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Gold Miner IPhone IPad Game

Hi everyone.

Im looking for a developer who can do the following game for me with a bit of twist

The idea ofnthe game would be simple, but I would need a level designer to create levels and instead of levelsnshowing one after another I need a level selector like angry birds, cut the rope etc so hat levels are in packages and each package contains x levels.

I wouldnalso need improved graphics.

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Ipad/iphone Tetris Game


I am looking to get an ipad/iphone tetris game developed. the game should have high cartoon graphics.

I need a developer who can use his/her imagination to make the best out of the game. the game is simple, its tetris and should have all the rules. there should be 2 modes:

1. loop mode, there should be a loop mode, so users can play till they loose and achieve highscores. there should be 2 highscores, one local (top 10 tries) and another one connected to the game center.

2. multiplayer game, this mode should use split screen to allow users to play against each other using one ipad. (iphone version doesnt require this feature)

Controls :

There should be 2 modes for the controls, one should be buttons on the screen where users can move the objects and rotate them and another should be using finger motions to move and rotate stuff.

I ONLY want individuals to bid, so NO COMPANIES please.


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Small IPhone/iPad Game Needed

Details in PMB.

Pretty straight forward game…

no phyiscs, no game engines needed! no biggie!!

Artwork will be provided!!

will pay very reasonable, no outrageous bids!!


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IPhone Shooting Game Similar To Angry Birds

Hi Folks,

I am looking to get an iphone application built that is similar to angry birds – in terms of the user being able to select a projectile angle and select the force or strength to shoot.

Basically, this game will have the concept of an army personnel shooting from his bunker or using a gun from a corner of the screen and he has to shoot targets at the right end of the screen. Targets will be similar military men or things like barracks etc etc.

I am looking at around 20 levels to start with. I have the stage ideas in my head but have to make UI designs for the same and I have no idea where to start. Need an application where I can build my screens to make things easier for the developer.


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Iphone / Ipad Game

Looking for someone to develop an iphone game in Objective C that is a exact copy of the following flash game, owned by us.

– Must be register as iphone developer with Apple. Uses Iphone SDK to develop the game
– We will provide the image and sounds
– Must be bug free before full payment release.
– Must be compatible with IPHONE & IPAD

Game details will be release once the successful bid have being identify.

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Proper Update For A Simple Iphone/Ipad Kids Game


I need a proper update for this game.

– More and better challenges (this is where you can be creative)
– Better sound clip
– Better working engine
– Should work both on ipad & iphone
– Should be free with no ads.

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3D IPhone Talking Game

I need a simple 3d game developed for both iPhone and iPad. Just like any other iphone talking games, a character will be presented in a 3d design. This character can move around and have different facial expression and some small activities. This character is also able to hear the users voice (record voice) and repeat it (Playback converted voice). all design and animations are done in maya 3d and its your job to import them and create an iphone and iPad app out of them.

Examples of a similar app:

Similar apps on Itunes:

Talking Santa
Talking Larry the Bird
Talking Baby Hippo
Talkng Rex the Dinosar
Talking Carl

Please provide me with a link to your past work.

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Iphone Arcade Game

We are looking for an iphone programmer for developing our arcade iphone game.
We require a remake of the iphone game Boulder dash and we would be providing the sprites and sound.

Requirements for the project

Should have experience in developing Iphone games
Project should be developed using the Iphone sdk.
Bidder should have registration in the Iphone Developer program.
Should be able to complete the project within 2 weeks.

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2D IPhone/iPad Game

A 2D Game, with a limited set of animations, where the user will only have to touch certain locations on the screen to create actions required in the gameplay.

The Game needs to be developed for both iPhone (Retina Display Ready) and the iPad.

The Game will contain the following:

A countdown Timer for each separate new task at hand.

Each Task at hand will have a different timing ranging from 30-50sec., and gradually decreasing as the player spends more time in a single gameplay without failing, to reach a minimum of 10-15sec after 5 minutes.

A Safe button that stops the timing mechanism for 15 sec. and restarts all timers on all tasks at hand, Comes up when the user collects:

100 Points
300 Points
700 Points
1500 Points
3000 Points
5000 Points
10000 Points

The player will be hit with a new task every 10 sec. at the start of the game, this time will also gradually decrease as the player spends more time in a single gameplay without failing, to reach a minimum of 4 seconds between each task.

The user may be facing up to 5 different task at one time, using the timing mentioned in point 3.

Each Task is resolved by click on the screen for X number of times at 8 different locations. X needs to be a randomly generated number between 1 & 3.

The Game will end when the user fails to complete any of the tasks at hand, and the timer of the specific task winds down to 0.

A Top player charts

A Scoring mechanism, according to number of tasks completed, in one single game-play without failing.

User will be required to enter his name/nickname for top charts documentation as single game-play ends. and to view both local and global top charts.

The Tasks presented to the player will be in the form of characters, and those characters will appear at fixed locations on the screen randomly.

The developer will be provided with all the necessary .png files to create sprites, along with all the sound effects and background music (in .aac format, or any other suitable format)

The Developer needs to hand in the xcode project itself, along with all the necessary .ipa files for testing and the final .app file for upload. (The necessary provisioning profiles will be created and provided by me)

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IPhone Curling Game

This project is to develop an iPhone and iPad game (universal). The game is a kind of Curling, based on the famous Winter Olympic Game called Curling, where two teams throw some stones in an ice lane. But this game has some "gaming" features to make the game more fun and dynamic.

– The game high scores should be compatible with game center.
– It will have a free and payed version. The free version will have ad-whirl, ad-mob and iAd.
– The game will use Flurry Analytics basic sdk

We encourage developers to place a bid considering the information we provided in this description. We will analyse the biders considering the price and game experience. After analyzing it we will choose 2 or 3 biders and send the full project scope (we are not posting in here because it is confidential) and let the biders change their price according to the scope and then we will choose the winner.

Please, send us a message contaning previous games developed for iPhone with links of it to the App Store.

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IPhone 2D Game

I am looking for an experienced iPhone/iPad developer to help develop a small 2D game (Rough idea..3-5 times bigger than tic-tac-toe game) based on our concept.

To be considered for this project, please do provide us with your previous job experiences and portfolio.
The selected candidate /corporation will be responsible for the development and on-going support of the game.
Commitment is absolutely necessary!

Full specifications will be discussed with the right candidates.

Also, please give the details of software will be used, alternate package and compare with other package/s. (to prove youhave selected right technology)

Preference will be placed on usage of right software/tools/packages.

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Graphics/Art For An IPhone Game – Like Fruit Ninja

Need graphics/art for the in game

check fruit ninja game for the concept, though its totally different..

send pm for more details, looking to start right away and will need immediate updates within 6 hours from the chosen developer.


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Iphone Puzzle Game

Write a iphone and ipad puzzle game with the rule explained in the following URL:


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Iphone, IPad Game Development

I am looking for an experienced iPhone & iPad developer to code an iOS 4.0 compliant game app.

The basis of the app is geo location data of world wide cities. Geo data will be purchased separately if it can not be sourced for free and is not part of the bid. The game needs to be connected to a high score keeping portal. Either such service exists by a third-party or you need to create an external online score keeping way.

The graphical interface is 2D with either a globe or flat map of the world that is showing country borders. Once zoomed in further rivers and lakes are visible but not cities or other features. The borders extend down to a state level. Otherwise the graphic is text, scores no moving parts other than scrolling and pinching of the map.

Players can select from different play options and geographic regions. They can opt for timed or no timed games. They can select different difficulty levels.

Part of the job is to create a free version with a limited city set and a paid version with the full city set.

The full design specs will be available after a non-compete and non-disclosure document is signed.

The job spans the whole creation and testing process. I will provide detailed design and feature specs and work closely with you during the work and testing phase. I am not interested in low quality work. I expect good efficient code and good design. Work is to be done to a realistic time frame on time.

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Iphone Small Game

I want a game like this link:

but not gay version.

the game cannot be in portfolio. we are team of developers but we dont have time to done this job now.

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Iphone 3D Game

Work Nature – IPhone Game (having 3D walk through Animation)

It is fairly a simple programming work, if you do a good job there is more to come. You are expertise is required only in the programming Objective c, every other resource would be provided.

Please reply to the questions posted below to consider your bid as a serious one.


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IPhone Accuracy Game

What I need:
I need a experienced iPhone App developer for a new game idea. The game will require the use of the iPhones accelerometer, so you must have experience with this feature. You must be able to create realistic behaving liquid.

What I will provide:
This is a brand new game which I will create all the graphics and UI designs, including logo, colors and look and feel. I will also handle all the marketing and publicity for the App.

Must sign NDA to start project. Applicant, must be well versed in C++ and/or Objective-C.

I need this project completed within 4-5 weeks.

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