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Articles (For Freshers)

I am in need of writer to write:

1. Good English

2. Plagiarism Free

3. No Copy/Paste

Do not attach sample …. bid only if you are ready to write a sample of my choice.

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CL Poster Needed Forsale Section.

I need just 5 ads a week posted in different states. I will pay for all live ads. Most are just text, simple copy and paste. In the Forsale section only.
This will increase over time.
Need someone ASAP.

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Assistant Needed To Copy And Paste Ads (12.08.10)

Dear Freelancer(s),

We are urgently looking for a Professional that can copy and paste ads from Craig*list, Back Page and All ads will need to be edited slightly to our specifications.

Once ads are copied and pasted they will need to be saved on MSWord or Excel Files. We will pay $0.05 for each ad

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Travel Research- Google And Copy-paste Info And Links

Looking for fast worker to google suitable links and relevant information for travel articles.

Template will be provided. All you need to do is look up the accurate information online and copy-paste relevant information on the template. Links used need to be included

This project is an on-going project. A list of 10/ 20 cities will be given each time. Payment will be transferred within 2 days of complete data submission.

I will start with $0.6 per city for now. For fast and reliable team member, there is increase up to $1/ city. This is almost the same as what you get as a writer for about 300 to 500words, but much less time consuming.

Please PM with a sample research on any Egyptian city.
I do not need long paragraphs. Just concise
– geographical information and some brief information about
– the history and
– tourism in the city.

Those shortlisted from PM, will be given a template to complete and I will pay $0.40 for every accurately completed sample.

Thank you for reading!

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Copy And Paste Jobs

Hi, Im looking for someone to copy a reputable ink retailing website in the way of ink toner cartriges and ink supplies, and place the pictures and information about them in the description box, i will give a list of the products that need replicating and the amount of products to be placed, possibly up to 1k products with 5 mins roughly to place each one in simple drop down decide how much you will do this for either commsion or paid full on job done and part payment as progression is done.

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Copy Paste Job Only – Newbie Welcome

I need someone to doing copy paste job for my new website.
Newbie welcome because the job totally easy and Im not in hurry.
The site use Joomla, the content to filled taken from other website.
I need around 700 post there, but please notice here I need good reporting.
My mean, after the content posted on my website, you need to save resource url,
id posted at my site also final url at my website.

Might better if you try to login on my employer admin area to check the form there.
You need select country, expertise, and other information available there like resource content site.
Please my website here
username: Juanhoriz
pass: 112233
When you login, you can click job on top navigation,
then click post a job and fill the content like my sample.

Fill the content like this
Job Description
Key Responsibilities

* Work with marketing team to regularly write Myntra blog entries.
* Write content for myntra mailers, flyers, brochures and promotional material
* Review all the designs published on the site, tag according to the design theme and categorize the designs
* Manage the user generated content on the site and ensure that relevant and top rated content is prominently visible
* Manage the design contests on the site and encourage participation in each design contest. Declare contest results and distribute contest awards
* Manage the user reviews and comments to ensure that only relevant and appropriate content is visible on the site

Minimum Requirements

* Should have a BA degree in English or communications.
* Must have at least 1 year work experience in content writing or communication
* Should have excellent written English skills.
* Should pay attention to detail and be very meticulous and methodical in managing the tasks.
* Should have well general knowledge and interest in current affairs and news.

Would you please give me your bid.
More than happy to consider you.
Thank you very much

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Copy-paste Job

Simple and easy job, but attention to detail required. Play online radio station on your computer and copy/paste song, album and artist names. Good for a person with at least 5 computers. Let each computer collect 3 hours of song history and copy/paste the data into a spreadsheet. Record 8 playlists for Pandora and Slacker each.

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Copy-paste Job

Simple and easy job, but attention to detail required. Play online radio station on your computer and copy/paste song, album and artist names. Good for a person with at least 5 computers. Let each computer collect 3 hours of song history and copy/paste the data into a spreadsheet. Record 8 playlists for Pandora and Slacker each.

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3rd Party Business – Williamson Logistics LLC!

You must have the following: An Ebay account in good standings, Pay Pal Account, Dedication and great customer service skills. I have lots of items I need posted. You would watch the items and I would give you all the information needed. The way you would get paid is the following:

Item for $500.00

Item costed: 300.00
Shipping: 40.00
Pay Pal Fees: $20
Ebay Fees: $50.00
Total: $410.00

Item Sold Cost $500.00 – Total of Cost $410.00

This leaves $90.00
You would get 20% of what would be left.
This is just an example of what would come………
I pay for your ebay fees and and paypal fees.
You do not have to touch any freight nor would you have to track it……. I would give you daily updates on where the shipment would be at and you would copy and paste to the customer. This is a 3rd party position. (You would be the 3rd party but I would not leave any or you just hanging out there. I am a business woman who is very devoted to her business and the employees!

I only need two (2) people for this postion!

Good Bidding

PS – Do not be afraid in askig any questions – this is why I am here!

PSS – You only make what you can sell – But ALL my items are new so we should not have any problems! And no matter what you bid – You will get you your cut (20%) on what you sell!

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Copy/Paste Local Restaurants, Businesses, Etc.

Im looking for copy/paste business into website for the cities we will give you.

What needs to be entered for each business is:

Business Name
example: Mels Diner

Address 1
123 Main Street

Address 2
Suite 200

City, State & Zip
San Francisco, CA 94001

(555) 555-5555

Web Address

Basic Business Info

Check Category and Sub Category example RESTAURANTS-CHINESE



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Copy Paste Work Available:

Lowest bid wins,
open this link
Company Name: Ningbo Huatuo Plastic and Hardware Factory
Street Address: No128-2,Wangchun Road 554 lane,Haishu Area,Ningbo City,China
City: Ningbo
Province/State: Zhejiang
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip: 315010
Telephone: 86-574-87144677
Mobile Phone: 86-13819803176
Fax: 86-574-87144077
+ email (from google or website)

i want this in excel

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Consistent Professionals For Copy/Paste Youtube Marketing

I will supply the accounts to be used.

Your job details are to login to each account daily and add 20 targeted friends,
subscribe to 50 channels and copy/paste 1 comment on each of the 50 channels main page.

I will provide the comments to be used daily for each of the 3 accounts.

After about 20 friend request it hits its limit of adding friends. However it will still allow you to subscribe and comment.

So to re-cap, every day for each account of the 3 I will provide, you are to:

Add 20 Targeted Friends
Subscribe to 50 Channels
Copy/Paste 1 Comment Per Channel

For a total of 60 new friends, 150 subscribes and 150 comments daily. It takes about 20 minutes per channel once u get in the groove of things.

This is about 1 hours work daily and I need it done everyday(30 days a month) meaning u will be working about 30 hours a month on this project.

So please bid accordingly to one months work of 1 hour a day(about 30 hours per month).

IMPORTANT-> You must send me daily reports of the links to all the channels you commented on. This is the only way for me to confirm youre really doing your job.

If you have YouTube marketing experience then its a plus. When you reply please list all your qualifications and all your customer feedback.

Please reply with the word "FreedomEmpowers" so I know you read and fully understand the job specifications.

Stay Blessed & Happy Bidding!

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