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Monthly Rollover

I want to enhance an existing spreadsheet to allow some automation. Imagine can achieve these by getting some macros written:
1. a monthly rollover of key closing balances to opening balances in next months spreadsheet
2. automatically at month end transfer summary of the months data onto a table of key data so that it is available for later months. e.g. In Feb spreadsheet show Jan data as history. In Mar sheet show Jan and Feb data as history. (Summarised)
3. after the finalisation of the months spreadsheet create 4 seperate spreadsheets that show 4 individual companies data. Anticipate may have to make data values only as otherwise spreadsheet formulas may not work.

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Copyrighter/Writer With Interest In Art (History) For Blog

Freelance Copywriter / Writer with Art History background and / or strong interest in East Asian Brushpainting for Online Art Portal


We are looking for a writer with strong English skills and an art history background or strong interest in East Asian Art who is competent and interested in doing projects with us.

Our company is in the process of building an online portal for Asian Brushpainting.
This portal is mainly focusing on Chinese and East-Asian art forms such as Sumi-e and Calligraphy.

It is aiming at providing artists with the opportunity to purchase relevant supplies for these art forms but also create interesting and relevant content for the portals and thus drive traffic.

The tasks would involve the following:

>> Define content structure for a blog/shop dedicated to Calligraphy.
Content could include such categories as:
# Basic Knowledge
# Historic Background
# Main calligraphy schools / styles
# Introducing the tools
# Basic Tutorial(s)
# Advanced Tutorial(s)

>> Write about 60 articles of 250-500 words per article
# 10-20 articles during the first 2 weeks
# 5-10 articles per week later

>> Articles to interact with visual content:
Consider in your articles where it would make sense to insert an illustration, picture or video on the text and think about a rough script for these; our photographers / illustrators and video-guys would then prepare these so we can embed that content in the written content


>> Ability to structure tasks and texts
>> Excellent work ethic and reliable
>> Great communication skills to communicate with international team
>> Ability to quickly acquire know-how in a new field and translate these into well sounding texts

Starting Time:
As soon as possible

1 month

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Analyze Voter Registration/voter History Records

Use Microsoft Access and VBA to extract useful information from voter registration and voter history databases for a non-partisan political campaign (local school board, about 20,000 voters in database).

I wish to pay per hour, I will provide the data (CSV format on CD-ROM) and explain the info I desired extracted from it (we are trying to identify likely voters, with subsets by age and political leaning). The freelancer will give an estimate and do the work.

With your bid, please provide any relevant experience.

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Rental History With Database

I need a php and database designer to help with a project I need to be able to take information from a webpage and write it to a database.then in another section of my website allow my customers to retrieve information from the database

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SocialEngine 4 Expert Need For PayPal Integration

Hello Freelancers!

We have a custom SE v4.1.2 website that has a custom "Account Balance" plugin. We need an SE expert to add a page to our site that allows members to add funds to their "Account Balance" via PayPal. We would also like a payment history page that would show the user their payment history along with paypal transaction ID# and date payment was made. The admin should also be able to see the payment history of the user. Would be nice as well if the page could show the purchase or transaction history as well so the user/admin could see exactly what they have paid for. This is for accounting purposes.

We also need this developer to be able to do a database migration from our old non social engine website to the new SocialEngine site so that we may transfer our old members to the new platform.

We are looking to hire and start work immediately. We need delivery of this product in no later than 2-3 days so we need someone that can take this task and run with it immediately and finish on time.

Developer MUST be able to show previous work/proficiency in SocialEngine.

Future opportunities may also be available to a great developer.

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Android And Iphone A2billingcallingcard Dialer App

Android and iphone
callingcard automated dialling must be impleted,
the app must be able to change the dialling process to the destination number automatically in the call log
the app should be able to run in the backround. and widget to turn it off and off should be available
the app should be able to log into a2billing and get the account balance and ability to credit account withing the app
the app should be able to display cost of the call before the call is made
customer should be able to change payment details in the application
customer should be able to change authorised phone number within the application
customer should be able to see last 20 call history withing application
there should be a like us facebook,twitter,email,sms link within app for customer to be able to tell friends
customer should be able to check rate of destinations within the application
customer should be able to see credit history within the application
the application should be similar to rebtel mobile app and as robust.

More Project in Future regarding BLACKBERRY, IPHONE, ANDROID.

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Fashion Website With E-commerce

Our company is launching an online shopping portal concentrating on apparel. Although e-commerce for apparel is a competitive space we believe we have combined a mix of innovative features which create a compelling offering.

The site is focused on e-commerce and distinguishes itself from competitors by being:

a technological leader
using social media and blogging tools to delight users in new ways

We have finished the site designs and wireframes, and are now looking for a development partner to build the site and work with us in making the number one shopping destination in the market. There are circa five main pages in the site and in the initial phase we will working with affiliates rather than creating shopping carts.

We are looking for a development team which can demonstrate the following:

an online portfolio of e-ecommerce web site builds using Joomla
rich and extensive experience of Joomla
a history of contributing to open-source projects in any language
a history of the team members working with each other

In your registration of interest you should state a brief resume and the role of of each proposed team member. We will be conducting the projects according to Agile principles and will be having a daily scrum project management meeting. Please note due to time differences we can not accept bids from outside Europe.

The project is expected to last one month.
Thank you

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Customizable Site With IM And Video Chat And Bookkeeping

Need site made to allow professionals to brand their site and to hold sessions with their customers via email, IM and Video chat and charge clients back for time used. The system should have the following features

– Abilty to brand site with their name and colors either on the master site or tie into their own personal domain name
– simple 1-2-3 step page on how to start the steup
– easy user interface is critical
– IM chat with history and time keeping
– email messaging with history kept in the system
– ability to do tie into video chat provider with time keeping
– online Assesmnet test redirect to a third party assessment test site by filling out a form there.
– Ability to charge credit cards (preferably paypals free payment system)

Please send examples of similar projects youve done

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Simple IPhone App For Training

There are four tabs:

1) Stats
a group table view with some totals (number of trainings, miles run, total calories, max/min, etc) These are calculated from data typed in Settings, History and eventually Actividy updates (see other tabs).
If basic info is not provided in Settings and History tabs, a message or a popup appears in Stats so that the user can provide missing info.

2) Activity update
with the [+] button the user adds simple data about the training activity: date, duration in minutes, speed, note.

3) History
A table where the user can insert simple info about the past training:

-when the user started training
-average number of trainings per month
* advanced: user can specify different times and different averages for each of them. Or, once defined a maximum scale value, the user could draw a graph with his finger, describing the average in the whole historic period (better).
-average duration, in hrs and minutes, of each training
* advanced: user can specify different average durations (eg: 60% 30 mins, 20% 60mins, 20% 90 mins). The best would be a pie graph which the user can add slices, getting them larger or smaller (percentage) and defining the value (in minutes) for each slice.
-average run speed
-step frequency: the user shakes the iphone and the app reads the accelerometer to understand the frequency of shaking (no. of shakes per second).

4) settings

-year of birth
-lock with password: if entered, the app asks for the pin any time it

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ShareaSale / Commission Junction – Expert Affiliate Marketer

I have two Affiliate Programs, one on ShareaSale and the other is on Commission Junction. I am looking for someone who has proven experience in growing Affiliate Marketing Programs online to take on the task of growing the amount of Affiliates that we have who Produce Sales!

This will require knowledge of going out on the web and contacting numerous webmasters who are linking to other companies and acquiring them.

A strong history of working in ShareaSale and Commission Junction that can be proved is Required!!

We also Expect that the person who wins this project will Already Have a list of Already Performing Affiliate Publishers in Both ShareaSale and Commission Junction that they can turn on within the first few days.

Finally, Our Company has a long standing history of providing Top Quality Health Supplements at Extremely Competitive Prices, therefore I know the domain/concept will be (and has been) an easy sell to Affiliate Publishers!

Finally, Thank You for Looking! I look forward to working with YOU

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Website Design & Build

Small project looking for basic design and build of website.

Project is for a small house which wants to show some of its paintings as well as its history.

The site should be built on wordpress – and as its promoting some of the paintings within the house should be image led.

Basically when you click on a thumbnail of any picture, it takes you to a page which includes the image – (which should be able to be expanded full screen) and details of the history of the image.

We were thinking of a combination of the following themes:

Similar sites: – but we need something more modern/image led.

Site doesnt need content to be uploaded – just the basic build

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Write Articles About Online Video Industry

Job requirements:
– Native American writers only
– Profound experience about internet industry
– Perfect English writing skills (proper sentence structure, proper vocabulary use)
– Great grammatical skills. (Strictly no spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.)
– Write articles in a speaking tone.
– All articles must be 100% original and unique. Must pass 100% COPYSCAPE. It will also be checked with dupecop as well (Strictly No Plagiarism). I only pay for original and unique work, no plagiarism.

We need 22 original articles at 500-600 words (4-5 paragraphs) completed in 10 days. I will provide article

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CapsuleCRM API

We have a customer migrating their CRM from ACT2000 to Capsulecrm. We can import their contacts 100%. What does not import however is the notes and history tables from ACT. We have a trial software that lets us extract the notes and history into csv files.

We are looking for someone who can use the CapsuleCRM api to allocate the notes and history from these external files. Here is a phpwrapper and examples .

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Facebook Fans Project

We need reliable Facebook fans providers. Currently we are having lots of ongoing projects. So we would like to expand our team with reliable service providers.

we need 100% US , UK , AUS and world wide fans but not from the Asian countries. If we say 100% US fans, you should gather at least 99% US fans. it should be.

Please PM me the rate for 1k, 2k, 5k, 10k, 25k fans.
All fans should be real persons and active.
Fans must have a minimum of 50 friends.
Fans must have a wall history/status update history that extends back at least 20 days.

Happy bidding.!!!

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USATT Rating System

Can anyone do the USATT Rating system in PHP & mysql where we can add players, add tournament, the ranking like this script

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Slient Script To Delete Cache & History On IE6 To IE8

I am looking for someone to write me a script what will do the following function

1) Script will run in Slient mode (no user interaction)
2) Will clean cache & delete history on that computer from all the user.
3) will NOT delete any toolbar thats been installed on to the IE
4) this script should work for IE6 to IE8
5) prefer the script to be .BAT, .CMD or .EXE files.

I will test the script before the payment is made.

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12 Review Or Research Articles On Travel Tours

12 Review & research articles on these topics (Please provide a greater variety).
Each article should be at least 700 words long (or longer).

1. cultural-educational-tour-operators

Find 10 cultural educational tour operators with links and a description of three-five sentences.

2. educational-discovery-tours-cultural

Recommend 10 cultural educational discovery tours with links a description of three-five sentences

3. educational opportunities-tours-cultural (review)

Find reviews of some of these tours that you recommended and summarize them. Summarize customer reviews online.

4. international-student-tours (review)

Find tours (10) that does not include airfare. Recommend a few student travel companies (5).

5. educational-tour-companies (link)

Recommend 10 educational tour companies (from around the world)

Find niche interesting ones, include link and a short description. (Please do not include student educational tour companies).

6. Ef-educational-tours-cultural

Write a review of EF educational tour.

7. history-educational-tour-operators

Find 10 history educational tour operators with a short description. Please provide a variety.

8. educational-discovery-tours-history

Recommend a few tours (look for, national geographic, stanford travel) – write a description of these interesting history travel companies/travel tours.

9. educational opportunities-tours-history (review)

Find one -two history travel tours customer reviews online and spin it into an article of two history tour reviews.

10. Ef-educational-tours-history

Write a review of 3 history tours provided by EF educational tours.

11. single-travel-tours

Recommend 10 single travel tours with a short description 3-5 sentences and provide relevant link.

12. senior-travel-tours.html

Recommend 10 senior travel tours with a short description 3-5 sentences and provide relevant links.

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Small Business Web Site

Create a website for my small business. Basic front entry page with animated logo(logo to be provided, you are to handle animation). Contact us page with details form. Partners lists – with small banners(I will provide) and a small text box underneath for a description. History page – Primarily text(I will provide) of the background of my company. Solutions – much like history . Our Sites – much like history page.
Some graphic work required – I would like a light background and watermark that flows across all pages.
Editable – I must be able to edit any of the text or graphics. You will need to provide basic steps for me to do so.
No Wordpres to be used
No standard templates – I do not want a template from a software package such as wordpress, frontpage, etc to be used. If you have a template you have create that is fine, but no pre-packaged versions.
HTML – I want the site created in HTML so that it is readable across most browsers, and I can easily edit in the future.

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CRM System (Customer Relations Management)

Hi there, I need a CRM system suitable for a web a design company. I plan to make it as automated as possible from my perspective. I need 4 user tiers. Admin (just me), Managers (to manage the designers), Designers, and Clients.

Here are the features I need implemented for each tier.


* Calendar, for keeping track of due dates/milestones.
* Ticketing, for messaging designers/managers/me.
* Live chat, for setting appointments with designers, and talking to designers live.
* Reporting, shows current progress, email reporting can be set up
* History, shows order history, ticket history, etc.
* Referrals, allows refer-a-friend, in exchange for a gift card or something.
* Complain, allows complaints, goes direct to me.
* Upload information, allows uploading of diagrams, images etc to show to designer.


* Calendar, allows due dates to be set, and dates to be crossed off as holidays, in which theyll get no work.
* Project tracking, shows current projects along with a brief description, can be expanded for full details including history of project.
* Contact, allows messaging of client, manager, and me.
* Live chat, allows appointments to be set with client or manager, and allows talking to them live.
* Submit completed work, allows submission of completed work, which will then be double-confirmed by the manager, then me, and will then go onto the client for any modifications. If there are none, it will be then sent onto a coder. (who will have a pretty similar interface to the designers).
* History, allows viewing of chat history and order history.


* Calendar, will show overdue projects, and projects near completion date.
* Customer Service, allows responding to customers pre-sales (although I may go with somewhere like liveperson for this).
* Track projects, will track all projects under designers under them.
* Chat history, will show chat history of designers.
* Review work, allows reviewing of completed work before it gets forwarded to me.
* Tickets, allows viewing, responding to, and opening tickets, with clients, designers, and me.
* Live chat, allows appointments to be set, and live talking to designers, clients and me.
* Unresponded tickets, view tickets of designers that havent been responded to.
* Staff list, view designers under them, number of sales, percentage overdue etc. Hand out bonuses to best performing.


* Calendar, shows overdue projects, further individual details available if wanted.
* Tickets, view tickets, open new ones, respond.
* Live chat, set appointments, talk to people through the interface.
* $ Reporting, shows ROI, gross revenue, profit.
* History, shows chat history, ticket history, order history.
* Referrals, view weekly number of referrals, revenue generated from them.
* Project delivery confirmation, confirm projects are ok before sent to coder/client.
* Survey results, shows results of customer satisfaction survey, which is handed out with the finished design.
* Staff list, shows list of staff, managers shows designers under them, designers shows clients under them, revenue per staff member.
* Reporting, shows full details of current progress on individual jobs.

Please message or PM with bids.

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SMS& Call History Clean – Android

Looking for an andriod app that will do the following:

User can select all, or individual:

Browser History/Cache
Call History
SMS Text Message History

Once set, the user shouold be able to press a simple "Clean" button

App shall be called the "Advanced Android Cleaner"

I only have a MAX of $75 for this little app. Maker will earn more on a future upgrade, which will be a task killer…

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Android App

This is for a streaming android app. I need someone who can put the app together. I already have one for iPhone and this will be identical. All graphics are available from iPhone app. App will have two parts: 1-Play screen, showing the Artists Picture, and play and history buttons, 2-History screen showing all previously played Music(About 10) pulling from json.php

I am very particular on doing the graphic neatly. Like I said I do have the iPhone app to replicate from. just need to do the coding for android.

I am on tight budget, so I will go with fairest with looking at your previous works on android.

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Need 6 History Essays. Paying 5 Dollars ( For 500 Words)eac


I need 6 History essays about 400-500 words written by Tuesday 10 AM (GMT +5)

I will give you 6 documents of this kind:

You will have to write on those but it MUST NOT be a summary. If you write a summary of those articles I will not accept them.
The articles are usually connected to each other and therefore you will need to focus on one idea, although this is not a must. You can write your personal opinion by doing research on the internet and if you have knowledge on history that would be GREAT!

Please make sure that you can finish them by Tuesday 10 AM (GMT +5) before even declaring your interest.

I am paying 5$ for each of them. If am happy with the quality, I may have more of them in the next 30 days and will hand them to you.

Thanks and ask any question you may have.

p.s. I will provide detailed instructions to the person I select.

I would rather hire a native English/American speaker because the topics are about American History but if you have knowledge on that, you are also welcomed.

Please dont bid if you dont have any review.

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10x400word Keyword Rich Articles On Oriental Food History

*10x400words keyword rich articles

Writer should be willing to do a test file to be submitted within 24 hours of topic assignment.

Must be free of grammatical errors, Must have good flow of thought and keywords must be inserted strategically to make the sentences sound natural.

Copyscape us is a must.

Do not bid if you cannot deliver the 10 articles within 36 hours after the project has been awarded or you will not be paid.

Payment via paypal only.

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POS For Http://

Dear all

i own World Liquors and Wines( i am looking for POS for my store. it should have following things

>Check customers through quickly and accurately with a customizable, touch-screen compatible, selling interface.
Create estimates & orders and turn into invoices simply by clicking a button.

>Create powerful rewards programs to attract new customers and keep the old ones coming back.

>Monitor the profitability of each sales transaction to ensure a healthy bottom line.

>Keep tight control on your most valuable asset with

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History Of Operations Research As Operation Tool

Need someone help to write an essay on below topic..
The essay must be plagiarism free and professionally written..
Also article must be submitted before 02-Dec 16:00 GMT
******( I can only give 30$ per Article)

Many Thanks

"By means of an internet search and books/magazines, discuss the history of Operations
Research as a management tool and give examples of where this technique has been
successful in practice.
Approx. 1000 words"

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History Paper (project For Ultimate Job)

Topic: korean history


question :
what was the relationship between colonialism and capitalism in the japanese rule of korea? in answering this question be sure to explain a) the major shifts in japanese economic policy, and b) the diverse ways koreans experienced the changing economy within the broader context of the growing japanese empire. be sure to accompany your broad analysis of the economy with specific historical examples

***to let you know

1)expected to use footnote to credit all sources of information
2)own thought required
3) focus on areas: analysis/argument, content/evidence, and writing
4) be sure answer to all parts of the question

i need 1000 words, do meet all requirements. i need it within 3-4 hours.

will pay $10 after receiving 50% draft, and rest on completion.

expecting long term relation with you.

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History Researh Paper

4300 or more history research paper

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Online Shop With Data Mining

My project is to make an online shop using customer profile and of course including database, customer profile means to show all information about customer, and main thing is to make a suggestion to customer based on customer behavior e.g transaction history, product view history, and by result of survey which must be filled during registration process to determine what his/her preference, there must be some kind of tool to combine this 3 attributes and generate a customer preference that must be showm to customer when he/she logins to site, also there must a categories and most popular and most viewed things. but product items mustnt be many because this is a univeristy project

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Biblical History

We are looking for someone to write articles and emarketing materials to the Christian world with related topics to the Holy Land, Jerusalem and the Middle East region throughout history.

We are hoping to source someone to write:
Marketing material of 400 words –
Rewrite article into 3 articles

You writing should be very creative, attractive and professional, free of errors and well phrased. Please provide SAMPLE of your writing


-Native English is a must
– Must be fluent in English
– Must give rights to the writing to us
– must be copy capped and original
– Do not copy paste from articles online, printed books, magazines and/or any other form.
– SEO experience.

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