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Astro/horoscope Facebook Application

I want to get astro facebook application developed.. it should be user friendly and should have all normal features like other applications.. for example we get all details of users and his/her friends list. we need to have link of our website too with application.. Interested bidder needs to have developed astro/horoscope app for face book before so he knows what he is doing and that can help us coz our budget is very limited. If you have not develop such application please do not waste your and mine time.

we should be able to generate following details :
Daily Horoscope is requesting permission to do the following:

Access my basic information
Includes name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, and any other information Ive shared with everyone.
Post to my Wall
Daily Horoscope may post status messages, notes, photos, and videos to my Wall
Access my profile information
Access my friends information

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Horoscope Facebook Application

I want a Horoscope application to be made for facebook. The design should be very attractive. A user should be able to get updates on his/her astrology daily.

Design of the this update should be as given below:

-Poker Horoscope

On the left hand side
-astrological image,

On right hand side
-general predictions and suggestions
-Predictions & Suggestions specific to poker (e.g. how are the odds of winning, should they bet more or not and so on)

-company banner

When horoscope appears on the wall, the user should be able to share this update and friends of user should be able to like and comment on this update.

The project should get completed in 2 days.

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Daily Horoscope Facebook Application Needed


I need for someone to design me a fully functional daily horoscope application.
Here is a sample
The app will need to greet the person using it.
I will need a banner on the top and bottom of the app.
User has the ability to publish to wall and invite friends.

Must be done in 2 days.

01/22/2011 at 21:31 EST:

I prefer an app like this one.

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Online Horoscope Script

I need a online application for Horoscope (Kundli) Generation which will run on my website.
Key feature I need in this is
1. Online Kundli(Horoscope) Generation with print option
2. online Match Making with print 0ption

Budget : $100
Any Query you are welcome


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Android Horoscope Application

Need a daily horoscope Android app built. Will get feeds from rss to update horoscope everyday.

Will give an example of a similar app.

Need this done asap.

Please msg me to see similar app.

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Facebook App


The app should grab the birthday information of the user and show him/her their horoscope for the day, which would be grabbed from :

Also, the horoscope has to post daily updates to the users wall, in similar way, by grabbing info from the site and posting on the wall.

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WordPress Horoscope Plugin

We are in need of a word press widget to show the current horoscope on the side bar of one of our sites. The feed can come from anywhere but will need to be legitimate. Some graphical components on the widget would be great as well.

Layout as follows

<picture of current sign>

<name of current sign>

<General horoscope for current sign>

<Love horoscope for current sign>

<money horoscope for current sign>

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Horoscope App For IPhone

Looking at development of a simple iPhone App for displaying content from RSS feeds. Functionality as under:

1) App will have 4 Tabs for a) Today b) Me c) Match d) Connect
2) App will have 2 additional pages for About and Contact
3) Today will be populated through an RSS feed
4) Text for Match and Me will be stored in text form in the iPhone
5) Connect requires connection to Facebook and collecting the names and data of birth of friends
6) Mock-up and all images will be provided by me.

The application is a WebApp and not a Native App. So, it should be developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and integrate with iPhone SDK.

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Horoscope Page To 10,000 Subscribers,

I am looking for someone who can get my horoscope fan page to 10,000 fans.
Quality of the added users will be checked. The fans, subscribers for a free weekly horoscope can read their horoscope in English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and German. If you can provide for cheap, I will ask for higher volumes.

I will pay once the page has increased by 10,000 and the new fans have been checked. I ask that you be honest and provide quality service, and in return I will pay quickly.

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Daily Horoscope Facebook Application


we want a facebook application.

the application will show daily horoscope signs , we will give the rss link of signs interpretation.

user can add his/her profile the horoscope signs box.

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Daily Horoscope Application


We want a Daily horoscope Sign Application,
we have a astrology portal,

Web can give the rss link of sing interpretation. its everyday updated.

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Expert Designer & Developer Required For A WEB PORTAL


Our company is looking for a highly experienced designer & developer with extensive knowledge in PHP, HTML, JAVA, and AJAX for the reconstruction of an existing Web Portal. The Portal has currently its own search engine, news, weather, horoscope etc.

I would need an update on the work done on a daily basis.

Thank You

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Online Magazines 2

Need 15 very good quality, well written articles about online magazines. Each article about 450 words. Each article should give the various good reasons why the chosen name is ideal for publishing an online magazine by that name.

Clear understanding of online publishing, online magazines, and high quality domain names is essential.

The articles must be 100% original and unique, and be free of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. You must agree not to re-use these articles in any way whatsoever.

English native professional and experienced writer is preferred.

I prefer to wait longer for the delivery of these articles, and get higher quality articles.

Please bid on the set of 15 articles with the topics shown below:

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Main goal of this site is to make money,
WEb site object and utilize SMS to maximum, by activating all the features listed below, such as
1. the group feature.

2. The site has 2 virsion arabic and english.

3. The site would have website master authority which he can do any thing to the site creating adminstrators, groupleaders, and give authority to each.

We are going to get scripts from SMS provider to link our web to his web.
We are going to use SIM modom to recieve the SMS MMS messages the the messages get forward to the web site database then the action of sending SMS to users (customers) is done thrugh the link to provider SMS gate.

4. Web site adminstratore can creat any number and type of groups and group leaders.
5. The group leader can define the users to be sender or reciver or sender and reciver.

6. I need a developer who can integrate and customize (3) readymade scripts, those scripts one is for Apartments rents management system, and the other is Twitter,the thired is Managing SMS
Mean while the developer is asked to develop the following to the site,

7. Lattory system suscriber can send a number or a word to our databasae then the system choose a winner at the end of the contest.
Adminstratore can creat many lottory contest at one time.

8. SMS QUIZ. Adminstratore can login to system; define QUIZ questions, correct answers, amount of points per correct answer and other options. Users can start play quiz after adminstratore fill database with questions and answers. Good and bad answers can be followed in real-time.

9. Adminstratore can creat voting system.

10. Adminstratore can send
News (politics, sports, international news, breaking news Practical (radar, traffic, weather, Lifestyle & fun (tarots, horoscope, people, history, diets, biorhythms SMS message with advice, diet tips and support for woman

11. Play Tic Tac Toe using your mobile phone. Outwit your opponent and get three crosses or noughts in a line across, up and down or diagonally. The first one to get three in a row wins the game. Your score is displayed at the end of each round.

12. Use your mobile phone to play an interesting word guessing game. You are given three chances and a total number of three clues one at a time to guess the word. If you guess the word in less than three turns you win.

13. Increase your vocabulary by playing this challenging game on your mobile phone. You get eight chances to guess a word, one alphabet at a time. If you guess the word in less than eight tries you win.

14. Test your word power when you play this unique word guessing game.
You have ten chances to guess a four-letter word. Clues about the number of correctly guessed characters in the word will be indicated in the form of Cows and Bulls.

15. Play the Anagram game where you can form a word from a series of alphabets presented to you in random order. Unscramble the alphabets and rearrange them to get the correct word. If you guess the word in less than ten chances you win.

16. MMS based games. And SMS based info services and subscriptions, what users will use.

17. About MMS, one of the popular services is being reporter. Customers can send accident photos with comments to your web and other could see it and comment.

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Online Dating Site

The base software can be osDate ( which is a free PHP/MySql software.
I need to add two additional components of Chat and Forum that cost $5 each and are easy to install and fully compatible with the software. The skin for the site will be provided in psd. You may wish to suggest another free open source software you may be familiar with.

I also need:

A. An event booking option like the one shown on top right corner of It has search facility and displays details of the event on a separate page and offers payment facility as in the above site. This module should be based on CMS.

B. A Speed Dating module that works as follows.
1. Users select an event, pay for their booking (as in item A above) and get assigned a number and an receive an email confirming the payment, even details and thier allocated "number" (e.g. 12 or 34).
2. When they go to the event they will write down the "numbers" of people they are interested in.
3. When they login after the event they input the "number" they picked in the event and see if anyone has picked him/her "number".
4. Having checked the profile of those users he/she chooses to send internal email/message.

C. Horoscope:
To be displayed in a block on the screen after the user logs in. It should pick details from users date of birth and show the text from eAstrolog site. The free code to copy and paste can be obtained from

D: Virtual gift
This option displays 10 items as image thumbnails (like images of different flowers etc.) to the user. He/she picks one, inputs to which registered user it should get sent to, pays for it and gets sent an email confirming payment and what gift to who has been sent.


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We are looking for an expert with experience in Joomla for creating a horoscope site in Joomla 1.5.
We are providing the template and the site must be based on this template. Professional design with simple graphics and careful details are very important.
The graphics and articles will be copied and altered from other sites (more info provided upon project winning).

All the articles copied must be changed. The site must have at least 100-120 articles and will provide info on astrology, tarot, horoscope, love, psychic reading, feng shui, Chinese horoscope etc

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