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Need Expericed PHP Programmer


We are looking for someone with strong PHP 4.0 experience.
Youll need to be able to work on US time zone as the task requires
live testing of modified php script.

Please bid $30 only as well need to discuss details in PM.


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Need PHP/ Programmer Help. Need To Finish ASAP

Hello all,

I have a partially created site. Please help me to complete this.
Am looking a freelancer or small firm.
I have many outsource work like web development, facebook apps etc..
So I need a person who can do php coding.

I need complete this site: url only through PM

I need to Finish tomorrow…

I wish to complete this project.

1. In View more page, add PAYPAL Shopping cart.

2. Total 20 book display at home page.. Add a next button for display old ebooks.

3. Ebook Newsletter

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Need Help Setting Up HVA Mysql Cluster

Need step by step guide and hand holding as we set this up. So far we are getting owned and its eating databases like breakfast. :/

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Odds Comparison

We want to create an odds comparison website similar to

We will need a menu of sporting events (like on oddschecker) so the customer can choose which odds they would like to view. When they select the event they want to compare odds for, they will see a table of odds made up of XML feeds which come from the bookmakers.

As with oddschecker the customer will be able to sign up for an account and log in.


We are looking for someone with advanced web design skills who is capable of programming in PHP/MySQL and setting up the advanced data streams that display the odds on our site. The site will be of a similar scale to oddschecker, so please bid on that basis. If you feel you are capable of delivering this exciting opportunity then please get in touch or place a bid.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Need Perfect & Experienced Programmer


I am in need of an individual or team who is experienced and can fix issues in a script.

The bugs that needs fixing includes various things including internal order system like fiverr, minor errors like sharing button not clickable, user profile picture not showing in IE and same with drop down problems in IE.

The major thing that needs to be fixed is Ordering & Withdrawal System for Users that can be named as Payment System of website.

Along with that, there will be 10-11 minor issues that will not take much time in fixing as they just need to be fixed in current code and no new code may be needed.

Looking for your proposals.


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Experienced Php Programmer

I have a questionnaire of 120 questions . It is a mutiple choice question. People reply to the question and i need to receive the enser and the need to receive the answer . Also i need to have the analyse of the question been uploaded on line qutomaticaly after each time the persom reply to the questionnaire. I also need to keep their email address and send them an email automaticaly daily . I already have the script but since the question have change and it need to be upgrade.
Please have a lot of experience in PHP .
Please be a great communicater,
Please ask for detail and leave a PM
Thank you so much

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Need PHP Programmer (Easy Task)

I need add some changes (add features) in PHP code. More details in PM.

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PHP Programmer Need For Project To Change The World

Looking for a very experienced PHP / Zend framework developer.

-Full time position 45hours a week for month of January.
-Salary between 1200-1500. Willing to create weekly milestones and escrow all money.
-Full time position after January if individual works out
-Will work for a large fast growing Charity fundraising/ volunteer site. The sites goal is to change online giving and volunteering. The site was launched 3 months ago and has already raised more than 4million for good causes around the world. Exciting project for those that are passionate about making the world a better place.
-Looking to build out a long term relationship where a team will be built around the individual in the coming months.

-Extensive knowledge of PHP and Zend
-Mysql experience
-Must be willing to work PST time 9am-6pm.
-Individuals only no companies
-Good English skills

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Php Session Bug Fix

I have a quiz site that has a PHP backend. The php program is having problems storing arrays in $_SESSION variable. I need help with fixing the problem. It may be a php config issue.

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Need Part Time Php Programmer

Im looking for a Part time PHP / MySQL programmer to make updates to a few of my wap scripts that use PHP, MySQL

i have many small small work in php for mobiles sites

my project bid is maximum 50 Usd

intrested person bid

more discuss pls add me in S/K/Y/P/E BillaJaTT

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Experienced CL Poster

Need help posting

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Need Php Programmer

Hi every one I am building my site and I need a php programmer project will be discussed to the qualify person only it be nice if I can find a programmer in Houston tx but long distance will be accepted as well after proof of good pervious work and positive feed back serious php programmer pls contact me if you dont have a computer plz

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Need Some Help On C++

First of all I can give $30 for it.
It wont be more than 30-40 lines.
Bidder must know string processing and MySql Connection from C++.


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Real Estate Listing Advertiser

I need help Advertsing my RealEstate Listings on different Websites.

I have a lot of Listing and for the right person this is a huge oppurtunity.

I am looking for a long term relationship, someone I can trust and is experienced.

A little bit of photo work and English is a must.

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PHP Programmer With Mysql And Ajax Required

Hi ,
We, want to design a costume script , with PHP , Mysql , some of the feature may required ajax. A good person who may work part on regular basis can contact us.

we just need experienced person only .


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Need Someone Who Knows How To Promote PAD Files

I need someone who is experienced at promoting PAD files.

PM me.

Thank you.

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Required Php Programmer

Need experienced php programmer to develop order management and crm system for our website.

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Need PHP Programmer

I need someone to help fix the log-in to my website. That is all. I will link you the website for you to see whether or not you can fix this.

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Need PHP Programmer And Database.

Need backoffice for a simple multi-user landig page.

work is to create: a backoffice to give high, low, and suspend users who will use a simple landig page.

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Need Php Programmer

I need a website similar to

will discuss more with shortlisted bidder.
will start within next 7-10 days.

need a good front end as well as backend.

please quote time frame and examples if any.

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Need Help Getting Web Service Up And Running

I need help from someone who is able to get a functional version of DHIS2 up and running on our server with a mysql database (without the test data that comes with the demo install). Server to be hosted on a dreamhost install (so part of your job will be assessing whether its possible to install the program on dreamhost – if not – I need an alternative method of installation).

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Php Programmer

I need to rebuilt my site , its a education site

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PHP Programmer Needed – Parttime

I have several websites that need php development. I need someone who is skilled in php and mysql for a couple of weeks work.

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Need Help Om My Server And Magento Installation

Hi, I need some help om my server and Magento installation

I have a server with the following specs:
Operating system CentOS Linux 5.5
Webmin version 1.520
Time on system Fri Oct 15 21:14:15 2010
Kernel and CPU Linux 2.6.18-194.17.1.el5 on i686

I need to install Magento, but when i do the magento requirements check it gives me:
Your server does not meet the following requirements in order to install Magento.
The following requirements failed, please contact your hosting provider in order to receive assistance with meeting the system requirements for Magento:

You are missing the dom extension
You are missing the gd extension
You are missing the mcrypt extension
You are missing the pdo extension
You are missing the pdo_mysql extension
The following requirements were successfully met:
You have PHP 5.2.0 (or greater)
Safe Mode is off
You have MySQL 4.1.20 (or greater)
You have the curl extension
You have the hash extension
You have the iconv extension
You have the pcre extension
You have the simplexml extension

Anyone know how to fix it AND install Magento?

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Need URGENT Php Programmer

I need a photo gallery similar to facebook gallery to add on existing website including admin panel, please send pm with your bid.

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Need Php Programmer. Also For Other Projects Besides This Ph

I have a programer working for me, but we need only to finish a script a matrix or two, and put power into the system with Paypal, SolidTrustPay or add any other. withdrawal also profit.
Pay about $ 100 for this work easy and fast.

————————————————– ——————————————
Besides I need someone to make me a couple of pictures for photoshop that is professional and very economical, those who are interested, talk to me by private message and do a project if it is affordable.

Thank you very much and greetings.

Tengo un informatico trabajando para mi, pero nos falta solo para terminar un script una matrix o dos, y poner para poder entrar en el sistema con Paypal, solidtrustpay o añadir cualquier otro. tambien de retirada de ganancias.
Pagare unos 100$ por este trabajo facil y rapido.

Aparte de eso necesito alguien que me haga un par de imagenes por el photoshop que sea profesional y muy economico, quien le interese, que me hable por mensaje privado y hacemos un proyecto si es economico.

Muchas gracias y saludos.

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Programmer, Web Developer, Database


We are an Automobile Dealers solutions website providing Automobile dealers with the following:
Dealers Login to create & manage their own individual account. Also able to select from a certain number of website templates to give them the flexibility to design their own website.

Host Dealer websites:
– Dealer site preferences
– Home Page, About Us, Financing, FAQ

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Emailing: 50 Millions Messages/month

Looking for emailing outsourced supply.
Hotmail lists.
Long-term. A free 150K trial blast will help discriminate newbies from serious experienced bidders.
Quote per million sent.

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Experienced PHP Programmer Needed

Need a programmer who is excellent with PHP coding and integrating plugins, etc

Below is our specific requirement:

1. Setting up WishList Members on BLOG to operate like a membership site.
2. Art Catalogue (already set up) needs to be integrated with and OSCommerce shopping cart so we can sell stuff. Have a Wishlist Members membership and an account already.

Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks

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Need Many Workers… On Many Fields…simple Jobs

well, im looking for many people to work for me… all my work are very easy… piece of cake.. all of them
but you need to know how to work… ill list them down here. so.. basically i wont be teaching you or telling u in detail on how to do… ill just tell u what i need and expect you to make it for me.

and i need more than 1 person to work on each category

1. I need a commentor…
the work would be to comment on blogs and forum on related niche. all you have to do is comment.. thats it.. mind you this is not backlink building… as i said… comment on blogs or pages related to niche

2. i need someone who know about adword
the work is simple… you have to create campaignes for me.. thats it.

3. i need someone who know about YSM… yahoo search marketing…
similar to adword… create campaignes for me

4. i need some one who know how to create lens on squidoo
your work would be making many many lens for me… the content would be provided… its kind of a copy paste work… i want some one who has used squidoo before…

5. some one who knows hubpages
content will be given… just copy paste and prepare it for me

6. other free blogs… like etc. etc…. search "Free blogs" on google… and youll see many free blogs service provided, anyone who knows any of them(only top 20 on google)… make blogs for me.. content will be given.

7. any one who knows about email marketing…
i havent thought much about this… but i need someone experienced.. will talk on this again, meanwhile, if ur interested, pls bid

candidates who are interested

1. dont tell me about you. how good you are, how bad you are… nothing… there would be so many bids… i wont be reading all these…

2. In your bid, tell me what you want to work for.
like project 1 or 2 or 3 …etc

3. dont bid the pricing for me…(bid $30) all price have been fixed by me… i will tell them… we can talk on that later…

4. bid on things you are good in… if your not good or efficient in it. kindly dont bid… coz therell whole lots of work, youll go crazy if your not good in it…. all work would be extremely easy… not hectic… no complications…mostly copy paste work… it would only be tough if you dont know how to do it… so, pls dont bid if you have never done it before.

i will contact after a few days.

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Full Time Programmer

I need a fulltime programmer to help me with various php projects.

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