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SEO – Top 5 Positions On Google For 3 Keywords



We have a website that we want to get on the first 5 positions on for 3 keywords.

The website is new.

– No.1 keyword generates aprox. 1,3M results.
– No.2 keyword generates aprox. 1,4M results.
– No.3 keyword generates aprox. 2,7M results.

We will provide the website url and keywords in PM.

We want to work with a company that can GUARANTEE us these results for the price they ask.

We know that normaly "there are no guarantees", but a real expert will allways know if he can get the job done or not.

– Only white hat methods are to be used.
– We shall recive a weekly report of your work and results.
– You are to be able to communicate every day if necessary.
– Your english should be well bove average.

1. Timeframe
2. Price
3. Guarantees
4. A plan and strategy for achieving these results.

1. You dont have any feedback.
2. You are only offering us some link building packages.
3. You are only offering us a higher cost for this job.

We will only pay when we see some results.

For this job we will choose the expert/company that offers best price/quality/guaranees.

Happy bidding!

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Google Local / Places, By The Maps

I get 5+ customers a week that need to be on google map. I will pay per client that is in the top 5 positions. PM me you r experience

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Can You Get Us Into The Top 1 – 4 Positions On Google

If you are an expert, and only an expert, in producing organic search engine results on Google, Yahoo and Bing then please bid. We need an experienced SEO person to get us into the top 4 spots on the major search engines, in the next 30 days using only "white hat" techniques. We are not interested in great results if we get taken down from Google because we went about things in an unethical manner. This is for organic rankings only, not paid keyword search.

The website is The keywords and phrases are organic fashion, green fashion, sustainable fashion, organic clothing, organic travel, sustainable travel, eco travel and eco destinations.

You will need to make all modifications to the site and content within to achieve the desired results. This is not just a consulting bid where you tell me what to do and I then do it. You must be prepared to implement the needed changes. We have a twitter, facebook and linkedin account already, so you can use those too. We are only targeting US customers. Proper English and grammar is critically important.

Please be realistic with what you feel you can achieve. If you cant give us what we need in 30 days, but feel this is a realistic project for a slightly longer period of time, please bid it out with an extended delivery time. I will consider all bids that can accomplish our 1-4 organic placement.

Thanks for taking the time to bid.

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Google top 3 position for one keyword : All or nothing


I need to have a website in french on Google top three position for a single keyword. Very strong competition. It’s not casino, gambling…

I paid all if the deal is OK (top three) or nothing if it’s not OK

Fair SEO of course, i don’t want sandbox and I need a Non-disclosure agreement.

O feedback, please don’t bid.


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