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SEO – Content Writing With Heavy Seo

Need highly seo content for 4 sitepages

Please see attached file for categories

Budget is $20

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Simple Visual Basic Application W/ Heavy GUI

Heres my project:

I have a few of these 12V USB relays. See link here:

It is fully compatible with visual basic applications.

I need an application that will do basic functions, for example, in the application, when "FUNCTION 1" clicked, the instructions may be to start relay 1 for 3 seconds, start relay 6 for 8 seconds, wait 4 seconds, then start relay 11 for 2 seconds.

I will also need to be able to add these functions from the application itself.

Also, at one point in the application, there will need to be a feed from a webcam connected via USB.

Sorry Im being vague, but I need to keep this project confidential.

This will be a very GUI heavy application. Please only bid if you have experience with building a GUI. I am a graphic designer, so I will be able to supply you with PSDs of what the program should look like, you just need to build it.

All in all, this is a pretty simple application, but has a GUI-heavy component. To ensure that youve read this whole listing, please start your comment with the word "guava". Thanks.

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Category, Product, Custom Product Customisation


Im planning to sell custom car mats online. Please see for reference.

I need someone to create the menu on the left, create the structure for the categories, products and a form for refining the product.

After selecting vehicle type within the menu, the product refining page will be presented as follows: (mostly like except the step sequence is changed)

Step 1
Select Range- (Standard Carpet, Delux Carpet, Heavy Duty Rubber, Super Delux Carpet, Ultra Delux Carpet)

Step 2
Select Color- (Color varies on range selection) (Do not display if Heavy Duty Rubber is selected)

Step 3
Select Trim Type- (Plain cloth Trim, Two Tone Trim, Leatherette Trim)- (Do not display if Heavy Duty Rubber is selected)

Step 4
Select Trim Color-(This depend

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Heavy Equipment Classifieds/ecommerce

I am looking for someone to create a new ecommerce website for heavy equipment classifieds similar to , ,
with a sophisticated admin site. Have a browse through these websites in detail and let me know if you can create the same. If you notice the sites are also available in different languages/countries. The code should also have some SEO components for better ranking and the site should be sophisticated with all the functionality and tools. PHP preferred. Code and ownership required. Experience developing similar websites preferred. The site should be flawless with all functionality/tools working perfectly and site should be stable and fast. Secure site with payment integration, banner management and good registration process with automatic emails to users. Excellent member control panel functions in myaccount area.

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Email Lists And Deployment

We are an email marketing, direct mail and List broker. We are looking for sources of targeted US B2C, B2B and Specialty, social media approved email lists and companies who can drop email campaigns for us. Lists must be 100% white listed. We also have a strong need for local emails by zip code with sorts by several attributes.

We have a huge need for the following internet inquiries and aged leads

Internet long form and short form leads with Including IP, Date Time, Zip
EDUcation Emails
Auto Insurance Leads
Mortgage Leads
Debt Settlement Leads
Loan Modification Leads
Health Insurance Leads

US Boatowners emails and sort bu type length etc…

We require a white listed SMTP relay service that can deliver up to 50 million emails per month, with average send groups of about 300k – 2-5mm per day.

I want SMTP server or Web Accessed Bulk Email Sending Server to do this.

Servers must have good performance and 24/7 working- and IPS must not be blacklisted.

They must be able to handle heavy e-mail traffic for heavy load task

If your server can not deliver high in-box rates, you must refund the money 100%

Please bid the cost to send 1, 5, 10 , 25, & 50 million emails per month

You must provide:
– Email distribution
– Unsubscription / Subscription services
– Reports

We also have this data and aged internet leads for sale.

We would like to send an md5 hash file and pay for uniques.

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Javascript Heavy Form

This is a form that is currently broken and needs to be working properly. It has a LOT of javascript in it and we really need a javascript guru to fix it within 24 hours. A lot of the code is already there, but there are a lot of glitches.

– required fields need to be validated
– there are 5 steps to the form, and they are all on 1 page and show/hide when you click the continue buttons
– all the fields need to show up on the review page (step 5)
– there are a lot of contingent fields, some of them need to validate ONLY when applicable.

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PHP Script With Intense Database Usage

This is how we are going to do this. You will bid on this project if you are a experience php programmer with advance knowledge of writing optimize sql query and database structure. This site is really heavy and reliant on a large heavy database. You will bid $200 and present your case why you are the right provider of choice. If Im interested I will send you a spec sheet and you will update your bid price accordingly or leave it alone but notify me via messaging. You must provide a 30 day support window for this script and you must heavily test the script before handing it over to me. I will instruct you how the testing will be done. Make your bid if youre interested.

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Heavy Modify And New Function For CRE Loaded

Heavy Modify and expand the discount coupon module for CRE Loaded and ad a credit function to customers account.


I want a new and better version of the discount and coupon module in my shop. I want to expand the functionality a lot and debug some errors that exist in my configuration/code. We also want a new customer credit function.


Please be sure that you understand completely the project you are bidding on (if not ask us before bidding). We are looking for an Creloaded and php expert that have a deep understanding of the Crelodad shopping cart code base. Please dont bid if you are not 100% sure that you can complete the task in time. If you deliver only a half finished product you will not get paid.

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Heavy Experienced Seo Required

We have two websites that are launching April 22nd. We need heavy SEO for these two sites on the following keywords:

d-aspartic acid
daspartic acid
DAA Pure
Pure d-aspartic acid
Pure daspartic acid

d-aspartic acid (DAA) is a new dietary supplement ingredient.

The two sites are different in fuction.

Site 1 on test server:

This site page is a product specific page for a product that contains DAA.

Site 2 will be on the test server this week. It is a site dedicated to information on DAA and will feature the most popular brands to use it which will be the above brand AX. Domain will be

We need aggressive full time SEO done to bring strong results on these week keywords. Page one rankings and top three results as quickly as possible before this keyword starts to become saturated with competitors.

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SEO/SEM/Organic Heavy Website In Financial Services…asap

In need of a powerful website with the following:
-Article Directory
-Appropriate Backlinks
-Heavy in Organic keywords/phrases
-SEO/SEM friendly
-Easy user interface
-Duplicatable (for same market/different company products)
-5-7 landing pages
-Dynamic URL functionality (preferrably PHP)
-Online application (Forms) and forced emailed xml attachments
-Sectioned for easy install/de-installation
Please have experience in all items listed. Content will be provided; however, we are very open to an offer with a company with experience in unique and quality copy for content. Please PM us for examples of competitive sites we find comparable. We are in the merchant service/ACH processing industry, so any experience in such fields would be helpful as it is a very competitive space.

We look forward to reviewing your work and moving ahead in very short order. Please be ready to start on the project within a week as we are very much in need of the site in short order.


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Detox Your Body

Prompters :

— State reasons why we need to detox both from a metabolic hangover and deepseated heavy metals .
— List different methods of detoxification
: hydro-colonics
: chelation to remove hard seated plaques and heavy metals
: irradiation using laser beam

No. of words : 1,000 words


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Super Cool Flash Prototyping

We need to prototype a communications app in Flash — no back end connections, just a beautiful user interface and some simulated functionality.

Our offices are in Manhattan, and we really need a local person to help us — to sit down one on one and work out the details.

The application could be a world beater — we just need to get all the details right.

Skills you will need: Flash (of course) plus basic Photoshop and Illustrator.

NOT needed: heavy duty programming or heavy duty graphic design (we have programmers and designers already)


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I am looking for Seo expert for website I need to get as much traffic as possible from a keywords related to following terms and also first page google rankings:

heavy equipment
used machinery
construction equipment
equipment for sale
used machine
used machines
equipment sales
used tractor
used van
used trailer
used truck
used vans
used equipment sale
construction machinery
material handling equipment
second hand equpment
used buses
used forklift
used heavy equipment
used cat
used loader
used construction equipment
used excavator
used backhoe
cat equipment
used excavators
used skid steer

Please quote your estimated traffic you can get to this website using those and related keywords and estimated time to get first page rankings. Onsite and offsite Seo needed. White hat only.

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GAF Or RAC Clone – Heavy Modifications

I need a GAF or RAC-like site with user profiles using paypal and Interested in bidders with great feedback – and have portfolio experience with similar sites.

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Web Designer With Heavy Graphics Needed

Create landing page with heavy graphics for a weight loss pill. Need this completed quickly. Please show samples of your work when responding.

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