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Place A Php Gallery In A Webpage

place a php gallery in a webpage, i have the script just needs placing in a page

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WordPress Gallery Needed

We have a website running on wordpress, using the fancybox plugin.

where we have multiple galleries on the one page, the galleries currently cycle first through the selected gallery, but then also all the subsequent galleries on the page.

we would like the user to ONLY be able to cycle through each gallery individually ALSO excluding the thumbnail image the user clicked on.

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We need a SKILLED Joomla expert to add the attached photo gallery to our Joomla website today. We are using Sobi2 for our listings and need this photo gallery installed for our each new listing. Another programmer tried installing and failed. The photo gallery is partially installed, but no guarantees that it is installed correctly. It does not work. You must complete the entire job today, as this is not a big job.

Be sure that the photo gallery works in IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Please see the attached file for more information.

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Phoca Gallery Custom Joomla

I want the General view from Phoca Gallery to show all categories…. but when you enter into a specific category… to get the parameters from the specific category specified

04/04/2011 at 5:10 EDT:

Bid only with confidence

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New Website


I need to create a website for my DJ business. i am looking for it be built in joomla and in future be able to link some features to an iphone app i may get built also. I need to be able to manage teh site thru the cms. I do manage sites now in joomla so are very familiar with it.

I am looking to have it very much look like the below site

I do however want the calendar section to look like this one

The website must contains the following sections and functions:

1- Home page. Must have a image slider to contain up to 8 shots and auto rotate those images
2- tabs – home | about | calendar | music | gallery | video | contact
3- cms
4- I want the gallery page to operate like this one
5- I also need twitter and facebook buttons
6- The video section will grab from youtube but look like this
7- I need the calendar section to be able to have the flyer/image of the event as a thumbnail which if you click it it pops up. Lightbox thing very much the same as in the galleries section
8- The contacts page will have a form people can fill out to book me. So info will be venue, date, location, contact(name and email), hours.
9- i want a music player the same as this

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Blog Based Phtogallery

Hi, I need a photo gallery page set up, something based off of a cms like joomla or wordpress would be best.

something very close to this is desired

==="notice the facebook twiiter and share options here above each photo"===

We need to set this up on our server, and include it as one of our main navigation links in our menu
Please send links to prveous work, and or the theme/framework you have in mind

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How To Link Nextgen Gallery Thumbnails To Album Subpage

Hello, i hace a website with wordpress self-hosted and thesis theme . I need help for the plugin Nextgen gallery in two situations:

1) nextgen gallery when i create a gallery i also select the option to generate the relative ALBUM subpage with its shortcode [ nggallery id=x ] automatically placed in the html editor of the new subpage. This code is a default to show the nexgen gallery. Now, when i generate a gallery sub-page with the process mentioned i want the shortcode to be: [ nggallery id=x template=carousel images=15]. This to replace the gallery with the carousel.

2) each of my posts has a nextgen gallery with the thumbnails that opens in a lightbox frame. i will disable the thumbnails effect and want to link those thumbnails to the relative Album sub-page created. Also a nice thing would be each thumbnail opens the relative images already showed in the subpage carousel.

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Video Gallery Choopy In Ie9 Html Background Issue

My video gallery in IE9 seem to be very choppy. A wimpy video player is embedded in a html site. When the video is played in IE9, the video is choppy. the audio and video dont seem to match. When I remove the Background image of the video player seems to work fine. It works fine in FF4, chrome, but in IE9 seems to be the issue. Need a fix for this asap.

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Model/Actor Website

Dear All,

This is what I need.

A website that is not flash based, so it will work on the I-pad.

It is for a model/actor talent agency.

The site will be photograph heavy, so an impressive gallery is the most important element and it should be the primary focus of the site itself.

This is a great example of the functionality of what we need regarding menus.

I HAVE to easily be able to edit the site myself, taking off clients and loading new ones including updating photos frequently since the roster changes often.

In addition to photos, there should be a display box that will load with the primary gallery image that will display the model stats, or the actors resume.

The other menu functions are basic, company information, contact, and a couple submission forms. One for castings and another for talent submissions.

Another example of a flash based template is the one below. I like the minimal approach its simple in design and the gallery is impressive. I like how its all about the photos. I also like how the site is full screen.

There is no need for blogs, or postings and very little information needs to be displayed. A simple menu system with a great photo gallery. It cannot be flash unfortunately and it has to be lightweight and load quickly.

The gallery should be simple, have a thumbnail image (large enough to see) I like 161 H and 161 W or 243h by 216w (for the thumbnail images- and a large enough display to read the talent information.

Again, I HAVE to be able to easily edit information and load audio, video and images.

Lastly, I do not mind if someone uses a premade template as long as it works well and looks great.

-Thank you.

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New Complete Website With A Glass Shower Doors.



Here is a brief description of wat you have to do.

On the mane page will be like a gallery, must be about 10 photos which you will have to edit in photoshop . The photo are in hight quality, downloaded from loyalty free website. You have to make edges of it, make them like rip and flow together with a back ground. So you must make it not standart. Also you will have to put text on it with price and little description. On the left side will be bar with menue, there are going to be at least 5 Hyperlinks. the back ground should be some metallic gray, on the web site i have provided above back ground is more like i want. But dont forget it should be almost for whole webpage. and it must be slide show with slow motion, one picture for about 3 seconds and then next for 3 seconds. AND ALSO YOU HAVE TO EDIT THIS PHOTOS TO MAKE IT MORE BEAUTIFUL AND ATTRACTIVE.

The next important page will gallery. There are will be about 8 categories. You will have to make icons for each category from my pictures. Under each categorie will be photos, you should show me design of pop up gallery you can install other there.

The last and most important page will be like here.

You will need to make the same type of icons but but something looks good and beautiful. To be clear you are almost have to copy that, but to make it different from there, turn on your designer skills and try to make it beautiful

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Gallery Website

Dear all,

I need a simple website with 4 pages and focus on the gallery:

– some requirements for the gallery

– easy to upload album
– automatically watermark
– tag face (optional, just as facebook)
– show hits per album
– add comment on picture or album
– notify adminitrator when people comment on image
– like button.
– colors of the gallery need to fit with website design.
– automatically resize

Gallery need to work fast.

I want to make a simple logo of his own photo. (cartoonize his photo),

This website is for my little brother starting a photography career so, i would like to have a fresh young and cool design.

as this is a gift, budget is very tight.

look forward to your bid.

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PSD To Joomla


I need a PSD template, that I have, I need it to be converted to CSS, and working as a full template for Joomla (I give you access to the hosting and you upload and get it running).

It is a normal Dynamic site, that will have a normal about the client, gallery…etc. And also we might add a "Coming Soon" section for the admin to add the products that will come soon, as the gallery will have the current products they sell, he just need to be able to add remove and edit descriptions.

Need the site in both English and Arabic. (We will do the content entry so no worries)

I got the PSD file, let us hope I get a good agreement soon.

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Web Design And Build For Online Shop

I would like my current website to be redesigned to include an online shopping cart. An easily managed gallery is important. My business is homewares, furniture and lifestyle accessories. I am Australian based and will be marketing primarily within the australian eastern seaboard. The website currently has a gallery but no ecommerce set up.

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PHP Gallery

Gallery includes:

– upload of 20 pictures
– pictures should be resized to fixed width and height
– overview with one big picture – the rest is thumbnails
– when clicked a layer will pop up and you can browse thru pics there

PAY IS $30

No escrow, do the job and get paid!

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One Web Page In HTML5

I have a single web page, it is old and has a xml video gallery, it works really well with HTML4. What I want you to do now is two things:

1 – Removing the old gallery and replace it with a simple manual gallery, so that it works with HTML5. Ive already started with it and it works fine and I have allready the script, but it does not look good, youll just get a nice design for this gallery.

2 – Make a new design for the same old page, that looks good with your new video gallery (only the first page, no other pages), and here you should use the same content as my current page.

Thats all, just one page youll be working with, so budget for this work is up to $ 50 in 2 days.


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Visitors Conversation Enhancement, Mainly Clickable Gallery

At my site ,I want clickable 16 photo on home page and page soy candle. Photos info at page soy candle. Want to clean it up. Site is built on RvsiteBuilder.

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Ecommerce Website Development For Art Gallery Using Joomla &

Working to set up a JOOMLA / VIRTUMART art gallery for my father

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Time Picture Webstie Project

I want to create a website where users can login a upload a photo against a certain hour of the day and location
(There will only be 2 locations)
e.g 2pm – London or 4pm – New York and tag with some very basic personal information e.g. Tom aged 22 from Australia
Those just visiting the site should be presented on the front page 2 pictures from the 2 locations. This can then be adjusted via a selection to show either – The same time in both locations e.g 2pm, The time it is currently where you are and the corresponding 2 pictures, time difference between the 2 locations, and random selection.
Users show also be able to jump to each individual locations gallery where they will be presented with 24 pictures 1 for each hour that populate at random or by most favourite
Users should be able to like or unlike a picture in any gallery or page.

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Photo Gallery For Drupal Site

New gallery for my Drupal site

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Adult Image Hosting Community


I need someone who can change the Woltlab Community Framework that I allready have to an clone.

– multiple images uploads like
– option to create gallery or not and add name to the gallery
– option to create gallery public or private
– option to add website of the uploader underneath the image like
– add tag description to the uploader put their tags and to be searched in the homepage
– add previous and next buttons only if the option create gallery was selected
– add search tags box and the most searched tags underneath the serch box
– add how many times the image was viewed
– page with the last galleries uploaded (only public galleries)
– page with the images most viewed of the day (only public galleries)
– page with the galleries most viewed of the day (only public galleries)

and some little Changes in the Admin Backend. Just write me a PM for more Infos…

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Basic Flash XML Template Editing

I have source files for this template
(Posting of links with contact details is prohibited)

i want someone to make the following changes to the template:

1) when someone clicks the menu items on the home page, it opens a different picture galley on the right where it says latest projects and the text at the top should also change. The gallery should be editable from the XML file and should also have next and previous buttons and images can be added or deleted from the xml alone like in the portfolio page. (images should not only be limited to 6 like currently, when someone clicks the next button, 6new images should appear)

2) there should be 2 kinds of readmore pages instead of one. The new kind should be a picture gallery same as the picture gallery in the portfolio which can easily be added and edited through XML.

The person who does the job can also keep a copy of the template with himself (worth $85)

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PHP Gallery Integration In Flash/ XML Website

I am looking for a developer for my Flash and XML website. We have a gallery in PHP using a custom CMS.

We need to integrate the same styled PHP image gallery in our XML website, currently its opening in a new tab linking to the gallery folder. Website Link :

Image galleries :

we want the same galleries in our website with navigation on the left as in homepage.

Please get back ASAP. we have a tight timeline in hands.

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Add Google Adsense Ads To 4images Gallery Script

I have an installation of 4images gallery. I simply want to incorporate google adsense just like the ads on

The site that needs google adsense added is

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WordPress Website Design For Realestate

Job Details for Real-estate website creation. I will provide a word press theme template which will need minor customization.
-7 to 8 Pages. I will provide the content and Pictures, But you will be responsible of making the website Nice and with the proper SideBars & widget areas needed.
-On the home page from the template you need to add a (Browse All Listing Tool) which you need to help in finding the source code from a website that I will provide a Code where you will implement to the Site.
-On the Home page will be responsible to re-size the Pictures I send to you for the Home page slider.
-You will also need to find a plug in Captcha Email form to place it on the home page.
-You will need to change some of the colors on the template through the CSS to match the existing Logo.
-The contact us page will have a map quest or google link to the address and also a contact email form.
-You will be responsible of looking for a gallery template function which is similar to a competitors site we like
-I will give you a competitors website which has the gallery tool we are looking for. If the gallery 3rd party function has a cost we will consider to buy it.
-Completion time of the Website needs to be finished 100% by Thursday March 24.

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Joomla Stock Photo Market With Resellers

Short description:
extension for shopping cart (virtuemart) and plugin for picture gallery (jwallpapers).
gallery should act as a marketplace for photographers where they can upload (via galery component) and sell their photos. user can apply to become a photographer. admin will then manually add them to a joomla group (author) so they have upload rights.
shopping cart handles pics as products (plugin already exists), checkout process, transaction history.

the gallery and plugin (for details see below) i prefer for that project already provide a lot of the needed functions.

we will provide a pre-installed joomla including all components and plugins of live-site for that job.

your job will be the following extensions – as a component, plugin w/ or w/o modules – please make suggestions:

commission system:
1. calculation of a global sales commission in % – equal for each publisher (photographer)
2. detailed sales statistics table for each publisher (filename, dimension, date, price, commission) – after successful payment for:
2.1. pending commission + "pay commission button" for photographer (only clickable if pending commission is above a predefined value e.g. $20). after clicking the "pay commission button" admin has to be notified via email.
2.2. paid commission (commission history) – will be generated after admin "clicks" the "commission request paid" button (payment is made manually by admin)
2.3 all statisitcs have to be visible in administration too (allover, per user pending, per user paid)

custom gallery features:
1. date (day / month / year – all mandatory) input fields for each gallery / album – for uploader
2. galleries will be sorted by date + search field for (day / month / year – only year mandatory os user can view all galleries of a month) – users.
3. "read" exif data – time of pictures was taken
4. within a gallery / album user can search/filter for a specific timeframe e.g. "from: 12:00 to: 14:30" – dropdowns with half-hourly steps for minutes -> h=0,1,2,3,4 …24, m=0,30

jwallpapers -> jomsocial activity stream plugin:
+ a "my galleries/pictures" plugin for jomsocial already exists this plugin should post new uploads in jomsocial activity stream

component info for jwallpapers + virtuemart plugin:
vm plugin:

(another possibility would be: phoca + simple cart, other suggestions are welcome.)

+ code have to be 100% open source and compliant to joomla mvc
+ usage of language files – NO hardcoded language strings
+ unlimited resell and redistribution rights

please bid only if you are experienced with joomla.

project will be awarded on 23.03. and has to be finished until 04.04.2011

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Photo Gallery

I need to build a photo gallery in PHP, required a experinced person who has good knowldge of PHP HTML CSS Flash and graphic designing, i need a flash banner on my first page and a admin panel where i can update my pictures and news.

only bid with your working experience references.

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PHP Code Igniter Photo Gallery Bulk Upload

Hi all

I need a bulk upload script for a photo gallery. I.e Browse select many images from local, upload to server and it appears on photo gallery on live website.

Needs to be PHP code igniter and if you have a proven solution this will be better!

Please provide details.

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Experienced Drupal Developer For CMS Website

We are looking for an experienced Drupal Developer!!

We need a Drupal expert who can do customising as freelancer. Candidate should have good hands on drupal Development of new modules,customization etc, at least 5 Drupal build websites.

The client is ready to go and wants Drupal based site using the structure as shown in
The new site will have 10-15pages with downloadable docs, Enrolment form and Photo/Video gallery. But the gallery could be an optional. You will work with designer who will handle graphical design for the look and feel.
We prefer someone has the skill, good communication skill and attention to details.

Look forward to hear from you. please attache your recent works.
Thank you.

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Batch Import For NextGen Gallery

We need a modification done to NextGen Gallery 1.7.4 to allow batch importing of galleries, already uploaded to the server. This plugin will create the gallery and thumbnails like the standard plugin, but allow batch processing of multiple galleries.

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Batch Import For NextGen Gallery

We need a modification done to NextGen Gallery 1.7.4 to allow batch importing of galleries, already uploaded to the server. This plugin will create the gallery and thumbnails like the standard plugin, but allow batch processing of multiple galleries.

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Flash Theme Needs Photo Gallery Addition

I have an ignorant flash theme that was purchased and customized. I need to add more photos to the photo gallery,but it is being difficult in not matching up with the thumbnail nav bar.

Project requirements are simple. Add less than 30 photos to the gallery, and ensure it is in proper working order. All of the photos are already resized with appropriate thumbnails located in the library. So no photoshop work at all.

^please note – this template / flash library is from template monster and is poorly labeled, and very messy, however it is how the template came. A true flash wizard should make easy but a little frustrated work of this.

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Change Photos In My Web Gallery Template

Very simple! I have a Web Gallery Template that I need to change out images that I have uploaded into a FTP site.

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Escort Agency Website

We are looking to rebuild our site, with a CMS, SEO, a mobile version, and some interactive modules like a Twitter feed, News module, etc. I am working on a detailed site specification now. I will send the actual page URL to qualified bidders.

Wed want an intro page, dynamically generated gallery and individual profiles, a schedule page, maybe a rates page. The profile pages are the main effort; they need the ladies thumbnails and large image, statistics and characteristics, rates, schedules, reviews (and maybe a form allowing visitors to review her directly). I dont like popups or lightboxes for galleries though.

Upgrade the design to take better advantage of modern browser dimensions, and a general enhancement of aesthetic and create a back-end allowing an administrator to update the site. Possibly a custom CMS.

Actual websites I like: – I like the Mobile site module on left, nice big gallery pics (150×200). Dont like the profiles themselves Functionality, particularly the picture-based schedule, whos working today, new girls, and Twitter feed. Search less important. Good profile pages, nice subtle background behind content. I likethe large photos, and lots of stats and as descriptive paragraph and room for reviews. Schedule page is good (has times in boxes)

Joomla templates that I like: – I like this ones bold look, but not the functionality OK colour scheme

CMS example: – not bad, but not exactly what we want. Not enough information displayed in the gallery; and needs more photos in the profiles

I think of these as the bare minimum. I really want a combination of the Joomla templates or other agency look and feel, with the ease of editing and updating offered by the CMS.

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