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Multiplayer Flash Game

I am looking for flash developers to code multiplayer games. I dont want the best games ever but simple ones:

– 2D
– Simple
– Low graphic interphase
– multiplayer (thus, a platform to allow that is needed. I do not know if there are already free platforms like that, do you have any idea?)

An example of which games we want: billiard, minigolf…

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Facebook Multiplayer Crossword Game Client

We need a contractor to build a Facebook client for our 2-player crossword board game WordWise. We have already implemented the server, using Google App Engine, and mobile clients on both Android and iPhone.

We use GAEs native user system, requiring a Google account to log in. Were not sure how this would work in a Facebook app. The look/feel and interface should be very similar to our existing clients. The Android client is described here:

The app will be monetized with Google AdSense ads, so knowledge of integrating AdSense into a Facebook app using our info is required.

We will provide all graphics, server specs, and any other information necessary to complete the project. We require a signed agreement detailing responsibilities, ownership, scheduling, and payments. Well set up milestones for completed deliverables and expect notification of progress at least once a week.

Let us know if you can build this client and help expand our popular game to yet another platform.

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Multiplayer Boxing Game Made With Unity 3D

I need a multiplayer boxing game to be created in Unity 3D

I already have the models, animations, and sounds.

* I am using Unity 2.6 Pro and I would prefer if the game be made in that as I have not yet upgraded to Untiy 3. If you need to use version 3 then it will have to be done in the non-Pro, free version.

The game will have a main lobby where people can chat and have the ability to click on someone elses name in the lobby and challenge them to a fight (public or private). The person can accept the challenge in which case both players are taken into the ring, or the challenge expires. The lobby will also have a button to show fights currently in progress, and people can then click to be a spectator and watch the fight. Spectators may view public fights and can chat with one another and with the fighters in a chat box.

Players can fight in online ranked matches with other players within their skill range and weight class. Players will gain ranks depending on the outcome of each fight.

The game will allow for players to choose from a variety of fighters to represent themselves. Again, I will provide all of the animated models for the fighters.

Players will have access to a training gym where they can train in various methods and earn bonuses to their skills for doing so. Training can build up skills in "stamina" (speed bag), "power" (punching bag), and "speed" (a training mode where the "coach" shows a series of moves on screen and the player has to repeat them on time). As the player progresses through the ranks they will need to train harder and more often to keep themselves in top shape for fights. If they stop training for too long they will lose some of their acquired skills. This will keep people coming back to the game every day to keep their physical traits up to par.

Players can choose to spar with the CPU (AI) and will not gain ranking for sparring matches but WILL gain skill points just as with training.

As a player progresses in ranking, they may choose to participate in tournaments that are set up by the game administrator (these can be held for instance once a month).

The game will be playable on the games web site and will also be playable as a Facebook app (can be framed).

All relevant stats from the game such as fighter ranks, fight results, tournament winners, etc. will be stored in a mySQL database.

You will not be creating the web site for the game, that is not part of this job.

I will provide more details via private message.

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Multiplayer Word Game With Lobby & Leaderboard

I am looking for a gaming expert that already have a MULTI PLAYER word game that looks and feels professional. At least 6 players should be able to compete against one another in multi level tournaments until there is one player standing.

There should be a lobby area with a list of scheduled Word games with dates and start times. Players then choose a game to play in and 3 minutes prior to start time the game opens up on their screen. Similar to a Full Tilt poker but just in a word game format.

I can explain more about the Word game I am suggesting, not complicated, but want to make sure that the freelancer chosen already has a base source code for multiplayer word game.

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Multiplayer Flash Game For Adobe Stratus

We need a couple of multiplayer flash games which will be integrated into a p2p based video chat portal similar to chatroulette (adobe stratus protocol).

game setup:
all games should take place in a game layer which is placed over the chat windows – no additional game windows will be needed.
Users play for themselves and scores will be compared at the end – so no direct interaction within the game is necessary.

game play
1. question-answer setup: math exercises are asked, user has to touch the correct buzzer which are located in each of the four corners of the screen
2. hit objects: user has to "remove" terrorists/gangster which randomly move by 4 windows which are placed on screen.
3. detect element which does not fit into a group of elements again with buzzers in each corner of the screen
…3-4 further games will be discussed at a later stage

Scores should be tracked in a DB and users should be able to share the games / their scores to social media plattforms (facebook, twitter…).

important: games should be integrated into video chat portal therefore shouldnt be too large in size and should be launchable out of existing chat connection


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Copy A Simple Flash Game

Can you clone a flash game from islandluck (dot) com
Fruity Slot

you can check the game first here, go to casino once logged in

islandluck (dot) com
l : 25385
p : 2222

and integrate it with our casino software www (dot) casinoandbet (dot) com

our software is sybase sql, .jsp, and games are in flash
please this is urgent project

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