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Need Someone To Design Online Gaming Site

I need someone to design my new online gaming website. I have got domain name and host. So now i need some one to design my site and link it. You can contact me for more details with your bid. I need this in maximum low budget.

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Java Browser Based MAME Gaming / FLASH Gaming

I would like to be able to play MAME roms in a browser online supporting multiple users.

I am putting a gaming website together and would like my users to be able to play MAME arcade games through their browsers. The system needs to be able to scale to a large number of users.
I am assuming that a Java based solution would be viable.

I would also like to host some flash games which need to be sourced.

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Gaming League


I need a website programmer for a professional gaming league, i need these things on the website:

– Website design & logo
– Forum
– Chat
– Cups
– Ladders
– Profile with friends, guestbook etc
– Premium which people can buy for advantages
and more smaller details that can be discussed

I want a very cool and professional website.

Here is some competitors:

Best Regards,

André Fredhjem

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Banner Design For A Gaming Website

I need someone to create a high quality banner for my gaming site which I can then use on my website and in promotional material.

If you are selected for the position I will PM you more details.

Please make sure you quote NeoCoN7 in the reply so I know you are not a robot/spam.

The budget for this project is $10 or £10 and nothing higher but I will give you full credit on my site…

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Create Mobile App For A Gaming Website Site2

We want to create a mobile app for our online gaming website We need a app for black berry, windows, android and iphone. Please only experience bidders only. Must be able to make app very user friendly.

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Create Mobile App For A Gaming Website Site

We want to create a mobile app for our online gaming website We need a app for black berry, windows, android and iphone. Please only experience bidders only. Must be able to make app very user friendly.

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Gaming Website: Design + PHP + MySQL

I am looking for a talented PHP programmer that can develop a website to suit my needs. You need to able to implement a creative and professional design that is suitable for a gaming environment.

Some features that need to be included:

Secure Login System
Friends List/Mail
My Account – Profile
PayPal Integration

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Gaming Anti-cheat Coder

We are a gaming league, and we host monthly tournaments for different online gaming communities. However, we are in great need of an effective Anti-cheat software.
Please feel free to contact us if you have 2 years+ of programming experience, or if you think you already have what we need.

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Network IT Support,Project Manager

We are looking to hire a person to suppoort, and monitor our online gaming network. This will require you to having knowlege in Windows Server, sql, firewalls, Remote Desktop, Active directory, Network Security, Web servers, web services, Managing ongoing gaming developments (slot, Poker,other games)
This Job will require you to live in the Bahamas for a mininum of 3 Months. You will be paid in USD monthy. You will be provided with living and car, also the flight cost to the Bahamas. You will need to complete a online interveiw before you are awarded the job. Only exprience persons need apply we will not provide training so you must know what you are doing.

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Write For A High Traffic Video Game Website

Have fun writing and reporting the news for a high traffic video game website. I am looking for an experienced gamer to write for a high traffic gaming website. There will be scheduled shifts as well as a predetermined number of posts per shift each day.

News needs to be reported quickly and timely as well as coverage of new releases and updates for all gaming platforms. All posts will be a minimum of 150 words with some being longer.

The position will include covering breaking news, new releases, providing tips and tricks, walk throughs and anything gaming related to all consoles such as PSP, NGP, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, PC etc.

If you love gaming and are an experienced writer this job will be a lot of fun. This is an ongoing project with no foreseeable end date.

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Gaming Forums/Website

Would like a php forum setup with graphics and such. It will be a similar website to another one already out there. The graphics and content will be included in a web development kit. So need someone to theme a template for us and setup a php shell with forums. Please contact me with questions and any additional information needed.

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Gaming Portal

Id like to create a gaming portal. Where visitors can vote for any category of games such as (private mmo server, browser games, or other game related site).

A short example is that there will be game top list for example wow where visitors can find some private servers easily with custom search method that i can describe in more details, the plan is complete.

I need all the construction of the page from html, php, design and seo.

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Poker And Or Gambling


I am looking for someone who can design poker software

as a basis for distributing to companies and or individuals

wanting to enter the gaming industry

I would like it if you had the highest talents in this

area and do not need much instruction

as you will be the expert delivering the product to me, the buyer

I would also appreciate if you were knowledgeable of 3d graphics

and be able to apply them accordingly


The games I would like to be able to design

are poker , roulette, video poker, slots , scratch cards

you dont have to be proficient in all of them

only the ones you have had experience with will do

Designer, engineer must be able to provide me proof

of working with a previous company in the field

and or other gaming design.


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Website For Tournament Based Online Gaming.

Im looking for a website to be created for an online tournament based gaming league. This project would include but not limited to:
-register and log-in to accounts
-create profiles and teams once logged in. Also be able to "manage" teams, and other information through being logged in.
-bracketing and ladder system through a point system in which teams win/lose and move up and down.
-different sections of the website would have to be for different games, tournaments, and ladders.

That would be the basic idea of what I need. I can also give examples of websites that have similar things that I would like this website to incorporate. This should be a super simple project. Bonuses and other work may be offered if the job is completed with diligence and high quality.

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Android Gaming Expert

Looking for an android gaming expert to work on a game / game type software with animations. This person should have previous experience in video game programming in the Android platform and should have proven expertise in this area. Past examples of work is required to be even considered for this project. Work will be long term if the person proves himself with his expertise on this project.

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AbV Trailer And Intro

Above The Influence is a Professional Gaming clan and we are looking for someone to help us put together a 5 min trailer composed of clips that have been recorded in game. We are looking for this video to boost us above all the other teams. This video would get alot of attention from around the gaming community and with your name incorporated with in the video it is possible it could bring more business to you and what you love to do.

We want this video to include our name and to showcase our skill and to include each members name and talent.
We want people to know this video around the gaming world as one of the bests.

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Develop Gaming Website

Need a developer experienced in developing multiplayer games using SmartFox server. Need to design a fully functioning lobby using isometric map, smartfox server, flash and AS3.

If you believe you have required skills and have done on a similar project, then email me with demos.


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Online Gaming Guide

Online Gaming Guide is affiliate site for online gambling – casino, poker, slots, etc. What do I need urgently:
Provide traffic for my site
Audience of the site – English and Russian speaking gamblers all around the world (may start from Australia)
May be some additional suggestions for the site structure
Professional maintenance of this site

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Xbox Live Online Gaming Site

I want to create an online gaming site for Call of duty black ops where people can register usernames, deposit money into an account, and wager money against each other. This is legal in Ny so there are no restrictions. If interested in making this site please respond for details.

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Smooth Talkers Wanted – Need Help Placing Gaming Machines

I am seeking a smooth talker who can call bar and restaurant owners to help me place popular gaming machines in my state. You do not need to sell anything, just confirm with the owner/manager that they are interested and meet several criteria. The owner wont have to pay a dime for our machines, it is 100% revenue share for them.

I will provide all of the leads and phone numbers so it is a simple project, requiring maybe an hour or two a day.

I am looking for Americans or someone with a great American accent (if you are abroad I will need to hear you).

This is mostly commission based but has great potential to make hundreds or thousands a week for only a couple hours a day.

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Skill Game Developer/Designer

Looking to start a skill gaming website similar to and

We are only starting out with one game though. The type of game we will be deciding on to make will be something along the lines of Tetris, Bejelwed, or Pacman. It will be a simple yet good looking game designed for a skill gaming site. This means that players will be playing this against eachother for a higher score.

Security on the game needs to be strong so no hacking or cheating can be involved.

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Gaming Clan Website [eS]

We are looking to get a custom flash site better then this one

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Easy Gaming Website

Slots and video poker website

Good graphics

need someone with experience

also i need backend with seo


i need soeone who has already done a gambling website, and can just

install software

I will need access to the backend to look at the accounts, money in/out , etc

for accounting purposes

Thank you

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Translators Danish And Norwegian (Gaming Content)

We are looking for someone native to translate a small online gaming website from English into Danish and Norwegian. Pls provide info, experience and rate per word.


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Elite Gaming Ladder Custom Template


I just purchased elite gaming ladder script, for my e-sports website.
My main portal is based on Joomla 1.5.x, and i will use egl, for my tournaments/ladders needs.
I would like a designer to create a custom template for us, combined with your joomla template

Demo links of previews work or portfolio would be appreciated

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