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Website Development For A Group Of 7 Websites

We require developer(s) for the creation/building of 7 professional company group websites. The websites are simple (around 4-5 pages for each one) and website content (writing) will be provided. Further work will be awarded if you do a good job. Full payment will be made at the successful and satisfactory completion of the job only. We will also pay for all reasonable expenses i.e. purchase of Getty images to go on the website.

It is important however, that you are able to complete all 7 websites within the next 3 weeks (25th April 2011). If you are unable to bid for the whole 7 websites then please state how many websites you are able to do within the next 2 weeks.

Please highlight all/any relelvant experience as far as web building/designing is concerned. Those who have built/designed consultancy/legal/medical/professional services websites before will be given preference.

Please note that the project is for the creation of 7 websites, and so bidding is for the group of 7 websites, and not 1.
You will need to communicate and liaise with us on a daily basis upon the development of the websites, and so reliability, transparency and good communication skills are a must.

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Joomla 1.6.1 Modification Add Users / Modify Users

Hi there.

I need a Joomla 1.6.1. (plugin) or modification.

I want that administrators can only add or modify users from in there own group.

For example: When administrator is in group A. He only can add users in group A, and only SEE them.

Who can help me?

budget: $50,00

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Very Simple Research

The research you be about WORKING WITH LATINO AMERICANS the paper should highlight the following information:

*What is the historical background of this group in the workplace? For example, when did this group begin to enter the workforce in greater numbers? Are there any historical, legal, or social events (recent or otherwise) that have greatly impacted this group in the workplace?
*What specific challenges face this minority group at work? How can organizations better accommodate the needs of this group?
*How does this groups cultural background differ from the majoritys (e.g., male Caucasian) culture? How might this impact their behavior at work?
* Discuss any relevant employment laws that protect this group of workers.
* Each student should also address how todays emphasis on diversity may (or may not have) caused a backlash against white men in the workplace. In addition, each student should address the role of white men in organizational diversity issues and how they can be integrated as diversity partners.
Your paper should be based both on empirical and/or theoretical research.

it should be written in APA format, and all references should be scholarly journals and I need a minimum of 5 different references, the paper should be 6 pages in length. Please no plagiarism I will submit paper to to make sure paper is not plagiarize. I will compesate $40.00 for this.

Paper should be complete in 4 days after selecting the candidate to work on the project.

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Group Buying Website

We are looking for a web designer to build a group buying website that consists of the regular group buying (ex. groupon) features such as: Once a day deals that tips off once a certain amount of buyers have purchased, a daily email sent to subscribers, a link to our merchant account for payments, the ability for our staff to add and update the daily deals (it must be user friendly).

However, we also have some features that we would like to customize for our website that groupon does not offer which I will PM to website developers that we choose based on your responses. No copyright/Intellectual property laws should be broken and the website should be secure as we expect high traffic.

The design of the website is extremely important to us and we would like to have a site designed more similar to: we want the design to be modern tailored to young users who are on social media websites such as facebook and twitter.

We prefer somebody who has done work in other group buying websites or is very similar with the concept and the customization of these codes—- as I said earlier, we do have features that will be different than the regular group buying websites that will need to be custom coded.

Please PM us your work both in designs that you have done as well as any group buying sites that you have created.

We are also looking for a long term relationship and for a developer that will maintain our website as well as be reachable for months and years to come.

Looking forward to hearing and working with you!

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Joomla No Frills Shop

Need a no frills Joomla shop (VirtueMart) to run as an iFrame in another package (Serif). So no shop header, footer, boxes, categories, no print/pdf, no links, just a white background with products etc.

Two columns with the product group menu and shopping cart on the left and some sample products on the right (well replace those samples with our own products later). Each product has a standard add to cart button.

Shop menu should show only product groups, no breadcrumb trail. Each product group shows only those products in that group (so each group on its own page, not just a long scrollable page with all products).

Project should be delivered as a VirtueMart folder ready ro run as localhost (e.g. /www/… under WAMP)

Payment integration not required for this project (leave checkout functionality as per sample shop).

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Need Country Specfic Facebook Fans Suppliers

We are a very big company selling fb fans,twitter followers and yout tube views.We currently deliver facebook fans to lots of big companies on a regular basis but we can deliver only worldwide and usa fans.So we are looking for more suppliers who can provide us any country specific,gender and age group targeted facebook fans other than worldwide and usa like UK,canada,australia,italy,mexico,singapore,europe and many other countries.So if you can deliver any country specific facebook fans no matter which country it is and can target gender and age group then please bid here and mention which country can u do .Multple bidders will be chosen.Best of luck !
Only those bid will be entertained which will be in this format :

1.)Mention which specific country you can target.You can also bid and enter only this if you can target only specific countries and not gender and age targetting
2)Mention you can target specific gender or you can target only gender and no specific country
3)Age group that you can target
4)Price per 1k and delivery time.

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Joomla/Virtuemart Get Shopper Group Id And Write If Then

My site is running Joomla/Virtuemart and is using shopping groups to apply a %20 discount to users that are part of a certain group. I want to display a line below the price that reads "your 20% member discount has been applied"

Ive been able to locate the file and write the line but Im unable to get the value of the current shoppers group. The line should only appear if they are members of the "Members" group.

You can see the page here:

log in using

Below is the code Id like you to modify. You will need to replace the line $shoppergroup = Members; with somethign that will actually get the value of the current shopper group from the database. There will probably also be some other minor changes. I would like to keep all of the new code located on this page only.

Please let me know if there are more questions. I can give more details about the project once it has been accepted.


Page code:

$user =& JFactory::getUser();
$userId = $user->get( id );
$shoppergroup = Members;

<div class="browse-page-block">
<div class="browse-page-block-inner">
<div class="home-featured-blockImageContainer">
<?php echo ps_product::image_tag( $product_thumb_image, class="browseProductImage" border="0" title=".$product_name." alt=".$product_name ." ) ?>
<a href="<?php echo $product_flypage ?>" class="browse-product-title"><?php echo $product_name ?></a>
<div class="home-featured-productPrice">
<?php echo $product_price ?> <?php echo $shopper_id; ?>
<?php if ($shoppergroup == Members) {
echo <div style="font-size:10px; color:#F00;">your 20% member discount has been applied</div>;

<?php echo $product_s_desc ?> <a href="<?php echo $product_flypage ?>"> <?php echo $product_details ?></a>
<?php echo $form_addtocart ?><br />

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Travel Group Deal Website – Dynamic, Creative, Major Project

We would like to develop a group deal website similar to or ONLY those with experience with sites such as these will be considered.

Please note that the website must have a "travel" theme


Freelancer must have done similar projects in the past. Not auction sites but actual group deal sites, provide examples

Site MUST be integrated with Facebook with the ability to login and register with their facebook accounts

CUSTOM LOGO – Must be very creative. We may have one for you as well.
Payment methods MUST include: Credit Card and Pay pal with the ability to add other payment methods afterwards
Absolutely no bugs
The site needs to be easily maintained by us, the owners of the site once developed
Deals must be sent out daily to all subscribers
The site must have an authentic look to it
Site must be mobile capable (able to view on mobile phones)
Multiple City Deals
Daily Deal Notification
Daily Deal Management
Business/Company Details
Side Deals & Nearby Deals
Recent Deals
Share Deals on Social Networking Site
Login & Registration
Order Tracking
Quick Buy/One Click Shopping
Buy/Gift Coupons
Referral Incentive
Buy as Gift tooltip
Email Template
Newsletter/Promotional Emails
Content Management System
Database Backup
Multi-Currency Option
Payment Method
Secure Shopping
E-Commerce Reports
Promotional Discounts
Additional Fields for Deals
Multiple Featured Deals Under A City
Live Chat (Third Party Integration)
Advertisement Banner
RSS Feeds
Custom Reports
Third Party Mailing Integration
Business/Merchant Area
Unique Design

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Group Buying Site

Hi I want a group buying website. Yes I know its not orginal. Needs to be very professional. Site will need to be able to list products and hold photos. Main colours are a red-maroon, not unlilke,,, Note needs to be able to take payment and provide email, usual functions…
I have a logo which I will add, and name.

Let me know what you need.

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Produce Any Metal And Plastic Product

Looking for projects that we can support, we are specialized in OEM / ODM product. Have our own machinery in-house, if there is anything you need we are able to provide as we are a product factory.

03/30/2011 at 4:20 EDT:

See our company website at we are part of a group called Kingdom group

You can contact me at

03/30/2011 at 4:22 EDT:

I am Chinese born in Holland and finished my degree in the UK.

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Custom Group Buying Website

Im putting together a website that is similar to the group buying deal websites out there, like Groupon and LivingSocial. Looking for professional web developers who have had prior experience in building websites such as these. You should know how a group buying system works inside-out and be confident in creating a professional-level product.

I would like several custom features on the site, for example a virtual cash rewards system, a lucky draw system, or an easy way to email daily deals, so you should be able to implement them if you are installing a packaged software. The site should also be easily adaptable should I need to make changes in the future. Development time should be fast and painless.

Aside from the usual features, the website should be secure and protect user data. Most importantly, it should be SEO-friendly.

Please send me links to your resume or previous works by PM. You might be required to show some demos of your own custom work.

Logo and a rough PSD of color scheme/layout will be provided, as will a full list of required features.

Best regards and good lucking bidding.

03/30/2011 at 0:26 EDT:


I would also like to know if you can implement a system/software where business can track the usage of coupons. This is important so customers do not reprint and reuse coupons.

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Group Of 100 Beta Tester Required!

We need help with comprehensive testing of our new site. Each feature needs testing in
every possible way.It will be necessary for you to interact with other testers.

Your feed back on the any problems, the ease of use and your general views on the layout
and interaction of the site is required.

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800 Words ( Business Case Study – Urgent)

I am a member of the group
I will be attached the project Brief

my part is business case



3D Optical data storage
Missouri group is working with UoB to raise awareness about 3D optical data storage among UoB Professional Project Management students.



Document Ref:
Version No:
Project Brief History
1.1 Document Location
This document is only valid on the day it was printed.
The source of the document will be found on the projects PC in location

This document requires the following approvals.

Signed approval forms are filed in the Management section of the project files.

Name Signature Title Date of Issue Version
Project Board

Table of Contents

1 Project Brief History 1
1.1 Document Location 1
1.2 Revision History
1.3 Approvals
1.4 Distribution
2 Table of Contents
3 Purpose
4 Background
5 Project Definition
6 Outline Business Case
7 Customer

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Group Purchase Site With RoR


We are looking for a RoR script for group purchasing site.
If you already have a script for sell – we are willing to buy after verification.

If you can develop from scratch, we can supply detailed requirements doc.

Please supply us with some jobs portfolio.

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OLD SYTLE Facebook Group

Hi Everybody,

I wish to buy only OLD STYLE facebook groups for $8 per group.

The groups must be the old style with the option to invite friends not add friends.

Groups MUST be before OCT 2010 able to send messages to members.

Please bid how many groups you wish to sell.

Number of members or Niche – not important.

I must be the admin and owner of the group.

Milestone payment will be created, then released after admin is transferred to me.

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Purchase Of Old Style Facebook Group Accounts


I will buy OLD STYLE Facebook groups for $8-$15 per group.
For 2000 +/- 1000 people =>$8
For 3500 +/- 1000 people =>$10
For 5000 +/- 1000 people =>$12

The groups must be the old style with the option to invite friends not add friends.

Groups must be before October

I wish to purchase these groups. I want at least 10-20 but can purchase more
milestone payment will be created, then released after admin is transferred to me

Let me know how many you wish to sell, and the total asking price for them total

Preference for groups for the travel, adventure, survival, lifestyle, health, camping, hiking.
Most important thing is that I have admin privileges.

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Facebook Groups Before 2010 – I Want To Buy


I am looking to buy facebook groups that were created before October 2010.

I will pay up to $10 per group and want 10 or more groups.

These old style groups are the type where you can invite friends and ideally should currently have less than 5000 members.

Although I have a preference for those groups who already have interests in health, fitness, womens issues or weight loss, any topics will be fine.

I will need you to transfer administrator privileges to me and once this is done will pay a 50% milestone with 100% paid on full transfer and removal of yourself from the group.

Please confirm in your reply how many groups you are willing to sell, number of members, links and price per group.

Thanks for your interest and I hope we can do business soon.


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Need OLD STYLE FaceBook Groups Prior To 10/2010 – $6 – $10

I will purchase OLD STYLE facebook groups. I will pay up to $10 per group.

If your old style group has less than 2000, I will pay $6
If your group has 2000-3000 people, I will pay $8
If your group has 3000-5000 people, I will pay $10

Bid with the above system in mind, Example: if you have one group that has 500 members [$6] and another group with 2500 members [$8], bid $14.

The groups must be the old style with the option to INVITE FRIENDS not add friends.

Groups must be from OCTOBER 2010 Or prior.

I will purchase up to 25 of these groups in this first phase. So if you have them sitting around…sell them to me.

50% Milestone payment when I am made an admin and remaining full payment upon complete transfer.

Please PM me with how many you wish to sell, number of members and a link.

Thank you for your interest.

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Purchase & Transfer Of Old Style Facebook Group Accounts

Would like to purchase and get transferred old style facebook Group accounts

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Chatroom In PHP

I need a chatroom to integrate with my website and I have a membership database in mySQL already so integration (SSO) is required. Chatroom feature requirements as follows:

1. "Able to create Chatroom with 2 sides, one side for Guest and one side for other ""roles""
2. Able to schedule the opening hours of the Chatroom
3. support html code for input box
4. Able to control the font size / font color
5. Able to add icons into messages
6. Show profile pic / role of members
7. Able to filter foul words
8. Ban User / IP
9. Collect chat room history
10. open Chatroom for specific group / roles of members (e.g.. All group, teachers, engineers, etc)
11. Able to open multiple chatrooms at the same time

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Joomla Website Registration Filter.

I am looking to create a community website in Joomla.

The site will only be open to people from specific organisations – I am looking to achieve the following so that users see information specific to their organisation when they login.

1. Users register by email address
2. Sucessful registration is dependent on email domain being in list, and user activating account from received email address.
3. Depending on email domain user is automatically assigned to group to receive group specific info.
4. Users can create an additional login account for their spouse at any email address – spouse then becomes member of same group as user.

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Facebook Group – French – English – Germany – Spanish-arabic

Face-book groups- : choose one of this languages : french – English – German – Spanish – arabic – Norway – Swedish – and more
5000+ person
more details will sent later

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Facebook Group In Your Language And Local Country

I need to create a group in your language and local country
5000 persons will join this group at least .. 20 countries at least needed .. bid for the group you will handle in your country and city

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WordPress Plugin: Group Management

I need a plugin developed (you may be able to find an opensource plugin to modify) with the following functionality:

– The idea is to start with three pre-set groups.

– Each group will be limited to 5 members.

– Registered users on WordPress will be able to view groups (and current members) and choose to join a group.

– Once a group reaches the limit of 5 members, registration for that specific group is suspended and the user must choose another group to join OR create a new group with the same registration parameters.

– Amount of groups created should be unlimited.

– The plugin would be able to display different groups (and group names) as well as registered members.

– There should also be a field for "group description" and to upload up to 3 pictures for the group.

– A function to send group members messages (only by other group members).

– Each user must be able to unregister him/herself from any group.

– Users may only register for one group at a time.

– Groups must also have an option to purge all members from group automatically at a set day of the week (and option for purge to happen weekly/monthly/or set number of weeks). After purge, group remains intact with only group creator listed as member and registration begins again.

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Email System Notifications

Create an Email notification system for an up and running social networking website where the users receive notifications upon:

1. Request to group admin from the user to join the group. (group admin receives email)
2. Request accepted from group admin (user receives email)
3. Request to user from group admin to join group (user receives invitation email)
4. New wall post in group wall
5. User receive award
6. Request from a group to challenge another group (will be explained later)
7. new challenge confirmed
8. day of the match reminder (will be explained later)

Kindly note that the website holds a unique idea and will be explained to the winner of the bid only.

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Group Buy Website – Travel Based – Group On Type _CUSTOM

I need to have a "group on" type site created. You must have experience with group on sites.

The site will be

Site needs to have full features including but not limited to:

Credit Card payment / Pay pal payment
Customizable themes
Custom Logo
Facebook/Twiiter integration
Attractive website with a great front end
Easy to post deals for Admin
Referral System
Mobile Capable (IPhone, etc)
Ability to post deals daily and track payments
Ability to send vouchers by e-mail to customer, etc.
Looking for a custom solution, but need it fast.

Many other features not listed (as per the normal for group on type sites)

Site must be completed within 5 days. Site MUST be BUG-FREE.

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Directory Group Website 1

I am looking to build a directory web site like

I am looking to list business under catagories like type of business and location

I want to be able to send the same message to all the businesses in a catagory and manage thier replies like frelancer does treating a question like a project

I want a page for businesses in two forms there is the external format where we see business description photo map contact details
then there is the internal format where businesses can watch group discussions take place that they subscribe to Based at first on thier business catagory and location (so the plumbers can easily ask other plumbers where they can get somthing and businesses in thier area can discuss local issues like water supplies and word works

here in the internal format they can deal with questions easier

I would like to be able to incorporate a translation service and a mapping service and streetview would be good too

You will need to explain how you will do this project for me in great detail to win it

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Email Notifications

Create an Email notification system for an up and running social networking website where the users receive notifications upon:

1. Request to group admin from the user to join the group. (group admin receives email)
2. Request accepted from group admin (user receives email)
3. Request to user from group admin to join group (user receives invitation email)
4. New wall post in group wall
5. User receive award
6. Request from a group to challenge another group (will be explained later)
7. new challenge confirmed
8. day of the match reminder (will be explained later)

Kindly note that the website holds a unique idea and will be explained to the winner of the bid only.

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Rating Project

I need someone to develop a basic rating tool within the next two weeks.

This will be a group of 42 items that will be grouped into 14 different groups of 3, and the specific items within the group are interchangeable on a regular basis by me.

For more detail, please respond quickly and I will provide images of what I need done.

Thank you.

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