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Kaltura Video Player Theme


Im looking for someone that could style the Kaltura video player with a skin designed by me. The skin is simpler than the actual Kaltura skin player, you can get the source at:

– It should look the same has the design for the HTML5 and Flash version.
– It should maintain the same original structure of the Kaltura framework, only need a skin.
– The image rounded with the circle need to be loaded from the skin directory so it could be change later (this image will be a transparent PNG) need to work the same in Flash and HTML5 video version.
– The skin should look the same in every browser: IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox 3/4, Opera 10/11, Safari 4/5 and Chrome 10/11.

Please see the attachment to see how the video player skin should look. I will provide the original file so you can style it.

Thank you

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Convert Swf Page In HTML5

Convert web page into HTML5 content

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HTML5 Tutorial Writer Needed

I am in need of a Html5 expert to design some creative tutorials from novice to expert levels. Each tutorial will be $30. My client is looking to make this an ongoing thing of about 5 a month.

The tutorials are to be in english and well written, no videos, just text and images.

Tutorials are to be unique and custom, not rip offs from other tutorials. All copyrights are to be given to my client.

Please post your best Html5 skills and if you have any tutorials to show that would be a bonus.


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Convert HTML5 Book Into PowerPoint For Instructor Material


I am a web application architect who happens to also teach at a university. Ive created a new course in HTML5 that I will begin lecturing in May. The book I will be using is located at It is a 200 page book with 10 chapters. Im looking for someone to convert the each chapter into a powerpoint presentation.

Basically, I need someone to summarize all the technical content. The book is perfectly layed out with sub-chapters. Each chapter should generate approximately 50 slides. At the end of the project you are generating black and white 500 slides.

I require the person to have good writing and basic web development skills.

Below is a list of each chapter:

Chapter 1 – Introduction / Main Structure
Chapter 2 – Text
Chapter 3 – Forms
Chapter 4 – Video and Audio
Chapter 5 – Canvas
Chapter 6 – Data Storage
Chapter 7 – Offline
Chapter 8 – Drag and Drop
Chapter 9 – Geolocation
Chapter 10 – Messages, Workers, and Sockets

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Job Website

We aree look for a developer that can build a rich media website that utilizes the following technologies, processes.js, html5, flew, javascript, CSS, CSS3, JAVA and .net. The site will consist of 7 pages with each page containing 5 accordion panes and one main pane displaying dynamic content. In additional to the site we will also required integration of APIs and sign in functionality from Facebook, Linked-in, Google, etc…

Upon request we can provide detailed technical briefs and wire frames.

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Create Flash Landing Page And Export To HTML5

I have a PSD for a landing page. I want to create simple animation in Flash and export to HTML5. I will provide PSD on PM .. Remember i want one provider to be able to do both of these tasks.

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Photoshop, Illustrator, Html5 Tutorials


I am looking for great tutorials which all copyrights go to me and you can not claim to be your own creation.

The tutorials can be any of these:


Requirements are as follows:

Photoshop tutorials need to be high graphical content which is easy to follow.
Illustrator tutorials need to be high quality graphics which is easy to follow.
html5 needs to be clever tricks and be html5 valid.

I have been around just about all tutorial sites so please do not just rip a tutorial and claim it as your own. Has to be made custom.

Please look at:

these are the quality i am looking for

When bidding please bid for 1 tutorial, we will want lots but just bid for one and please send me work you have done which can show me you are very creative and skilled to do this


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Simple Fix For Posting HTML5 Canvas Along With Other Inputs

All I need is someone to tell me how I can post a dataurl that has been generated from a canvas element along with other inputs to the php controller. I have posted the problem in many forums and have not had any reply.
See: jquery forum and search for "Posting canvas data url along with other form data".
This is all I need to get working.

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Joomla 1.6 Template With HTML5/CSS3 Animation

Hi all,

we need a professional for developing a Joomla! 1.6 Template, HTML5/CSS3 skills required for an animated header.

We prefer developers from Germany, Austria!

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Javascript/html/jquery Pro Required.

We have a website built but its buggy and not very cross platform.

One of the features is a voice over system that uses html5 audio and ogg files.
This needs to have a fallback for IE8 users (invisible flash player with javascript callbacks (jwplayer?)).

There is also some issues with object positioning on the page as well as lag issues.

You must have experience with html5 and javascript with examples of your expertise.

It needs a fresh mind to look at it as the site is quite complex.

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One Web Page In HTML5

I have a single web page, it is old and has a xml video gallery, it works really well with HTML4. What I want you to do now is two things:

1 – Removing the old gallery and replace it with a simple manual gallery, so that it works with HTML5. Ive already started with it and it works fine and I have allready the script, but it does not look good, youll just get a nice design for this gallery.

2 – Make a new design for the same old page, that looks good with your new video gallery (only the first page, no other pages), and here you should use the same content as my current page.

Thats all, just one page youll be working with, so budget for this work is up to $ 50 in 2 days.


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Flash Header To HTML5

I want a developer to code our animated header on our webpage to HTML5.

You can see the header on:

Please show me sample of previus work.

best regards

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HTML Programmer

The Asterclick project seeks a HTML5 programmer to work on a bleeding edge project.

The project will be done on a week to week basis, initally you will be contracted for a month. You will be working under the lead developer to add functionality to the project. If you have skills with asterisk it will be a great bonus.

Please post a CV of your skills and experience and expected weekly wage you will be seeking. You will be expected to put in 35 hours a week.

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Html5 Video Audio Stream On Iphone


Were need your experience for this new project. We have create iphone app. But we have problem with audio streaming. We are streaming on web site with flash. But we need to stream to iphone, android and others using HTML5.

We just want these part. User must be record voice on iphone or android and could be upload our server. If our server oflline or doenst have internet connection, user can use mobile store, After problem fixed, user can synchronization.

Please send us your experience about i phone. By the way we have RED5 server.


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HTML5/Javascript Configurator

Build a basic configurator that allows a user to select from 3 component images in 3 fields (style, artwork, hardware) that are overlaid in the canvas to create the final image. The user should be able to select from 3 different styles, 3 artworks, and 3 hardware options.

The user must be able to change the component and refresh the canvas. The canvas refresh needs to be dynamic – driven by the choices, not simply a selection of the 9 possible outcomes.

I will use your code as the starting point for a database-driven product builder.

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HTML5 Website Design

Provide a few comps for web sites. Implement selected design. Designer must have a portfolio that shows exceptional design skills. Must have experience in HTML5 designs. Experience with Flash and Actionscript will be a plus.

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JQuery HTML5 Audio Player IPhone Android & File Upload

Need a cross-platform, cross-browser audio player (mp3, m4a, ogg, wav) that will work in all modern browsers (IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) as well as on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android). Needs to have "auto-play" feature toggle, playlist support. Will provide design for player via photoshop mockup.

Also need a cross-platform, cross-browser file uploader (mp3, m4a, ogg, wav) that will work in all modern browsers (IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Will provide design for file upload via photoshop mockup.

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CSS3 / HTML5 Expert

Looking for a CSS3 expert in 3D Transforms for viewing animated content on an iPhone.

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HTML To WordPress

Looking for a proficient user to convert a 1 page html template I have into wordpress using html 5 / css3. Quick turnaround required and good functional use of html5 / css3 required to be demonstrated.

Please get in touch with price and turnaround time asap.

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Website Mobile Version

Looking for someone who can make the mobile version to our website – using of course HTML5 – we need the website to be able to work on all mobile phones that have web access without having several versions. Our website is built using PHP and all done in house on our own custom framework. The site will depend a lot on geo-location. So it will show you content based on the location you are etc.

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HTML5 Interactive Diagram For IPad App

We are looking for a developer who can create an interactive diagram in HTML5 for an upcoming iPad app. The diagram will let the user interact with one object that can be dropped through a hole and feature custom animation and sound.

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TV Stream Website

We would like to create a website similar to
We would like to stream channels from Hotbird satellite service. We would like this done in HTML5 player ideally however we don

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Html5 Simple Image Editor

We are looking for a developer to develop html5 simple image editor that support the following functionality:
Drag and drop image as background (from list of thumbnails)

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HTML5 Poll Widget For IPad App

We are looking for a developer who can create a nice HTML5 poll widget to include in an iPad app. The developer would be responsible for coding the poll and setting up the server database to collect poll results.

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HTML5, JQuery, IPad / IPhone, Safari – Fix Site

We have a WebKit site that is designed to work in Safari, but its not working properly on the iPad. We need somebody to fix it.

You can view the site at:

In the perfect world, that person would also write function stubs for the Javascript SCORM calls… you will notice the annoying popups. Price should be very reasonable though, because this is easy work.

Please show me examples of your iPad/iPhone website work.

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CMS Site Build Using Transparency (HTML5?)

We need a site template to be built on a CMS platform (Joomla / WordPress / other) using only 4 layouts.

The site will involve transparency with overlaid text and ideally the ability to embed non-web generic fonts.

We will provide PDF build instructions and a PSD template file, but the site must fit this template exactly. All measurements and alignment must be adhered to precisely.

Please provide no more than 3 examples of previous website work that demonstrate transparency and ideally non-generic web fonts. Any bidder supplying more than 3 examples will not be considered.

Deadline for delivery is 5 days.

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HTML 5 Pro Needed

I need an HTML5 pro to take existing HTML5 code of a basic jigsaw puzzle and reskin to fit the design and minor edits that I need made. Fast turnaround is imperative. I need an initial version no later than Thursday night with polishing possible for a few days after that. If this works you will be my go-to-person for all HTML5 in the future.

We are a Hollywood based web studio with clients including all of the top Hollywood movie studios. Our projects are always fun and we only do things that look good 🙂

Please only reply if you have real HTML5 experience and, ideally, have developed some added functions in HTML5 besides the most common slide show features. Willing to give a newbie a chance but must show good work. Please provide links to your other work.

I will be selecting a provider in the next 12 hours.

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I need to send someone work for PSD->HTML5 projects.

In your PMB dont show me a list of links.

Just say: this is an example of my use of cufon:
and this is where Ive used semantic HTML5:

Thats really all I need. I dont care about your CMS experience, php blah blah blah 🙂

View the design here:
I have the HTML already laid out, the css pretty much just needs to be filled in.

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PSD -> HTML5/Cufon/CSS

I need to send someone work for PSD->HTML5 projects.

In your PMB dont show me a list of links.

Just say: this is an example of my use of cufon:
and this is where Ive used semantic HTML5:

Thats really all I need. I dont care about your CMS experience, php blah blah blah 🙂

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3d Drawing Tool

Looking for super star HTML5, AJAX, JQuery experts with a 3d drawing background
project likely to last 2-3 months.

Data pulled in real time from back end databases and rendered on the browser as the user interacts with the application.

Send me your portfolio / links of similar work
Feed free to contact me for more details.


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HTMl5 Canvas Project

I need a HTML5 page created that will let a user:

1. Draw an image on HTML5 Canvas element
2. Save HTMl5 Canvas as a PNG

Example of drawing functionality:

Example of HTMl5 Saving functionality:

Selected bidder must be an expert on HTMl5 and Javascript to complete this project. More details to be disclosed via PMB.

Please use my first name "Jason" in your bids so I know you have read this.

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Convert Our Current FLASH Site To HTML5 For IPad And IPhone

Please help us build our website in HTML5 to play off iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices inc. Android tablets.


1. Create a new site design, based on our current sites style and redesign with influence from a) and b) – we expect to see layered PSD(s) of several suggestions.

2. Then (once we agree on new design) take our exisiting sites content , currently all in FlashMoto CMS ( and build the HTML5 version(s) that allows for iPad viewing as a priority.

3. Integrate a Blog (internal/secure and public access) to our website;
a) Internal blog which is secure (login/password access) for employees to post content about their projects
b) allow administrator to blog to release specific postings to blog to a general access blog for everyone to see.

4. Then wed like programming to recognise the browser size, to then dynamically display our website content on smaller screens; such as iphones, android devices, etc.

Itd be a nice feature to allow us to update content to our "portfolio" page. Thereby, we could create a new entry title, add a description, upload or reference photo(s), reference/load vimeo video, and popup html window/content.

Currently our site has the following content, that will be needed on HTML5 rework site (copy/paste basically)

a) "Splash page" with 9 thumbnails of the various project work we do, each links to its own content in "case studies"

b) "about", a short description and then photos of our team

c) "services", mostly text with three thumbnails

d) "clients", thumbnails of all of our clients

e) "case studies", same as our splash page. I would like this renamed to "portfolio" and images to appear in much the same way as

f) "industries", mostly text

g) "contacts", three thmbnails with contact details. our location, with map, and online contact form.

h) "join the team", job postings, etc.

New catergories:

a) Blog (as above)

b) News, ability for us to twitter news bulletins to visitors

c) Secure client login area to see files/FTP available to them

Developer(s) MUST:

1. Have experience building HTML5 applications, please show me examples of work!

2. Regularily keep in touch via Skype

3. Have a satisfaction guarantee: you are willing to go through site revisions until we are completely satisfied with the results.

4. Be available after project completion for regular site maintenance and as changes are needed.

Best regards,

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