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First Page (only) Redesign

Web hosting domain registration services company needs the first page (only) redesign
SEO friendly
We have a Mascot that you need to place on home page images and anywhere you thing it feats

We need to redesign only out first page, and create a couple of images for the deeper pages
We sell almost cheapest domain and web hosting services so we need someone who knows how to promote offers for a visitor on a first page.

Please post your bids and a URL with examples of your works.

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Web Hosting Needed… Linux, Reseller Accounts, $50 Max.

Looking for reseller hosting.
Were looking for a decent host that offers a package 10-20 reseller accounts for less than $50 per year.
India or other offshore host is fine.

Needs to have :
Linux Apache only. No Microsoft.
Disk Space: 200 mb per account is fine
Up to 10 MySQL Databases on the whole hosting account is fine
Latest PHP 5
Email Support IMAP, POP3, Mail Forward, SMTP
Cpanel with phpmyadmin, Fantastico, AWSTAT, WordPress, etc.
WHM panel for setting up the reseller accounts

******* These sites will NOT be used for porn, gambling, spam, etc. *******

If you manage a server or are a host, please quote one full year of service paid in 3 month increments.

Remember, If you are providing hosting we need to have a phone number and full access to tech support, even if you are in India.

1)You will assign us our nameservers, and send us login info for WHM and cpanel. You will also show us the host site and let us verify that there is support and that this is a real host and not a computer in the living room.
2)We will point our domain to your server and test it out.
3)We will make the first payment via paypal.

NOTE: THIS IS OUR 4TH ATTEMPT to find normal professional hosting at reasonable cost. Please NO HOME-BASED SERVERS or FLAKEY MIDDLE-MEN with attitudes..

The last guy sent us our login on a Saturday and then demanded payment within 48 hours and didnt even provide his stupid paypal info. We cancelled him within 48 seconds.

We dont mind you making money as a middle man, but you must be professional in dealing with us. We must have direct access to a real hosting company with a real website and real support. As noted above, You will be asked to provide this info before we contract with you.

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File Hosting Website Similar To Filesonic, Bitshare

We need a File Hosting website developed. The website features should be similar to leading file hosting website like Fileserve, Bitshare, Megaupload, uploading where users earn cash for uploading files.

You have to visit the above mentioned website to understand all the REQUIREMENTS.

Some basic requirements will be:

– Multi-Server balancing
– Basic & Premium Accounts
– Customized points rewards/cash earning/affiliate program/system with GEO IP tracking
– File hosting using form upload/ remote upload / ftp upload/ email upload
– Live Progress Bar of uploading files. (ajax)
– Make download links available for users
– User Registration/ Membership Feature
– User Panel to see downloaded files, remove downloaded files
– Admin Panel for creation of different membership plans, adding/deleting premium accounts, etc.
– Integration of Payment System (Paypal/2CO) to accept membership payments
– Fully secure & hack proof

More details will be discussed with the selected bidder.

This is a REAL project and hence only serious bidders should BID.

Please provide details of past work.

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Developmet Of Domain And Hosting Control Panel

This project is for the development of new control panel as mentioned in the subject. for which we require 4 individuals(students and persons intresting in creative works)

All resources will be made available by us and a charge of USD 50 provided to each indivdula

A premium of 10% (on net profit) to indivduals would be made.

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Need A Good Hosting Sales Person


My name is Jacob

I currently work with a company called Om Linux Hosting. We need to grow and I would like to work with someone with this to help me with that.


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Need A Good American Hosting Sales Person.


My name is Jacob

I currently work with a company called Om Linux Hosting. We need to grow and I would like to work with someone with this to help me with that.


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Copy Current Joomla Website And Move It To Another Hosting

Copy current joomla website and move it to another hosting and make some minor changes to it. Also make some changes to another joomla site.

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PHPMotion V3.5 Video Embed & Video Player Embed Feature

Add a feature to PHPMotion v3.5 to allow embedding videos and/or alternate video players from other video hosting and streaming services.

Concept is to paste video embed codes AND/OR alternate video player embed codes from other video hosting services into a form in PHPMotion admin area along with video title, description, tags, PHPMotion category classification, sub category classification, (plus a new data field indicating the source video hosting service or Amazon S3 bucket, etc,) and then have PHPMotion manage and display the video thumbnail and code and/or alternate players as if the videos were locally uploaded files on the PHPMotion server.

PHPMotion v3.5 provides a PowerTool add-on that allows embedding YouTube Videos and it has functionality similar to that described here; however we are interested in displaying videos and alternate video players provided by other video hosting services. (Kaltura, iPlayerHD, Limelight, etc., etc.)

We are primarily interested in displaying secure streaming videos and preventing user downloads.

We would like the option to display externally hosted video files (i.e. stored on an Amazon S3 bucket, etc.) through the Flow Player already on our site (we have commercial license) which has been installed as another mod.

AND we would like the option to display a different video player for videos hosted on remote specialty video hosting services. (iplayerHD, Kaltura, Limelight, etc.)

For example, videos hosted on iPlayerHD (Hi Definition and mobile video hosting) can be configured with their video player and we would like to be able to display their video player in PHPMotion behind the PHPMotion Subscription Manager paywall.

All videos and/or video players would appear in PHPMotion search results, categories, restricted access inside paid subscriptions, etc. and would play in the PHPMotion site.

This video embed // video player embed feature needs to work seamlessly with all existing site features.

We will be selling streaming video subscriptions (no downloads) and we need secure streaming and file download prevention.

Current plans are to host the PHPMotion site on Wowza Media server 2, use RTMP streaming and implement streaming security features accordingly to secure any locally hosted video files. Of course alternate video hosting services will have their own video security methods in place, so we would just be limiting user access to their players as embeded in our site behind our paywall.

Please ask any additional clarifying questions or propose an alternate means of achieving these goals.

Phil D

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Landing Page Designer Needed

Im looking for a web designer that can create quality landing pages, must look professional with nice graphics. And.. install them on my hosting service. I need (2) two landing pages.

If you think you can create great landing pages please contact me.

I have a hosting account for each landing budget is $70 for the 2 pages.

If you accept my price please BID now

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Domain Hosting Service From Atsoftpk

Website hosting.

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WordPress Tutorial Videos

I want a series of tutorial videos created using Camtasia:

You must be an expert with WordPress and in particular WPMU (ie WP 3.0 with networking enabled)

You must be proficient with creating video tutorials

You must be able to explain things in a simple manner in English easy for a newbie to replicate your results.

The tutorials need to show ALL steps and are as follows:

1) How to activate network features of WP 3.0 (WP MU) this should be in detail showing all code and processes
2) how to create subdomains/directories using the network features and use wildcard domains
2) how to map domains to the network and create a site on the mapped domain
3) how to import a site created on self hosted to your new WPMU environment and map its domain including backing up the sites installing main site/folder/subdomain and another main site domain mapped including back up (4 sites in total moved from to wordpress networked)
4) how to install and manage wp 3.0 with network enabled on cloud hosting:
go over any issues including security issues, file permissions, cpanel use that are important, Anything that users should be aware of when using wp networked (ie server overload)
5) how to manage multiple plugins and themes on WP MU for different sites and use the central admin area

Provide a list of plugins that are useful and up to date in a wordpress mu environment

It is essential that everything is explained in simple, detailed and easy to understand and follow language not in jargon.

1) You must be able to use Camtasia for Mac or PC effectively
2) Videos should be not more than 10 minutes in length for each step of the tutorial
3) you must do audio in English describing what you are doing and why. If you are not comfortable with English you must create an accompanying text document explaining what and why you are doing on the video. Audio should be created using audacity and provided as a wav or mp3 file
4) videos should use zoom to highlight important information
5) videos should be recorded on 1280 x 720 and should not include other screen space for example your browser, things on your desktop etc
6) details of the domains, hosting etc will be provided to the winner
7) all source files are required on completion eg camproj and camrec and audacity project file and wav or mp3 file
I will provide you with the account details for hosting, cloud hosting, domains and sites to import
Bare ads for agencies will not be considered.

In order to prove that you have read and understood the job requirements please quote the words "purple cow" in your bid. Bidders who do not do will be ignored.

You must use the latest version of WordPress for the videos.

This is a simple project for someone that is an expert with WordPress and WordPress networking.

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Database And WordPress Hosting Transfer

I have two sites on one server that have already been moved once, adjusted, now need to re-transfer the wordpress site and ONLY update the database of a IPB forum. Should be a very simplistic task, I would like it done right away.

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Joomla Based Hosting Web Design

Hi, we need urgent development of web hosting site. Website based on joomla version 1.5, check for theme installed. You have to edit pages, product page or link to WHMCS client area, all details will be gven to you. WHMCS created package link will be provided to you. You must have advance knowledge of joomla and must pm your previous hosting website development. if you are learner plz dont bid, its complicated website. Project must be complited on time and unless well not release your payment.

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Migrate Websites To New Hosting Company

This is a really simple job for someone who knows how to create a full site backup in cpanel, ftp backup to a new hosting company, change dns to point to new IP/DNS and write and follow up with support tickets when needed to accomplish successful site migration to a new hosting company.

This task is to fully migrate 70 web site accounts as "add-on" accounts to a new host containing 30 cpanel accounts. You will be provided instructions as to which of the 30 cpanel accounts will contain which add-on accounts. These websites are mostly wordpress blogs. You will backup the sites, move the backups to a new host server account, request to new host to fully restore the backup and once restore is complete, then change the DNS at registrar to point to the new site. You will also create 30 DNS names, using primary cpanel account name at registrar. Finally you will test site and run to determine the success of site transfer to new host from old host.

You will then keep a spreadsheet of the following (this is not optional, if this is not done you do not get paid): site name, backup restored yes/no, site files exist yes/no, new ip, new dns, checked yes/no, completed yes/no.

You will also manage any support tickets and communications from existing host (whereby the site might not be reachable or to obtain a full backup if needed) and you will maintain support communications with the new host (to fully restore backup or any IP or DNS issues) and you will manage all the registrar entries and changes and updates.

Need this completed within a week as the technology allows. It is expected that you work with no supervision other than to ask us questions for clarity on task or login credentials. We will not train you how to do this position. It is also expected that the sites load properly and if any plugins need installation at the hosting company you would follow up and manage to solution (the hosting company has already qualified for server requirements though so this should not be an issue).

Thank you for looking at our post. Cheers.

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Script Installation And Hosting

I have 200+ websites with contents of various fields. I need professionals to install the scripts into my hosting server and host all my websites using my domain. I need all the 200+ websites as a subdomain. Eg.,,, etc. The main domain "" should contain a list of all the subdomains.

I also want my adsense scripts to be added to each and every page. adsense scripts will be provided by me.

I want professionals to complete my task within short duration. Bids less than $100 will be entertained.

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WordPress Hosting Blog

Hey all!

I want you to create something similar to this webhosting blog on wordpress.

If any of you can do ti then let me know.

I have low budget and even wordpress blog does nto cost much.

Thank you.

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10 Page Rank 4 Links Needed For Hosting Site

I need 10 Actual Page Rank 4 Links for web hosting stie
No blog comments
Links must be actual page rank 4 not only domain
Links must be related to web hosting
No more than 25 Links on the linking page
You will get $40. So place bid within the the budget
Only Expert are allowed to place bid

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SEO Of Hosting Sebsite

I Have completed my website and set up all aspects of the site, now I just need seo.

I will not pay any of money before I start see some results, for you work.

I will make a milestone on 200 $ then I have found a winner of this project.

My goal is to get at least in top 10 in google means then some searching for special keywords

Keywords that is importen for me to get result in google is, Hosting, dedicated server, website more to come.
If you mean you can do the task and you have review from work before then you will be welcome to bid on this project.

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Live Video Streaming Website

I want to create a website which streams live video/audio on flash players.
A similar website like,..etc. I guess it has to do something with rmtp hosting using red5(open source) or other paid rmtp hosting services.

I want this website within 2 days or as quick as possible. If anyone can do this or has an experience making such a website, please let me know quick.

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Develop An Email Hosting Company (website)

I am looking to start an email hosting company. I have a set of functionalities that are unique, that need to be coded and need to be run on the server.
I would like to contact a programmer who is an expert in the field, who can help me design the software that the email company is based on.

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Need Creative Banner Designed.

Hello freelancers,

I am a graphic designer myself, but due to lot of work these days i dont have enough time to do this one so i will need you to design a creative banner for me. Name of the company is "Sky Hosting" which offers very good free and paid hosting. Freelancers who send me a mock-up will be given priority. Size of a banner is 425×425 px. Good luck bidding!


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Urgent Payment System For Hosting And Domain Registration

URGENT. We have a client who wants to sell hosting packages (all are fixed to only 1 type of hosting package). This package may/may not include an existing domain; of which he will still pay the same price.

But for those who want to register a new domain with hosting, here are the steps:
1. check domain availability
2. confirm and purchase via 2CO
3. hosting package will be created AUTOMATICALLY via linking of payment API with the WHM hosting of our client
4. domain will be registered AUTOMATICALLY via domain registration API and parked to the corresponding package
5. the said domain and hosting will be valid for one year
6. the said domain will also be listed AUTOMATICALLY in our clients security component that checks the validity of the template packages the clients get free of charge only if they register domain and buys hosting package from our client
7. Automated communications with the client

All these steps must be automated. We expect all this to be done by next Tuesday (22nd March) LATEST.

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Hosting Server Maintinance

I have a hosting server which is in a need for an overall reconfigration.
The job is to reconfigure the server security, update all nessecary models, etc. to ensure smooth working.

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Roku Channel Development And Live Streaming


-Roku channel development with multiple live channges and VODs
-All VODs will be provided
-Live stream will be run through Adobe encoder or Wirecast
-Within one app. We need multiple live feeds and VODs
-Need to find hosting provider that can provide live stream hosting compatible with Roku and can
also be compatible with other devices like iPhone and Android

***Only bid if
-Have experience in building Roku channels or willing to learn how to develop channels for the long term
-before bidding goto roku site and download the sdk with sample apps and understand the development of the app
roku providers more than enough documentation if you want to learn
– We also need help in finding hosting provider for the Roku channel. Wowza hosting is the best for Roku channels. Need quality and competitve price

**PM me saying that you went to Roku site and downloaded the sdk. You understand the project. If you dont PM me with your
bid, that mean you did not read the whole project and do not understand the details.

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Custom Hosting Template

I need a web hosting template.

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Website For Web Hosting Company


I want a website For a Web hosting Provider Company.

i will provide full details to winner.

Happy Bidding.



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