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Obfuscator Program That Works On .Net MSIL Files (2nd Repost

I am looking for someone who has a lot of experience with .Net MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language), and modifying MSIL, and has some knowledge of the principles of simple obfuscation. I want a console-style program written in C# that takes one MSIL file as input and produces a modified (obfuscated) MSIL file as output.

Please see the attached text file for specifications.

To bid on this project you MUST have experience in working with MSIL and modifying MSIL. It is of vital importance that the modified MSIL file is valid MSIL that, when assembled, will be functionally 100% identical to the original program, despite the modifications.

If you are sufficiently experienced in writing obfuscator programs that you can suggest additional types of obfuscation, then that would be an advantage, and justify a (slightly) higher price.

I am only interested in obfuscation done via the MSIL SOURCE files, not MSIL binary in exe or dll files. Again, please see the attached text file.

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data processing

I am looking for someone to do 2 things
– extract data from a site ( i allready have a program to extract the data
so you only have to run my program )
– the extracted data must be checked by a second program of mine ( also just run my program )

i want a bussines or someone that has more than one internetconection for speeding things up
( the second program works with a site and that will block the ip afther a while )

it are +- 100 subjects that must be extracted first and then checked by the second program

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