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Looking For An Article Rewriter

I am looking for a good article rewriter who can write 4 articles in less than 24 hours. I need the output to be totally unique and free from plagiarism.

Example of an article to rewrite:

My budget is $5 per 500 words

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Winautomation Programmer Needed

Looking for someone who is familiar with winautomation and creating tasks/jobs. this is the program in case you might be able to do this

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Easy Work Availabe For All

Hello there
i need followers to my blog nothing else
it is good and easy work for new freelancer also
i need more and more followers
i will give you $1 for 100 followers
how could you do this it is simple
i will give you 100 blogs links and you need to only follow me through blog simple

so i need some sample work from you

do only one follower to me here is link so you can know what to do it

only view blog and follow me nothing else you have to do


Start bidding thanks

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HLV Commercial

Looking for a 1-2 minute corporate animated video. It will be text and graphics similar to this

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I need a template like that but better

1) Need to have the same section expet one is services you can remove

2) Need to add his picture at 360 degree like this , himself ,

Need to customize his template like remove text , pictures everything.

3) Need to be done fast like 4 days maximum

4) I will take the candidate who his the best and know the domain

5) Design need to flash better 😉

My budget is 500$

here is the site , you should gage

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Poetic G’nius

This website is going to be the home of a business which will promote the talent of visual artists across the UK by connecting student/graduates with industry. The site needs to be lively and artsy but classy, sharp and easy to navigate.

By my count the site will contain about 18 pages, of which only 11 need to be active by the Estimated end date 09/01/2010. The other 7 pages need to be finished by 09/15/2010, so that I can publish them after my business launch.

In order of importance the pages will be:

1. Home Page
2. Live Projects Page
3. Registration Page
4. Profile Page
5. Industry Page
6. Design Talent Page
7. Forum & Networking Page
8. Terms and Conditions Page
9. Privacy Policy Page
10. FAQ Page
11. Affiliates Page
12. Newest Winners Page (catalogue)
13. Previous Winners Page (catalogue)
14. T- Store Page (catalogue & shopping basket)
15. Press Page
16. Events Page
17. News Page
18. Specials Page

On the home page there needs to be an animation like the bottom of this page and the site will be quite interactive with basic networking capabilities and the ability for users to upload images.

I would like to see an example of work from your portfolio that creates appeal to a young creative audience as well as upper management of companies. Or at least an example of how you can create this look.

I would like a one page mock-up of what you envisage for this site.

The contract between us would be made by negotiation of time it would take and like mindedness demonstrated through your design work.

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Need 9 Animated Banners Done

Hello 🙂

Need 9 animated banners done. Sizes are 125 x 125 (3), 468 x 60 (3), and 728 x 90 (3).

This is for a cash back shopping website. NO FLASH banners.

Need HIGH QUALITY banners like our competitors that you can see at



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Widget TV Asia – Development Of Up To 100 Widgets For TV

Project :
Term 6 Months – Need javascript- XML programmers ( konfabulator a big plus but not required) to build widget templates for Widget TV Pte Ltd. A member of Infinio Group of Companies ( SGX Listed company). Using Yahoos widget engine ( ) We offer to hire permanent programmers with relocation to Singapore provided.

Nara Chia
+65 979 4 1818

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Website is related to online gift shopping.
website is designed by using a cart .

please visit :

for detail please pm me. thanks

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Looking For Someone Describing My Product.

Hello, im looking for someone who can help describe my product, female preferred coz the product is wedding dress.

Each description should include a title and 100 words body uniquely.
The rate is $0.5 per description, and payment is done via paypal.
The payment will be sent every 10 sets, and I have 200+ pics to be described.

A sample work is a must, here is the sample pic,
anyone who want to take this job need to write a 100 words sample description and PM me your content.

happy bidding.

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T-Shirt Design

Heya guys,

Were looking for a T-Shirt design, that we can have printed. You must be experienced in designs and have done this kind of work before.

This is an example:

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ASP: Add images to Category text links

We would like to add an image related to each Category text link when displayed in the "Related Products" table on our site

Would also like to change results to display in columns then rows across page area.

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Twitter Keyword AutoFollow

I need this program to follow twitter users based on certain keywords that match their tweets in the twitter search here and then have my twitter profile follow their profiles (only the users that have tweeted my selected keywords). I also need the program to constantly update by following new twitter users who have used the selected keywords like does. I also need there to be an input to go back and search if that user has followed me back.

For example: If I follow someone on January 1 and that user doesnt follow me back by January 5, it needs to unfollow that person. So there needs to be a setting for this.

I will need to discuss with the programmer about when it goes out and does the keyword scan and also about deleting keyword scans and what not.

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Adapt wordpress theme for our Zencart website


bascially we are looking for someone to adapt this wordpress theme:

to our website running zencart (

Or as close as is possible. We still want to run zencart, just make it look like the wordpress theme above.

thanks in advance!

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Yahoo Messenger Plugin (C++ Javascript)

This should be done using Yahoo Messenger SDK. It is a C++ and JavaScript API. If you know C++ and JavaScript, you are probably capable to do it. Check for more info.

All you have to do, is intercept the user friends list, get his emails and check if these emails are on my website using a "POST".
According to my website response, you will show a correspondent image and message.
Also, update the status of the user.
If you find a way to message the user friends and update the Y profile and the user email you will receive a bonus.

Easy enough, isnt?


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