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Need Help With My WordPress Website!

I need someone who is knowledgeable of WordPress to help me fix my site. I dont know why my tables are all screwed up. I dont know enough about html to be able to fix it but I assume it wouldnt take long for someone who knows what theyre doing.

I need someone to not only fix the problem, but to educate me also in what is wrong with it so I can keep myself from doing this to my site in the future.

Take a look at my site:

Also, I downloaded the "All In One SEO Pack" plugin and need someone to help me implement it correctly with placing all the information it requires, including my keywords, tags, etc.

Thank you!

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Need Help With Some Excel Document Creation

I am creating some excel workbooks to be used regularly in my business. I have no experience with Excel so we need someone with some hefty experience to help us create the documents we will use in our day to day business and show us how to implement it into our business. This should be simple stuff at first but if I find the right person we will work with them consistently as we expand our operation. Toronto freelancers only please.

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Classifieds Website – Need Help With Ads Posting

Ive just finished a classifieds section on my website and Im looking for two people that can help me on posting new ads, Im gonna be responsible for the SEO (marketing) part.

How do I pay you?
Im gonna provide a free space for you between the ads, so you can give me your banner, Ill post it, that way, all the users and guests gonna able to see your banner, what might be a good income for you if you have a ppc banner (except adsense), I can also put an ad directly to your site, that way you could raise your services/products selling.

The website is about classifieds in the USA and Australia. Even though, the focus is USA.

Remember that your income will not depend only on me, I can make the SEO part, but once you post new content to the site you are automaticaly helping with SEO, so, as much content as you post, as higher are the chances to raise visits, and your income.

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I Need Help With Internet Marketing

I have a coupon website I need to advertise.

If you can bring quality traffic, sales and positive ROI, the budget is unlimited.

Let me know what you can do – what is your method? what is cost per click? volume? I would need some sample traffic / testing to see that you can deliver what you promised.

It needs to be immediate solution (no long term solution please)


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Need Someone Help Me Collect Forum Address

I want someone to help me search web to find forum site address ,which have good traffic ,where i want to advertize.
i need about 200 forum (entertainment,sport,and so on) ,which run in us ,uk,or europe ,sure ,if you know other way to post ads,you can collect it .then i will hire you to help me post ads .
the bider should give me some forum site samples ,or i dont consider your bid
thanks for bidding

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Quck Fixes To Flash Website

I need help making a few Quick fixes to Flash website.

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New Joomla Website Need Help

You will be working on

I want the images from and the slide show style like

I want a google map in the "contact us" page with our contact info (I cant get the page to link for some reason and make the mod live please tell me the problem here).

1. For the "your estimate" page I want a picture (I have the pictures) of 10 materials (paint, wood, tile, concrete etc.)in a horizontal row with check boxes under the images.

The user will select "paint" "concrete" etc from the materials list then;

as they are "building there bid" they will;

2. select a time frame from a calendar they want the job completed by (easy component install from joomla extensions directory)

3. inerior or exterior choice box

3.5 project description

4. name

5. email

When the forms re submitted they will be CCed to 2 email addresses of the admins.

Example work page will be an image gallery of work from jobs (we have the pictures.)

I am sure there will be a few modifications as well.

Hope u have a good day,

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Twentty Dot Com Need Your Help!!

We need to get traffic to our website ,
we pay lot of money if you are the guy who can drive traffic to this website

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Need Help Fixing JQuery And Prototype Scripts

My website has a banner on the homepage that uses jQuery. The jQuery is not working correctly and the banner does not slide correctly. I also want to have a Feedback button installed, but it uses Prototype. The two scripts (jQuery and Prototype) conflict with each other so I will need an expert company to help me with this.

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Hotmail Password

Need help to recover hotmail password

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Mircocontroller Project

Need help with microcomputer

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Micro-controller Programming

Need help with micro-controller programming

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Programmer Needed For A Few Quick Additions To Website

Were looking for an experienced programmer to add the following additions to the website as quickly, but correctly, as possible:

1. Add a Video Section to our website. (video should be embedded).
2. Add option to attach an embedded video to an uploaded emblem.
3. Add option to attach a secondary image to an uploaded emblem.

The website this is for is

Please pm for any questions and concerns.


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Short Film Website (simple)

Create simple/6-page (for now) website for short film

Need someone who can design as well as code

$60 to start

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Website Project 101

Need help moving posts from one wordpress site to another

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My Adsense Website – I Need Help To Get $1000pm From It

My website is and it is a Free website for Photoshop beginners.

I made the tutorials and pages etc.

I have put Adsense ads on it but I am struggling to get any money from it.

I need someone who can help me get $1000pm from it. I dont mind if this takes a while and I am willing to put the work in to make it happen.

I need someone who can look at it and help me get traffic to it, advise me by email regualry what to do next to keep improving the traffic and clicks I get from it.

I need help with what way to arrange the tutorials, catergories, topics etc and what are the best ways for websites like this to get a good Adsense click rate. I will put in as much work as needed with new and fresh content and tutorials but I need someone with experience to advise me for maximum Adsense return.

Also I was thinking of doing Video tutorials and using Youtube to show them and get traffic to site. Will this increase my Adsense return?

There is a blog on there and I will start updating it daily soon. I need you to help me build this site up to acheive $1000per month by telling me what I need to do and doing SEO help too. As long as I see weekly improvements and increased clicks per week.

Please PM with your bids (I may increase my budget) and what your suggest/plan to do that will get this website $1000pm.

Kindest Regards

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Smooth Talkers Wanted – Need Help Placing Gaming Machines

I am seeking a smooth talker who can call bar and restaurant owners to help me place popular gaming machines in my state. You do not need to sell anything, just confirm with the owner/manager that they are interested and meet several criteria. The owner wont have to pay a dime for our machines, it is 100% revenue share for them.

I will provide all of the leads and phone numbers so it is a simple project, requiring maybe an hour or two a day.

I am looking for Americans or someone with a great American accent (if you are abroad I will need to hear you).

This is mostly commission based but has great potential to make hundreds or thousands a week for only a couple hours a day.

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Banner Needed

Need a quick banner done for a website. Very simple

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Need Help With Making Full Magento Store

I need help with Magento store full website

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Funny IPhone App Idea–Need A Developer

I need a developer for a fairly simple iphone app. I can provide more details through a PM. It will be a very simple app and shouldnt be very hard to build.

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I Need Someone To Help Me With A Background For A Website

I have a website, – I need help with that background image. As you will see, Im trying to get it to "hug" the sides of the css wrapper, which it does, but there are gaps in between pictures. I can send you all of the pictures through email. I need someone to re-create this background, so it tiles vertically perfectly with no gaps. Will lead to a LOT more work!!! $30 budget and I need it done within a few hours!

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Need A Joomlaian (Who Know Joomla) To Make A Simple Website.

I need a joomlaian to build up a simple website for me.
Rest of details will be given in PM.
maximum amount i can afford is $250.
I can do this but i dont have time.
Please bid i will give all users an opportunity , you should have time for me .
Newcomers will also be tested for future projects.
Thanks and happy bidding.

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Very Simple Project

Need a website.

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Need Help Editing A Flash Website

I need help editing a flash file for one of my websites. Every time I edit the master Flash file and go to export it as a swf file, a compiler error shows up saying I forgot to include the actionscript file. I am able to make all of the necessary changes to the flash file itself but need help with how the actionscript file fits into everything. I am using Adobe Flash CS4. I have the actionscript file that the flash file is looking for when I export to .swf I just dont know how everything fits together. I would like someone to help me with the simple changes I want to make as well as educate me on how to make the changes in the future.

I have all of the FTP login information I will provide to the winning bid.

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Need Quick Help From Rashid(Kryptora Sri Lanka)

As we Discussed.

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Need Help To Build My Website

Ive already begun to create a new website. But I need someone to help me to finish. I would like to add categories, pages, links to pages,… Im not an expert, I could take the time to do this, but I dont have time enough right now.
Im using rvsitebuilder right now, so I would like someone that would understand what I want and that would be able to do the changes. I can give you everything so that you can make all the changes on my website.
With your bid, give me examples of your work. I can send the link of my website, just send me a message.

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Blog Creation

I need someone to help me with blog creation.

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Need Help With Editing Our Website

We have a functioning web site. We need help with selecting and setting up a software to be able to make minor changes (editing text, changing pictures and adding and deleting employees and specials) without messing up other pages and functionality of the website and without knowing HTML code. We have used FrontPage but for some reason it corrupts the page layout.
The project will be considered fulfilled when we install recommended software on our computer and will be able to make above changes ourselves.
Thank you for considering this project.

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Site Changes For A CMS Made Simple Website

One of my clients websites is built with the open source program CMS Made Simple (
I need some changes made, images added, change some links, html added to flash

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Need Help With Website

Need help with maintance and change template for store please

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Vbulletin Help

I have a pretty big vbulletin site and i want to change something to it. Seems pretty simple to do but i cant find it.

This is what I want to do…..


and change it to

basically i want to change the /forum to something else to my choosing.

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