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A Developer Needed With Good Knowledge In DolphinSoftware

Need an expert with good knowledge in Dolphin software Installation and customization. This is a third party open source customization for a social networking website. The Consortium website will be a social networking website for musicians, and bands. There will be groups and events. We will provide you psd for home page and content page post login. You have to integrate these pages into Dolphin Open Source.

Setting up dolphin software
Configuring it to suit the home page content
Reskin for the software based on the supplied designs

IMPORTANT: We need daily status updates. No detailed reports. Just a brief explaination of where the job stands and what was the progress during the day.

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Changes To Infuse WordPress Template From Rocketheme

I need three changes to this template

1) take time off the posts, but leave the date

2) change the appearance of the side widgets. I would rather the text be smaller, and use different icons, if possible

3) the box for comments appears on the posts, but not on the home page. Since Im using the home page as a blog. Id like people to be able to make comments on the posts, but from the front page, they cant see thats an option.

The theme is installed on my site already, just these adjustments need to be made.

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Simple Website Design/Build

Looking to build/design a simple website for my company. The site should be fresh, clean and simple. There will only be 2 or 3 pages to the site – A home page and contact us page that has a web submission form for emailing queries to us (possibly another page, but right now there isnt a need). If the contact us web submission form can be put into the home page, than it can be built as a simple 1 page site.

The home page will need to have the ability to show several pictures, am thinking some sort of program/script that goes through 5-10 pictures in a scrolling fashion or something similar.

The site will need to have a CMS built for it so we can edit content, and we need the ability to add different pictures over time. This project will be awarded by COB today, and will need to be completed within 5 days.

We are a new company that provides help to Ex-Pats who are looking for places to live in our area.

More details will be provided to the winning bidder.


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Online Restaurant Delivery System

What is our business about you must ask?

Well my friend the idea is to create a website that will provide online food ordering for restaurants, giving an amazing opportunity to restaurants that dont have this available and a better UI, service, and savings to those who already have them. It will be a first in market in my country, and I really would love a "new" and exciting design.

What makes us awesome you say?! We will provide this services, let restaurants get reviews, liked items, market their websites on our site, offer discounts, coupons, but most important and new: we will have a cash back percentage of each order PLUS we will also offer the delivery for them if they dont have a delivery system in place, which is really unique.

Similar companies: and, I dont like grubhub.

I like their business idea but their web design is nice but still needs more "friendly" visuals, and thats what I am looking forward to and still I am not doing this in their market, its in a new country with different visions.

I need the back-end development of the website, I am still on the search for the front-end development, but I would have to see some proof that your team can design a great front-end website.

What will the website contain:

The home page with the logo, Sign Up and Current Member login, icon with link for restaurants to fill out information so they can get in contact with us, the fill out "address" for the costumer to see who delivers, join our mail list button and fill out email box.

After signing in by user:

Users can see the list of restaurants that deliver, are open, decide by price, rating, delivery time

Users can place online orders and restaurants get notified by fax , email and SMS

Restaurants fulfill orders in either pickup or delivery mode with payment done either on delivery or by credit card.

SEO needs to be built into the project.

Display a menu of choices by category as well

Allow user to select condiments and order options (Mayo, lettuce, tomato, etc ) in a splash page and finally Add to Cart button.

Designate order for pickup or delivery.

Section of home page will show new items so items need to be able to be identified as such.

Section of home page will show daily specials so items needs to be able to be identified as such

Restaurants home page will show daily specials so items needs to be able to be identified as such

Ability to handle coupons

Customer account creation and login with payment methods stored for easy ordering.

Logged in users should be able to pull up their previous orders and place similar orders again.

Tracking of orders as part of customer loyalty program.

Batch uploads menus within category and restaurant details by Admin

Track order details, report on sales, and transaction show in the back end for processing

Vendors dashboard must include functions such as Manage Subscriptions, Manage Payment settings and Summary of Food ordering report.

Administrators dashboard must include functions such as Manage Subscriptions, Manage billing transactions, Manage Payment settings and Summary of Food ordering report.

Customer can vote the restaurant, recommend, rate

Every 10 days we will send to all restaurants a full invoice showing exactly what payments have been made

Manage the news and highlights published on the home page

Manage advertising in top banner and side box on home page and inner pages

The Website will be able follow reports :

1) Orders listed as per restaurants, items, sorted by value, date range.
2) Analysis of repeat customers.
3) Print weekly, monthly, quarterly commission statements.
6) Any other customized reports as required.

In the order confirmation page the costumer will see the order details, map of restaurant in Google Maps, Twitter button to share order, Facebook button to share order

I think we can work this out and make a success of this site!

Hope to hear from you all superstar developers soon!

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Homepage Design For Nursing Home Website

[Removed by Admin], a division of Bottom Line Marketing Group, produces informational websites for small businesses. We have an immediate need for experienced graphic designer to design a creative, professional custom homepage design in Photoshop for a nursing and rehab facility. No programming required.

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Online Pizza / Restaurant Foodwebsite With Iphone App.

Need an online food Website incl. Iphone application.

Food ordering function is similar to the following websites:

Features like:
They will have member restaurants, whose menu cards will be available online.

Customers can place online orders and restaurants get notified by fax , email and SMS. Restaurants fulfill orders in either pickup or delivery mode with payment done either on delivery or by credit card.

SEO needs to be built into the project.

Automated SITEMAP.XML submission is suggested.

This site will be designed as multinational portal SMS alerts have to be incorporated.

Frontpage with menu of the day

Display a menu of choices by category.

Allow user to select condiments and order options (Mayo, lettuce, tomato, etc

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Home Page (Landing Page)

Simple and attractive Home page template needed.


– Light weight and attractive Home page.
– Linking with its existing links.
– Highlighting the important features.
– SEO friendly.

I would like to welcome serious freelancers only and NO to time wasters.

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Home Plans Autocad To 3d Max And Sketchup

I have the plan for my home in autocad, I need to transfer it to 3d Max and Sketch-up, I ned to be able to apply new material to it and render it further with finishes and furniture

this is a 20,000 square foot house (2000 sq Meters) with 3 levels and is detailed.

I have the cads for floor plans elevations and detailed specs.

I require the job to be done in 5 days.

Budget is 250, bigger bids please do not apply as I will not review it.

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Need 10 Designs Variations In 2 Days

you need to change the home page

make 10 variations with different theams like book , paint ….

change the css bg
the buttons

and the pic fron the home page

keep the html only change the pic

send me i all variation also separeted the pic you change and the css rows you change

use only legal pic


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Design Home Page + Inner Page

Looking for best graphics designer. Designer should be ready to provide mockup design.
Payment after satisfactory work completion. Budget $30 USD

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WordPress Theme Modify

provided php code to modify wordpress theme "twenty ten 1.2" for wordpress 3.1
so that admin can select which categories to use when displaying posts in the home page
currently all posts from all categories are selected when user goes to home page.

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PSD To HTML Simple

its easy psd:

– jQuery in home

– drop down menu

– simple internal layout

– home and 8 internal, but its the same layout

$ 30 – $ 100


[Removed by Admin]

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Website – Home Page Revision

This project entails a re-design and coding of the International Circuits home page (

Wording and content will be provided to the website designer. Further details once project is awarded.


David Peterson
International Circuits

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Easy And Fast Modification On Groupon Clone

Hello i have to apply follow modify:

1. during compilation form user create a little row where user can write FISCAL CODE topic there are some work in english not traslated and calendar show BAD date on comment posted.
3. delete some link from home page
4. put 1 immage in home page
5. modify grafic setup of automatic mail respond of website
6. modify text of a right box in home
7. create a box on home page to put like facebook

i think in one day it can be its very easy but i need help of expert man

please let me know!!

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Automated Google Crawler


Im looking to create a script that will automatically search in Google (every hour) for whatever keywords my customers want.

Its going to be similar to Google Alert system, where youre notified via email whenever Google Bot finds a new indexed page triggering your desired keywords, and notified you via email.

The software will have a customer login. That login will give access to a configuration dashboard where each customer can insert the exact keywords the script will automatically search on Google.

For example: lets assume a customer enters this keyword "How to learn PHP from home".

Well, every hour the script will search for new sites index in Google triggering the keyword "How to learn PHP from home". As soon as he finds that keyword on any site, the script will do the following:

1) Send the websites admin an email. That email will be a template email, but it will embed "How to learn PHP from home" in the header of the email, and our customers name and email address at some specific points in the email body.

2) Send our customer an email, letting him know of the website where his keyword was found.

Thats moreless the basic features of the software. I will introduce more features but I will discuss those features in private with the coder who wins the project, and from there we can negotiate price.


1) I will ONLY take into consideration bids from coders with great PHP and SQL experience.

2) I will ONLY take into consideration bids from coders who send examples of their previous PHP projects.

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Website Intro & Home Page

Looking to update a website.

simple job for the right person.

i need 2 things:

flash intro page
main (index.html) home page

would like a flash intro page…peacefull, calming, soothing.

(this is just an idea)

maybe a scene of still water
rose petals gently falling onto the water creating small riples
then a large open rose falling onto the water
then a womans hands cupped together gently scoop the rose up
then slowly zoom in on the hands and rose and fade to the home page.

(i am open to other thoughts/ideas for the intro page)

main page.

looking for some flash/DHTML/movement/action for the top portion of the page….only runs when you
first land on the page do not want it to loop, play once then done…unless the page is refreshed.

needs a horizontal menu with dropdowns….(maybe a little fancy/pizazz to get visitors attention)

page background would be a blue/grayish color at the top and fade as it goes down the page…i will supply the code for this

pictures and content will be provided. would need to see work as it progresses to make changes
or be approved as it is being done.

should be optimized for top rankings in search engines.

ATTENTION: if you can not reply to questions prior to being awarded this job, it shows me that you
wont communicate. dont bid if you wont communicate!

the winning bidder will be given more details/background concerning the business, images and other items needed
to complete this task. Thank You…i look forward to discussing this job with you.

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Home Page Slider

Simply i need a home slider look like exactly like the one on , and to be Dynamic XML

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Design Small Business Website

Need a simple website design for a corrugated box/carton company. More company information will be provided if necessary. Page content/information will be given.


– Clean, professional, website design with an orange colour theme.
– Professional title design.
– 4 pages (Home, Custom Made Ca, Stock Cartons).
– Relevant images and photographs will be provided.
– Must work in all browsers.
– Design first, wait for approval/review, then build.
– Extra design/page ideas will be appreciated.

Please PM me your portfolio and any questions you might have.

03/21/2011 at 8:04 EDT:

The pages are (Home, Custom Made Cartons, Stock Cartons, and Contact Us).

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PHP: Error Parsing /usr/local/lib/php.ini On Line 793

Need the following issue resolved on a dedicated server running Centos5 w/Cpanel

The Following Cron job Commands For a Clip-Bucket Script
php -q /home/sitename/public_html/actions/video_convert.php
php -q /home/sitename/public_html/actions/verify_converted_videos.php
php -q /home/sitename/public_html/actions/update_cb_stats.php

Brings Back The Following Error:
PHP: Error parsing /usr/local/lib/php.ini on line 793

Would Like the Budget to be $15-$30 dollars

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Home Inspection Site

Looking for Home Inspection Website design that can effectively become Number One on Google search when linked to my websites. I currently have over 6 websites that rank number one for their searches, based on home inspections. I do not have time to design and link the sites that I require.

my main site is number one on Google for Barrie Home Inspector for Ontario Canada. My site is napoleon(dot)cc

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Magento Connect Error Message Repair

Currently I am running Magento 1.4.2. When I click on my Magento Connect I get the error message below. I need a developer to resolve this error today.

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required /home/pgrabber/public_html/ (include_path=/home/pgrabber/public_html/ in /home/pgrabber/public_html/ on line 60

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Home Page Graphics Designer Needed

Our site at is in need of new graphics to lessen bounce rate and convert more visits. We need a professional web artist/designer to create promotional graphics and other icons and give advice to the arrangement of the graphics to create an extremely professional and appealing home page. We would need multiple images so we can rotate them on a regular basis. We would want the graphics to be similar to the ones used on

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Open Cart Template Edits

I have a few changes I need to make to my opencart website template:

1. Change the colour of some text on the home page from red to black
2. The website has 5 external links on the home page to facebook, twitter etc I want to remove 3 of the links
3. Change and reduce the number of options in the product sort drop down menu
4. Change the colour of the add to basket button and information buttons

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Home Page Designing

Looking for freelancers who do quality work to design homepage of website of company:

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WordPress Website Design For Realestate

Job Details for Real-estate website creation. I will provide a word press theme template which will need minor customization.
-7 to 8 Pages. I will provide the content and Pictures, But you will be responsible of making the website Nice and with the proper SideBars & widget areas needed.
-On the home page from the template you need to add a (Browse All Listing Tool) which you need to help in finding the source code from a website that I will provide a Code where you will implement to the Site.
-On the Home page will be responsible to re-size the Pictures I send to you for the Home page slider.
-You will also need to find a plug in Captcha Email form to place it on the home page.
-You will need to change some of the colors on the template through the CSS to match the existing Logo.
-The contact us page will have a map quest or google link to the address and also a contact email form.
-You will be responsible of looking for a gallery template function which is similar to a competitors site we like
-I will give you a competitors website which has the gallery tool we are looking for. If the gallery 3rd party function has a cost we will consider to buy it.
-Completion time of the Website needs to be finished 100% by Thursday March 24.

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Need A Custom WordPress Child Theme For StudioPress Genesis

I need someone who is VERY experienced in creating a custom Child Theme to work with the Genesis Framework from StudioPress.

This is NOT a "regular" child theme hack. It will have some special "landing page" functions.


Heres what I am looking for:

– Someone who has used the Genesis Developer Child theme or has multiple examples other Child Theme modifications.

– Someone who can create additional widgetized areas for the home page.

– Someone who has can create a widget for video player on the home page.

– Someone who has experience with developing landing pages / sales pages.

– Someone who has a 5 star rating.

– Finally someone who takes PRIDE in their work and makes polished looking products!

Heres what you need to do next:

Please reply with examples of youre previous work, including any specific details about how you used widgets to customize the home page.

If I like youre previous work then Ill reply and give you more details about the project.

Also, this is important: When you reply, start by typing
the code word "Gardner". This way I know you took the time to read the complete description, instead of just replying to all new submissions like many people do!


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PHP Programmer Part Time – Work From Home

Looking for a skilled and serious PHP / MySQL / Java Script programmer.

– Working from home part time
– Beeing online available for discussing projects and progress
– 250 USD / month for part time work
– Need somebody to be available online between 19:00 and 23:00 (Time zone GMT+2)

Please bid only if you are serious and skilled.

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Inside Sales (B2B SaaS Startup), Base + High Commissions

We are a startup specializing in web search solutions. We are building a SaaS project for small and mid size businesses and are looking for a high-energy independent sales person with a passion for web technologies to join our team to help us build and manage our client relationships.

This is a work from home position.

This is a key role within our ambitious growth plans with real opportunity for both career and salary growth. We expect that the successful candidate will progress to Sales Manager and beyond.

Responsibilities and day-to-day key tasks:
– Main job duties include lead generation, cold calling and sales
– You will possess a thorough understanding of our platform
– Work with customers to ensure user adoption, overall success and retention
– Serve as the customer advocate driving the evolution of our systems. Capture client feedback, testimonials, and build case studies based on user experience

Essential requirements:
– Inside sales experience (telemarketing, cold calling, etc)
– Technically savvy: able to communicate effectively with users and technical team
– Outstanding English written and verbal communication skills
– You have to be a highly motivated self starter, willing to learn new things
– As this is a work from home position, you have to be able to work from home (or you own office) without distractions
– Living in Europe or US preferred

We offer base salary (depending on experience) plus high commissions.

To apply, please send us your resume, be sure to introduce yourself and tell us a little about your past work experience and why you are a great fit for this role.

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Website Re Design – Adult

Hi, i need a designer who will design my websites home page and other pages. Its an adult website so you should not have any problems with it.
My website is and i want a totally new home page design for this. I dont have any color / design preference. You are allowed to use your own skills. You can check the other escort websites for reference.

Kindly place your bid and send me a message with your previous works.


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Jobst International

Guaranteed Income, Free Groceries, Free Holidays and more
International Company seeks home workers wishing to earn a guaranteed income for all completed work. Get Free groceries, Free, Holidays, Free Gifts and a Guaranteed income when you register in any of our work at home positions

Ticode: mh00032

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Desing A Simple Home Page

I have an existing home page. I need to modify my current home page like attached file. Attached file is a mock up of new home page.

It is very simple design and i need it emergency. Your code should be clear and organized.
Please bid only if you can do it within short time. If you can do it successfully then more task will be provided you.

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Real Estate Website Home Page Redesign

The work is to redesign a very simple real estate website home page. My client needs at least 3 different creative designs and he is not interested in any conventional type of designs. I would like to have a glance at your recent works. I will provide all description details and other pictures to the selected service provider. Thank you.
Happy Bidding

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