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Gif Animation From Video (simple Job)

Hello, I am looking for a custom COMPRESSED Gif animated image made from a video. I bought the video from and I need the gif for a loading section of my website. This should be an easy job but I cant stress enough how much I need the GIF to be a small file size. The smaller the better. I need the GIF about 280px in height.

**Here is the video I want made into the gif:

**I need the word "Loading" added underneath and remain on the GIF in every frame.

As you can see, the video is in black and white, I would love two versions of the GIF, a negative version as well, please include in the comments whether or not you can add this extra version with your bid. The person that can offer the best value on this project and have the best reputation will get the job.

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728 X 90 Animated GIF Bannder Design

I need an animated GIF banner from someone this is creative. We will provide the text to go into the ad and exactly what the type of person is that we want to click it and then expect the designer to create from there.

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Flash Banner For Resume Company

Online flash banner required for a resume company. I want to use the same theme used in our TV commercial (theme: before and after CV impress). Please see commercial from this link:
Freelancer is to create the concept/design and produce a flash & GIF (or jpeg) for each dimension. We are looking for a professional to work on long terms with. If we are happy with the work produced we will continue to work with the freelancer on a monthly basis.
Dimensions are as below: In total there are 8 (note: same concept, different dimensions)

1. Top Leaderboard 728(w) x 90(h) SWF
2. Medium Rectangle 300(w) x 250(h) SWF
3. Wide Skyscraper 160(w) x 600(h) SWF
4. Large Rectangle (336 x 280) (Vertical) SWF
5. Square (250 x 250)SWF
6. Small Square (200 x 200) SWF
7. Skyscraper (120 x 600) SWF
8. Banner (468 x 60) (Vertical)SWF

Each flash dimension need to be:
Backup GIF Or GIF/JPEG Only
Dynamic (flash) size: 30kb max
Static (jpeg or gif) size: 20kb max
Continuous 15 Seconds

Dimensions 1, 2, 3 require the following actionscript to be attached to flash banners button object:
on (release) {
if (_level0.clickTag.substr(0,5) == "http:" ) {

To be considered:
– Please send me through a portfolio
– Deadline: 3 working days to complete
– Raw Flash files must be send through: raw flash files, flash exported file & Jpeg (or GIF) image

We are a design resume company, please view our website

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Flash Banners Or Gif Banners

I need 4 flash banners or gif banners for a virtual aquarium,
you must be able to make animated aquarium banner from a video to flash or video to gif animation
This should be compatible to google adwords and other networks(weight, animation etc)
I need similar animation from our virtualaquarium:
I would need also sources files of these banners.

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Animated Gif Of Dictator Faces

Hi everybody
I am the owner of
I host a weirdo website that allows people to send animated gif images to index after signing few basic info. I have placed temporary animated gif images which are absolutely awful and not attractive. When you enter the page you will see bunch of human faces jumping floating and so on.

The basic idea is having a politician head showing fear under fire. I also want them to look funny. I have 19 dictators so far and need to replace them with better quality animations.

They can be cartoonized (but must look like the real character), iconized or whateverized. For example when people look at 50×50 px animated gif of Fidel Castro, they should be able to know its Fidel Castro burning in animated fire.

I will keep this project open for 2 weeks and I want samples. Make me sample of at least 2-3 of these guys and show me. Be creative and impress me. Dont make too childish, girlish or pinkish. When I spot a great sample I will reward this project to that person with full dedication.

Budget line is max: 35 USD for the set of 19 animated gif
Do not bid over this budget please.

I will constantly add new animations and new dictators. This means I will need the animator artist for future jobs as well and will pay him.

Animations should work in Mozilla firefox, internet explorer, safari, opera and chrome with no problems.
Let me remind you there will be tens of them on 1 single page.
Size must be minimum 50×50 pixels but it would be great to see 150×150 or more so I can resize them myself. About the frame rate. Make it good enough but let it work in all browsers.

You can see the dictators on my webpage and google them. All animations files named as dictator names.

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Animated GIF Banners Required 2

Create 2 animated .gif (NON-Flash) advertisement, sizes (728×90, 300×250, 468×60 and 234×60) to promote brokerage house services.

Animation run time approximately 5-7 seconds.

With bid, you must submit link to portfolio with animated .gif advertisement samples.

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Animated GIF Banners Required

Create 2 animated .gif (NON-Flash) advertisement, sizes (728×90, 300×250, 468×60 and 234×60) to promote brokerage house services.

Animation run time approximately 5-7 seconds.

With bid, must submit link to portfolio with animated .gif advertisement samples.

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Adult Banner Design

We have two adult websites and each needs around 10 banners for affiliate promotion.

Banners are different size and should be eye-catching with gif animation.

Let me know if you are really good at gif banner design for adult sites, especially asian adult sites.


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Unfolding Scroll GIF Animation PRIVATE

Unfolding Scroll GIF Animation as we talked about!

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Animation For Website

Hello- we are in need of someone who can recreate an animation that we already have created. Unfortunately, the animation wasnt given to us in the proper format, and the original animator is unreachable.

Please go to to view the animation. Towards the bottom of the page, there is a character "AUDrey" who jumps over the Have a question? bar and then sits on the bar and looks around. As you can see, the animation is grainy and has a glow around it that shouldnt be there. The animation should be the same dimensions that the current animation is. We will provide a detailed rendering of the character (just a .jpg) and a .mov file of the animation for reference, and any other elements from the rbtl site that you may need.

We will need the final animation in as many of the following formats as possible (of course small file size is also important, as this will be uploaded to a website):

-Original source file (Lightwave, Cinema 4d, Blender, 3ds Max, etc.)
-A .fla if the 3d tool can export it
-A .swf of the final animation (quicktime)
-.wmv (windows media video)
-.gif (animated gif)

Thank you!

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Modify .eps Image And Export To Jpg/gif/png

I have an .eps image that I received from Shutterstock.

I need the image modified slightly, and then to be exported in jpg/gif/png format.

I need this done quickly so please only bid if you can work on this immediately.


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Web Banner Ads

Were looking to build eight animated web banner ads. They will all have the same look and feel to them but adjusted as the size constraints dictate. Logo, color palette, photo image, font usage all set to fit the brand identity and will be provided.

Need two static designs to review general design prior to moving forward on production. Deadline: Friday, 2/11/11

Upon approval, provided on Monday, 2/14/11 we will need eight banners following this criteria:

1. No Flash files. All ads should be animated GIF.
2. No more than three frames in the animated GIF for each ad.

Below are the dimensions we need in pixels:
1. 125×125
2. 160×600
3. 300×250
4. 728×90
5. 200×200
6. 336×280
7. 468×60
8. 300×600

Posting them to a site for review, approval, and then downloading by media outlets is preferred but not necessary.

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FLASH Or GIF Animation Needed

We need some of our powerpoint slides to have flash animations

we have the jpgs

you need to animate them and insert them into existing slides

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Website, CSS, And Image Tweaks


I have a few things that I need tweaked on my website. First of all I installed a currency converter, you will see it on the top left of the page. I would like it over by the contacts and policies. I also want the hover state and other formatting attributes to match the underwear drop down menu.

Secondly, I have some new payment icons and security seals that I want placed at the bottom of the page and I want the code from the seals left intact. Obviously you can add to it for placement purposes but you cant remove the scripts and so forth.

The Images I want are in my asset folder paypal.gif, visa master card.gif, 2D barcode and I have a text file with the seal script.

I also have RSS, Facebook and Twitter icons that are 48×48, but when I went to put them in instead of the 32×32 the table squished them and made them look all funky.

Only bid on this project if you have an excellent CSS skills and how to line up Javascript images. Knowledge of Liquid is a plus because this site uses a lot of it!!

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We are looking for somebody who can design 10 banners for us. Banner size:
Dimensions Banner type Maximum Initial Download Fileweight

468 x 60 Banner 40k

728 x 90 Leaderboard 40k

250 x 250 Square 40k

200 x 200 Small square 40k

336 x 280 Large rectangle 40k

300 x 250 Inline rectangle 40k

120 x 600 Skyscraper 40k

160 x 600 Wide skyscraper 40k

Formats: gif, jpg, png, swf

Animation, Recommended Animation Length :15(Seconds)

Banners will be with animated Gif. We will provide you with some specification documents. The logo you will adjust to banner. Banners will be aggressive sales driven. Main objective is that people click on it.

You are a very creative thinker with good skills, then bid and send example banners you aready made.

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Animated Gif Background Images Needed (High Resolution)

Hello Everyone !

I need weather(Animated Gifs) Images in high resolution For Background….. my budget is low , please bid accordingly and bid for detail.


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GIF And Flash Banners

I am looking for someone how can help me create GIF and flash banners on a regular basis. I need fast delivery and good work. Before each job I will supply the designer/programmer with content (texts, pictures,) and if the banner is animated I will supply an animation schedule. I will pay per delivered banner. This first job is for 3 GIF banners (small for iPhone app)

It is ok to bid under USD 30!

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I have a number of base images. I need a designer or team to select any 10 out of these and create scenes for them (around 20 scenes) per image which can animate over a time of around 4-5 seconds like a gif image.

Bid only if you can get me these within 12 hours , the faster the better. I ll send all base images to the selected provider.


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Need Banners ASAP

I require banners to made up for referal links

I will provide the links later (imagry and videos too)

I need the following made up

Banner 30kb swf 468×60 pixels
Leaderboard 30kb swf 728×90 pixels
Skyscrapper 30kb swf 120×600 pixels
Wide Skyscrapper 30kb swf 160×600 pixels
MPU 30kb swf 300×250 pixels
(need text links too 5kb GIF 90×30 )

Leaderboard 728×90 50k 30k Yes GIF, JPG, up to Flash 9
Skyscraper 160×600 50k 30k Yes GIF, JPG, up to Flash 9
MPU 300×250 50k 30k Yes GIF, JPG, up to Flash 9
Double MPU 300×600 50k 30k Yes GIF, JPG, up to Flash 9
Full Width 970×66 or 970×90 On Pushdown or expand 970×418 65k 30k Yes GIF, JPG
Double Wide Gamesradar MPU 600×300 50k 30k Yes GIF, JPG, up to Flash 9
Expandable Leaderboard 728×90 -> 728×300 50k 30k Yes GIF, JPG, up to Flash 9
Expandable Skyscraper 160×600 -> 300×600 50k 30k Yes GIF, JPG, up to Flash 9
Expandable MPU 400×400 but check with traffic contact – must expand up and left 50k 30k Yes GIF, JPG, up to Flash 9 (Please see Flash info)
Gamesradar Re-skin background 1600×1200 100K n/a No JPG only
CVG Re-skin background (Bespoke spec required for OXM and ONM – please enquire) Please request the relevant Skin Spec PDF or PSD 100k n/a No JPG only
Overlays 500×350 100k n/a Yes GIF, JPG, up to Flash 9 (Please see Flash info)

So to clarify I have imagry for referal campaigns and will provide it for you to use.
You will need to modify videos,images etc etc to fit banners

Also need you to modify the pictures so I can use them in facebook advertising capmaign (please find out what size I need for that)

Would prefer as well to have EXTRA MPU banners with embedded video where users can click through (will provide videos)

I will escrow when i pick the winner, and will expect fully functional banners to be emailed to me before I release payment.

$50 is the max I will pay for this

Please do not bid if you dont like the terms

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Original Animated GIF Icons

$30 for a dozen original, simple 2D animated GIF icons. They MUST be ORIGINAL work.
Examples; roller coaster, fireworks, juggler.

Please have samples.

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Simple Gif Banners Needed

I am a looking to have a few gif/jpg banners created. These banners will be advertising apartment rentals
and rooms for rent. I am looking for something simple. Maybe 4 or 6 different banners. A couple may be
just text banners.

Will be used for advertising on classified websites

These are approx sizes of banners I want to use.

I dont want to spend much, maybe $5-10 per banner.

You can show me some samples if you have any.


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Need GIF Banner Advertisements Made

We need banners made similar to those on We want to start with a 300×250 and go from there. We will need many sizes. Size must be 40k or less and animation time 15 secs or less. Wed like these to be GIF files.

Please present your portfolio to be considered for the job.

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Custom Animated Smilies

I am in need of some custom emotions designs

Not all need to be animated images but at least half do. All sizes of gif should end up as 18px by 18px but original photoshop or illustrator files should be bigger.

This will be delivered in gif, psd or illustrator format.

Gifs need to be small file sizes.

They need to be good, web 2.0, animated and wearing arsenal shirts or waving arsenal flags etc. Please see link of arsenal shirts and flags etc.

they have to be as good or better than

Needs to be cartoony like emotions should be.

Here is arsenal shirt pick:

Not all need to be animated images but at least half do. All sizes of gif should end up as 18px by 18px

Thanks and happy bidding

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Animated Gif Banner

We are looking for 1 animated gif banner 80 x 402 to promote a company on the following site

The Banner has to be better than anything on that site currently.

We will supply Logos, images and brand guidelines to work to along with a colour palette

Please PM me with examples of animated banners that you have previously produced.

Many thanks

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Banner Design

We need 18 banners for an adult porn-website –

The files should be delivered in max. 48 hours, and under the following terms:

All 18 banners shall be delivered both in original editable ".psd" files, AND in web-ready animated ".gif" files.

The maximum filesize for the web-ready animated gif-files is 140kb. – That is the absolute maximum, but still with good image-quality, so you need to compress the images and animations correct.

The banner-sizes is the following:

4 different banners in 468 x 60 px.
3 different banners in 300 x 250 px.
3 different banners in 140 x 350 px.
2 different banners in 728 x 90 px.
2 different banners in 160 x 600 px.
2 different banners in 120 x 600 px.
2 different banners in 930 x 180 px.

After accepting our freelancer, we will e-mail you a zip-file, containing text-variations and images.

See theese banners for inspiration:

IMPORTANT: Send us example of your banner work in PM !!!

Happy bidding 😉

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Simple Animated GIF Required

I require an animated telphone number gif – I would like it to look something like the telephone number on a particular site.

All we need to do is a have a rolling animation where each number is highlighted in sequence.

The gif will be 185 x 48 and have a background of #3d3d3d – the foreground colour of the tel number is white highlighting in a shiny colour.

Please bid and I can provide the example I want to replicate and the actual number.


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Flash And Gif Banners

Need about 5 banners done for ecommerce site.

you will be provided with dimensions once you win.

I would need a sample of your work before processing, you can watermark it.

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Imagick/Image Magic Image Resize/watermarking Script

I need a simple script created that can resize images from one folder, add 3 different separate watermarks to them, then place them into different separate folders.

There are some configurations that must be met while doing this process:

Resizing – Images under 350 pixels in width and under 350 pixel in height should be resized so their smallest side is at least 350 pixels. Resizing should be done only by 100%. For example if an image is 200×100 pixels. It should not be resized to 350×350, it should be resized to 800×400. The size should be doubled until it is greater than 350 pixels in its smallest side.

Watermarking – once the images have been resized, each one should then have a watermark added to the bottom right hand corner.

Animated gifs – If an image contains animation, then no resizing and no watermark should be added, the original image should just be moved from the original folder into the new folders.

For example:



The script should resize/watermark and added the images above into:

folder-1/image-1.gif <——– apply watermark-1.png to these
image-animated.gif <— this image should not be adjusted as it is animated

folder-3/image-1.gif <——– apply watermark-2.png to these
image-animated.gif <— this image should not be adjusted as it is animated

folder-3/image-1.gif <——– apply watermark-3.png to these
image-animated.gif <— this image should not be adjusted as it is animated

The script should also recognise if images have already been resized/watermarked, so when new images are added and the process is started it doesnt generate every image in the original folders.

I also have a script that has most of the basics of this work already completed that you can use, so please bare this in mind in your bids.

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Ongoing GIF Banners Designer

Due to high demand I need an assistant for animated GIF banners to display clients products in an attractive manner. The designer should have experience in creating banners that generate click through.
I will pay well for the right candidate so lowest bid not the deciding factor, These need a quick turnaround so only apply if you can do banners efficiently.

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6 Animated GIF Banners

We need 6 animated GIF banners in the with some effect. Size: 728×90, 468×60, 120×600 468×60, 234×60 and 88×31.
The design should be modern and inspired by our Website-Layout.
Subject: Trade Fairs by date, by location or by sector of activity.

I will give you link of site once I see your portfolio and if your bid is to my liking.
Time of completion is 3 days after winning the bid and its very critical (no excuses)

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Button Loading Animated Gif

Its a simple task:
I need a script that adds a loading animated gif to a button.
I need to run this script on a long row of buttons in the same menu div.
it doesnt actually need to check for percent loaded, I just
want the user to know that the page is loading and I want this gif to play for 5 seconds and then fade out.
it is urgent and easy , so please give your best offer asap. I need it in a few hours.

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