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Need An Mp3 Placed In An Iframe On An Html Page

We have a website which is html based wordpress with wpremix theme being used.

We need the top header to be static on the site as it will contain a flash based music player which we have already made.

We would like it so when a person visits the website, the music player will auto play in the header section and when a person clicks to go to another part of the website, the top header stays there and music continues to play.

We would either like the top header iframed or the main content section below iframed. Preferably the top header would be better for SEO purposed.

Let me know your thoughts.


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Flash Header Change Animation Speed

completed flash header [v8] – need lower animation speed versus what it is now.
Have the source files [.fla, and]
Need this fast.

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World Press Redesign Header Part And Few Other Things

need to design header& modify css for installed theme wordpress site.we want look really good looking blog
default theme already installed and design header already
but we need redesign header part and other few things..

if you know what you are doing this will finish in 2 hour project.
ill attach site sreenshot

few things need to be modify
1.if i change resolution down to 1024 header image look little big
2.remove + icon from left there is double icon just keep blue one box place move to end of top navigation banner design

budget is $35.00 do not over bid
thank you

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Bug Fix On Existing Group Buy Website

I have an existing group buy website which has several bugs that need to be fixed. The original developer can no longer continue working on the project so Im looking for some experienced php developer to quickly fix these problems so I can launch my site. Time frame is no more than 7 calendar days. Budget $200.
Please review the site and the list of bugs require fixing. Once you have won the bid, I will give you access to the backend as well as server files and db for you to directly implement any changes. Also if it helps, the site is based on the Couponic template on yii framework.

Site URL:

Bugs to be fixed:
1. Header and top navs
a) Visit More Cities, Get Deals by Email, Refer Friends, Get $ not formatted very well.
b) Please move Visit More Cities to just next to the city name.
c) Upon click on these links, the drop down is still below the main nav bar. Please move that also back to the top of the header.
d) Long city names do not display properly on the View More Cities list. Please review and fix. Please sort city names alphabetically in the View More Cities list.
e) Please also sort the Province/State names alphabetically in the Get Deals by Email drop down list.
f) Please remove the submenu strip to save header room.
g) Change header background graphic to just pure blue. No wavy pattern.

2. Remove the 3rd thing in the Share option list.

3. Slideshow auto slides which is good. However, if I play the video in the slide show, the slide show continues to scroll, which is not good. It should allow the video to finish playing before sliding over to the next thing.
Also the video doesnt show in Google Chrome. Please review and fix.

4. In the More Local Deals right nav, the Save xxx % green box cuts into the left margin. Please re-align.

5. Highlights and The Fine Print should be 2 columns of equal width below the picture.

6. Change background color for Buy it for a friend! to blue.

7. For a user buying with credit, once the balance is $0 after redeeming all credits, checkout process should not send to paypal anymore.

8. Gift card option should allow users to purchase with credit too.

9. Mobile page needs a little tweeking:
a) Logo appears too small.
b) Price/Discount/Savings section not formatted very nicely.

10. Need assistance configure newsletter. Either do it from my own server or integrate with mailchimp.

11. Make footer area into a CMS and can be edited in multiple languages.

12. Use local image instead of image from another site: (currently configured in /deals/themes/classic/views/worklets/deal/side/about.php

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DLL Header Translation C To Delphi

I need translation from a C++ DLL calling header to delphi pas file to call the same DLL.
A simple example of DLL calling should be provided.
Please see attached files.

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Design Website Header

Looking for a designer who can make a header for a sleeping bag site. The dimensions are 1000 x 165. My budget is $5-$10. Who ever creates the best looking header will be paid for the header he submits in a message to me and a long term relationship to create headers weekly.

Let the competition begin!

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Task Description
Architect needs a quote on approximate size 960 x 160 for header. Header graphics must be astonishing enough to make people subscribe to a new website on the spot.

This header should show the following sentiment: (Potential economic financial collapse of society and/or an imminent natural disaster)!


A. Deep Impact
B. The Day After Tomorrow
C. 2012
D. Armageddon
E. Perfect Storm
F. The Core
G. Mega Fault

Must Have:

Graphics must be knock out and astonishing which make people subscribe on the spot without navigating through most of the website. Looking for a designer who is willing to go the extra mile with me and express a survival preppers holistic design concept, like I see it!! – People must feel the sentiment instantly upon going to website and looking at header.-

Will Require: (txt) NATIONAL SURVIVAL PREPPERS (txt)

Will Require: A concept mock up from winning bidder

Will require: (5) Revisions included with this project

Nice to Have:

1. Left side- Federal Reserve bldg & Wall Street financial symbolism in distress- ( or something similar)
Right half side- Urban buildings in flames and distress

2. Flying helicopters with red cross signs signifying rescue.

3. One Radiation, Nuclear or Gas symbols (Right Side)Translucent

4. Gloomy cloudy skies- illustrating doomsday sentiment

5. Mountains, tall pine trees and outdoor (Maybe)

6. A few black silhouettes of people running in panic

7. A fireball (meteor) with smoke tail headed for wall street and federal reserve from an angle with gases.

Should Not Have:
1. I dont want generic, boring stock artwork! I am looking for a designer to make this project yours and not from your generic stock of photos.

2. Should not confuse targeted audience as to what we are all about. Graphic main header should say it ALL!!


Good luck and thank you for bidding on my project..

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Kickass Website Header

Hello fellow designers,

im looking for someone to design a header for my website

it should be related to financial markets(stocks,oil,gold,etc)

header size is 960×100

i need it to be professionally done

please send me your previous jobs

designer should be creative

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Design Header For Website. One Graphic, No Html. PSD

Seeking designer with an eye for detail and familiarity with good UI design to create a header for a website. Header will include logo, company contact info and site navigation menu. (Graphic only, no HTML necessary.)

Colors, logos, fonts, dimensions and basic layout examples will be provided. Designer will provide several layout variations to our lead designer and refine one according to his instructions. All designs to be delivered as a PSD file with all layers un-merged.

Please provide portfolio link or other examples of past work.

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Killer Website Header Needed

I need a Killer Website Header needed for my website. Must be colorful and very attention grabbing. The size is 77×180.

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Perl Script Add Header Line And Change Date Format On CSV

Need to create a perl script that adds a header line to a csv file and updates the date format column.

Raw File called ftc_order.csv

The Perl scripts needs to add the following header line to the csv
header.csv (file attached)

Also the date format column needs to be updated from "20110327" to "27/03/2011"

The file then needs to be saved at ftc_order_(Todays date).csv

Timeline for project 48 hours.

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Design A Header And Build A Sign Up Form

We are hiring a developer to create only the beginning of a larger project we will be working on. If this milestone is completed well, there will be more work immediately. The requirements are as follows:

Design: We need a simple header designed. This will allow us to judge your design skills for the larger project.

Sign Up Form: We need a simple signup form and a post a project form developed. The best way to describe this is to follow the steps from until the project has been created. We do not need the project page to be completed with design, but we need to see that the project was posted so we know that the post a project form actually works.

For completion of this project, please have this up on a development server so I can access it and test its functionality as described.

VERY IMPORTANT: To separate you from the spammers, please write I AM REAL as the first line of your bid. We will delete all bids that do not write this phrase, since most bidders never read the requirements. Thank you for being one who does!

Also, if you have developed a crowdfunding website before, please PM me the details as this is what the larger project will be.

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Php Shop Header Customisation

replace links with buttons
link to external site inner frame pages
repair image upload bug

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Studiopress Header And Footer Revised – Update

Our company is seeking an individual to help us with:

1) ideas and recommendations for fixing (make better looking) header and footer for Target audience is women and it is an online magazine our company would like to appeal to this group and would like our
2Please provide quote, a couple of ideas for changing header and footer (to help us see how you would approach the project) for THIS project.

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Studiopress Site Clean Up And Revision

Our company is seeking an individual to help us with:

1) ideas and recommendations for fixing (make better looking) header and footer for Target audience is women and it is an online magazine our company would like to appeal to this group and would like our
2)Upload articles and images to site (all provided)
3) create social media pages (twitter and facebook); link social media icons to social media pages
4.) Link up Newsletter to site…

Please provide quote, a couple of ideas for changing header and footer (to help us see how you would approach the project) for THIS project.

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Five Links In A Footer

I need 5 links putting in the footer of my site that will link to blank pages including header and footer, these are for terms conditions, about us, advertising,privacy policy, and contact us, this contact us page already exists just needs a tel number and address adding, all text will be supplied by me.

See the site at its just a customized Oxy Script (ignore the header its temp)

there is actually a feature in the admin area for making blank pages, i just do not know how to add the links in this sort of script



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Flash Header To HTML5

I want a developer to code our animated header on our webpage to HTML5.

You can see the header on:

Please show me sample of previus work.

best regards

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Joomla Programmer Needed To Install Flash Header On Template

I need a joomla programmer to install a ready flash header on a template. The fee is $30. I will Pick a winner at 9:30 am today eastern time. Please if you bid stick around so you could start working immediately.

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Template Creation And Integration

I have a new Project.


This is my website: Removed by Admin]
Im using this script: ( i have the trial script but you can change the template files from the admin panel.)

I want a minisite creation similar this: ( header, footer, banners, logo..i want the best graphic and settings for sell a big ammount of premium membership.)

This is the work:


If you have please send me some ideas, demo, or previous project.

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Header For Humor Site!

I need to make a header with funny elements for fun and humor site [Removed by Admin] the new design who need a header is here… the headers i like is and

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WordPress Cms: Header Image Different Per Page

My website was made in wordpress. It is a multilingual website with one general landing page and homepages per language. All pages apart from landing page and homepages have one header image. This image is the same on every page. However, I would like to be able to change the header image per page (not random!). I have found a plugin that does this ( I would like this plugin implemented correctly in my website. I am no programmer and Im affraid to mess things up, also because my site structure differs from regular WP sites because of the landing page and multi language plugin.

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Header Design / Graphic Design

I need a header designed for a site. You must have access to stock photos and have the ability to overlay text on the photo.

All bids must include a dollar amount and be inclusive of all costs.

Thank you,


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Joomla Site – Complete Links & Small Header Fix

Hey all, just need following done on a simple Joomla site, which already has the template installed. Literally about 5% left for you to finish.

– need links in menu completed and working, sending users to corresponding pages.
– set up these pages so i can add my content.
– theres a white transparent bar in header over header image with about 80% opacity, need that removed at template level.

Thats all folks, a serious Joomla programmer can have this done within the hour. No automated responses. Thanks

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Header Html/css Changes In WordPress

I have a very simple task. I need to change the size of the text in the header of my wordpress layout. Also I need to add my phone number in the header of my wordpress layout. This should only require about an hour of development time and while yes this is a small project, I need to find someone that I can depend on for more small projects as well as larger projects.

Please only bid on this project if you have an instant messenger for easy communication as I use yahoo, google, aol and skype. Also please bid appropriately since this is a 1 hour task. Again I realy hope to find an awesome web developer that I can use for more projects (fixing a rss feed and coding a redesign that I am currently designing).

If you have a website please share it so that I can view your work.


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Web Developer Needed For ECommerce

Web Developer needed for business eCommerce layout.


– Must be be familiar with PHP, CSS/HTML, and javascript
– Must be familiar with that can integrate our custom header and footer to the billing system.
– We need someone who can create a unique navigational menu like GoDaddy
– We also need somebody to program in PHP that will allow the header, and footer to stay consistent with all pages.

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Drupal CSS Fixes For IE7

Immediate need for an expert CSS designer to fix the header region on a Drupal 6.20 site for Internet Explorer 7. You will will also need to add the command to the Drupal themes page.tpl.php in order to call the external style sheet in for IE7 only.

The area that needs the fix is only the header region.

I need this done ASAP! Do it today, get paid today.

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