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Icon Designer For Tablet Gesture Interaction


We need to design a set of icons which will appear in an iPad App to show user how to navigate with the elements.

The style should be clean, and mono tone (black + white + grey gradients) like

Icon style – but need your redesign as we dont want to copy them /

Here are the icons we need.

1. Tap and Double Tap – finger with circle, or 2 circlesm or vibration waves
2. Tap and swipe left/right / same as Tap and Drag / same as Tap and Rub (see 2:30 – could be a finger with left and right arrows.
3. Pinch and Spread – finger with arrow opening / closing
4. Rotate iPad (to tell people they have to rotate from landscape to portrait or portrait to landscape) see the Rotate icon here with 2 hands holding an iPad (top middle)

All should be in vector format .AI and .PSD and .PNG, transparent. One set black, and one set white.

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Application Icon For Mac Desktop Program

I need an icon for a Mac desktop program we are developing. The icon should have the Mac look and feel, and conform to accepted Mac icon guidelines (

Were looking for a style similar to these:


In your response, please post a link to other Mac application icons you have designed, so we can see your style.

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CKEditor Smiley Icon Small Change


Im looking for a coder to update a the Smileys in CKEditor to include a custom groups of smileys instead of the current ones.

Please check the attachment to see how the layout of the plug-in will look like.

When bidding please include your price, time to complete the project and your portfolio.

Thank you

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Mobile Spash Screen

I am looking for a nice cool splash screen to be used for a mobile application, it will be for all phones ie BB, Android, and iPhone etc. I already have the product logo and icon and I will provide full PSD/Illustrator and font source files as required. The splash screen should be representative of a mobile application that is dynamic and enterprise ready, yet fresh and slick. I would also like a few other icons created for buttons etc, this can be discussed. I expect about 10 small icon buttons. I would expect the icons and spash designs to be templated (ie PSD layers) with an appropriate font so we can self-serve after the intial set.

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Professional Icon Design For A Large Scale Web Application

Original icons needed (e.g. Staff, Contact) for web based software targeted to international corporations. Icons should be immediately recognizable, simple, and modern. The colour palette should be limited and work with different colour schemes. Icons are 16×16 pixels and should be .png format.

Previous experience designing icons for web based applications is required.

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Bird Vector Icon Wanted


I am looking for an illustrator to design a vector icon of a bird which resembles to Angry Birds (bird icon)
will need it for an iPhone app which provides Angry Birds guide.

Want bird mascot to be in vector format so it could be modified later on.

Looking for talented individual/company to provide it within 24 to 36 hours, payment will be setup as milestone once the winner is selected and release it once the final product received. This is a quick job so my budget is not more than $30.

Winners may expect plenty of other design projects in near future.

P.S. Find attachment for reference of what kind of work Im interested in.

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Social Network Icon For Website

Design icon for my website QSLogBook

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Basic Edits/changes To Based Deals Site

I need someone who is already familiar with the ("GBS") WordPress plugin and theme to make some very basic edits and changes to a fully functional site I installed myself, including Paypal and Mailchimp integration.

The tasks are listed below, together with estimated work times for most of them, which seem to me to be matters of minutes each, except for 9) and 10) which as far as I can see shouldnt be big items if the developer already knows the GBS theme.

1. Overall look and feel is fine, just one color change: change all the blue fonts (crown and footer menus and Register/login, leaving the white font in the header menu) to the same color as the peachy-orange of the signup button (and please let me know the color reference & where and how to change it in the style sheet) (a few minutes?)

2. Make and insert new logo ( button will do) so that the background merges with the charcoal background of the site and the font matches the peachy orange of the Signup button (a few minutes?)

3. Insert tagline under logo (in matching peach-orange text, not graphic) so it looks well-positioned and sized: "Group Deals for Your Business" (with a note to me as to where to change this) (a few minutes?)

4. Crown menu – increase size of text to same size as footer menu text (a minute?)

5. Header menu – remove "Follow us on: Twitter icon facebook icon rss icon " and put it on right hand of footer menu after © 2011 Dealbank Pty Ltd
so that "Done Deals" has room to show (it is presently selected for the Header menu but drops off) (a few minutes?)

6. Footer: Change copyright bit to "© 2011 Dealbank Pty Ltd"
and make it same peachy-orange as the rest of the menu fonts
and center it, so that "Follow us on: Twitter icon facebook icon rss icon " fits on right of footer menu
Then hide "Follow us on: Twitter icon facebook icon rss icon " but write down how to show or put it back again so it shows so I can do that later. (10-15 minutes?)

7. Turn off/hide Comments / Reply to on all pages except the actual Blog pages and write down how to do it so I can show/hide this on other pages (5-10 minutes?)

8. Change 2 email notification texts using correct syntax:

Welcome email
Welcome to Dealbank

Your user information is as follows:
Username: […..]
Password: […..]

Login at
to see the deals to save you time and cut your costs.

See you soon,

The Dealbank Team

Deal ended email:

Deal Ended

The recent deal you purchased at Dealbank has ended.

Download your voucher on your account page:

Deal Details:[dealtitle]

We trust you have a great experience with this supplier – we would love to get your feedback either way.

The Dealbank Team
AND write down where to find all other email texts and how to edit the text (ignoring the ones from paypal and Mailchimp) (5-10 minutes?)

9. Insert message & icons on first payment page, or insert extra page – making clear buyer does not need a paypal account, ie that paypal can process normal Visa or Mastercard payments

10. Home page:
Feature "Top Deal" in main body and Side Deals down right hand side (like etc)
so effectively all current deals show on homepage.

Increase size of the one line para at top so that it stands out a bit leading into the deals panels.

11. Live Deals page (5 minutes?)
All current deals should also appear on the Live Deals page
so that they can all always be reached from the link in the Header Menu – simple layout so that the Top Deal and Side Deals all have same presentation in a grid layout, with Top Deal top left. (See for example)

12. Done Deals page – recent or past deals i.e. expired deals on a similar grid page to Live Deals (5 minutes?)

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Project Icon ** Web Based Searchable CV Database

I am looking for a web based database which can hold multiple CVs and are searchable using various parameters ( suggestions are to use lucerne open search engine but if there are better ideas, they are most welcome). Desired furture state are as follows:

1. Database should be able to hold lareg number of CVs.
2. Database should be able to pick CVs in different formats ( supplied in microsoft word) and should be capable of putting them in a standard searchable template.
3. Database should be allow user input in certain fields.
4. Datbase should be able to generate reporting on the back of defined parameters.

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Icon For Iphone / Smartphones

need a freelancer (not company)

to guide and make iphone / other mobile small app that will create once
installed a designed icon that will link to a webpage

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Icons Required

We need

1. 20 icons .png creating in 2 sizes 128 x 128 but still recognizable in 16 x 16 in psd format
2. 1 windows application .ico icon created ( with alpha channel ) in 128 x 128 , 64 x 64, 48 x 48 and 32 x 32 sizes of our company logo
3. 1 favicon.ico of our company logo

All work must have copyright signed over to our company.
All icons must be delivered in .PSD & .PNG formats ( or .ICO for application icon & favicon )

Additional work on a rolling basis is also available for the right artist,

Thank you for reading.


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WordPress: I Need To Add Somes New Features


I have created a new community website and I have to add somes new features and solve a small problems.
This is what I want to do:

NB: I will explain more to the person that will do the work

1- send the confirmation link to new members email to avoid spammers.

2- * Add the possibility to members to "add" (upload) their own icon from their member area.
* Add the possibility to members to "change" their own icon icon from their member area.

3- add paginat for a specific page.

4- Rate this answer: The answer that was more notes from the community, will be placed first. (like in

5-allow member to contact each others (private messager).

6- A small problem in number of author name caracter.

Thank you

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Andriod Developer

We need an icon on Android Phone.

Once click on the Android Icon, will divert to a website.

Looking forward to you reply soon!

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Graphic Css And Some Icon To Create For A Website

We are finishing to build a website.
We need a icon designer, and also a web designer, making up our website, in the way as professional as possibile.
I can pay per image or pay per package of services. Contact me for more information to info at [Removed by Administrator. Providing contact details is strictly prohibited.]

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Icon App SVG

We are developing a business management software (ERP) platform (Microsoft Windows and GNU / Linux) and need to develop an icon for the software. The need to follow the same icon style icons of oxygen, the KDE4 desktop, in SVG format.

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App Icon Design

I have a drumkit application on the app store. Its current icon is not very attractive. I need an experienced app icon designer to "pimp my icon" :). There needs to be a 57 and a 72 pixel versions for iphone and ipad. My budget is 30 dollars. It would be great if you could mail me some existing app icon designing you have done.

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Icon Design With Strong Identitity


I am in need of a set of a 10-15 icons that would help to create the identity of a website.

For now, I just need some clean, sizeable, basic shapes with a strong identity that could be easily applied to a number of different features.


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Icon Design 2

Need an icon for "Post a Job" link. 16x16px png icon with transparent background. The icon should be in the same style as other icons on the site.

The site is a facebook application and can be viewed at

The icon should depict a wall posting pinned to a wall

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IPad App Icon

Im creating iPad app for beginner photographers and I need to create an icon for it. I dont have any suggestions about what to place on this icon – its up to designer, I just need simple eye-stopping icon.
Please make your proposals!

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Icon Design & Small Banners


I am needing a set of approximately 20-25 icons max designing for a web directory to represent each category and some new icons to replace existing icons on the site.

I will give the headings and description related to the icons I need.

I also need a small banner creating probably in a few various sizes 125 x 125 or 120 x 240 for the same site, with same design, which will allow some html and anchor text to be placed on it. It will be a banner which will show that the website owner is listed in the directory. For eg As listed on [website name]

NOTE: Icons and banner should not be copied, neither modified to avoid copyright breach. Once delivered, I will hold sole proprietorship of the delivered work and must not be used elsewhere

Please note that my budget is low. The lowest bid with good experience and feedback will most likely be successful

If you are interested please send examples of icons and also similar banners you have created.

To make sure you have read above please reply logo123


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Icon Design

I need a 16x16px icon to add to my site. The icon should depict a rolodex and be in the same style as other icons on the site. The site is a facebook application and can be viewed at

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IPhone App Icon Design

We are currently revising our outdoor GPS app for iPhone and looking for a very experienced designer to design an outstanding app icon.

We want to hear from you if you:
– Have at least 300 hours work on Odesk
– Top experience
– Have a 5 star rating
– Have strong graphics skills
– Have experience in iPhone app design with a portfolio of past work you can share with us.
– Are efficient, reliable and can communicate in English fluently
– Can work on this full time as the job is URGENT. 10 day turnaround

Please send us your CV and portfolio details along with links to the iTunes store of apps you have previously designed yourself. We will be in touch if we would like to set up an interview. Please also start your message with the job number 985 so we know you took the time to read our full description.

If you are selected and the quality of work is outstanding, you will be strongly considered for designing the rest of the app including UI, buttons, splash etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Iphone App Designer

Our new IPhone app needs some design.
The App is a social based photography application.
We will need designing services in three main fields:
1. Logo
2. Icon and Tabs
3. General fine tuning.

If you are an experienced app designer with at least 5 applications you have designed, if you are free to start immediately, if you are super creative and speak and write fluently English, Please let us know and send us your portfolio.

Thank you very much.

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Icon Set For Medical Community Site

Need help creating vectors (color: light blue, green, etc) for a new networking website… that will be medical tourism focused for the professional community. The icons are needed to go along with a number of medical conditions, treatments, etc. The icons need to look good at 150x150and 20×20. The following is a good example of the kind were looking for

Wish to have as many icons to go along with the following list as possible:

=====Medical Procedures
Cancer Treatment
Cardiology Procedures
ENT (Ears, Nose & Throat)
Eye Surgery (Opthamology)
Female Specific
Fertility Treatment
Gastrointestinal Procedures
Gender Realignment
General Surgery
Male Specific
Obesity Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
Scans & Health Checks
Spinal Procedures
Stem Cell Therapies
Transplant Surgery
Urology Procedures

=====Cosmetic Surgery
Arm Lift
Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
Breast Reduction
Buttocks Implants
Chemical Peels
Chin Surgery
Ear Pinning
Ear Reshaping
Eye-Bag Removal
Eyelid Lift
Facial Implants
Forehead/Brow Lift
Hair Implants and transplants
Liposuction / Lipoplasty
Lower Body Lift
Nose Reshaping
Penis Enlargement
Skin Refinishing
Spider Vein Removal
Tummy Tuck
Varicose Vein Removal

=====Dental Procedures
Dental Bondings
Dental Bridges
Dental Caps
Dental Fillings
Dental Implants
Porcelain Tooth Crowns
Root Canal
Teeth Whitening
Tooth Contouring
Tooth Veneers

=====Alternative Medicine
Herbal Medicine
Holistic Medicine
Orthomolecular Medicine
Siddha Medicine
Unani Medicine


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32 SEO Articles About Icons

I need a reliable writer with perfect American English grammar, spelling and creativity to write 32 articles.

All articles are about graphic design. They will be posted in blogs.

Please write texts, format them for easy reading.

All articles must contain title with length up to 60 symbols,
short description with length up to 160 symbols,
and body text with length from 1800 to 2200 symbols.

These articles must contain pointed keywords in the body text, in the description, and in the title.

Please do not include prices and exact icon amount into texts.

We need in 2 articles for each from the following sites or products:
keywords: buy icons
icon design
travel icons
doctor icons
icon editor
free icon editor
toolbar icons
icon editor
icon catalog
find icons
mouse cursors
icon extractor
icon maker
icon replacer
icon converter
people icons

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Android Icons For A Financial/stock Quote Application

I am looking a designer to produce icons (in multiple sizes) as required by the android platform. The design guidelines are available at

The icons are for an application that displays stock quotes. Stocks are grouped into watch lists. User can track the stocks he/she is interested in by setting up watch lists. The apllication retrieves latest stock prices and displays them on the screen.

The following icons are required:
1. Launcher icon
2. Menu icons (Add List, Select List, Manage Lists, Options, Rearrange, About, Exit)
3. List View icons (Rearrange, Delete)

Vector graphics are preferred.

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IPad App Icon

Main iPad icon 512 x 512 pixels & Splash-screen (horizontal and vertical)

I need design for iPhone app icons and launch screen. All work to be original created by you. Please include portfolio of iPhone app icons that you have done for consideration and the expected time to complete. This is work for hire and we retain full ownership of all the work. All graphics will be sent as .psd files.

I have a starting point (my other app) but it is your creatively and ability that matters. You take it some place cool! The App is in the procreational creative film. Film/theatre/pro-photo production industry.

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Customize Virtuemart Horizontal Menu II

Need expert to customize horizontal menu of new site

change: cart icon, search, and search icon in addition to improving color scheme and appearance

need someone who can start and finish quickly

you will be working on

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Ipod Icon Creation

We are providers of Iphone apps in the running sector. For our next project,we need an icon for the running calendar Ipod/Iphone version. The icon should represtent correctly the subject of Running, Marathons,Calendar, Sport.
the dimensions: 57 px & 72 px &114px x 512 px (format PNG)
If you feel you can do it, contact us.
Only serious designers!!!!

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