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Webdesign Customization For WordPress Template Needed

This project should be very simple for you if you have customized the design of wordpress templates involving video.

What I need you to do is look at, check for a site that feels more like a "cozy home", get in touch with me by PM and then only bid on this project if you can have this done within the next 3 days (i.e. 72 hours).

To let me know that you have read this very short set of reqs and that you are not just doing a cut-n-paste from a pre-canned response, you must write in all caps, I CAN DO THIS IN 72 HOURS OR LESS in your subject line. I will not even look at any bid that does not follow this very basic and simple instruction.

You must turn this over to me in a way that I can immediately upload a video to it and allow people to comment on it by Wednesday morning.

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WordPress Template Modification – WP-Answers Plugin

WordPress Template modification

This project is to modify an existing WordPress template to accommodate the functionality of the WP-Answers WordPress plugin. The WP-Answers plugin provides a "Question and Answers" template, however Id like this functionality to be added to my existing template. The "Question and Answers" functionality is an added feature to my site – not the sole purpose.


– Posts should have a Q&A section which displays 3 questions relevant to the post content.
– The Q&A section should allow users to answer questions.
– New users should NOT be authenticated against WordPress. Creating new user accounts should be a seperate function. The successful bidder will need to build this.

Successful implementation should not use any HTML hackery, eg IFRAMES. The implementation should allow the existing template to function as normal. Eg, not interfering with the ability to add normal posts, pages or categories.

Both the WP-Answers plugin and our original template will be provided to the successful bidder.

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Quick WordPress Template Help

H we need some quick wordpress help. We need someone to finish our footer (placing links and images for a sponsors column) and help with our sidebar. The other designer couldnt finish the job on time so were looking for someone that can work with us and chat online while they finish the project. Graphics have already been done I think the work is mainly just CSS. Were on a small budget, project shouldnt take more than an hour.

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WordPress Template Implementation

I need someone to implement a wordpress team and make it work.

I have the template and i will send it to the designer. All i need is to make the template work so i can work in the tamplate on my own.

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WordPress Template Modification

Need to fix some formatting issues in wordpress.

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HIwa Osman Multilingual WordPress Template

I have a site called the template is installed,
i need the same template but in a different language (RTL) right to left

languages include (Arabic, Kurdish)
and add a multi lingual button in the header including (Kurdish, Arabic, and the current English version)

so basically turning the current template into a two RTL arabic, kurdish template,

as well as adding a newsletter plugin, that is really functional, and in which i can import csv file to it….

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Give Me A WordPress Template

I need a wordpress theme like this
You will get paid immediately. Lowest bidder with working theme wins.

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WordPress Template 2011-01 – For [creativesignup]

Design one wordpress template + one variation of template for subdomains based on the existing design of the website.

Plus an <IF><ELSE> statement in the template code to allow multiple URLs to load separate css and header images

This project is by invitation only

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WordPress Template Customisation

I have 4 wordpress templates to be customized

I require J query navigation menus to be coded in to the templates

widget rtl/css to be changed

Accordian drop down menu to be coded in place of the original side bar categories

2X Slider to be code into the themes

search bar on 1 theme to be moved position on template

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Install WordPress Template

Looking for someone to install this

onto our godaddy hosted webserver.


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WordPress/aweber/html Expert For Regular Work

We are looking for someone to work with regularly over the long term.

Absolute must haves (please do not bid unless you can prove all of these) –
– wordpress exeprt
– aweber expert
– html expert,
– familiar with setting up optin pages,
– fluent in english (spoke/written),
– located in the Philippines,and
– can start immediately.

First task is to fix a glitch in configuring our existing optin page with aweber, and then setting up aweber auto-responder with up to 12 emails which we will provide. This will not take long, but will give us a chance to see what you deliver.

If you complete task 1 and to time, task 2 is to replicate our wordpress blog (we will supply the content, you will set up the wordpress blog) and again configure with aweber and set up the auto responder emails.

If you complete task 2 successfully and to time, task 3 is repeat same for up to 15 more wordpress blogs.

If you deliver high class work on time we will keep you well employed over a long term basis.

Please bid for task 1, and when you pm, state your budgets for tasks 2 and 3.

If you have SEO experience, that is a bonus, as at a later date, we will also be seeking support on SEO optimisation, so if you have experience in that area, we will consider you for subsequent work.

Thank you.

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WordPress Template – Changes & Update

Hello –

This is my first time and I am trying to update my wordpress right now

something like this but the exactly the same.
what i like about this site it has moving pic and the tabs
and also add the facebook box and twitter

I know how to use wordpress but simple wordpress only
what you will do is change it bec I just made it and add new projects with pic
I have the infomartion and pictures with me



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Simple WordPress Template

I need urgently 2 templates to be done
I almost have few things
Pls bid 30 usd

Long term worker needed

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Hunting Statistics Site

I run the blog It is a hunting related website and I would like to add a section to it that shows what hunting units are good for different species of animals. Basically I want it to be just like but it needs to be ran on a linux server. I would really like for it to be all written in PHP with a mysql back end so that it is easy to update the statistics every year. All the data is located on the ODFW website at

Absolute Requirements:
1) A way to add new data every year
2) map look like the reference shown
3) has a look like my current website at so it has the same colors and such.
4) it works with my wordpress template so it is part of my site
5) Has multiple years worth of data where a user can select what year they want to look at.
6) Google Adsense compatible so that I can show releavent ads for hunting on this page.

I also need this done ASAP as people are going to start researching where they want to hunt for the upcoming season. I have a lot more ideas for my site so the successful bidder, if I am happy with your work, will have the opportunity to do a lot more work for me immediately after this project is completed successfully.

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WordPress Template Modification

We require a experienced website developer to modify and customise wordpress template in order to include certain drop down categories featured on the home page of the website.

The certain drop down menus that will be featured on the home page will be in the form of a location (e.g Country) drop down menu including sub category of particular locations being States and then region (e.g cities).

We also require on the second drop down menu a Category column that will feature business services.

A small questionaire is also to be embeded within the home page template. A basic outline will be supplied.

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Install WordPress Template + Minor Customization

We have purchased a wordpress theme (from Sarah Neuber) and want someone to install it and create a feel and look like our main website to replace the current looks of the website.We are currently also using another template from Sarah Neuber. so im not sure if there might be technical issues.

On top of that, we need to have some minor customizations such as setting image sizes, etc. But dont worry, we are flexible with our layout/design because we do not have any ideal layout in mind now.

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WordPress Template Needed – Designers With Portfolio

Hi I need someone to develop a wordpress template for a school.

(REmove all stars)

Heres the logo: ht*tp://ww*w.dunamis*
School Is – A*yo*ub In*terna*tion*al Sc*hool
Slogan is "K*now*le*dge is Pow*er"

Include some or all of thes pictures as thumbnails in the template design:


Points to bear in mind:

1. Simple Web2.0 3 column template. Colors should blend in with logo
2. Ill be using dropdown menus so I want menu navigation to be at the top
3. IMPORTANT: Design should look like a CMS instead of a Blog.
4. I want all files in php zipped and delivered. Basically I should be able to load theme straight away from wordpress admin
5. Payment via GAF or paypal

Persons interested in project should do a quick demo of homepage and PM me link of it.

What I want

Full template with PHP files in zip which I can load straight into wordpress themes area. Should be compatible with latest wordpress version.

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WordPress Template Modifications. Start Now !

********************************** MAX BUDGET : $100 **********************************

We purchased a WordPress template from and we need a professional web developer to make changes to the template layout.

We will provide source for text content and some mockup images of the layouts we want.

The changes will include adding Google Checkout buttons.

Please indicate the top 3 best looking WordPress sites that you developed so I check your skills (I dont need the whole portfolio)

********************************** MAX BUDGET : $100 **********************************

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Convert HTML File To WordPress Template *Easy*

I have a css based HTML page that I would like to become a page template within my theme.

All the assets should live separately from the other theme assets, that way this "sub theme" can be copied to any theme and function.

All youll need to do is:

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Fix IE6 Issue In WordPress Template

I have a fully functional WordPress site up and running, there are only some (2 or 3) minor issues involving IE6 that I cannot for the life of me figure out.

The issues involve floats and margins/padding problems, they dont seem like they are difficult to fix – I just dont have enough experience to figure them out in a timely manner.

I would also like it if you could give a brief description or write-up of what steps you took to fix the problems so I can learn a thing or two from this situation.

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WordPress Template Changes

The project is for the website

The site is currently split into 2: restaurant and cooking school

The following need to be changed on the cooking school:
1. Menu images – I have already created the new rollover images
2. Hyperlink font colours – should be #bb2b68
3. Breadcrumb hyperlink colour = #bb2b68
4. Sidebar header block background colour = # 911248
5. All email addresses need to be changed to


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WordPress Template Finish

I have developed a wordpress theme so most of it is done but I was not able to finish it due to the php and jquery being beyond what I can do. I am looking for someone who is very good with jquery and who is very knowledgeable with wordpress. I want you to complete where I started. I am looking to spend between 50 to 75 for this so please bid accordingly. Also please give me links to wordpress templates you have created or worked on. If you give me stuff not wordpress related your bid will be ignored. Also this is very complex jquery so please know what you are doing.

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WordPress Template + User Profile (unlimited)


Please read carefully and dont just bid on project without knowing what to do. Thanx.

1. After the job is done all work is copyrighted, so NO reselling is allowed!

2. I would like to simply convert already made design (very similar to Facebook…same typography…but very simple…only text, colors, lines and 2 icons in overall design) to WordPress theme-template (all files index, page, single, comments…etc…with editable header, footer, content and sidebar). All design is in psd files in one layer.

3. Registration/Sign up (unlimited users-profiles) : Every user will have his own profile (no images, photos, video…only plain text)

4. In every single profile, user will be able to add posts as one can do it on Twitter (Twit text clone functionality WITHOUT following)…possibility to add simple text…delete it and make it favorite with yellow star…on rollover the post as in Twitter) …THERE is no following as in Twitter!!!…no heavy scripting!!!….CLONE functionality just for adding posts with time when the text was posted!!! Those post are NOT indexed by robots!

5. This posts will be visible only to user himself…no sharing no nothing…simple posting for personal use….like checklist.

i.) Every user can post twitter like text in every category.

ii.) Categories can be added as simple "add page" in WordPress. So let say we have "Shopping" and "Partying". In category "Shopping" user can add as many text posts as he wants. If he switches to "next page"…"Party", he can also add as many post as he wants…We can add unlimited number of pages…as usual in WordPress even though we will need maybe just 7-10.

6. Sidebar of the template will have like twitter has…"favorites post" button (with number on the right of how many post has this yellow star sign) and the ones that ar not stared – also with number on the side….on click they will be listed in Content area. In sidebar you can also add other stuff as usual.

7. If there is some other backend admin area (open source) that you could use we can discuss it. (No Joomla…I prefer WordPress…free, simple and nice)

8. Beside all of that, you have to have feeling for details and be able to make every single detail exactly as it is made in design!

PS: It is like on every page inside of user area there is a simple check list!

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Need Little Changes To WordPress Template

Need little changes to a wordpress template. Currently our client have a site
Client now want to add "Download & Preview" section with counter like another web site

This is a very easy task who have knowledge in wordpress template creation. Before selection we need the sample proof of "Prevew & Download section with counter" template same as

Budget for this little job $15

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WordPress Template Customization

I need to customize this WordPress template from

In general, I am looking for someone to modify copy, images, etc… I will also want the all-in-one seo plug-in installed…or something better if you know about it.

I would also like to have the blog template active.

Preferably, I would like to be able to skype in english.

Thank you!

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WordPress Template Updating

Hi, Im looking to get some custom coding done as soon as possible for my WordPress site that is built with the Geo Places theme for local directories. The WordPress theme has Paypal and (credit cards) integrated as payment options, but it only allows you to make one-time payments for a business listing on my site, and people would have to come back and renew their business listing every 30 days and make another one-time payment. If possible, I need it to be where there is an automatic monthly billing setup through Paypal instead of a one-time payment so that the customer gets billed automatically once a month. I know Paypal has this option, but I dont know how I would integrate it with the theme. This might not even be possible, I contacted the makers of the Geo Places theme and they simply said they dont have that feature.

I will also need to have a few options for different payment and program plans

Please only apply if you have some knowledge in these areas (PHP programming, WordPress, Paypal, etc.) because I do not have time to waste.

Im looking to pay for the whole job and once and hope to pay no more than $15, but its flexible.

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Simple WordPress Template

I am looking for a WordPress expert that is very familiar with php and css and creating templates. I am looking to get a simple wordpress template created that is similar to two free templates that I like that is flexible for me to be able to choose to use either a single column template, left sidebar template, right sidebar template, and footer widget and top widget areas. All this without any images but the ability to upload a header logo image in the upper left hand corner.

I will share the two free templates above to the people I feel would be a good fit for this project as further reference of what I am looking to have done for my template.

This should be an easy project if you know how WordPress themes work and know PHP and CSS.

Please only bid if you can show me some completed WordPress projects.

Thank you!

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PSDs To WordPress Template! Only GoldenSolution

PSDs to WordPress Template! Only GoldenSolution

As discussed…

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