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Website Hosting Transfer

I want to transfer my website into new hosting.
all you need to do is set up the Mysql for the contact.php and payment page.
these are the only two php pages in my website need to be transfered to new hosting by php developer.
I will do the rest of job.

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WordPress Homepage

Hi there,

Needing a developer to Customise a wordpress template to a predesigned layout, which we will provide. One page only, on an exsiting website. All images are provided.

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Dating Website

I would like to have an own dating website. Where singles people can match.
I would like the next things to be possible:
Message sending
Searching on various keys like ,hair color, age, place ect ect
a good profile page, wich can be customised by user
user login
user pay system
if need any examples look at:

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Website For Technology Company

I currently have a website that is not happy with the company that designed it almost a year back and keep overcharging me for it as well.

I looking for a website that can be hosted on my own servers as we are a hosting company as well, and easy to maintain when required.

Like it to be very nice, with about 6 pages in total to start with plus more as time goes on, Like to have all the main menus at the top and then submenus drop down from that.

We are a Technology onsite computer services,

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Need Similar Seego Mobile Optimized Website Directory


My associate and I need someone to develop a wordpress based mobile optimized website directory and search engine designed specifically for smart-phones (iPhone, Palm Pre and Android) that fonctions the way does.

The directory will have all of the features of seego. We want directory functions on both domains. We would like to have a directory that functions on a normal www browser or search engine search as a regular url top level domain website (.net) and then the same information on a .mobi domain as a replication for viewing on a mobile device and mobile platform. Two separate domains / two platforms / same information. Both sites must be built on WordPress platform. We will provide Hostgator hosting account information (username and pw.

A) (WordPress Theme)
[Regular PC Themes:]

B) (WordPress Mobile Theme)
[Mobile Theme:]

We also would like optin boxes to be added in order to collect email addresses.

This may be the ticket for the 2 "Mobile Website Directory" websites.

Regular PC Themes:

Mobile Theme:

Would be needed similar templates, close to seego but not the exact same templates

Please acknowledge if this is understood and only bid if you are capable of all of this.

In order to be considered, all answers must start with this particular word code: "venture"

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Website Advertising In Schools & Colleges

I have started a website: I guess you get the idea by name. Yeah, its kind of like Facemash if you know what that is. But on a much bigger scale.
As for now, the site works this way:
A user can come and create his network. He can invite users or users can come and join the network.
The members can then upload pictures of their friends and vote on them.
I will give a full demonstration to the selected candidate.
The work that you have to do is that since this website is targeted in schools & colleges, your job is to spread or advertise about this website in schools and colleges.
This project will start earning revenue from advertising and other means which I will discuss after the candidate is selected.
I will not be giving a fixed amount. Instead, when the selected candidate is able to advertise the website to over a good amount of networks, he/she will be given 25% of share.
Since this is a startup, the candidate must know that a lot of revenue can be generated from advertising and other means.
Please apply for this job only if you have contacts in schools & colleges or if you are a student yourself.

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Final Touches To Our Website – Quick Job, Easy Cash

Our website needs work. We have a blog built on wordpress, a forum from simple machines forum and a custom coded of petition. All three functions are connected through the main site.

Work To be done:

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Search Page For A Products Website

Hello you all

I need you to enable an already designed webpage to lookup on the database and retrieve some products. I need the search to look onto several database fields, and need to provide filters (based in those fields) when the search is done so the user can go further specifiyng his needs. I need this done in codeigniter. Every keyword searched must be stored at this database, too.

Please just bid if you have the time to accomplish it this week. Probably will choose the bidder tomorrow.

Please dont bid more than $80. Less than this will be very welcome 😉

Thanks very much!

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Website Copy And Theme Modification

1. Copy existing site to new site (theme, settings and plugins- NO DATA)

2. Theme modification on site front page

3. Confirm URLs and links point to new url

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Quick, Small 3 Page Website (Very Easy)

Very simple website but would like it built so it has high search engine visibility (either some link building or something, however this shouldnt be expensive) It is a site for Free Automobile Towing in the Victoria, British Columbia area.

(I will require mock designs to send client)

Main Page:
– this pages just lists the phone number and services offered. You can pull the services offered content from the site samples below.

You can pull similar site content from these sites if need be. (stock images are fine)

Parts Request Form Page:

should look like this form

Contact Us Page
Should have same functions as this one

This is the competitors site, this is the site the client would like their site (the one you are building) to outperform.

I am looking for someone who can build a site that will allow for high visibility for a free auto towing company in the Victoria British Columbia area.

* Stock images is ok.

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Top 5 In First Page

I want my website to be in the first page in 5 please)
I have 3 key words
hair extension
clip in hair extension
100% human hair.

No black hat
No like farms
Nothing have negative effect on my website.
I will pay £80 for each keywords.

I want to have a weekly report, I can see the ranking information( I can check and see), site links added( must be permeant links)

Please dont bid if you cant guaranteed your work

deadline to finish the project will be 3 months from the day the project start, if after the 3 months result not reached project will cancel (if the result is almost reached to the require top 5 position extra time will be giving with reducing of the payment of 5% per each extra week).

If project finished on time, More and more keyword will add in the future, as We have a lot of products.

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Need 2000 To 3000 Backlinks For 44 Page Website NON U.S

I need about 2000 to 3000 backlinks for a 44 page website. The website is a witch / wicca website please check the website FIRST and then consider doing this job. I need each and every page to show in search engine BING and other main search engines. These backlinks should come from high page ranked websites or search engines, some can come from United States but most must come these other countries/continents; United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Hungary, kuwait, India, Australia, Canada, Saudia Arabia, Singapore, Estonia, Philippines, Germany, France so this is to 2000 to 3000 unique different websites. These are the main places that I would like these pages to be submitted to. I will give the person 3 to 5 keywords linking back to EACH specific page or url. Please contact me should you have any questions and for answers to any questions you might have.

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Start Of A Website

Hello Everyone, we are an Italian Translation agency and need to launch our new Website for international customers.
Who can bring us new clients? We search a good marketing expert, that will work for us also in the future. We will pay now for a sucessful advertisting campaign by posting our link in forums and help us to get better ranking in google, also SEO work is welcomed.
It is a easy site to advertise in forums, real good way to provide translations should be easy to get us clients once we are known on the net.

We need to have real customers that will ask for translations not just new profiles to our Website.

Thank you

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One Page Standalone Website – Customisable

Design and build a basic but customisable webpage to be used for advertising a house for sale. The Page would have the ability to slideshow some images and have links to three or four external websites.

I want to be able to customise things like the photos shown, background and text colours etc so I guess I am looking for a template that I can manipulate and then publish.

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Link Building

Looking for links, oneoffs or on an ongoing basis.
For scratchcard sites, also gambling.

scratch cards
online scratch cards
– skraplotter

Please bid only under our requirements:

1. Links must be "dofollow

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Movie Review Website

I need someone to make a start-up website for my movie review site. I need to be able to place advertisements on this site as it will be my main source of revenue. I will be making reviews on movies in theatre and on DVD.

I also have 4 other websites of varying degrees of difficulty that I would love to talk about.

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5 Page Portfolio Website


Im looking for someone that can build me a 5 page portfolio website.
Pages needed.

Home –
Fairly obvious, The welcome page

About Me / Us –
once again obvious

Portfolio –
Need to have a clean easy way of browsing through all my designs / images ( logos )

Contact –
Basic contact detail page.

Checkout –
This page needs to be fully functional. a page where people can purchase a logo design, and pay for it.
Text fields for them to add as must detail as possible.

Colour Schemes / Black,White,Pink
A Few inspirational websites – – Simplicity is good – general layout – notice the very long galley, My website portfolio needs to be able to to go and on.

Also each image in the gallery needs to have either "Sold" or "Buy" (Buy – would be linking you to the checkout for that product)

Thank you

*Listed else where

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NEED Netbanking Or Sbi Card Holder

i am in need of person from india who is haveing online netbanking or having sbi card.
I want 1400 INR can pay $ 30 .
only bid if you agrree and start it within 12 hours or can complete it as soon as possible.
I will select multiple bidder if reqired.
I will select within 12 hours or imediately if i like your proposal.

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Start A Search In An Iframe On Alternative Page

The project is to create a single text entry field "search box" on Page (A) and have it submit the search into an iframe search field on Page (B) displaying the results of the search as if it was done from within the iframe. Preferably with minimal to no lag time between submitting the search on Page (A) and the results of the search appearing in the Page (B) iframe. The iframe code on page B is not locally hosted or controlled but we are allowed to submit searches through it. The code needs to be capable of in running in a Joomla environment.

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Increase Page Rank For Website

I want to increase pagerank and Traffic for this website

If you can increase the traffic or increase page rank ,place your bid

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Myschooluniform Website

We have an oscommerce program licence and partly done website, need help to complete website. Have ideas for site to look like or sites. Very flexible to design if you have other ideas.

Searching for schools and remembering a visitors selection needs to be easy and intuitive. A standard easily editable response for schools not yet covered with a link to the Generic Set of items is needed. Idealling some way of handling generic items that are applicable to multiple schools is needed. Approx 1400 SKUs, up to 10,000 schools but most with a "Generic response", some with a custom page of items from the generic list that match that school, and some with fully logoed items specific to each school.

Credit Card payment option needed of course.

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Webcrawler Needed

I need a webcrawler which crawls parts of a website and stores data into a MySQL database. The crawler must parse urls which look like this:

log.php?id=1, log.php?id=2, log.php?id=3, log.php?id=4 etc.

In a first crawl, the script must extract data from all existing documents of this type. In each document there are around 20 variables which need to be extracted.

New documents are constantly generated on the website. The script must crawl those new documents via cron jobs and proxy servers and store the fresh data into the database.

A HTML interface with multiple filter options needed to sort results.

Freelancers who apply for this job must be available for future updates and the development of similar crawlers.

Please refer to pm for further details.

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