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Local Business Listing Automation

Totally automate the posting of your clients reviews
Upload and Tag your clients images to photo sharing sites
Create videos on the fly and upload to video sharing sites

ou simply create a project for your clients citations for each of our review sites.

You add…

A Title for your review
A Review description
Choose a star Rating
Repeat with all your clients reviews

As soon as you have added all your clients reviews, our software will get to work drip feeding them to their business citations. By spreading the reviews out your clients listing will look more natural, not only to the moderators but also to Google.

Posting reviews on sites like Yelp and Yahoo local.

module to post your clients images to Flickr and Panoramio. Our software will log in to the photo sharing site and…

Upload your clients image
Add a title
Add a description
Add tags
Tag your image to your clients business address

Again your clients images will be drip fed to the image sharing sites spread over multiple accounts to keep under the radar of the moderators and Google

United States Citation Review Sites:

Google Maps
Yahoo Local
City Search
Insider Pages
Judys Book
Merchant Circle
Yellow Bot
Yellow Book
Super Pages

United Kingdom Citation Review Sites:

Google Maps UK
Yahoo Local UK
Free Index UK
Merchant Circle UK
Scoot UK
Thomson Local
Touch Local UK
We Love Local UK

Canada Citation Review Sites:

Google Maps CA
Merchant Circle CA
N49 CA
Yahoo Canada Local

Australia Citation Review Sites:

Google Maps AU
Merchant Circle AU
Start Local AU
True Local AU

For Reference only and optional, you will get extra bit of visual info here.You can view an example at

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Need Zip Codes Added To CSV Fle

I have a CSV file that has City and States, but i need to add the zipcodes. There is US and Canada citys and states. Im user someone out there can do there magic and use access or something to do this.

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Asset Management DB

I need an asset management db wrote in Microsoft Access.

Must have:

– a single form to search all types of assets
– possibility to add/remove models, vendors (user must choose them from a drop down menu)
– track repair history
– track status, ex. broken and repair date, owner history

Third party demo available to take as an idea, and a draft DB to start from.

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OSCOM expert for custom mods

Hello. This is a bit tricky to explain but should be easy to execute.
We sell mostly drop ship and some items from our warehouse. The items we have in stock were ordered from our manufacturer through oscom just like any other drop ship order. But the customer was our warehouse. Now we have those items in or warehouse and on on a stocklist we email out. When someone buys from that stock list we need to handle it in a special way…as follows.

We need to add a new process. to the order_editor contrib….

Just as normal… you go to Add order then..You go to add item.
There (At Add item) I need ..
An additional new button…"Add Item from STOCK"..

A drop down box appears and shows a list from table patagon_pedidos(a table we have already added to oscom db whose PK is called pedidonum)
That list is filtered to show only pieces in stock (this filter is based on a field value being greater than 1000)

You select the item to add and click the OK button… and

Automagically the following happens based on record selected…

1) The item is cloned from its original order number and added to this order..which is know becuase field f40 in patag_pedidos table = order_products_id.
2) A note note is placed into the original orders item description saying "control number-[pedidonum] has been sold as part of order number [new-order_id] line item [new_orders_products_id]"
3) F40 fields in table patagonia_pedidos is updated with the new orders_product_id.
4) F39 field is marked as Sold from old STOCK order [orderid] item number [orders-productID] to new Item number [orders-productsID] on new order [orderID] to [clientshort]

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