 2 pieces of information form the photo( info from the photo it needs to rechognize the persons hair colour and skin colour )
once it has this information i want the app to generate a picture of the most likely senario of what there bits (genitals ) will look like ( i know this seams outragous and im laughing as well as this is what one of my client s has asked for)

so with the information form the fields and the photo then the software will find the most appropriate image ( from a data base of picture my client will suply) and when they press "show bits" a picture will apear.

This app and web interface is reasonable simple, and only needs to use a database to find the images and a little code to pick the persons hair colour and skin colour

the app and web interface also has a login so people have to sign up.
i hope you can understand this and look forward to working with you on this project and others


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Outventure Tours

Website Design Brief

The website is for a tour company and should be designed with a focus on various factors including:

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Cartoon Character Custom Animation Design

Require Custom Character Company Mascot

Features of Character:

– Design a "custom" fun Monster
(monster has 1 eye, 2 hands, 2 feet, large mouth, 2 teeth / have digital images & colour pallet to assist design)
– Must have a 3D fee to monster
– Must be fun and like-able character

Requesting quotes and portfolio of recent custom characters

This Monster must be made from scratch and be a unqiue design only.

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Illustrations For A Fun Fantasy Adventure Film

Talented illustrator needed to draw 4 scenes of a fun fantasy adventure film that we are currently trying to sell in the US.

The purpose of the scenes is to give producers a feel for story elements, main characters, and the film generally.

Some details of the 4 scenes can be found here ( More detail will be provided to the winning bidder.

You should be a good communicator as there will be some back and forth during the initial stage of the project. Your portfolio should include relevant work of a very high standard.

Happy bidding,

MAX BID $300

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Short Animated Video


Were looking for a clever, talented artist/animator with a good sense of humour to create a simple animated video that will run for approximately 1 min 45 seconds.

The first job will be to create a look and feel for the animation and a few fun and interesting characters that will go well with the storyline.

We will provide you with the storyboard for the animation. A draft can be found here

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Fun Phantasy Project "bad Conscience"


this is a fun project, where you have to use your power of imagination. The payment is fix, please just bid 30$.

The question is, how could an object or product look like that is able to clean/lighten/solve a bad conscience?
Or in other words: How could something look like that can rehabilitate a good conscience?

Its just an imaginary work, but I would love to see a designed object/product which can do that, so you can make a productdesign or logo or icon or concept design. It`s up to you.

There is no right or wrong. If you want your bid to be concidered you HAVE to send a mockup first with some detailed informations about your imaginary product.

Happy creativity!

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We need like web site. is traffic exchange web site for web sites with fun pic, fun storys, fun videos related web sites, 2leep is showing content from other web sites.

we need web site that have this design and few categories, the content on the web site will be ours not linked form other web sites

Please send links if you have alredy don this.

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Girls Wanted For Video Shoots In LONDON

Were making about three 30 second YouTube promos for an ADULT website.
Being on YouTube it wont be anything explicit but they will be quite cheeky, sexy, and fun!

The content will be 3 different girl on girl action scenes.
First will be two girls kissing, second will be one girl spanking another (over bikini), and the third will be suggesting cunnilingus by going down (out of the frame)

It will be a fun, friendly and professional shoot and wont take much of your time.
If you can bring your female friend or girlfriend, even better!

Contact us for more details!

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Facebook Accounts Administrator

Hi there,
We are a social media consultancy company and we are looking for a serious facebook account administrator to manage our facebook profiles.

You will only be interacting in others fun pages/ profile/ groups, adding targeted friends and updating status. This role is very likely to go long term, therefore our ideal candidate would have worked on a similar role before and would be able to give us suggestions how to improve our profiles and fun pages.

Please contact us, with your credentials.
Please send us details of the service/s offered by you, in this process. and the Cost applicable, for your service


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Website Design – 2 Pages

We are looking to redesign our current website. We only need a designed home page and then one subpage wireframes are already created, we can provide the color palette we would like you to use, we will provide all logos and beyond that we would like your creative juices to start flowing! We will only work with freelancers who are willing to accept 50% of payment at the beginning of the project and 50% upon completion. Additionally we would like to have 2 rounds of revisions.

This will be a fun project for anyone who is interested, we have a very fun brand! We are looking for our brand to really stand out among the rest following this redesign. Please let me know if you are interested in this project. When you send a direct message to me, please include a rough timeline for completion of first round designs.

Thanks for looking!

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Superb Writer Needed…Paying $3 Per 500 Words

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Project Fun

Looking to make something similar to the website such as (FML, MLIA) I dont really care about the theme, simpler the better but this will be something different but same type of template and the way it works.

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Fun & Simple Web Design With Logo And Functions Needed

Basically I am looking to start a small project of mine, however, it needs a new theme that suits its name. To start off, we have high expectations for the theme to look fun, creative, and basically have its own unique appeal. If you are not confident in all the aspects we ask for, please do not bid on this project. Thanks.

To start off, our project follows the theme that "more is less" and the overall concept of the web design should be rather simple similar to how and how shows their photos/videos. I dont want a replica of their website, but just wanted to note that the picture/video/link will mainly be the center of my visitors attention when they come to my website. That is the goal and to have share buttons available for users to easily share the content. The other part is creating a fun, creative, engaging looking theme and combining the two to making a stellar looking web design, which is straight to the point and is in sync. I dont like stuff being cluttered together so having good graphics design is also a bonus. Basically were looking for a two column theme

I plan on establishing an entertainment website, which users can submit their own links, pictures, videos, and so forth on everything that has to do with humor. And to do that, there are certain functionalities we want the website to have.

– Users are able to register and submit links, videos, pictures functionality.
– A section similar to how fmylife is where users can contribute, which goes into moderation, where they submit about 300 character max content.
– All contributions goes through moderation. Should provide functionality, which makes this easy to moderate.
– Users have their own profile page, which shows their latest contributions, social networking profiles, name, and etc.
– Registration page and profile page should be similar to how does.
– They can also register through Facebook connect
– # Navigation similar to how does it.
– Tabbed content description with comments. Similar to how does it. Ex.
– The latest and Related content on the side with thumbnails
– A section dedicated to featuring the most viewed content that includes all kinds of submissions like how Reddit does it and the most recent contributions. The menu will be somewhat like this: Pictures – Videos – Content – Links – Top – Most Recent.


The homepage should feature the most recent published item similar to lolsnaps, but the only difference that underneath it are title links with thumbnails.


We are thinking about a variation of white/gray/orange. We dont want black. The web design should look clean and the background should give users a charismatic feel.

The Logo

Make it eye catching, fun, creative, and the center of everything the website and website name stands for. Also, last but not least, have fun creating the theme. If this goes well, we may use you for many of our other projects.

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Fun 3d Character Design

We would need a 3d fun-character (ROBOT), something like this would be fine:

we this kind of fancy headphones:–d-headphones-isolated-on-white-background.html

The character should also be in black blue, with fingers(2,3,4), monitor design, with maybe some different eye and mouth design.

The red tie also helps to make the character more colourful.

Headphones are a must.

It would be also nice if the character had bones, so we could position the character. We currently only need the character picture format not the 3d file. We would then pay extra for any new poses or animations.

Thanks in advance.

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Simple Fun Game

Simple fun game involving food cooking on the screen. Pictures and complete description will be provided to winner.

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Power Up Graphic Work

We have to develop a manual of our of our program. There is lay-outing and some graphics involve. Content is only aprox 3500 words. You will need to be creative and play with use of paper sizes in an economical way. Resource is to be used with young people so needs to be interactive and fun.

Size: A5 BOOKLET with pages that expand out-words (draw box, table, etc)
Assets: Some image assets will be provided.

Paper: Uncoated paper.

Key words: Cool, non-patronizing, vibrant, fun, clear.

Allow for space on the design

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Illustrations; 10 Sets Of Graphic Designs For Olenka31

Creation of ten sets of graphics for the use as thematic logo sets on printed customer bills.

– each thematic set to exist of top and bottom image
– in black & white
– resolution in width 512 pixels
– resolution in heigth can be customized
– file type: BMP
– to be used as top and bottom image on customer receipt

Extra themes:
– salsa dancing
– bridge (card game)
– poker game
– swimming pool fun
– sailing (small sailboat theme)
– wind surfing (with sail)
– camping fun(with tents)
– disco dancing (night club)
– swimming 500m freestyle
– snowboard stunts (wintersports)

Sample in attachment

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