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Webshop Banner

I am looking for a designer who can design a new clean banner for our site.

Attached you will see of our current banner.

The size is : 576 x 229 pixels. The edges are rouded off.

The designer is free to enhance the current banner layout.

I want to receive the PSD after finishing.

Here is an example of the style im looking for :

There are no browse buttons required on the banner.

We are also looking for a designer who, on a regular basis can do our single product banners.

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Read the introductory chapter to PDF article provided here called SITE DANCE

Choose and describe three ideas about site dance that are discussed in the chapter (you must cite the page number for each idea). AND based on the ideas chosen from the chapter, describe at least one idea for a site dance of your own that you would like to try as your end-of-semester collaboration project (make this part up as if you were taking this course).

So to make it clear,….1 paragraphs for each of the 3 ideas in the article, and 1 paragraph about an a site dance of your own that you would like to try….thats a total of 4 paragraphs!


very simply and easy task. No plagiarizing or payment will not be sent. Must be own original work.

04/03/2011 at 16:27 EDT:

Skype me at Ncarolina1728 to discuss this if you are interested!

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HTML/CSS Dropdown Menu

Need a very simple horizontal navigation dropdown menu re-worked on an Ecommerce website.

Coding and design is already 100% complete. We just need to rework the menu, as it currently is configured to drop down and reset only when an image is clicked on. We want this removed.

We just want a dropdown on mouseover. Something like what you see on (without the gradient and images).

Needs to be cross-browser compatible and bug-free.

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I am looking for a site inspired by, please see the website for details
Its a gaming ladder where people can post matches and play against each other.
There is also an option to create tournaments.
Players can leave feedback for each other after every match.

On that movie you can see how it works

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Fitness Website


Im looking to have a Joolma site built. It will be for fitness tracking, to allow myself and individuals to register/login, then upload what exercise they did for the day. From this information, the person will be able to produce a graph on their exercise to see how they are improving. An example of the graphic output of the exercise can be viewed here:

I can supply you with the full requirements if you message me.


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Im looking for a person to create a website like

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Flex App With Integration

we are looking for someone to help us develop a Flex app that will communicate with our account.
We need to retrieve all data from leads, including phone number where we need to create a call button (when you click on call, it will use the RingCentral API to make a call). After we make a call we need to be able to add some notes to that lead.
We found something we like on
We need something similar.

Let me know what details you need, also please show us a portfolio of your Flex applications.


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Looking For An Article Rewriter

I am looking for a good article rewriter who can write 4 articles in less than 24 hours. I need the output to be totally unique and free from plagiarism.

Example of an article to rewrite:

My budget is $5 per 500 words

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Promotional Flyer – Product Base

I am looking to hire some one on weekly basis who can develop our weekly newsletter. Product content should be taken from our ecommerce website. You have to create a new banner every week with new promotions. It will be a standard layout with new banner every week with products on sale displayed. Check the example here,

we provide the necessary content and information. Check the above example first before you bid. we need quality designers we can do the job on timely basis. you can quote the price per month basis. You will be designing four weekly flyers. let me know your quote for four newsletters.

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Scripta Required For Sportbook, Casino & Poker Site


Should have the option to live betting, or Pro Bid.
Should support all the Method of payment as PayPal and other
Must support live feed
Manual and automatic input quota
Admin panel and user
To work independently or as a supplement to the Joomla CMS
To support WIN and LINUX Server

Example Scripts have to [url =] [/ url]

Before the conclusion of the work required DEMO Scripts does not need to be 100% functional.

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Captcha Breaking , Cracking


I need programmatic solution to decode captchas like in attached link

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Webpage Template + Header Design


Need someone right away! Looking to create a single page template for my Mini Ecourse including a header design.
I have an example of exactly what I want:

Should take under an hour to do.

Looking to get this done immediately!


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Purpose: To notify subscribed users of website updates.
Preferred Lang: C++, Python Can be done in: PHP, Python, VB.NET,
OS: Windows/Linux, or it can be multi-platformed for both functionality on Windows/Linux
Project Description: I will need a multi-threaded program, that will go from the start of an e-mail list to the end, and let them know we have updated our website via our websites widget, these can be multiple websites, so we would need a way to configure the email list, the number of connections we will need, and to use our companys intricate IP network. We have many socks proxies that we use within our companys LAN (Local-Area-Network) and only these are authorized to post to our website with our website permissions, so we would need a way to specify which IP:Port to use to post, and to define if its SOCKS 4/5/HTTP/S. The three main points would be, website URL(s) to post to, number of threads specified by the user, and location of the email of subscribers to send website updates to.

The process would need the following:
 Number of threads (socket connections) to use, speficied by the user.
 Sender froms, these need to be configured also as a list supplied by the user.
 Recipients, these must be configured and supplied by the user.
 Proxies to use, these must be grabbed from our companys URL in text format: It will need to be grabbed from location such as: and the format looks like this: # SOCKS5 # SOCKS5 # SOCKS5 # SOCKS5
– Errors should be logged, and handled properly. If we catch an error from a certain IP, we should temporarily nullify the IP and not use it for a period of 24 hours. This means we must catch errors, log the bad IP that is not sending updates properly to our subscribers and we must use a new one.
– The program should be able to handle lists of 10,000 users or more.
– Interface can be driven via web or command line, or regular interface for windows, which allows the user to configure the tool properly.

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Website Visitors

I want at least 1000 unique visitors on my website per day for at least 4 months an increase PR to 1
(Posting of contact details is prohibited by

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IOS Core 2D Engine

We are looking for a developer to build us our own engine, replacing Playground SDK. We have our own framework in C++ that we use to manage the game logic, animations, screens, buttons and other controls, particles, etc etc. What we are missing is the low level coding that interfaces those things with the hardware. We need an OpenGL interface, memory manager, strings, maps and vector libraries with international text support all for iOS.

We can afford to pay for this development, but we would need it to be well structured, easy to read code and soon after we will likely ask for modificiations for it to work with PS3 and or PSP etc. We will need full source code and it would have to be free of any license restrictions from you or anyone else.

If you are not familiar with PLayground SDK, here is the link…
We dont use any LUA. We also dont use their animation, user interface controls etc.
We do need an engine that can receive the calls to draw stuff, handle input, memory etc.

I apologize for any mistakes in the text above, I am not a programmer. If the project goes ahead we would sign an NDA, send you a working app + source code in Playground 5 SDK and be open for any questions that you m¡ght have.

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Oscommerce To Ecshop

Must be able to read and write Chinese because this is a EC for the Chinese market.

Work details:
1. Immigrating existing oscommerce to ecshop
2. need to write a payment/ship module for the ecshop. The shipper IT provider provides the information about how to pass the data and receive the data in order to get the module working. Please click the link below to see the detailed information.

PS. Provide us a quote and we will go from there. thanks.

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Making Videos On Art

I need someone to make professional videos out of photos and paintings I provide. These will be art instructional videos, you may have to draw lines/shapes over the photos and animate text with some voice over and background music ..

is an example of one of the videos I made. This needs some improvements hence I am looking for a professional..

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Hotel Database

I would like to have a hotel reservation database design.

The database should take care of my hotel bookings and availability, price, type of room, bed size.
The database should take care of customer information, like name, age, traveling with family or alone etc

Take a look at to get a sample hotel rates and rooms that need to be taken care of. Assume your design for database is to take care of this.

I need this done within the next 3days.


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AJAX Quiz Form

What I need is for 1 PHP script that works similar to how Sporcle works with quizes. Answers will be put in an XML file and if a user types in part of an answer or a spelling similar to it (spellings will be put in XML file) it will put the answer in that box. Also need the start/stop timer part and when the timer ends it will disable the boxes and show the final score at the bottom.

See example here:

No admin panel, or any other features are required.


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Our company needs a tutorial video made basically describing who we are & how the site functions. A good example weve seen is listed below: –

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SEO For My Linkedin Profile

I am looking for someone to optimize my Linkedin profile for the Linkedin search so that I show up near the top for "mechanical engineer" or related terms and get targeted hits from employers on Linkedin. I am not concerned about ranking well on Google.

Here is my profile

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Jquery Accordian Menu

I would like a jquery accordian style menu for my menus that are located in my left side navigation. I want it to function like this website:

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20 Contents Required For Baby Website

20 contents required for baby website.
1. Content must be unique
2. content should be SEO friendly.
3. No grammatical or spelling mistakes.


Happy Bidding.


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Yes Or No Questionaire

I got website with yes or no questionaire with 20 question. when the user click the submit button, It should pull up the details and display the result below.

have a look at the link below:

if you are not sure about anything. feel free to contact me.

my budget is very low. under $20



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Liqpay Payment Gateway In WHMCS

Need to write a module to create a custom payment gateway module for WHMCS. Payment Gateway is LIQPAY. Address . On this page you can also find APIs

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Very Simple Website

Below is an similar website that i would like to make very simple. we will supply all the graphics in jpg.

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Asp.Net MVC Developer Required

Looking for an MVC Developer that can build a simple CMS for an 8-10 page website with a mobile version (We already have the HTML/CSS) created. The CMS will need to have the ability to edit text based content on pages as well as add image galleries (simple Cropping of images required).

We are using this approach for mobile device detection

So the models returned to both the desktop and mobile views should be identical.

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Facebook Likes

Need 1,000 Facebook Likes, Fans should be small to medium business owners, entrepreneurs, outsourcing/purchasing managers, senior executives at SMEs, inventors, patent attorneys etc.

REAL, ACTIVE users, no bots, spam or any other kind of fakes.

Very similar campaign to this one:

All bids are welcome!

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Online Photo Print Website

I would like to have a website store to order photo print related services.
please check the sample site

please let me see if you have done any such work.

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Wedding Guide/directory

Im looking to setup a wedding directory site. Similiar in design to or

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Custome Game Review CMS

We need our PSD coded to Xhtml/CSS and also a custom Game Review CMS made.

We are looking for a custom CMS for a game review site in which editors and users can submit written reviews and score them based on a designated criteria

We are looking for a cms that is like, in functionality.

More information will be provided in clarification board.

Steve C

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Website For Landscaping Company

Landscaping company is looking for an online presence and needs a basic HTML/CSS website. The site will consist of 5 pages. Home, About, Services, Photos, Contact. They want a site similar to this one,

Please include a link to your portfolio, or to other sites you have developed.

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Online Scheduling Website

OK, here it is

Want a site that provides similar – or same functions as this site:

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