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Call Management System

Hi all,

We need some experienced company/freelancer to execute our current requirements. We are in need of a web application which processes incoming sms and calls the number mentioned in the sms.


1) We receive sms on our mobile phone from JustDial service. We are registered in JustDial. JustDial forwards the city taxi service requests/enquiries to our mobile phone.

2) Our call operator will speak to the customer number mentioned in the sms sent from JustDial.

3) We need a web application which processes the sms received from JustDial and capture the mobile/landline number of the customer. The application should immediately dial a call to the respective customer . Our call operator will speak to the customer. also the application should display a form with Name field in which our call operator will enter customer name manually and will submit. Now the customer name and number should be stored in the database and if the same customer is called from our application, it should display the name of the customer.

4) We dedicate a cell phone and a landline for the call management system.

5) We need the application to be designed using J2EE,Java and Tomcat server. MySql is the database server. Front end should be designed using JSP/HTML for which the HTML template will be provided.

6) Please provide a proposal with flow diagram along with your earlier work experience in support of your capability to complete this work.

If you have any query, please PM us. We would be glad to clear your doubts before starting the work.

happu Bidding 🙂

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Hospital Management System

I am in urgent need for this project.

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