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my price is 8$ per k


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Verified Hotmail,gmail Accounts And Seo For First Pages


i need phone verified gmail,hotmail accounts
1k or 100k

i need seo for google first page
"geciktirici" for

i need %100 inbox hotmail email for email marketing

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Update 300 Hotmail Accounts: Passwords & Forwarding

I have 5 sets of 60 hotmail email accounts (300 total) which each need to have the following done to them:

– change the password (new passwords will be provided)
– forward the email account (fowarding addresses will be provided)
– update the country to United States
– change the security question (the question selection will be provided)
– update the answer to the security question (this will be provided)

I have put all the information you will need into an Excel spreadsheet for each set of 60 accounts, which is already formatted to make this easy to follow. I will also provide a video explaining exactly how I need this to be completed, to ensure there are no errors with this process.

Once each individual account is updated, you will need to track this on the same Excel spreadsheet provided.

I am looking for someone who has attention to detail, as there are a total of 300 accounts which need to be updated. Any errors in this update process could potentially lead to these accounts not being able to be accessed any more.

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7th Project For Amalgamltd

As we discussed, 1k of hotmail verified acc, 1 file txt verified hotmail accounts total 15 usd.

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Buy 3k Hotmail Accounts

I need to buy 3k, verified hotmail accounts!
The faster you can get them to me, the better 🙂

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6th Project For Amalgamltd

As we discussed, 3k of hotmail verified acc, 3 file txt, each file with 1k of verified hotmail accounts total 45 usd.

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Ymail, Hotmail, Facebook Accounts

I need accounts in ARGENT.
PM me with offer & fixed rate.
Payment through GAF escrow only.

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Hotmail Password

Need help to recover hotmail password

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3 Mill Emails Need Inbox Delivery -@ Hotmail/gmail

We are a Turkish based aganecy and we have collected over 3 million mails ( all turkish – 2 Million hotmail and 1 million Gmail emails) over the last 2 years.

We need a company whom can send these emails daily hitting hotmail and gmail inboxes specifically and we want to work long term.

For those who are interested we want a test drive (for 250.000 gmail and 250.000 hotmail emails) to test the inbox rate and if you can achieve good rates we will work with you from time on.

Payments will be done bi-monthly by paypal or western union.

Please contact us and send your bids about this project.

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Hotmail ACR

Im looking for the newest Hotmail ACR that has been ALREADY created and has good % of accuracy. You must allow me to test it to ensure that it actually works before asking for payment.

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Invite Friends From Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Address Book Etc

We are looking for someone to develop a page that will invite friends from hotmail, yahoo, gmail, personal address book etc to join a group similar to the way you can invite friends on facebook and facebook can access these accounts by logging in with your username and password. Is this possible? If so please we would be interested in your bid. It should be done in asp classic if possible.

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Hotmail Email Validation

I want a program that I can give a Hotmail or MSN email addresses to, and the program will output the email address and a good/bad flag indicating whether it is a valid email address or not.

SMTP can NOT be used to verify the email. I need to validate thousands of email addresses, and Hotmail will block SMTP transactions after you do too many without sending a message.

The deliverable will be the program with source code and an explanation of what API methods were used.

I will award the project to someone who has a working prototype or can prove that they know how to do it.

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Hotmail Contact Import

This is a small project. Will continue to post more such small projects.

I need an ASP.NET (v3.5) solution for importing Hotmail/Live contacts. The winning bidder should deliver me the project along with the source code and all rights own them.

Kindly show me working sample and Ill choose you immediately (Pricing is also concerned).


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PHP Contact Address Import From From Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo


I am looking for a experience PHP and Ajax programmer to integrate a Address Book Importer where users can import their contacts from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and AOL.

The user should be able to import their contacts and send them an email to join the community.

Only people with PHP and Ajax experience are required to reply because there will be more projects involving PHP when this is complete.


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4000 US based hotmail accounts.
Both male & female, with the same password.

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Email Delivery Program Modification

Hello, we use a program called easyinboxmailer, we use hotmail accounts to send our opt-in mail to yahoo users, if we send even a few mails say 5 it will block sending, therefore, we can send 1 email per each (hotmail) sending account automatically and it will be delivered to the desired yahoo inbox.

As we can only send one this is costly as we have to buy more and more hotmails per day.

My idea there fore is to either modify or create a program with ALL the same features of
In hotmail if you send via web browser you can add up to 100 recipients PER 1 message, as we only send one message anyway without being blocked theoretically this should be work the same and deliver , and doesnt really matter if the account gets blocked as we have sent 100 mails from 1 email and we know sending one mail doesnt block us . However with easyiboxmailer it sends one by one and uses windows SMTP server on port 587, this is a program and i wonder if its even possible to do my suggestion in such a way

So in conclusion i want exactly the same features of easyinboxmailer, but 1 message should select 100 of our recipient emails and send as one message only.

This program is made in .net

I am not sure if this is even possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Need Hotmail Accounts


Need bulk hotmail accounts, Please PM price per 1k


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Craigslist For Sale – Easy Job For PROs

I need someone to post my ads in craigslist:

The categories

For sale:
cell phones

The ad:
Very simple ads, and very generic, no link, no email address, and no phone number. But the CL accounts that you will use must be forwarded to an email address provided by me (hotmail), so i will get all the leads. Ads content will be made by the freelancer, but with my instructions.

2 ways to get paid,
Pay by ad: every

If you use good IPs, you will not need phone verified accounts to post in these categories

i pay max 50 cents per ad, but the lower prices have more chances to win the project, i can hire more than 1 freelancer.

only ads that will be live for at least 24 hours will be payable. Need the list of links every time you post for me.

To show that you can do the job you will have to post 3 ads and have them live for at least 24 hours, forwarded to me(hotmail). Afterwords post as much as you can and it will be all paid.

Looking for a long term partnership.

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