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Compile An Anthology On Peace And True Love

Join my team of peace-loving global citizens

An anthology is a collection of selected writings chosen by the compiler.

I am looking for the right person to glean through hundreds of my audio recordings, text files and notebooks and compile a collection of my ideas on world peace, true love, human evolution, education, the 12th player consciousness, democracy with a purpose, English with a purpose, absolute parents, nation building, cancer, the Olympics, the future, living for the sake of others, Team World Family, and the purpose of life etc. All these issues have one thing in common. They are all organized around one higher value Devotion to the Welfare of Humankind; Koreas founding philosophy, educational philosophy and national motto.

If you organize your life around one of the higher values all the rest will come to you because all the higher values commune with each other. Plato

First, you have to prove to me that you are qualified. How you choose to do that is of great interest to me.

Contact me and request a file to work on as a sample to be included in your bid.

Bid is $30 for 6 hours of honest work (I never pay out more then $30 to a complete stranger. I pay in $30 increments)
Hopefully, the right person will eventually be paid what they think they are worth.
SKYPE (with a mic) Deal Breaker
I am an American professor working in Korea for the peaceful re-unification of the Korean peninsula, for the good of all humankind.
Send resume
see attachment

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Australian Real Estate Property/client Sourcing Needed

I run a private real estate business In Australia in which i need to be generating more clientelle, need more houses to buy and rent with the intention of buying down the road.
I am based on the Gold Coast in Queensland and that is where i need most of the business to come from although i do branch out to Sydney, Brisbane, The Southern Highlands(NSW) and occasionally to Melbourne and Perth but those areas i dont really worry about.
Need a somebody who is good with clients and can have anybody who is selling, renting or a wealthy client with investment residential properties to contact me as i specialise in real estate turn arounds and turning negative geared houses into neutral or postively geared but i dont mention this to the clients i work with as they usually feel intimadated, need anybody with houses for sale or for rent to contact me, a very basic description of what i do is below, only need the concept to be able to understand it, its not to complicated. I currently dont have the time to do this work myself, but if this project is done well there will be opportunities for full time work, this is going to be a first round test of how you work and when business is increased am going to introduce high incentives.
For Sale Market
need to find people who need to sell their homes,
need to find people whos properties have been on the market for long periods 3-6months or more
need to find vendors who have very little equity in their homes but still need and want to sell
motivated sellers/vendors- reasons people are motivated, built a new house, property too large, property has little equity, want to retire to another state, cant afford mortgage payments, mortgagee in possession, financial problems, failing business, failing health, cant afford cost of maintenance rates and/or insurance, lawsuits, divorce, death in family, heirs inherit unwanted property, loss of job, forced transfer etc.
Benefits for the sellers- receive the price that they require aslong as they work with me on the terms, get their current situation solved(50% of the time their selling to pay off other debts which i can fix that quickly)
For Lease/Rent Market
In the For Rent/Lease markets i will generally target the middle to higher priced homes as the lower priced homes are usually in the rough neighbourhoods and those deals never seem to work out, i will generally only rent the place if i can purchase these homes down the road.
People who want higher rents, will pay enough rent to cover all outgoings eg mortgage+rates with the idea that i buy it down the road once i have finances sorted
The way to get people to agree to this is to tell them that you really want to buy their house but if we were really good tenants and paid our rent on time and we paid enough rent to cover your outgoings, is there any reason why you wouldnt sell it to me down the road when i get my finances in order
Ask if you can just rent the property for a while and buy it down the road, if they say no you just say what if i paid you enough rent and it was equal to what it is costing you to hold this property in which case im paying super rent would that present a problem
Benefits i can provide for the owner include- higher rent, lower vacancy, positive cashflow, outgoings on house covered, no real estate fees on eventual purchase, higher purchase price, owner maintains all tax benefits, lower operating expenses, Major point for the majority of people again is peace of mind.
Wealthy Clients Market
Generally with wealthy clients they have alot of residential investment properties so if whoever takes on this project can have them contact me to do business would be great.
Benefits for these clients- Higher Return on Investment (that is the main selling point i use to these people), keeps all tax benefits, positive cashflow, higher sales prices, secured profits,

I need someone who can generate alot of business, couldnt fit whole job description so will attach file for you to read

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Get A Higher Google Page Rank?

I would like to get my site a higher page rank? so any service that offers link building, submitting articles service etc etc

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Website Needed-Similar To Texts From Last Night

Hey I need a website similar to in terms of features and organization. I want it to be in PHP/mySQL. I have already made a design in PSD files which will need to be coded into the site. The design is optimized for a 1024×768 setting but the gray background should stretch adapt for larger screen resolutions. The design must meet proper and modern HTML and CSS standards and work in all major browsers (chrome, firefox, ie)

I want front page posts to be ordered by the difference between the number of thumbs up and thumbs downs. The ones with a higher positive difference amount would be accordingly ranked higher. This would the same for ranking for comments. The front page would be the top posts of that week. I also want admin back end where I can delete users, delete posts, delete comments, email all members, and place where I can add google adsense code to the bottom side bar. The Sign In side bar once signed in would change to have Welcome "user name" text and a button to see your posts with their rankings, your comments, and a sign out button.

The coding must be completely original and I must have complete and exclusive rights to the coding.

Please post/send me examples of your work.

My budget is $30-$300.

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SEO For Higher Page Rank

I need SEO services to get my website to the highest page ranking. Already have keywords and site, so need expertise in driving traffic. Keyword is not highly competitive, so should not be very difficult to optimize. I will pay for results.

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SEO For Higher Page Rank

I need SEO services to get my website to the highest page ranking. Already have keywords and site, so need expertise in driving traffic. Keyword is not highly competitive, so should not be very difficult to optimize. I will pay for results.

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Link Building–need 600 Backlinks

Subject: Link Building (need 600 backlinks)

I need the following:
– 100 blog comments on marriage/ relationship/ save your marriage related blogs with a PR of 3 or higher (on the
comment page)

– 100 article submissions of an article you will write about my site, which I will need to approve. High quality English writing is a MUST. (I will need to know the urls of the accepted articles, not just a submission report)

– 100 press release submissions of a press release you will write about my site, which I will need to approve. Again, high quality English writing is a MUST. (I will need to know the urls of the accepted press releases, not just a submission report)

– 100 profile links from sites with a domain of PR4 or higher, and in the marriage/ relationship/ save your marriage (pr of page does not matter)

– 100 forum signature links from forums with a domain PR of 4 or higher, and in this same niche described abovev(pr of page does not matter)

– 100 directory submissions in same niche directories with a domain PR of 4 or higher. (I need to know the logins for each account. Also, the pr of page does not matter)

This project is for 600 total backlinks, which all must be verified by a report of the exact urls that the backlinks are on.

If you only do submissions, and cannot provide urls, please do not bid.

If you have less than 10 feedback, please do not bid.

If you have a high "incomplete" project history, please do not bid.

If you send a PM that does not match what I am looking for, it will be ignored. Please acknowledge specifics in your PM so that I know you understand the job.

If you do this work well, I will hire you again.

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500 Links Building

Hello. I got 25 websites. I need 20 links for the each website. Links sources – 25% RELATED blogs (page where link will be located must have pr1 and higher), 25% from article directories (index page of the resource PR3 and higher), 25% published in RELATED category in the links directories (index page PR3 and higher), 25% Press release/bookmarks – index page pr3 and higher.
Percentage not exact, could be variable. Websites themes – legal highs, herbal highs, legal drugs, marijuanna, spice, herbal incense, smoking mix, legal cocaine and etc.
Budget – 100$.
Good luck.

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Quality Forum Posting Backlinks

We require 100 posts on related forums to our site with minimum PR2 or higher, broken down over 1 month (roughly 25 posts per week).

All forums must be a Google PR 2 or higher and we want you to add our URL in the signature. All postings must be reported and all links should be "Follow".

We will supply you with link text and anchor phrase.

When you bid, please send me the following information in a PM or in your actual bid:
– Links to your previous forum posting projects.
– Rate for 100, 500 and 1000 forum posts
– Description of methods used to post, we do not the site band by google
– Please provide your website if you have one

**** We will just pay for a completed work and approved posts that stick for 14 days. If they are removed you must replace them.

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Find Relevant Backlinks

I need 50 relevant backlinks for my website

The keywords are: self tanner, self tanning lotion, sunless tanning lotion, tanning, suntan.

The backlinks should be a minimum of PR4. Higher PR ranking will earn you an extra fee for each found. Please specify what the extra fee will be for each backlink higher than PR4.

This project is not for placing the backlinks, but for the backlinks only. (However, you will have an opportunity to bid on their placement after this phase of the project is complete.)

Please submit the backlinks, with their respective page rank, in an 2007 Excel spreadsheet, and I will click on each one to verify it meets the criteria.

Terms of payment are 50% down and 50% final payment after delivery of all relevant backlinks. The extra fee for higher rankings will be added to the final payment per your bid.

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Link Building Dutch Website

We need 175 permanent backlinks and 175 directory submissions for a dutch information&affiliate site about hotels and vacations in Turkey.
All the 350 links must be from Dutch (extention .nl) or Belgium (extention .be) websites.And only topic related, for example: information turkey, travelling, holidays, lastminutes, hotels, citymaps, side-seeing etc.
I suppose that it will be neccesary to understand the dutch language to complete this project… (Dutch: In dat geval kunt u ook in het Nederlands een bod plaatsen)
You can pm me for the url of the website, so you can make a more accurate bid/decision.

Please read the following conditions carefully.
If you agree to terms, youre welcome to bid.

– URLs to link with (about 4/5)
– Dutch anchor texts


175 dutch/belgium directory submissions
50 pr 1 or higher
50 pr 2 or higher
50 pr 3 or higher
25 pr 4 or higher

175 dutch/belgium one-way backlinks
75 pr 1 or higher
35 pr 2 or higher
30 pr 3 or higher
20 pr 4 or higher
10 pr 5 or higher
5 pr 6 or higher

+ ONLY white hat methods
+ NO DIRECTORY SITES (for backlinks)
+ All links must be "do follow."
+ All linking websites must be Dutch or Belgium
+ All linking websites must be .NL, .BE
+ No links from "under construction" pages.
+ No sites that will ask for money later!.
+ No contextual ads sites, popups, intrusive advertising, etc. NO SPAMMING
+ No black-hat tactics. No blacklisted or Spam sites or spamming techniques. No banned sites, porn, gambling,
+ No blog comment spamming
+ No ping sites
+ No subdomains, back links must be on a www.
+ No links within newsgroups
+ No more than 25 other external links on same page where the link occurs (for the one-way backlinks).
+ All links must be One way non-reciprocal links.
+ Links must be from relevant websites, theme related.
+ Links must be permanent, active, never expiring.
+ Links must be VISIBLE in text, readable and no graphics.
+ Google guidelines for building links must be followed and NO way should be compromised.
+ One link per domain. You cant place 2+ links on the same domain; links from 350 different domains needed
+ Linking page must already be indexed in Google, Bing and Yahoo.
+ Link page must be search engine friendly (no redirects, cloaking, etc.)
+ Page should not be excluded by robots.txt
+ Page Rank is for page that has the backlink – not the homepage or other page on the site
+ No paid traffic/payment sites.
+ Page should not be excluded by robots.txt.
+ No link from: forums, guestbooks, classifieds, dynamic links, link farms, link-exchange programs, Free For All websites, hacker, pharmacy, gambling, pornographic, violent, illegal, hate-based sites or black hat sites.
+ No use of black / grey hat software. You must build links MANUALLY at 5-8 per day and spread them over at minimum of 45-60 days.
+ Staggered deployment of the links is required over 45 days to avoid any penalties.

+You agree to replace any links which are removed within 6 months after placement.
+We reserve the right to cancel any link if not found suitable
+ Detailed Excel file to be provided by you with all linking posts URLs
once total work (100%) is finished.

Once the (first milestone 25%) links have been placed, service provider will supply the following report:
– Date link was placed
– URL of link page, site exact URL (clickable hyperlink)
– Google PR of the link page
– Title of link page
– IP of link page
– Number of outbound links from the linked page
– Anchor Text used for the link
– Target URL of the link

milestone payment or total in once.

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Debt Settlement Closing

Attention call centers. We are a dynamic company looking for closers. I need callers to provide list and call on debt settlement leads, sell our program, and take applications. I will pay $20 for verified leads. I will pay a bonus of
$100 for closed transactions once a minimum of 20% is achieved. We will consider higher bonus levels for higher close rates are met. We can train on the sales process as well as taking the application. This is a volume business. Only reply if you can produce volume. My staff will take the applications, then finalize to the point of first payment. Bonus is paid once the first payment from the client is taken. I am looking for a long term busines relationship to develope and grow.


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Copy/paste Information From 4 Websites Into Excel Doc

I have a list of roughly 175 doctors. I have 4 websites which have doctors listed including office address and phone numbers. I need for each doctor to be searched on each of the 4 websites and the data to be placed into a provided spreadsheet. Very simple task. This is a trial and can be regular weekly work for the right freelancer. Looking for bids no higher then 15 dollars. If this can be completed in under 24 hours then I will consider having you do more of these at a higher rate.

**Had posted before but had to repost, need this completed in Under 24 hours, now**

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Copy Paste Data From Websites Into Excel

I have a list of roughly 175 doctors. I have 4 websites which have doctors listed including office address and phone numbers. I need for each doctor to be searched on each of the 4 websites and the data to be placed into a provided spreadsheet. Very simple task. This is a trial and can be regular weekly work for the right freelancer. Looking for bids no higher then 15 dollars. If this can be completed in under 24 hours then I will consider having you do more of these at a higher rate.

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SEO Work – Keep My Ranking – Long Term – Build Links

Im reposting a project that I have posted yesterday with some changes. Please read and bid accordingly.

Looking for a professional experienced SEO to keep my current position and raise my PR. I currently have one of my sites on the first page of google at position #1 on e cigarettes and I need someone who can maintain my ranking there and raise my PR, my current position has been stable as I have been building backlinks to it. What you will need to do:

1. Maintain my ranking.
2. Build backlinks daily, links must be coming from PR2 and higher sites only, sites such as social bookmarking, article submission, no spam blog commenting, profile links etc.
3. Must gurantee my position as it is and if for some reason the position is dropped no payment will be made for that month, I know about google dance but it doesnt last long so the site should be back where it was withing 24 hours. (You must agree to this too)
4. Must raise my PR, current PR is 0, I know google updates it every 3 months so with the next update I should have some PR.
5. Must send weekly reports of the links that you have created, the links must be indexed.
6. Paying $150 each month, so I expect some professional work being done here. If you do good will have you working with my other sites.

Heres the kind of links and the amount of links that you will need build:
1. 300 Live Social Bookmarking PR2 and higher (10 bookmarks each day)
2. 300 Approved Dofollow Profile Links (10 profile links each day)
3. 300 Approved Dofollow forum Posting or blog posting (10 of them each day)
4. 150 Approved articles Pr2 and higher (5 each day)

All the links must be indexed, weekly reports must be submitted and provided. Please bid only according to the listing by bidding your agreeing to all the Terms. Need someone for Long term – Got several other sites that need the same thing, so if you do good will be higher you for more projects.


Bid with 10+ plus only!

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30 Permanent Links PR3 Or Higher

We need 30 Permanent links (At least 6 months) of PR3 or more, with specific links and anchor text provided by us.

Payment will not be done unless the links provided by you meet the requirements below.

If we like your work, we will have more projects for you.

– No links from websites that already link to specified site.
– Max 50 outbound links on each web page (where link is placed)
– Links should contain the target keyword as a text hyperlink (anchor text)
– Links must be on established and static pages
– Ranked with Google Page rank 3 or higher
– On pages indexed and cached by Google, Yahoo and MSN Search (cache must not be more than 1 month old.)
– Only sites relating to Electricians and plumbers
– One link per domain (different C class IPs)
– Permanent links only
– No search spam, scraper sites, mirror sites, link farms or free for all link exchanges
– No link schemes
– No blog comments
– No directories
– No forums
– No blog and ping sites
– No redirects or cloaking (e.g., 301, 302, meta-refresh, JavaScript redirects)
– No classified ads
– No dynamic links
– No pages blocked by robots.txt
– No article submission sites
– No rel=nofollow links in the HTML
– No guest books

Please write "I can do 30" in your comment in order to be considered.

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Dotnet Exam Type Work


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Commission Calculator For Recruiting Industry

We are a Technical Recruiting firm based in Virginia. We have sales reps (SRs) and Recruiters (REC) that are paid commission based on the jobs they fill with qualified consultants. The commission is based on the amount of hours their consultant works and the margin (spread) of that person. Spread = the money made each hour after burden (ie. straight profit). Also, the more consultants the recruiter has working, the higher the spread. As their spread grows, we pay them a higher percentage. (Percentages start at 8%, and go up to 15%.)

Ex. REC 1 has a consultant with a $15 spread. He works 160 hours in a month. Our company would make $2400 from that consultant. REC 1s commission would be 8% of $192.

Currently, we have to manually calculate all of this each month. We are looking for a custom built tool that allows us to populate recruiters and sales reps, company and consultants, and input spread and hours and have a system calculate commission.

We would also like to be able to run reports if possible, such as company spread, individual recruiter spread for hour, week, month, year, etc.

The tricky part is the system would have to understand their are different tiers that pay higher percentages. Example, once a recruiter gets to $4000 in weekly spread and his commission percentage goes from 8% to 10%, so now anything over $4000 he is paid 10%. ONce he gets to 5K in weekly spread, he is paid 12% and so on until it is capped.

I can give much more specifics and details, but this is the gist of it. We just need a solid developer that can understand our business requirements and put them into a workable program. We do not have Access installed, but if that is the chosen product, we could buy it. Excel or any other tool would work fine. We do want a decent looking interface.

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Research And Data Entry India Higher Education Institutions

Im looking for freelancers interested in collecting data on all Higher Education Institutions in India.The job consists in researching, collecting and editing information from accurate sources about every institution of higher education in India (early research showed about 266 institutions, there may be more). Freelancers with research experience in education or educated in India would be preferred. Information can be collected from different trust-wordy sources that include program offerings (undergrad and post-grad – average cost in USD and institution description among other details)

Please contact me for further information and bidding details..

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IPhone Game

Were looking for a team to build an iPhone / iPad game. Were expecting it to span over a few different phases, so if successful there would be follow up work!

High level phase view:
P1 – Core Game (the graphics, motion detection, scoring, levels of difficulty etc)
P2 – Free Version (first n levels from P1)
P3 – Career Mode (extends the core game to include a "career" where users can choose their own adventure)

High Level Functional Requirements:
* Be able to generate / load a building which is the setting for the level (the higher the level, the higher the building)
* use touch / drag to trigger actions in the game
* time based changes to the game situation
* scoring (based on time, amount won / lost etc)
* Difficulty modes
* Menu of Levels
* Menu of Modes

Winning bid will be required to sign Non Disclosure Agreements and hand over all source code to us. Were looking to build a firm relationship with a development team and dont want to discover a rip off of our ideas on the app store.


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Research And Data Entry UK Higher Education Institutions

Im looking for a English speaking freelancers interested in collecting data on Higher Education Institutions in the United Kingdom for a directory Website of institutions.The job consists in researching, collecting and editing information from accurate sources about every institution of higher education in the UK (about 165 estimated). Freelancers with research experience in education or educated in he UK would be preferred. Please contact me for further information and bidding details..

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15 Articles On US Higher Education – $75

I want you to write 14 informative articles about US higher education. These articles should inform the reader about the universities and colleges in the USA, how to choose the appropriate college for him, what he should be aware of, general information that he should know etc. I am going to provide you with the keywords that should target. The remainder 1 article would advertise a certain website related to the education niche. Bid only if you are a Native English speaker.

All the articles:
Should be 100% Original and unique
Should have 400 to 750 words
Must have proper English, spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure
Should be informative and creative
Should include a heading

I want to buy full rights of all the articles and thus I might modify them if I want to. You should not post them anywhere. I am willing to pay $75 for this project.

Please provide me as a sample of your work.

Thank you.

PS: Articles should have 400 to 750 words. Please be a bit random on that.

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SEO WORK (Rank Higher On Google)

I have 2 websites that I am looking for someone who can help me to rank higher on google. I know that this is a process. I will need someone to work on a weekly basis and provide daily updates as to what work was performed on each site each day. I will need some link building, article marketing, yahoo answers, blog commenting, link building, social media marketing, etc….

When applying please provide me your best rate for 2 websites and the experience in the past.

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30 PR 7 Or Higher Backlinks In 48Hours

We need 30 PR7 or HIGHER DOFOLLOW backlinks in 48 hours.

Manual submissions only.

Must supply excel file for proof of submission and PR RANK!

Must complete all 30 in 48 hours. Must be DOFOLLOW

No blackhat.

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Higher Traffic And Earning Need

I have 3 web blogs, but i get average 1$ per day from google adsense. I need to boost up to at least 5$ per day. You need to increase traffics to 7000+ daily page views. Currently i got 3000+ per day.

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Raise PageRank From 5 To 6 And Higher


I run a web directory established in 2006.
We have about 100k blogs and websites in our directories.
We rank in top10 for the most keyword phrases from our branch.
I make money on selling featured links.
Current PR = 5. We could make more if we had higher PR.

Please let me know how can you help me.
Im looking for a long term partnerhsip with the right candidate.
Only experienced online marketers please.

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SEO And Backlinks For A Site To Rank Higher In India

I have hosted a new website with extension for the services of News letter designing and email marketing with Web designing and web packages service also provided and looking for higher ranking during the search from India. Needs some White Hat SEO and High rating PR backlinks on the site for good vistor traffic on the site. While searching the service of News letter and Email marketing site should be on the first page.

Honestly am tight in budget so please bid reasonable rates.

Thank you in advance.

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SEO Link Building For Particular Keywords

I am looking to build links and rank higher on Google my DJ Equipment website.

There are certain products that I would like to rank highly for and would like someone with good experience in this to help me understand how to do this and to complete the work needed.

The keyword we want to rank higher for to start off with is Snow Machines (These are artificial snow making machine)

My main selling period for these machines is November and December so would like to start now to help achieve results.


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100 Link, 2-3 Links Per URL PR1 And Higher

I need 100 back links, 2-3 links per URL(deep linking), NO BLOG COMMENTING.

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Site Needs To Go Higher

Hi, I need someone to get the site to the higher place on Search Engine. Please refer to PMB for more detials, preferably with portfolio.

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