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Classified Ads Poster(craigslist,kijiji,backpage)

I need 100 Craigslist post a day Mon-Fri 5 days a week. I need the ads posted between 7am-10am est. and another ad posted from 7pm-10pm est.

You must have your own Craigslist accounts please do not ask me to provide this for you, You must know how to use random IP addresses posting the ads and do your best to avoid getting the ads flagged or ghosted. If you have good Craigslist knowledge that is a plus…I prefer to have to use tinyurl or any other method to hide my url for my website address to avoid my website being block.
Please respond with your price per day and expierence with CL.

Serious Inquires Only!!!!!

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Craigslist/Backpage Daily HTML Automotive Ad Postings and posting gig

Post a automotive html ad in Austin, TX USA

This is exactly how the html ad should and does look like:

Post TWICE a day, 6 days a week starting tomorrow (Sunday).
Total of 12 posts wkly for and then 12 posts wkly for

For each post you MUST completely randomize both the location, price and the title/headline of each ad with the 12 different category variations for each listing below.

Must have ALL emails forwarded to my email account.
You will be responsible to manage your own IP addresses and attain verified accounts as needed.
You must be able to rotate ad titles, post html image ads, rotate IPs, prevent ghosting, and be able to create daily posting report for me.

24 total posts per week until this vehicle is sold. Pay is $12 per week (.50 cents per post avg) paid every Saturday or if you like every 3 days via PayPal. This price must include sending me a NIGHTLY report to verify all 4 ads you posted are live.

Will NOT pay you for any ghosted or auto flagged ads obviously.

Both the Craiglist and Backpage ads MUST be posted once in the morning between 6am-11am CST (my time NOT yours) and then again between 5-9pm CST.

Locations to use:
1. S. Austin
2. S. Austin, TX
3. S. Austin, Texas
4. Austin
5. Austin, TX
6. Austin, Texas
7. South Austin
8. South Austin, TX
9. South Austin, Texas
10. 1st Street/Slaughter
11. Slaughter Lane
12. 1st Street

Prices to use:
1. $5,890
2. $5,891
3. $5,892
4. $5,893
5. $5,894
6. $5,895
7. $5,900
8. $5,899
9. $5,898
10. $5,897
11. $5,896
12. $5,895

Titles/headlines to use:
1. 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix
2. 2005 Grand Prix GT – GPS
3. 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GT
4. 2005 Grand Prix – GPS
5. 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix NEW paint job – GPS
6. Pontiac Grand Prix GT brand new paint job this week
7. Pontiac Grand Prix new paint job done 10/1/10
8. Grand Prix new paint job
9. Grand Prix GT new paint job done on Friday
10. Newly painted 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GT
11. Newly painted 2005 Grand Prix
12. Newly painted 2005 Grand Prix GT

You must have several postive reviews on your Craigslist or Bakcpage posting services otherwise DONT bid. Need someone very expericed. Ive been mass posting on CL for almost 4yrs and used to post in like two dozens cities 50+ ads a day. Ive been thru alot of clueless posters before, so dont bid unless you have several positive posting reviews and can follow these directions outlined perfectly.

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Craigslist, Kijiji, Gumtree, Backpage

I need someone, preferably a team of people to post ads on these websites


In a specific section
To world locations

You must bypass these websites filtering systems by using different IPs PVAs, etc.

I am paying $10 for 10000 ads for 30 days

I need a high volume turnout, so if you do a good job we could work long term.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me.

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Craigslist, Kijiji, Backpage Poster – Experienced Only!

I am looking for a long term project with someone that can post on CL, Kijiji and Backpage boards on job and for sale section.

The person Im looking at should be experienced and know how to do this job without ads getting ghosted on CL. I will ask for a few sample posts to ensure you know what youre doing.

I will provide ads and images, you need to post them and good English grammar is a MUST because youll be editing the ads to make sure they are not auto ghosted.

Im looking at 30-50 ads posted in total on these 3 boards.

I need you to forward all email replies to my email address (especially for CL).

Payment will be done on daily basis upon submitting the reports (live ads links).

Only reply if youre serious and experienced! You need all the IP and PVAs to do this job. I will only provide ads and images.


Quote your price for 50 ads daily.

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Kijiji Ad Posting

I have images and ad copy already prepared.. Categories chosen and most items need to be posted on an every-other-day basis. All I need is a provider who HAS IP SOFTWARE (Kijiji requires you to have a local ip address matching the geographical area you are posting in) and to have reasonable rates.

Unless otherwise specified, all posting is for EVEN days of the month (2nd, 4th, 6th, etc..)

These are the planned categories for Kijiji:


activities, groups

artists, musicians

classes, lessons

events (ask me to provide info on events for each month)

friendship, networking

garage sales

lost & found




childcare, nanny (DAILY POSTING)

Entertainment (DAILY POSTING)

fitness, personal trainer (DAILY POSTING)

health, beauty

music lessons

photography, video

skilled trades

travel, vacations


Please PM me for more information.

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Craigslist, Backpage, Kijiji Harvester/Scraper And E Mail.

I am looking for someone who is experienced and efficient in harvesting/emailing that I can work with on a daily basis who can harvest e mails from CL, Backpage and Kijiji and has the capabilities to send up to 10,000 e mails daily. For US mailings should be CAN SPAM compliant. I will provide you with the categories required and e mail copy on a daily basis.

Must be available via IM, Email or Skype to communicate.

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