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Add Edit Function To Cold Fusion Program

Modify existing software to allow admin of all data fields manually and update of same that will also be refelcted in all reports generated.

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Fusion Chart Build

I have an immediate requirement to build fusion charts for my websites. (I have many future requirements too)

This request is to simply render 10 charts where there is a 1:1 mappping of data from Oracle database views. I have future requirements for several complex dashboard developments – consider this a prototype development for further work!

Please show examples of your previous work

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Drupal Theme Installation

We have Drupal installed and need help installing this theme and changing the colors and adding a logo

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Website Migration Plesk To CPanel (CentOS)

I have a website hosted on Plesk (Linux, apache, php, mySQL) on a Parallels virtual private host. I have domain controller access and ftp, no root access. The hosting provider also supports Cold Fusion.

My Cpanel server is a dedicated box, full root access. Also running
Apache, mySQL, php on CentOSx64. Cold Fusion is not installed.

Looking for bids to perform the migration to the Cpanel box:

1) not using the script in WHM/Cpanel, its too error-prone.

2) A simple uploading of the Plesk content to the Cpanel server does not work, there are database issues and path issues. A critical part of the job is to fully document the steps taken so I could re-do this in the future.

3) I will provide user access to the new server to you, the account is set up but the DNS points to the IP on the Plesk server. So you will access by IP. After the work is completed on the migration, we will edit the DNS records with the domain registrar to point to the account on the new server.

4) Your work will be considered completed when the DNS transfer is made and the website is functioning OK on the new server.

5) Optional: Install Cold Fusion on my Cpanel server. Please indicate if you are familiar with Cold Fusion. Please specify if your bid includes the work to install Cold Fusion. I understand Cold fusion is not open-source and if this task is undertaken I will be responsible for the purchase price for Cold Fusion. If you are bid does not include the Cold Fusion install, and you are hired to complete this project, you will not be held responsible for any parts of the website which require Cold Fusion however we will ask you to estimate the charges to modify the scripting so the website is functional without it.

6) The url of the website I am looking to transfer is: There are extensive php scripts involved, I also believe there was a lot of cut-and-paste performed by the previous developer and the coding is bloated. Please have a look before you consider work on this project. I can provide the sources once we reach a working agreement.

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Modifications Of Fusion Theme,

Modifications are needed on the WordPress theme entitled Fusion.
The bidder must have experience with making these types of modifications with css and other coding as necessary. If the bidder has good English proficiency along with a clear knowledge of the Fusion theme, there should be no problem understanding the five objectives that follow.

All the proposed modifications described below should be made for both the Home page and the Archives pages.

First Objective

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Customization Of Fusion Ticket Ticketing Software

We are looking to hire someone to customize the PHP ticketing software called Fusion Ticket.

We need to:
1) Collect additional info an event page (like names of attendees, t-shirt size, ID number, etc.) (NOTE: This info will be different for each event.)
2) Export all tickets sold to Excel, including all of the additional info we collected. (NOTE: The software can already export reports, but it obviously wont include the new additional info we would like to collect.)

We already have Fusion Ticket installed and working on our server, so no additional services will be required — just the additional customization.

Please let me know ASAP if you are interested.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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Upgrades Needed For Ecommerce (cold Fusion) Site

Upgrades needed for e commerce site ( Our site is made using my sql-5, coldfusion 8 and CF wheels) :

1. Maintain inventory data sheet automatically.

2. Content management System (half done)

3. Add a new sales page , button and sale price.

4. Fix default India error in paypal

5. Currently customers have to actually type an address twice (for shipping and billing), even when he or she might have this as the same. Is there a way whereby a customer has to punch in his or her address only once, and there is an option where the same address could be copied (if same) .

6. View shopping carts of visitors

7. Little on site SEO work.(CMS)(half done)

8. Website compatibility with Iphone and browsers(Iphone and mobile application) and browser compatibility for safari, chrome, internet and mozilla.

9. Geolocation currency converter. (need to discuss)

10. Check complete site for code errors

11.. Bimonthly QA.

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Cold Fusion Updates To An Employee Application Page

We have an employee application written in cold fusion — we need some corrections made for the field validation and problem troubleshooting an intermittent submission problem

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Joomla Conversion From Cold Fusion

We currently have a website built in cold fusion with all normal aspects of CMS incorporated.
We would like to rebuild the complete site in Joomla, host it completely seperately as a beta version then start making design and functionality changes to it using open source code to integrate social media etc as phase II of the project.

Phase 1 in this auction is to simply re create the site in Joomla and set up hosted as a beta/test version (but bidders may wish to keep in mind phase II as those having the skills to work on phase II will have an advantage in winning the bidding for phase I)

Our site is

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Few Alterations – Cold Fusion… URGENT

Please kindly send me PM for all details. Small project needs completion ASAP.

Thank You.

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Urgent Few Alterations – Cold Fusion

Please kindly send me PM for all details. Small project needs completion ASAP.

Thank You.

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Build A Custom Fusion Chart Like Object

I need a custom chart object that we can use in a ColdFusion environment. The project calls for creating a custom chart object that fills in a polar plot with 5 levels of grey scale or color when a numerical value is read from an xml file.

The chart object looks like this:

Each of the segments would have a corresponding value written to a file. The image object would then be shown with a different color for the value 0-4

We would have used Fusion Chart Objects but they dont have anything that looks like this…but we need to have a similar functionality as we use their products elsewhere in this project.

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Part-Time Cold Fusion Programmer

I need an experienced ColdFusion programmer to work on one of my clients project. It is a cloud based SaaS CRM / project management software similar to Salesforce. See the following for details

Time: 20-40 hours of work per week. If I am happy with the work, the job may move to full time.

Experience: Adobe ColdFusion programming experience and IT degree

Needs: Online 8 hours/day with Google Talk, Skype access, university degree and excellent English.

I will need a full resume, which includes education, work experience and an example related project.

If you have any questions please let me know.

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Adobe Cold Fusion Work


I have a cold fusion related website.

I want little bit modification in website, like adding calender, establishing connection with database, verifying all search results.

I am looking for web designer who have skilled on Adobe Cold Fusion.

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Ecommerce Store Management

Web store manager who will be responsible for Search engine optimisation and product upload through MySQL and product editing based on the regular stock updates. Candidate should be proficient in Cold fusion and MySQL coding . we need a candidate based in chennai, India who can cater to our requirements on a regular basis.

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PSD To Website Template Using NetObjects Fusion

Im looking for someone who can convert my PSD web design to NetObjects Fusion template.

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Convert Existing Psd’s To Drupal Fusion Theme

As Discussed

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Convert Coldfusion Script To PHP (CF Source Files Included)


I have a script written in Cold Fusion that I need changed to PHP programming language. I have all source files for the coldfusion script but the new server doesnt have cold fusion only PHP (

Here is the script: please feel free to try it out before bidding it will be installed on a different server that does

I will provide all source code in a zip file to the chosen bidder. Thank you so much, please let me know a timeframe and when you can start. The new PHP script will be installed on once it is complete.


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Fusion Chart – We Resolve Your Debt

Visit [Removed by Admin]

Im looking to re-build the exact same calculator (fusion chart) found on this web page.

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Cold Fusion Expert Needed- Easy Small Project- ASAP

If you are not familiar with Cold fusion please dont respond.

Our website is currently down.It was hosted with our former designer, but he left the company and we can not get hold of him
I have the full website files as he gave them to me, I uploded them to our Godaddy hosting account

We cant seem to see the content of the pages, only the home page frame.
It is possible that the designer changed some files. We need this website up and running ASAP.

If you now Cold Fusion, it should take you maybe 20-40 minutes to figure it out.
we just dont deal with cold fusion.

Hosting will be under Godaddy, we are not planing to change the host company.


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Hello, I need a cold fusion developer to finish off 2 projects that have been started, but not completed.
Please contact me for more details. One project is approx 10 hours, 2nd project is approx 50 hours.

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PHP Fusion Xbox Live Online Members & Leaderboard

My clan runs its website off of the PHP Fusion CMS (Version 7). This CMS is not the most widely used, but its lightweight aspects make it perfect for us.

I need the vBulletin and SMF Forums Xbox Live leaderboard modification converted to PHP Fusion for my clan to use. It must be converted into an infusion which is the PHP Fusion version of a mod.

Thank you.

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