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Keygen Creation


Id like someone to create me a keygen for two pieces of software. Both software come with a trial period after which a serial is required.

I will communicate details of software to shortlisted bidders


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Designing Graphic

This project is for graphic designs.

You should have good experience and attractive portfolio.

Please reply:
1. What are you expertise in graphic design?
2. What software do you use for graphic design?
3. What do you dislike the most about designing?

For serious bidders only. Thanks.

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Approved Themed Forum Links

I have a large list of sites I work with..I need a full time themed forum link builder to maintain approved themed forum links for the submissions. All the content would be provided by me.

A detailed guideline of the criteria will be provided in PMB after bidding.

You will receive 50 cents per approved forum link. Strict deadlines and daily reports is a must.

Thanks…All the best.

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Article Rewriters Required URGENTLY

I require the services of a few article rewriters on an urgent basis. the writer must be able to produce 5 articles on a daily basis may they be original or rewrites. these articles should be PLAGIARISM FREE and free of all GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. no research needed as i will be sending in the articles to be rewritten. moreover, you should be able to meet deadlines. excellent english writing skills are a must.

$1 per 300- 400 words – original articles

those who are not comfortable with the rates need not bid as these are not negotiable. once again, if you have terrible english, are gonna run away after committing to work, are going to plagiarize, then please do not waste my time by bidding. only serious bidders are welcome. to prove that you have read all the requirements, make sure that you mention "article rewriter urgently available" in your bid or else your bid will be ignored.

no escrow payments. all accepted articles will definitely be paid for.EVERY interested bidder must send in a sample in my PMB. Bids without samples will be ignored right away.

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QuickBooks / Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 Integration

I am looking to integrate data between QuickBooks Pro 2008 with Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009. Both computers are at the same location and connect via a LAN. The built-in QuickBooks integration wizard in POS 2009 does not provide sufficient options. My business generates both wholesale and retail sales. All retail sales and inventory levels are processed via the POS 2009 system. Due to POS 2009 limited functionality, wholesale sales (i.e. Invoice, Sales Order, Credit Memo, Purchase Order, Received Payments, etc.), are processed via QuickBooks. The following two integration tasks are required.
1) I would like adjusted wholesale sales inventory amounts from QuickBooks to integrate with the master inventory list in POS 2009 system.
2) Credit card receipts and cash receipts that are received through the POS system (via the cash register) should be integrated into QuickBooks as a daily sum total. Check receipts that are received through the POS system (via the cash register) should be integrated into QuickBooks as individual transactions so that they can be included in the daily deposits.

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I have a unique opportunity for anyone trying to make a good income. ANYONE. this is promotion. We need as much signups as possible. If you can provide 5, 1 100, or 100000 WE NEED YOU.

you will receive a very nice payment 🙂 bid and include your rate per hour. I will contact you later

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Joint Venture Topic: Copywriting / Guide

We need a step by step guide written on the topic of: Finding Joint Venture Partners To Build Your List Fast

The content is to be written in simple laymans terms that is easy to follow for someone with no business knowledge.

Final version to be supplied in Word document format.

Please only reply if your English writing skills are 100% grammatically correct and you will proof read and edit final versions so that it is error free.

Please also only apply if you are able to start this project and now complete quickly.

You can research but please ensure you do not plagerise any content and it is 100% your own work, you will relinquish rights to us.

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Blog Writing

Im launching a celebrity fan site and I need someone to write and post once a week on it.
We will start with 3 posts before launch, and add 1 post every week.

– Each post must have 175+ words and a well-chosen picture;
– Remember, this isnt technical / business writing, you should be able to communicate with the readers;
– You will receive Author access to the WordPress panel, and you should do the editing / posting;
– Please send your quote per post.

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Technical Industrial Market Study Needed

We are looking for a quick turnaround Market Study on a set of specific niche industrial applications.

Bid only if you are familiar with the industries listed below and have online experience researching, compiling and summarizing market data.

This is a SWOT-type Market Study which should include: US market size, International market size, typical US Manufacturers**, typical International Manufacturers**, estimates of their annual revenue, profits, and annual Capital Equipment Investment expense/budget/plans***.

**The Industry Manufacturers we are targeting must have manufacturing processes that include Wet Process Applications (these are the guys that build the big chip fabrication machines, solar panels, pharmaceuticals, and other products).

***Our client is a sub-supplier into these markets. Their customers are effectively the list of manufacturers above. Identification of the markets Capital Equipment (CapEx) investment budgets/plans is critical for us to complete our marketing assessment.

You must site all your data sources.

1. Semiconductor Industry
2. Chemical Handling Industry
3. Solar Equipment Industry
4. Life Sciences Industry
5. Pharmaceutical Industry
6. Medical Devices Industry

We will only communicate and pay through GAF (milestone method – 100% on completion and approval of submission).

Appropriate evidence of your qualifications to perform Industrial Market Research is necessary.

# # #

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Local Sales Agent

A worldwide car hire brokerage company is looking for local sales agents who could find local car hire companies, introduce them with our services and attract them as our car suppliers. We will provide you with excising company list, price margin and all necessary advertising materials.

You will receive a certain amount for each company attracted. More detailed terms of payment will be discussed individually.

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Location Comparison

A system for searching and comparing locations.
Read the attached project requirements carefully. Failure to answer in full will result in exclusion from the project.

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Illustrations Required


I need 8 illustrations – all must be different and unlimited revisions till satisfied.



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Site Facelift And New Features Required…

I have a Betfair interface suite of perl scripts that gather information from the Betfair API, retrieved at preset time intervals. The timing is managed by cron on the web server.

There are minor presentation issues that I would like to resolve plus additional analysis pages to display and analysis csv files to print.

I would also like to front end the system with a subscription service and secure log on facility and secure the perl pages from scraping, etc.

My previous perl developer is unfortunately otherwise engaged at the moment and I would like to finish the project ASAP.

For the successful bidder there is potential for an ongoing relationship with regard to support and development of the site.


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