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URGENT: Need Webdesigner/html Person To Backup My Designer

Hello Bidders,
Due to various tight deadlines, we urgently need some one to assist in supporting our graphic designer/web guy. The sites have been done and we need someone to implement the client feedback and tweaking of the designs.

The tasks include:
– Changing text
– Modifying or changing photos
– Creating some html
– Adding features

Basic standard website design and implementation stuff. Nothing complex. Flash experience would be good too.

Please bid on the cost of fixing one site. But there should be work on a longer term as well. Be quick and be reasonable in bid and i will select someone immediately.



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Need An Mp3 Placed In An Iframe On An Html Page

We have a website which is html based wordpress with wpremix theme being used.

We need the top header to be static on the site as it will contain a flash based music player which we have already made.

We would like it so when a person visits the website, the music player will auto play in the header section and when a person clicks to go to another part of the website, the top header stays there and music continues to play.

We would either like the top header iframed or the main content section below iframed. Preferably the top header would be better for SEO purposed.

Let me know your thoughts.


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Sharepoint 2010

We are looking for a Sharepoint 2010 developer who can take PSD designs and create a website within the server. The candidate will require VPN access to a closed network and work very quickly to get the site pages in place with webparts and dynamic content.

The developer must be proficient in Sharepoint 2010, Photoshop and have intermediate graphics design skills to convert the templates and create the site.

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Require PSD To HTML/CSS Expert

Require PSD to HTML/CSS expert

need some work now

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WordPress Theme Clean-Up & Change .ftp File To HTML

I need someone to make the following changes to my WordPress website

1. Change a .swf file into HTML to replace an ad in widgets (Appearance Widgets Text) – see Freesytle ad on site for reference

2. Add the Google Analytics tracking code to all pages of website

3. Change "Layback Larry is proudly powered by WordPress and Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS)" etc off of the bottom of the page and replace with Copyright 2011 in black text

4. Take off the ability to comment on the Art page (when you click on a particular painting a comment box opens up with the new page) AND do not let the image open to full view (the 3rd click on a particular painting opens it up into its own page)

5. Have the widgets (ad, facebook profile box, search, categories,etc..) visible when you view an individual post (right now when you click on a particular post the widgets are no longer visible)

I will provide log-in details, .ftp file, Google Analytics tracking code, more info, etc upon acceptance of bidder:

Thank you!!!

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I Need A Simple Image Script!

I have a background image that is tiled. It is an image of smoke at the top of my website. The image shows in the background and the content of the page overlays the smoke image. I want the smoke to scroll horizontally so the image looks like its moving. This script should work on any browser and should be html/javascript/css only.

Budget is $30. If you have a demo please share it in PM so I can see.

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URGENT! CMS Issues And CSS Fixes Needed On Existing Site

We have an existing site that has a CMS. It has issues with layout and style, and also doesnt look the same in all browsers. Currently the shopping cart layout is not correct so customers cannot place orders, therefore the need for urgent fix! I have been told that it could be an issue with the CMS changing the html code but not sure.

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PSD To HTML. Convert PSD Design To Html + CSS

We are a group of young developers that are excited about our startup.

The startup is primarily a website. We have a psd design of the website, however, we need someone with psd-html conversion skills to turn our beautiful psd layout into a beautiful website. This is a simple project, with the opportunity for further contract.

Wage will be set based on experience, bid and turnaround time.


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Change Our Existing Flash Site To A HTML Site

We are looking to take our existing shop at [Removed by Admin]and create the same shop but in HTML. We are changing our website and shop because we want a search engine friendly website. Please have a look at our shop and tell us what you propose, the changes you feel necessary and why.

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Excel Macro Conversion To HTML

I am requesting a Macro file that will process an Excel file with a list of events and provide me HTML code for this list with appropriate formatting that I will then place in my online website.

The list of events is approximately 200-300, spread over 3 columns.
Each event row will have to be parsed for Title, Date, Time, Location, and price.

The Macro should parse each event row, reorganize columns based on a predetermined structure, then generate HTML code for the table that can be manually pasted into my website.

Please pm me for sample of the excel file or with any additional questions.

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Opencart Html/css Integration

Im looking for an experienced UK-based opencart developer to integrate a html/css template into Opencart with 8 different variations. Basically what this means is 1 html template with 8 different css styles so the client can select which css version they would like to use for a category, so e.g. create a new category and choose which css style they wish it to use.

Opencart will be installed ready and the html and css files provided.

This is also an ideal opportunity to build an ongoing business relationship as Im looking for someone to pass future Opencart projects onto that I can trust and also provides a good standard of work.

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Duplicate Website (Create Unique But Similar Look)

You will receive two links to the different pages and your job is to create highly similar (almost identical) pages, however each element and image on the page must be redesigned from scratch to prevent copyright infringement.

There are only 2 pages. The page source and images should be redesigned from scratch so that there are no copyright infringement issues. The design must look very professional.

The deliver format should be the following:
1. Fully functional HTML & CSS
2. Images
3. PSD files for images

The max bid I will consider is $150.
Please be prepared to show previous web design work.

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Email Creative Design

I need someone to re-design a html email creative for me.

I have one ready that needs to be changed to look more like the landing page that it points to.

Please get in contact if you are able to do that.

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CMS And Ecommerce Website

Basic ecommerce website with CMS.

No design needed.

HTML/CSS/Javascript, CMS, eCommerce.

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Magento Expert To Repair A Template After Upgrade

After magento upgrade (from quite old version to the template displays errors, front page is distorted and there are problems with some characters.

The site should be repaired today, max. about 10 hours.

I need somebody serious with magento experience who wont let me down.

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I have a theme that is PSD/HTML.

I have modified the PSD and I need someone to code it into the HTML theme.
You will not have to write all the HTML/code that is already done.

Very simple job.

My budget is $30

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Zen Cart Template Customization

We have created a rudimentary website running Zen Cart on an Apache 2.2 server with MySQL and PHP 5.3 from a template called Glacier Age from Clyde Jones. We are looking for a Web Designer capable of editing this template to customize it for my business of online backup service. We have four classes of products with varying price levels and will take credit card payments via PayPal. You will be responsible for the website layout and design while actual text content and needed graphics (background or otherwise) will be provided by an artist you will work with remotely.

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Design Website And Deliver (psd/xhtml/css)

I need a new website designed from scratch. I have further detail on email for the correct designer. Need to see prevous work. This project is to design a website for the construction / home improvement industry.

The final deliverable MUST be in tableless X-HTML / CSS code. We are looking for good graphics with sliders, and quality images.

Delivery times is 5 days.

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Optimize Html For Safari/firefox/chrome/IE

Im building a site and one of the pages has flash and is not showing up well / consistently in

Safari / Firefox / IE / Chrome.

I am looking for someone to optimize the html coding on the index page that launches the flash object.


it has a subnav in place

all data into the page is through xml

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Clean-up HTML & Convert To Joomla

"Coming Soon" page / links are skewed and needs some HTML / light design tweaking. Convert to Joomla. See: American

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WordPress Theme Clean-up

1. I need to change the front page to have one colum instead of 3 and fill it with an image (illustration provided)
2. the front page also needs the bottom part to be a page instead of titles of a page teaser or headline.
3. using the plugin "Cata Blog" i need to change the formating.
refer to the attached image.

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Zip Code Search Returning HTML File

I need immediate assistance. Im able to do general html/ccs code and understand other code but dont know how to write it. I need a php or javascript based simple entry form made where a zip code is entered and a upon submit an html page (already built) appears based on that zip code. I have 12 different locations. All I need is an example made of the form with the code that I can plug into my page with a few simple instructions if needed. Id GREATLY appreciate the help; I cant find a decent tutorial online. Thanks so much and please let me know if you have any questions!!

04/04/2011 at 22:08 EDT:

An html file of the form along with the necessary code would be most helpful 🙂

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Business Website Design/Code/more Needed

I need a web-site for a business, similar to this one ( I plan on selling toys and electronics, about 500 + products. I will need a shopping cart, login and registration, A design on the site pages for background, any buttons/links/text,and the general looks of the site(excluding a logo)to go on this site I want to be able to edit the HTML and to up-load products to the site so please add comments to the code so I can understand what they mean(You dont have to go into to much detail w/the comments, I have a basic understanding of HTML). Id like to see some of your work before I accept an offer. My budget is about $200 to $500.


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Jquery .scroll () In Webpage

I have one page that I need to put an accept button at the bottom of the page – It is ONLY supposed to show when the user has scrolled to the bottom of the page – Ive seen it done using jquery but cannot figure it out for myself.
Can anyone do this simple project for me?

You can see the demo at:

enter.html loads disclaimer2.html into an iFrame

I need to take out the checkbox and have plain text that will allow the user to accept (sending him to index.html) or decline (sending him back to the top of the page

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Minor Html Adjustment For Browser Compatibility

some pages not showing correctly in firefox / safari

adjust so looks correct on each browser

very simple fix

$10 for this

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Transfer Book To Kindel Via HTML

I have a 365 pg book to transfer to Kindel via html. I have the book is in Wordperfect and pdf.

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Email Integration With Mailchimp

We need someone to integrate a design for us into email format using mailchimp. (Files are already in .psd and html format.) There are two designs, one in english and one in arabic. The two designs must inter-convertible with each other by clicking on a link in the email.

We need this done asap.

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Website Layout & Design (PSD Only No HTML Required)

We are looking for a designer for ongoing web design projects. We will need a home page mockup and up to 5 additional sub-page layouts. Final delivery will need to be PSD files ready for image slicing. We prefer a look and feel that is rich with color, depth, and texture. Some example projects we have done in the past include:

The winner of this project and more to come will be based on the following criteria in order of importance (highest to lowest):

1. Quality and style of portfolio
2. Turn around time
3. Price

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Edit And Integrate HTML And CSS Into A Website

I need someone to copy HTML and CSS from one website and integrate it in another. Its easy project for expert, but I dont have time to do that. You will edit just Login form and one banner. Budget for project is 10 $
Bid if you can do this tonight. Details will be provided to winner.

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263_Rf HTML Email

HTML email project for nighthunter

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