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Website Design

I have a website based on a template from Volusion. I need to make some changes to the design and to the way the text is displayed. The header needs some changes and my fonts on each page need to match. On each catagory page. I need to make a few general changes on links that I dont know how to do.

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Various Artwork Customization And Branding


I am in need of an artist to work on a few various art projects related to a new product I am preparing to launch.

Here are the following things I need:
1. Logo.
My idea is to have a button with my companies initials in the button. Then the name of the company written out next to the button.
I like these buttons:

2. I have a software GUI already designed but I need a new banner designed for the software.
I am thinking a carbon fiber type look with maybe some lighting shinning down on it.

3. I will need an add designed to match my website of dimensions 428×273

I am looking for more than just an artist who turns things out really quickly.
I am looking for an artist who has opinions and feedback.

I dont have a creative eye and I need an artist I can rely on for more than this project.
Looking for someone for a long term working relationship.

Please include portfolios, etc.


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New Website Design

I want to make a website on which i can show my news telecast,it may be live or recorded,as well as i can display advertisement. for help u can see

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PTC Website

Hi i just want a script similar to in everything all the options features except design

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Website Design: Jobsite

I am looking to design a 5 page jobsite specifically for MBAs in Singapore.

I need users to be able to search jobs, apply (with resumes being sent to employers) and for me to be able to update / maintain the stie from the backend.

As for design I like

The pages I need are
Home (Login / Register)
View All Jobs

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Travel WebSite Design

Looking for website template for a travel website. home page and product page.
you can have some ideas from those websites

i like most the but it must be not alike

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A Website Design Like

A Website designed exactly like, I want the same templates for flash & html for each page and facebook & twitter links as are on the website.
The Text Box should have the same links to information as the Text box with html
Ex: geniune story, our rice , delicious recipes.

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Looking for new website for

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52 SEO/Website Design Blog Posts

Required for Website Design/SEO website is 52 blog posts (300 words each)

You must choose the topic of each article based on current trends and the latest technology in programming, web design, seo, search engines, internet, social media etc.

Articles must be fit into the following categories.
# Programming
# Social Media
# Website Design
# Search Engines

The articles must not include content that is copyrighted or licensed from a 3rd party. All articles will be examined for duplicate content, originality, proper Australian English use and general quality before payment. All articles will be checked through

There is no keyword density, SEO needs, or technical restraints, this needs to be quality, simple and solid wiring which will help and inform the reader.

Delivered in Word format. More details will be supplied to interested parties.

We will receive exclusive and complete copyrights of the articles upon payment.

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Customize AMember To Match Website Design.

I need amember login and sign-up pages to match my website. I also need a small login box on the home page.

Customize amember pages to fit my website design.

Simple project with small budget $30 max.

If you have worked with amember before then you have a better chance of winning this project.

Best Regards

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Customize AMember Script To Match Website Design.

I need amember login and sign-up pages to match my website. I also need a small login box on the home page.

Customize amember pages to fit my website design.

Simple project with small budget $30 max.

If you have worked with amember before then you have a better chance of winning this project.

Best Regards

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Australian Website Design

Australian Freight Quote Service Website

Need a professional skin – website – design and host

Simple website with freight / transport / shipping design for an online freight quote / calculator

I currently manager 400 websites and designs potential for more work for clean professional designs


* My iframe inserted as per current layout
* Transport / freight / courier banner created
* Hosting in Australia ( or uploaded to Aus server )
* SEO titles
* Blog within site function
* Impress me with samples of graphic designs/ need logo
* All existing pages redirected for SEO purposes
* Ongoing support

As mentioned potential for future work Prime site is

Only looking for quality work – dont bother with spam or poor work NOT interested

May look to reskin your templates – I will pay if templates are good for reskinning each time !

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Website Design And Development

Website for a company for Real Estate

search engine should be like the one in this website:

for more details ask me

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WebSite Design

Hi, Im looking to redesign my website, along with creating a banner to suit my blog. Im a blogger, and I write finance-related news. Seeking a long-term partnership as I have quite a few things to design.

Starting with my Home page, I need to have a magazine look. My site is at Look at it and tell me what you think can be improved.

Then moving on, I need to design a banner for my site. My personal brand. My motto is "Your Community Money Making Blog" so the banner has to be relevant to that. My sites name is SafeMoneyInvest..

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Website Design

I have a new website that needs to be built for a local plumbing business in Los Angeles. We want to keep the website very simple and basic – basic plain HTML. It will be about 15 pages and we will supply all the content. It is a plumbing website that I would like modeled after www(dot) mike diamond services (dot)com. We would like the site to be easily updated as needed by us. No PHP programs for site managment – and we would like to use CSS.

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Website Design

We are looking for a new corporate site, logo, and theme for our company.

The theme must be professional, formal, clean and fresh. We do not want bubbly, bold, or playhouse disney. Here are some example sites, that we like.

The company in question, has a main focus of email security technology, and monitoring of corporate networks. technologies. Our website focus should be for corporate businesses, and shareholders.

Our technologies, are all about detection, monitoring, prevention, protection, and compliance. Here is a line on each one.

Detection – detect spam, viruses, fraud and intrusions.
Monitoring – monitor servers for failures, issues (e.g. Lower hard drive space), and other issues.
Prevention – prevent spam, corporate compliance issues, server failures.
Protection – protect your network from viruses, and law suites where compliance has not been met.
Compliance – detect Credit Card number leakages, ensure HIPPA and Sarbey Ox issues.

There are a number of other areas for the above. These are just examples.

The site should be a HTML site, with incorporation of flash. I would imagine three main areas of the page from the home page. These are

About Us

I am only going to consider bids with concepts.

We have a company name, although will consider changing. Therefore, the design should include coming up with a new company name, that has a free .com domain.

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Mail Order Bride Website Meets

The project is a complete redesign of a website for a friend of mine who has been running a business for many years taking single men to the Colombia and introducing them to 300-400 beautiful Latin women in the hopes a relationship and marriage would follow. His tours cost ~$900 per person for a single tour. He currently has a product for a Mens profile listing for $150 for 12 months.

The current website is going away. It is horrible and was made in FrontPage by the owner who knows nothing of web design. I want to use a CMS like Joomla for its ease of moving content around and the ease for the owner to be able to update the site later on his own with little design knowledge. The website will also need to incorporate the following items, which will be the reason for additional PHP and MySQL knowledge to add to the basic Joomla site. It does NOT need to be in the form of modules or plugins. It just needs to be wrapped inside the Joomla site.

– Full site with content and photos from existing site.
– *Profiles of men and women users which will emulate a sort of feel.
– *Full searching of profiles.
– *Ability to send predefined messages for free.
– Ability to send blind email (no one sees the actual personal email address) messages once a paid member.
– Ability to live chat to online members in a 1on1 window if paid member.
– Ability to live video chat to online members in a 1on1 window if paid premium member.

* Features needed immediately for site launch.

The site with content from existing site and the * features for profiles needs to be completed first and needs to be online and working by September 1st, midnight. The additional features will be deployed afterward with the entire feature list enabled by November 1st, midnight.

Have some basic experience with web design and graphics, but primarily your focus and experience should be in how to utilize PHP and a MySQL database to perform the user profile logins and the associated behind the scenes coding for all the member features. This is not a simple JomSocial add in to Joomla, so you need to have the experience in creating new custom features that will work with the Joomla or JomSocial logins, but allow for updating both without affecting the custom work…or at least with as little affect as possible.

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Hosting Website Design (Greek)

Need a Joomla website, web2.0 design, SEO friendly, about 10 pages. We will supply the content and layout
designer will need to design all graphics for the site including banners, website design, and logo design.

Designer will need to embed the following software to the website and need to make sure that the total design match:

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Evalia – WebSite Design

Vondels is a tech-company based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Evalia is a software product that holds services about customer satisfaction.

There is an existing web-site for Evalia right now but we need to re-design it.
You can navigate it from here
As you can see just there 5 pages, and its not a big design requirement.

We prefer a modern, charming, make feel comfortable design.

Vondels Technology

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Website Design Like

Im looking for some one to build a website very similar to . Website should let users create their accounts, upload music, videos and photos . This site will be for musicians, photographers, actors.

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