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Ruby On Rails – Application Must Clean Coded

I need a person to create a simple application for a client. Please contact me for more detail.

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Android Chatting Application

I need a Android Chatting App.

– User can register account and fill their interest in signup form
– They can chat in group or by category(I will give you a category name)

– I think I also need a server for running a chat Application?(means theyill register a account so their info send to my chat server?)

I am new to android and freelance so please also setup my chat server.. (I really dont know anything about this..)

Please note: I want to help other peoples(this app is only for who is suffering from social-anxiety) so I decided to spend money on this and help them, my budget is low..

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Cyber Café Managing Application

Need an application that restricts users from windows until a session open, that is a username and password. the windows desktop should be visible and active but no operation should be possible. The log in form should be a small pop up frame

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Grafix Designer Required From Karachi

I need pro stationery designer from karachi only, contact with me on skp

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Native US Writer Required Please

I need an Excellent writer to write 3-5 articles daily of 500 words.
I will give you work everyday at 8 am L.A. Time and you would have to send it to me at 11 pm(the same day).
This is a long term project for a year.I am willing to pay $4 per article.MONEY WILL NOT BE IN ESCROW and will be paid on every FRIDAY.
However,to build trust,i will pay for the first 3 articles as soon as you deliver them and i have checked them.They should be FREE OF ERRORS, NO GRAMMAR OR PUNCTUATION MISTAKES ,SHOULD NOT BE COPIED FROM A SITE(CHECKED THROUGH COPYSCAPE),in perfect english.If your samples are good but the work delivered is not up to the mark,PROJECT WILL BE CANCELLED IMMEDIAELY>

Work should pass copyscape and should be free of errors and grammar mistakes.Any work that is poorly done,is copied or has errors will not be paid and project would be cancelled.If you fail to meet a deadline,your pending payments will be cancelled so ONLY APPLY IF YOU CAN WRITE 3-5 articles of 500 words A DAY.
You will have to search online so your research skills should be good.

YOu should know about copyscape.Only bid with 2 samples of your work.
You should be a native to bid.Do not bid if you are not from Canada or USA or australia. Please,YOU WILL BE WASTING YOUr BID AND TIME>Work delivered at 8 am and to be submitted at 11 pm LA Time USA.Work is 6 days a week.If you want to work a sunday that is fine too.Also,kindly bid with $250.I am fed up of people bidding $30 and then vanishing after a feedback.
Thank YOU.

DO NOT BID IF YOU CANNOT WRITE OR SPEAK IN THE SAME WAY AS IT IS DONE IN US. Do not bid if you are not in my time zone please or cannot manage the time.

YOU Will just be a ghost writer and cannot show the articles as samples or publish them with your name any where.All rights will be tranferred to me and will not be claimed as your work.

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Google Adwords Website

I need two specific google adwords websites and need for you to add my google codes to the website. Pretty small project but I need it done. Project will begin in 7 – 10 days. Please contact me ASAP for more project details.

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I want to develop a mobile app for iPhone at first and then with Android OS and declination Blackberry

Product search is identical in all to the existing iphone app Annoncesjaunes that you can download at


Can me send me a quote ?
thank you for your reply
for more info thank you contact me by email


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Robust Magento Application

I need a magento application to handle multiple stores. Please bid with samples

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Proofreaders Required For Long Term

We require proofreaders to check articles for errors and make the appropriate corrections. The articles need to be checked for spelling (US English), grammar, punctuation, plagiarism (CopyScape) and in some cases keyword density. This is not a rewriting job although minor rewording of the occasional sentence may be required for some articles.

We handle a lot of articles which have a high standard of content and good writing style but contain various errors which need fixing to make them 100% perfect. We are looking for proofreaders who can handle this work quickly, professionally and without changing the voice of the article. Regular work will be available for proofreaders who perform well bringing the project in on time and within budget.

We own all copyrights to the articles at all times. Articles we provide for proofreading must not be used in anyway or form.

Please let us know your rate per 100 words. Do not waste your time making high bids as they will be ignored.

When bidding or pming, please quote "I read through" to show that you have thoroughly read and understood our requirements.

Please provide samples of your proofreading work so that we can check the standard of your proofreading abilities.

Thank you for considering this project.

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Facebook Apps – Gifting Application

I need a facebook app developer very immediately to do a facebook gifting app. Please contact me ASAP.

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Legal Writing – Legal Disc, Terms Of Service, Privacy Policy

I need someone to write my website a professional legal disclaimer, privacy policy, terms of service, etc. Please message me and I will give you my website URL. I will then need you to tell me exactly what legal documents I need for the website. I will hold strong weight on experience/credentials in the legal field. (i.e. what experience do you have in law? what credentials do you have that guarantee that the documents are foolproof?)

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Android Contact Lookup

I need an application that will show all the contacts in your phone and connect to an external source to query which provider each contact is with (list provided). extensive commenting will be required as well as features including sorting, show only certain providers and will need to be a service running in the background waiting for updates to the list

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Phpfox Developer Required To Customize Phpfox 2.05

Experienced PHPFOX developer required to finalize our website. phpfox experience is required.

If you dont have phpfox experience, please dont apply.

Closing Date for quotations: 6th October 2010

For more information, please contact me via the channels.

Thank You


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Caller Info

The application is to work on Android Mobile devices such as Nexus one, Sprint Hero and etc… . The application is very simple. A popup window appears upon a person call you or you dial a number to call a person. This popup window searches the contact database and if a persons number is stored there it will fetch it and show the name and number on screen. if the number is unknown or not stored in the contact database, the program should fetch those numbers from a local stored database (MS SQL Compact)(4 databases in total all in .sdf format) this shouldnt take a second to search the local database and should appear immediately . in the same popup window there should be a hide button and add to contact button. In addition to that a small program that will be used offline to search these databases in numbers or names. all names are stored in Arabic language so the program should be able to handle Unicode.

also the program should have some sort of security to prevent it from installing on other devices without a permission.. i.e. the ability to lock the program to a specific device via IMEI # or ESN # and this should be hard coded to the code.. and should support Unicode

in general the application should function like this one here

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Dating Website Software Upgradation

I have a php project. On abstract level, there are two websites. And You just have to merge the interface of one website with the software of the other website. I need your earliest response. I have designed the layout, you just have to implement it.

I want the interface of this website: on the website:

I want to change the layout of the second website with the first one. I hope you understand now.

I have psd files with me, I just need some one who can use those psd files to change the layout of the later website.

I need this project accomplished by this month. So contact me only if you can do this!

Please be sincere! No fake developers please, It is an important project. And if some one can do it efficiently, I can give him/her more projects!

Looking forward to have quick response.

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Web Marketer Required

Web marketer required for a new small food tour website. Please contact me.

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Myspace Accounts Required

For details contact me in details ……..

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Keyword Researcher Required

I need someone who can do keyword research on an ongoing basis.

I have a client who needs this service regularly and need someone right away.

Please quote your charge per 100 keywords and bid $30 to start with

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WordPress – 3 Forms Required

I require 3 forms to be created on my WordPress website.

The 3 forms are currently in word format:

1. Student Application Form
2. Pre-Enrolment Form
3. Feedback Form

You must provide me with examples of customized contact forms that you have created – PLEASE DO NOT BID if you cannot provide examples immediately.

This is an urgent project and needs to be completed by the end of the 28th July UK time.

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Minor Changes Required


I require minor changes to some projects. This is a small job and pretty easy for a professional like you.
Please ping me for more details.


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