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App Integration With Gps External Navigation Apps

We have an existing app for iPhone to find restaurants and pubs in seaside towns with Gps localization. The app is based on a database and the request to the database is managed through a web service.

Now we want to give users the possibility to integrate the search with two important Gps navigation apps running on iPhone. From the details page of the restaurants the user will launch the external Gps app to find the route.

Budget: 400 $.

Please bid only if you have experience in this kind of integration for iPhone.

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Upgrade an existing PHP site on cloud server, tidy and improve the UI, add an interface for device detection and login for new users.

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Simple GPS App

The app I need made should be fairly simple. what I need it to do is use some form of mapping ability google maps or whatever, and I need the app to pull location constantly or at intervals of every 5 min. the reason for the intervals is because i believe it would help save battery life and give user option to choose. pls correct me if im wrong on the battery life. On the map i need it to have lines mapping the route if setting is on constant, and if it is set on 5 min intervals, it needs to have dots to show where they were at that time) when user presses one of the dots it needs to show the time that the location was pulled and the address of where user was. (address can be an aproximate range of number like on standard map app. for example: 100-200 4th ave south)

so there needs to be 2 pages. 1 with the settings and another with the map and route.

also. user needs to be able to save logs and refer back at later times.

i believe this is all I need for the app. but some small changes to above description may occur.

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Android GPS Navigation Software

We are looking someone who develops an Android 2.3 GPS turn by turn navigation Software.

The features should be the same as our competitors, namely :

1. Compact fileformat for storing GPS data and associated user interface to create/update those filemaps.
2. Voice guided, turn by turn GPS Navigation(with manual on how to add new languages)
3. Routing with shortest path and/or quickest time (with route recomputing if the route changes while driving)
4. Speed limit and radars warning
5. GUI using OpenGL for different screen resolutions
6. Skinable user interface
7. POI management (add/update/delete)
9. Tracklog capability (record routes while navigating)
10. Replay recorded tracklog/routes

In addition, this software must be accompanied by a desktop tool able to compile, encrypt, compress and block per time the proprietary maps.

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GPS Navigation Software – Garmin

Im looking to build a Navigation engine software that uses garmin map. The software must also be able to transmit the current position, speed, orientation and etc to my server. The sotware will also receive the coordinates from my server and plot into the routes to enable the user to navigate to the specific area. Software also have a chat module, voip to connect to the control center (server).

We are looking for other suggestion to make this work. Currently we have a webbased tracking platfrom and we want to integrate the dispatching services to our customers. Software support android platform or windows mobile.

Once awarded, we will discuss further. Anyway, Im open to suggestions and options.

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Iphone/ipad Application Based On GPS

Hi there
i m looking for an iphone app developer, who can build an application based on GPS and show certain data based on the location , the locations are not very detailed they are large areas… the maximum zoom is something like 10 square kms.

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Android Gps Tracker


i need to track gps location from about 5000 mobile devices (android).
The tracker im using updates every 20 sec. gps coordinates in mysql database by a http post.
That performs a huge server load.
What you have to do is to create a android tracker app that optimizes the server load.

If you need to change transport protocol – installation of jwebsocket / or is posiible on server side.
If you bid for this project, please post how you plan to solve the problem and which framework you will choose to develope the app (phonegap…)

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Optimization Of Gps In An Exixting App For IPhone

We need to optimize the Gps localization settings of an existing app: when you change position, app doesnt find immediately the new position. We also need to install a system to activate the localization automatically for the app in general settings of the iPhone. Budget is 75 $, delivery time is one week.

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Mobile Application – GPS Based

I am looking for a company that can write an application for my business. It will be a GPS based app where different locations on the map are marked. Customers will also be able to mark locations of their own that will be uploaded to the main app for everyone to see (once the loaction is approved by the admin). Marking locations will will be a part of the interactivity of the app and they will also be able to write reviews and make comments. Each location, once clicked, should have the name of the business, a photo (optional) and a comment section. Example: Pizza Hut, 123 Main st, Ghongszhou, China, Rating 5/10, Comments: food was good, service was ok, etc…
This application will cover all the major metropolitan areas of China. Ideally I would like to have this application work on all the major smartphone platforms.

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Develop Iphone App

I need an iphone app designed from the ground up. I have existing code but some of the functionality is missing. Rather than patchwork what I have I would rather use it as a model to help a new developer see my vision of the what the program should do. I also had a graphic artist design the UI already so you will not have to do that. I have all of the elements in a .psd file ready for use. The artist has already done the mockups of each screen to help the developer put everything in place. You will need to be very proficient with GPS and location based programming. You must be skillful with the coreLocation API . If you are not please do not waste my time with a bid. I would prefer to see examples of prior GPS app work. This program is very straightforward. There is no webserving of any of the data. There is a database of about 100 locations that I will need incorporated into the program. I have them in an .xls file with the info and lat/long of each location. I need someone who can attack this project, make it a priority, and deliver it fast. If you can create code for my UI and add the GPS capabilities I require please bid.

Also, I will need integration with the adWhirl SDK as I will be seriving banner ads at the top of the program.

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Hi Engineers.

My title says it all. I want to control an RC car or plane or helicopter using gsm/gprs.

Transmitters in remote controls are usually low distance. I want to be able to control it over long distances. I can only think of GSM; If you have other ideas please advise. Lets say i have a plane and want to fly it 100km away (if fuel was no problem for now). I want to control it with my pc; keyboard or joystick/pad. I would also want to have a camera on board the plane for which i can have a view.

Project must be completed with detailed instructions.


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Iphone Application Based On GPS

Hi there
i m looking for an iphone app developer, who can build an application based on GPS and show certain data based on the location , the locations are not very detailed they are large areas… the maximum zoom is something like 10 square kms.

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GPS Software For Ios And Android

Hi, there!
i need an application for android and for ios

here is description:
-it will be interacting with server running php and mysql and with GPS
-user is registering on server
-getting GPS data and sending it to server in order to process it
-user has friends in system and he is possible to see them on a map if they are online(means they have GPS working) and write them a message
-application can be added to autolaunch and working in hidden mode and not displayed in task panel

i need only application, all server code will be provided myself
if you can provide only android solution or only iphone solution anyway bid, but i am interested that both application will be provided by the same person

budget can be increased

please with bidding provide me examples of application or i wont accept bid

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Gmaps GPX GPS Comparison

I need a module for drupal that will allow me to compare one gps track to another.
This comparison is done visually and by comparing data.
I have the data on the site already;
What i need is a module developed that will get the gps track from the database, and compare them.
I can explain the comparison metrics after an NDA is signed.

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IPhone GPS Plotting Application

We are looking for a developer with DEMONSTRABLE iPhone/iPad application skills to develop an application which will plot the layout of a building site as the user walks around the perimeter. More details subject to skills offered. Please do not not submit a bid if you have not developed and cannot show us demos.


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Vehicle Tracking System Expert Urgetnly

With GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking system, a vehicle can be tracked on a computer map at a central monitoring station. With our state of the art tracking solution the exact location of the vehicle can be known along with details like speed. The more sophisticated GPS System we also get Major station or area announcement and Station name in bus services.
The system saves time with two way communication with the driver, deployment of emergency vehicle, replacement of bus etc.
Details to be discussed later with the winner only

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IPhone App Which Utilises GPS Positioning

I require an iPhone application to be created which utilises the GPS positioning system of the phone.

Should be a very easy app to create, must be able to use the iPhone like a navman or such.

Posting to the Apple App store required

I will own all copyrights etc

Will require examples of your previous work.

Contact me for further details.

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Mobile / Web GPS Tracking Application

Looking for Prototype Only First! Will commence full design and deployment of project past proto-type phase.

We are a company launching a moble and web application to keep track of kids and make them safer using smartphones (gps enabled). We want to create an application which will allow users to do the following:

1) Log in and see the location of their family (and others) on a map they have provisioned and been given permission – leveraging Google Latitude is our idea for the solution but open to possible alternate ideas

2) Ability to set geo-fencing so should a user go outside (or inside) a set geo-fence the application will send an alert

3) Ability to set up alerts for predictive arrivals — e.g. alert me when someone I am tracking is 2 minutes away from a set location

4) Ability to overlay in the map view other data such as registered sex offenders ( as an example or other GPS related data feeds

5) Web portal to administer the users and settings and create a "Parent Safety Portal" that will also bring in content from a variety of other sources of information similar to the data feeds found on and

6) Ability to have ad streams live on site and mobile application

We believe the Google Latitude API could be the source of the GEO data but again open to alternate ideas.

Finally this is to create the proto-type applications (web and mobile) and post completion of proto-type will commence into full scale development and back end integrations.

Thank You.

03/14/2011 at 14:27 EDT:

One other site to see an example of the GPS displaying information is also

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GPS – GPRS Tracking Device

Looking for a designer to design a GPS/GPRS tracking device with 2 extra features: 1) cable lock 2) keypad.
Designer must have previous experience.

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Adapt Android To Run With A Modularized Tablet.

Hello to everyone,

Im looking for a tablet equipped only with these basic features :

a) touch screen 7"
b) power circuitries and battery
c) cpu ARM
d) microsd
e) usb host and client
f) possibly a GSM/3G module

The idea is to adapt Android to recognize certain specific external USB or BT device modules. They can be chosen accurately,to avoid any device drivers compatibility problem :

1) GSM/3G module (I would like to make and receive phone calls AND connect to Internet using the GSM/3G module that already I have bought some time ago,thats the HUAWEI E 169),but these conditions should be met :

IF my HUAWEI E 169 is not recognized by Android I can buy another model of Internet stick that it is.

IF it is not exists,I would like to find an Android application that makes my HUAWEI E 169 recognized by Android.

IF this application not exists,I can buy a tablet with an embedded GSM/3G module inside. See point F.

2) GPS module. I have found these modules,but they are not mandatory :

I would like that Android is able to recognize a generic USB external GPS module.

IF not,I would like to find an USB external GPS module that is recognized or an Android application that makes it recognized.

IF that application does not exists,I will not buy a tablet already equipped with the GPS module,because it will be very expensive.

3) WI-FI : (I would like to connect to Internet using the Wi-Fi adapter that already I have bought some time ago,thats the SPARKLAN WUBR-101).

IF my adapter is not recognized by Android I would like to find an Android application that makes it recognized.

IF it does not exists,I will not have this feature anymore,because it is not so important,at least not as the GPS or GSM/3G module.

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Online Taxi Booking & Dispatch System With GPS Tracking

We are looking for a professional / company with experience in GPS to create internet based "taxi dispatch service".

The basic idea of the project is to create an online system where online User + taxi office will enter orders into system online and taxi drivers using their mobile device in cars could pickup them.

System explained: online user places oredr or taxi office will pickup order by phone and enter into online system. Taxi cars are equipped with PDA and have a real time updated online interface to see all new orders. Driver will be able to pickup order from his car and go to the location. Or Despatch Agent can allocate an order to a driver
Every driver must have his own username & Password so that Taxi Office can see who is currently serving the order.

Also cars are equipped with GPS and system must Record & show drivers real time Location (coordinates) on the map.

Taxi drivers interface should also show orders on the map (within a defined radius)so that driver can easily find the closest order.

Programming language no preferences (ex: PHP, database MYSQL.)

Please feel free to ask more questions.



It should be a small .exe application what should exchange data with
the server in real time. should be a version what in windows mobile / iphone.

When a software started up, should be a login and password field, what
each time should be authorized by remote server. after when taxi user
login in, the software should start.

when a new job is posted from the dispatch service it should immediately appear on the drivers screen ,
basically driver should see customer name, address and phone number and also must have buttons "accept" or "decline".

when he push accept button the software should send data the server
and update dispatch centre screen where the order already
accepted, on the dispatch screen server it
should show the taxi cab user ID near the order who was has
accepted. all updated also
should appear on dispatch service screen.

As well when the page is updated it should be impossible for another
taxi driver to take the same order, for example when 2 taxi drivers
push accept button but one a second early the second driver should get a message that order
already granted to other cab.
The what cab who was granted the order, also should get a note on his
screen that he has been granted and also should present a cancel
button, this is just in case he change his mind for some reason not
to complete it , so when he
click it ,it will update the page and will make
available for other taxi cabs to accept it.

GPS and Internet connection.

Drivers will be using Windows Mobile Base PDA / iphone with Built in GPS receiver.
Same software also should receive data from gps receiver and send coordinated to the server
in customizable by user time interval(for example every 10Sec) and save coordinated on servers database.
PDAs connected to the Internet via GPRS or 3G. In case GPRS connection is lost, GPS coordinates should be stored locally on the pda and then synced with Database server at reconnection.


Dispatch centre interface should be a web based with login and

Should have input fields to post an order, (name, address, phone
Number. Calculate Mileage based on pick up & drop off points & work our real time mileage & cost). Routing to display on the screen as well.
Should be able to popup caller history from past orders ( Read incoming caller data from our PBX) & pop up a order history form on Booking Agents Screen.

as well should have a map of the city and on the map should show
location of the cabs.

GPS receiver from Drivers PDA/iphone should send coordinates to the server and the server should
show current location of the cab on the map. this can be done with
integrating with google maps. THE BEST WAY WOULD BE TO INTEGRATE
with Open source openGTS system,please check openGTS website.
We require all features of openGTS, Driver reports & search History etc.

Order sending.

When an order is posted, it should enter to the list of history what
also should be on the same page and have status pending, when driver
accepts order, the order status should be updated and show which cab
number accepted the order.
also should be an option to cancel the order any time.

as example, after posting an order, order enters in the history list and
have status pending, when one of taxi cabs accept it, status change to
processing and user ID who was granted.

vehicle tracking

as mentioned above each taxi cab should send GPS coordinates in
specified time period to the server and it should be saved in a
database, dispatch service user must have an access to the the
coordinates history for tracking purpose.
for example should have a list of taxi ID usernames and when click on
the username it should show all coordinates what was reported from the
as well should create database by date, and under each date
coordinates. when on the coordinates list should be an external links
to google maps so it can show the all coordinates on the google map.

We require all features of openGTS, Driver reports & search History etc.


should be also an administration panel to create a dispatch service
user and also to give a permission to dispatch centre user to create
restricted number of taxi cab users.

the master administrator should be able to restrict the number
of taxi users for each dispatch service.
for instance, if a master system administrator wants to give
maximum of 10 taxi cabs users per one dispatch centre that means a
dispatch centre cant create more than 10 taxi users .

Reporting & Billing:
System should be able to produce various reports, Invoices for Customers, Drivers & Commission invoices for travel Agents as well as sales agents.
Payment gateway Integration, SMS & Export Billing Data to our accounting software.

Full Data fields & Step by step details can be provided on request.

Only Professionals with Experience & + feed back will be considered.

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GPS Tracking Service Like Http://

I need a full website like

The site must using maps from

For all questions please contact me.

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Location Sensing Gps Class For Android

Need a class for gps or network location sensing

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Geolocation Based Mobile App

Mobile app to work on iOS. Ambitions to launch on Android as well.

Application will be able to use Geolocation to detect other iphones running the same application within 100 yards.
The application is going to store only one picture, a first name, and a 150 character tag line. All of this will be shown when another iphone running the application is activated.
Also want

Job requirements:
Build GPS functionality to display other iphone running the same application in a 100 yard radius.

To be supplied:
Design elements and buttons
Detailed wireframes and mock ups of layout

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ATMEL 89 Series Software Programmer

I need ATMEL 89 Series software programmer for the follwing controllers.

GSM/ GPRS/ GPS Module: SIM548C, Make: SIMCOM

Microcontroller: ATMEL, AT89S52/ ATMEGA32

We have complete hardware prototype, and code to receive GPS data.

We need someone who can take the code and work with our hardware engineer to send the GPS data through GPRS. Analog to digital conversion We also need a customizable screen to configure to set the port, IP address through serial port.

Once this is complete we have other project to be worked.

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Read GPS Information Periodically

I want a small application for mobile phones. The application will read the GPS location periodically and send the information to my web server. I need the application to be developed in Native JAVA so that i cn use it in any mobile phone (android, symbian Windows mobile).

This is bit urgent requirement, so plz plz plz dont Bid!! if you are not having any prior experience on the same.

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Online GPS Tracking

We need a complete solution for GPS tracking of vehicles.

We want something similar to GPS Monitor Center (

Functionality keywords:
– Written in PHP / MySQL
– Show position of car/all cars/cars in spesific area etc.
– Show driving routes for a spesific car
– Show speed and heading
– Login groups/rights (admin, reseller, customer, drivers etc.)
– Display SOS-alarms onscreen (also send out email and SMS (
– Geofence (customer needs to have the ability to choose radius)
– Use Google maps
– Different reports (export to PDF and Excel)
– Send SMS to our system, and get an SMS in return with the address of the car (maybe also speed and heading)
– Language files for easy translation and adding other languages
– Support both live data via GPRS or SMS with coordinates from the trackers

Most our GPS trackers are TK-102 and TK-103, and we need to send commands to these trackers as well, not only a one way system. We also want the system to support other trackers.

Please make an account at to see for yourself what we want.

We need the full source code for the project.

We can provide live trackers, so the programmers can get live data for testing.

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Gps Tracking

Setup a web based server to monitor a fleet of vehicles for about 2000 cars.
(a) web base interface from
(b) communication server interface from

Im using the FM4200 tracking device.
I need fancy features such as fuel consumption, temperature monitoring etc. A basic server where 100-300 operators can login remotely and access any GPS device and view the map/receive the events from GPS device is sufficient.

A good command of English and frensh is a must, and I expect you to write an installation manual showing the configuration and steps to perform from start to finish with successful Google map being displayed on the web interface.

Requirement: OpenGTS, , Java, Script, Tomcat installation. Those who didnt meet this requirement or do not have prior experience in this field, please do not bid. Thank you.

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Full Time Android / IPhone Developer

Looking for ONE developer. Android developer.
Developer able to develop the following Social Network GPS / Google maps based with chat
1. User can create profile, upload his pic and edit.
2. User to see other users around his location based on GPS.
3. User can add users based on mobile phone or ID.
4. User can send invitation to other users.
5. User can decide his status, available or Not Available, visible or not
6. User can chat with others.
7. User can call the contact list and see who have the program.
8. User can send and receive offline messages.
9. User can use voice and camera to chat.
10. User can receive alerts when someone within the GPS range.
11. Groups can be created

please include example of apps you made and contact chat info

Good Luck Developers : )

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We need mobile application and website to track the movement on Google maps of a person carrying a mobile with a tracking application installed on it.

Project Details

Need to develop an application to track the current position of a cell phone even on the move by location based system using Network based technique, GSM localization & GPS tracking.

GSM localization is the use of multilateration to determine the location of GSM mobile phones, usually with the intent to locate the user.

Network-based techniques utilize the service providers network infrastructure to identify the location of the handset.

The Network-based techniques using triangulation concept.
There will be two versions of Mobile Application:
1. Network based application for low end devices: This application using triangulation algorithm finds the cell tower id of the nearest cell tower and sends it on the server. At the Server there is a database comprising the location of Cell Towers. There are two columns containing the location (Latitude & longitude) one pre populated data obtained from Google location based service or some other such free service etc and the other populated by the GPS based application (2 below) installed on the High End Devices.
2. Application installed on GPS enabled High end devices: Besides the above functionality this application will have an additional functionality to upload the latitude and longitude provided by GPS device. This will link cell tower id with the correct latitude and longitude provided by the GPS. This data needs to be stored in the database at the server. We may loose satellite signals in some building and some areas and there we can use GSM and network based technique to gather the information
Website functionality

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Geolocation Based Mobile App

Mobile app to work on iOS. Ambitions to launch on Android as well.

There are 20 separate pages of information (already created in basic html) relating to 20 different locations. The app will ask to access your GPS location and if you are near one of the 20 locations will display the relevant page.

When GPS is not available user will be able to select this content from a menu.

The content is specialised so some words will need to be in a glossary. The definition would pop up or toggle when the user selects a word they dont know.

Job requirements:
Build GPS functionality to display posts based on location
Build glossary to launch on highlighted words within text
Build menu as an alternative way to access posts

To be supplied:
Content for pages and glossary
GPS locations to correspond with pages
Design elements and buttons
Detailed wireframes and mock ups of layout

02/15/2011 at 23:40 EST:

Just to clarify the items listed under "To be supplied" have already been created and will be given to the successful bidder. Just requiring someone to build the framework of the app & place existing content.

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