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I am looking someone who can write an essay on any topic that is related Health, diease& society. You can pick what you want to write about as long as you let me know before writing it. It has to be 5 pages long around 1500 words. It is going to be marked based on style, grammer etc…

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Articles Writing Job

Professional writers are needed for the specific industry of Business, Tax, Debt or Audit Relief and IRS help. Key words can be provided. We have 50 articles, you must write 3 test articles before hiring for the project. . Articles only need to be 400-500 words in length.
3-5 articles a week.

Writing must be top quality, English with no grammatical errors.

All articles will need to pass copyscape.

We will begin with 3 articles to test and if everything works out this will be long term and on going, with additional assignments.

Bids for the project begin at $5.00 per article of 400 words

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23 SEO Articles – Content Writing In American English

I need a reliable writer with perfect American English grammar, spelling and creativity to write 23 articles.

All articles are about graphic design.

Please write texts, format them for easy reading.

All articles must contain title with length up to 60 symbols,
short description with length up to 160 symbols,
and body text with length from 1400 to 1800 symbols.

These articles must contain pointed keywords in the body text, in the description, and in the title.

Please do not include prices and exact icon amount into texts.

We need in articles about the following sites or products:
keywords: free icon editor
icon editor
icon software
website icons
icon design
windows icon sets
toolbar icons
audio icons
archive icons
cool icons
basic icons
science icon
business icon
vista icons
icon sets
stock icons
Crystal Icons
large icons
portfolio icons
people icons
user icons
factory icons

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Short Articles – Ongoing Work – Fitness / Health

Small copywriting / technical writing firm looking for one native english speaking, attentive writer to develop 400-500 word how-to style articles on a potentially ongoing basis. I will send full details on project specifics but the articles will be assigned in batches of 5 with approximately 3 batches assigned / due each week (ie 48hr. or more turnaround on all batches).

The topics of these articles can range in scope slightly, however they will be centered on Fitness / Health topics. The pay rate is firmly set at $5 / 400-500 word article. You need not be overly qualified for this project in regards to background, but you should have some experience and be comfortable working within deadlines.

To be considered for this position, please do the following:

1. Provide 2 writing samples of similar length and scope.
2. Provide some form of resume / cv, be it in attachment or online form.
3. Provide a single sentence discussing your availability throughout a typical week.

Thanks and happy bidding!

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Rewrite 20 Articles: SKINCARE Niche, English (2a)

We need 20 articles within the SKINCARE Niche (about ACNE Treatment) in proper English language (BE and AE accepted) rewritten (article rewriting) with average about 300 – 500 words each.

Articles to be rewritten will be provided by us in text form (txt files).

We will be paying as much as 1,5 – 2,5 USD for each article, depending on good writing skills and rating history of the provider. Payment will be made safely for both parties at 100% job completion via Milestone Payment System. We will make a deposit for your milestone payment with immediately after you have been elected as the winning bid for this project, so that the money is safe for you as long as you finish the job completely.

The wording must be completely different from the original article. You are free to completely change, add or even delete complete words and paragraphs and you are free to use your own words for rewriting. Titles and subtitles, headlines have also to be changed.

Target is, that the articles will be useful for SEO website optimization, means the content must be totally unique and keyword optimized. You need to rewrite manually. Use of article spinners or the like is not allowed!

The articles rewritten by you will become our property. You are not allowed to use or offer same articles for anybody else. We will use copyscape and other methods in order to make sure, that everything is unique and no duplicates are used.

You need to be able to rewrite these articles in proper English (BE or AE) language and grammar. Native English speakers will be preferred for the job, however it is not essential if your English skills in writing are good enough to come close to this. You need NOT to do research for the articles, as we will be sending them to you. Just rewriting!

Timeframe: you should take about 10 to 30 days to complete this job, depending on your current workload and capacity abilities. However, time is not of major importance to this project. Most important is the quality of the rewritten articles delivered. So it is not a big problem if you may take 3 days longer than anticipated, as long as the end result is of high quality, it will be o.k.

Please write the word MEGATREND within your private message, so we know you have been reading this so far…

Only articles in proper English language, wording, writing and grammar will be accepted! You need not to be an expert on health and beauty related articles. Just rewriting all articles into unique content in proper English language will be sufficiant.

If you have any questions, please send a PM.

If we are satisfied with your work we may provide more articles for rewriting in the future.

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Article Rewriting & Submission (300+ Articles)

I have around 300 articles that need to be rewritten and submitted to 5 directories (20-60 articles per directory) Im looking to pay around $50-75 for this aswell.

Ill send through an NDA, please sign and return before we begin if all agreed.

Fluent in English writing (grammar, syntax, spelling only). Each article will contain a keyword.

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Copywriter – Longterm

Growing Consulting Business needs a copywriter/ghostwriter.

We need articles written on a variety of topics.
Health care, Education, and Private Equity Investing

Media: White Papers, Position Papers, and Articles
for magazines and newspapers and Blog Posts


– Excellent English writing skills
(proper sentence structure, proper vocabulary use,
and good grammar)

– Articles should have 500-1000 words.

– A subject will be provided that each article should
cover along with expected length.
– We pay $ 1 per 500 words first 3 accepted Articles,
then $2.00 per 500 words
– Copy paste is not allowed, the articles must be unique, unless not paid
– Must pass Copyscape
– Articles will need to be approved before payment
is sent, you may be asked to revise
– Article topics will be provided to the winning bidder

This is a long-term project; we have plenty of work to provide, so don’t hesitate to bid.

We retain full ownership of all the articles with
complete copyright to use, publish, etc. on any
of our media or websites of all work purchased
from you.

I am looking for a dependable writer that can write
original articles and also do re-writes of articles.
I need someone that has the time to produce a minimum
of 5 articles a week, whether they are originals,
re-writes or a combination of both. When articles
are assigned I need them to be completed that day.

Projects may vary day to day. Articles are normally
500-1000 words on Health care, Education, and
Private Equity Investing.

I am looking for some one long term. Pay is done
weekly through paypal.

I need someone that does check their email
regularly and can communicate regularly.
If you are not serious and cannot supply a minimum
of 5 per week please, do not bid.

I need someone that can start today.

Articles will need to be written with good grammar,
punctuation and spelling. These articles need to be
unique and 100% copyscape Free and will be checked
for plagiarism or you may not be eligible for payment.


When you write or re-write and article for me I receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. You are not allowed to resell, reuse, re-write or give away or use these articles in anyway.

When bidding, bid on 25 articles. And please state what country you are from.

If you are not chosen reapply, I always need more writers.

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