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Fantasy Game Story/Script Writer

We are looking for a Story/Script Writer for an action RPG (Role Playing Game) that we are currently developing, which we hope that you as writer would bring life and emotion to the story. The game will have visual novel style, where chosen actions/choices will affect certain outcomes. Ideal writer would be if you are a fan of or familiar with RPG or fictional fantasy settings

The Game:
A fictional adventure fantasy game based on medieval settings, which is similar to Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, Baldures Gates, Elder Scrolls and similar titles. However the story would be a more simplified version of the above named game with our own version of story and vision for the game.

The Story Style: Slightly dark (gothic) and Sad (touching but with some funny moment)

You are required to prepare the storyboard based on basic character descriptions and story plot. Basic settings and background will be given. Story centered in a numerous of settings which our heroes (the main playable character and his/her companions) will progress throughout the game. We will be heavily emphasizing on the heroes developments and these characters are part of the world (not just some characters thrown into the world). We want to make characters real and stronger players attachment.

There will be 3 selectable character class (e.g. Fighter, Wizard, and Rogue) which each class will have its own introduction setting/story and there will be 8 different companion which each of the hero has its own class (e.g. defender, healer, sorcerer, etc) and personality.

The story you come up with will be told through quests in the game. There should be a fair number of main quests which the player must complete in order to progress to next settings. You should insert approximately 35 other sub quests and 16 companion quests. You can make chain quests that suit your story.

Although not finalized yet, the entire story should be taking place in 1 kingdom (Country) which has 5 different States. We will be focusing only mainly on 1 State (which has 4 main districts and 3 different locations each districts) and 2 other sub states (only but only include 1 district each and 2 locations each).

The scripts should have around 20 chapters (including the introduction chapter), and the character could evolved (or leveled up) to level 40. There will be approximately 40 unique monsters names and descriptions for those monsters. The monsters will be referenced in the quests you write.

Please take note that although you will be responsible for the entire scripts, the entire story will not be fall upon you alone as we will be contributing to the story and character together. Rather than standalone, you will be working as a team.

Youre welcomed to bid more than the budget if you feel your work is worth more. Please send examples of previous related works. Those without any past work or profile, but you think you can do this, please send me a sample story that you can come out with. The evaluation would be based on your writing style and the depth of your story telling.

Any further questions, Ill be happy to answer via PM.

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500 Real Like On FB For Marjanahmed13

500 Like on FB, real, women are preferable, different countries. The budget is $30, 7 days.

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BudyPress Modifications

I have a website with budypress.
I need someone to help me define and modificate some things in there.

The price will be 100$

The timeframes are up to 5 days.

Please dont bid if you dont have some feedbacks.
Please dont bid if you are not familiar with budypress.
Please dont bid if your price is above the budget.

thank you.

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Photoediting – PC Visualisations – 3D Impressions

We have a series of images and graphics of a new (unbuilt) property development
– site layout visualisation
– 3d property impressions
– 3d internal impressions etc…

They are not consistant in style and some are not very good – they need improving or re-doing.

Would like to end up with a set that are consistant in style and that are made to look more professional — and watermarked. These can be :-
– edited existing images
– new images
– stock images

Not concerned so much if they are 3D or not — just that they look very good and very professional — and that they all match in style — that they are consistant that way.

Looking at a budget of $50 – $70 and to complete ASAP —— but please contact to discuss.

All the current pictures are available on a URL that I will suppy.

Please can you supply experience and samples of works.


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Content Revision

Hi there, I have a website, Ive managed to gather a lot of articles, those articles are still drafts. Mostly consist of software and movie articles.

I need someone to rearrange paragraphs on those drafts so it can be read in much better way.

My budget for you would be $20 for 300 Drafts.

If You are interested, email me.

Wish U All The Best,

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Cashflow / Budget Keeper

I need bookkeeping help in the area of cashflow / budget management. You will prepare a ledger with categories (I provide this) and setup the budget (based on the numbers I submit) . I would be sending you emails every time a transaction is anticipated and/or made and you would update the cashflow spreadsheet. The idea is to generate a report on-demand and prepare the graph of anticipated incomes/expenses vs actual. You would also notify me if we are sticking to the budget or if the projected budget will drop off negative.
You must have a Skype acct to facilitate communication and be familiar with the basics of bookkeeping, cashflow mgmt, budgets, and preparing a good-looking functional spreadsheet with basic graphs. Please indicate timezone, and if you know of a software that we can to be more efficient. Please describe your background and why you are a good fit for this job. Also give me an idea of what your bid includes.

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Duplicate 2 PPT Pitches

I need two powerpoints that are in .pdf form from another company moved slide by slide to a new PPT deck.

I will add a new theme and tweak the text, but I want to use these as starting points.

Max budget for copying both is $30. Less is better. I will PM the two presentation URLs to interesting bidders.

Thanks for your time!

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Bike Rentals For Pinky

As discussed privately

my budget is 60$

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