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Application Icon For Mac Desktop Program

I need an icon for a Mac desktop program we are developing. The icon should have the Mac look and feel, and conform to accepted Mac icon guidelines (

Were looking for a style similar to these:


In your response, please post a link to other Mac application icons you have designed, so we can see your style.

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Download Icons, Fonts, PSD Files, Textures From The Internet

Hello. I am looking for a person who will spend some time to search the web and find Web Design related resources, download them and sort into folders. The whole collection should contain, in total, around 10,000 (or more) items from these categories:

– icons (at least 5000)
– PSD files
– fonts
– textures
– stock photos
– HTML site templates
– WordPress themes
– Photoshop actions & patterns
– links to Photoshop tutorials (list them on a single HTML page)
– links to HTML tips & tricks (list them on a single HTML page)
– links to PHP tips & tricks (list them on a single HTML page)
– links to jQuery tips & tricks (list them on a single HTML page)


ALL files must be distributed under GPL or similar license, i.e. they MUST be free to use with commercial projects. This is REQUIRED. After you send me the zipped archive, i will manually check the files if they are free to use. You must, therefore, provide links to the sites where you downloaded the items from.

Please include "roger" word at the top of your bid to prove that youve read the project description and understand GPL license requirement.

For icons, use sites like – it allows you to filter results as "Allowed for commercial use (No link required)". Only those items can be downloaded.

For fonts, use and similar sites.

For PSD files, icons, buttons, graphics, use

For all other types of resources, please also use similar sites – remember, items MUST BE TOTALLY FREE FOR COMMERCIAL USE.

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Mobile Spash Screen

I am looking for a nice cool splash screen to be used for a mobile application, it will be for all phones ie BB, Android, and iPhone etc. I already have the product logo and icon and I will provide full PSD/Illustrator and font source files as required. The splash screen should be representative of a mobile application that is dynamic and enterprise ready, yet fresh and slick. I would also like a few other icons created for buttons etc, this can be discussed. I expect about 10 small icon buttons. I would expect the icons and spash designs to be templated (ie PSD layers) with an appropriate font so we can self-serve after the intial set.

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Professional Icon Design For A Large Scale Web Application

Original icons needed (e.g. Staff, Contact) for web based software targeted to international corporations. Icons should be immediately recognizable, simple, and modern. The colour palette should be limited and work with different colour schemes. Icons are 16×16 pixels and should be .png format.

Previous experience designing icons for web based applications is required.

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Radio Icons

I have a radio portal website and i need to update the logos of my radios.
They are approximately 4,000 radio stations.

I need someone to find the logos of the radio station and export it as .gif image (size must be 100x100px with white background)

I will provide a list with the radio stations, plus their website.

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Banners And Icons For Website

Hi – we bought a template on themeforest and we have changed the content according to the requirements. However, we need someone to do the icons and images according to the concept.

Please bid with your prior samples of icons done. We need illustrations – web 2.0 icons similar to the one currently present.

Here are the links (features in middle) – 9 icons – 9 icons – 12 icons

One banner for (main) – same size – we will discuss more in PM with the shortlisted candidate.

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Icons Required

We need

1. 20 icons .png creating in 2 sizes 128 x 128 but still recognizable in 16 x 16 in psd format
2. 1 windows application .ico icon created ( with alpha channel ) in 128 x 128 , 64 x 64, 48 x 48 and 32 x 32 sizes of our company logo
3. 1 favicon.ico of our company logo

All work must have copyright signed over to our company.
All icons must be delivered in .PSD & .PNG formats ( or .ICO for application icon & favicon )

Additional work on a rolling basis is also available for the right artist,

Thank you for reading.


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"Flashy" Characters, Logos And Icons

I need 5 characters, logo/titles and a set of icons designed for upcomming gambling and gaming related websites.

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IPhone App Designer

We have developed a new and exciting social Iphone app. if you are an experienced iphone designer with a portfolio to proof, own and use an iphone with the one of the to last ios and free to start working immediately on this few days project , please contact us with your bid.

The designer assignments will be:
1. design a logo
2. icons and tabs
3.opening screen for app
4.icons which wili be used as map indicators
5. Badges for users
6. General fine tuning
7. low scale on going support

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Icon Design With Strong Identitity


I am in need of a set of a 10-15 icons that would help to create the identity of a website.

For now, I just need some clean, sizeable, basic shapes with a strong identity that could be easily applied to a number of different features.


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Packaging Design

Instructions are in the

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Icon Design & Small Banners


I am needing a set of approximately 20-25 icons max designing for a web directory to represent each category and some new icons to replace existing icons on the site.

I will give the headings and description related to the icons I need.

I also need a small banner creating probably in a few various sizes 125 x 125 or 120 x 240 for the same site, with same design, which will allow some html and anchor text to be placed on it. It will be a banner which will show that the website owner is listed in the directory. For eg As listed on [website name]

NOTE: Icons and banner should not be copied, neither modified to avoid copyright breach. Once delivered, I will hold sole proprietorship of the delivered work and must not be used elsewhere

Please note that my budget is low. The lowest bid with good experience and feedback will most likely be successful

If you are interested please send examples of icons and also similar banners you have created.

To make sure you have read above please reply logo123


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Vector Icons Creation

Hi All

I am after 4 vector icons for..


They will come in grey scale and colored, A light Blue would be great if possible.

To give you an idea they will be used in a similar way to the icons on ebay, once you sold or brought an item.
We must own full copy right.


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Icon Set For Medical Community Site

Need help creating vectors (color: light blue, green, etc) for a new networking website… that will be medical tourism focused for the professional community. The icons are needed to go along with a number of medical conditions, treatments, etc. The icons need to look good at 150x150and 20×20. The following is a good example of the kind were looking for

Wish to have as many icons to go along with the following list as possible:

=====Medical Procedures
Cancer Treatment
Cardiology Procedures
ENT (Ears, Nose & Throat)
Eye Surgery (Opthamology)
Female Specific
Fertility Treatment
Gastrointestinal Procedures
Gender Realignment
General Surgery
Male Specific
Obesity Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
Scans & Health Checks
Spinal Procedures
Stem Cell Therapies
Transplant Surgery
Urology Procedures

=====Cosmetic Surgery
Arm Lift
Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
Breast Reduction
Buttocks Implants
Chemical Peels
Chin Surgery
Ear Pinning
Ear Reshaping
Eye-Bag Removal
Eyelid Lift
Facial Implants
Forehead/Brow Lift
Hair Implants and transplants
Liposuction / Lipoplasty
Lower Body Lift
Nose Reshaping
Penis Enlargement
Skin Refinishing
Spider Vein Removal
Tummy Tuck
Varicose Vein Removal

=====Dental Procedures
Dental Bondings
Dental Bridges
Dental Caps
Dental Fillings
Dental Implants
Porcelain Tooth Crowns
Root Canal
Teeth Whitening
Tooth Contouring
Tooth Veneers

=====Alternative Medicine
Herbal Medicine
Holistic Medicine
Orthomolecular Medicine
Siddha Medicine
Unani Medicine


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32 SEO Articles About Icons

I need a reliable writer with perfect American English grammar, spelling and creativity to write 32 articles.

All articles are about graphic design. They will be posted in blogs.

Please write texts, format them for easy reading.

All articles must contain title with length up to 60 symbols,
short description with length up to 160 symbols,
and body text with length from 1800 to 2200 symbols.

These articles must contain pointed keywords in the body text, in the description, and in the title.

Please do not include prices and exact icon amount into texts.

We need in 2 articles for each from the following sites or products:
keywords: buy icons
icon design
travel icons
doctor icons
icon editor
free icon editor
toolbar icons
icon editor
icon catalog
find icons
mouse cursors
icon extractor
icon maker
icon replacer
icon converter
people icons

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Android Icons For A Financial/stock Quote Application

I am looking a designer to produce icons (in multiple sizes) as required by the android platform. The design guidelines are available at

The icons are for an application that displays stock quotes. Stocks are grouped into watch lists. User can track the stocks he/she is interested in by setting up watch lists. The apllication retrieves latest stock prices and displays them on the screen.

The following icons are required:
1. Launcher icon
2. Menu icons (Add List, Select List, Manage Lists, Options, Rearrange, About, Exit)
3. List View icons (Rearrange, Delete)

Vector graphics are preferred.

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Need 3 Icons Created

We need 3 icons created with a bubble, spherical look. We will provide you with color scheme for the background color and you can choose the rest for yourself. Here are the topics:

– Webhosting
– Merchant services
– Domains

We will provide you with a look of the rest of the page design so you can get an idea of colors and overall look. We need this done TODAY, Sunday. NO EXCUSES so those who are motivated and want to secure longer term work will make themselves available for today. The job should not take long for someone who is good. You MUST put relevant work in your PM, not just general webdesign or or reused icon stock

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Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin Icons And Pages.

Hello bidders.

I need someone to design and setup the following.

100 percent organic like major companies has.
I have very less information about creating nice pages. I also need 2000 followers and post included in the bid. All the followers and posts will be from USA. A the posts will be thumbs up.

Please when bidding submit your previous work, pages and references.


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BigCommerce Template Design

Hi There

Im trying to open an online store on for my womens clothing store
I dont like their stock templates. However, they are very easy to work with. Its easy to change logo and header and move boxes around.

I would like a nice theme to be fully integrated into their template system. My site will be selling womens clothing, shoes and accessories. I have royalty free pics that can be integrated to decorate the site.

I would like somone to design a fresh, clean, modern, sexy template for me, with a scrolling gallery or something like flash display on the home page, up to 8 large images on each product page and banners around the site etc. My colour theme will be black, white, gold and hot pink and zebra pattern. I have a similar site i like and can send you the link of for insperation in terms of the layout etc

I will need it to link to my Facebook & Twitter pages and also show these icons on the home page and products pages including the "Like" this buttons and paypal icons etc

Please contact me or bid if you think you can do this, i would like a quick turn around, Thank You 🙂

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Three Manga Characters As Icons

I need three manga -style characters created:

An edgy, funky girl with green hair (not a schoolgirl or cute).
A funky and very striking/strong-looking boy with a sword
A cute couple walking hand in hand (their backs to the screen) with cherry blossoms falling around them and some tree branches as they walk up a path.

Please note, all images must be delivered as hi-res .ai or psd files (minimum 150dpi) as well as as a transparent 200X200 and 100X100 png and you will need to sign a transfer of copyright document.
All work must be original and not have been used elsewhere.

My budget for this is $80 max and there is a possibility of more work in different styles as well as Manga styles. I am also open to ideas for the three icons.

Please do not bid if you cannot point me to examples of your Manga-style work!!!

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Adding Facebook & Twitter Icon To My Website


I need my Facebook & Twitter page linked to my website.
This means adding both Facebook & Twitter icons at the bottom of my website,so when you click on the icons you will be re-directed to my Facebook & Twitter page. (the same as it works on this website,

This is a simple project,& should take minimal time to complete for people who know what there doing.

I need this completing as soon as possible,so please only bid if you can start this right away.


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Private Project For AndryF – Category Icons

Project details discussed already, creation of 385 category icons (200×200)

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GUI + Icons For LCD Touch Controller

We are looking somebody who design Graphic User Interface (GUI) and a few customized icons.

Specification of GUI:

– GUI similar to Android or iPhone GUI
– tree structure (2 levels = main screen (groups of functions) and submenu screens (functions of group)
– LCD resolution 800×480 pixels
– about 30-35 color icons (lighting, air-condition, special functions)

We will send some proposal of icons and screen photo of similar product.


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8 Glossy Icons

I need 8 icons for a simple website project. All i need is the glossy style 128 x 128 square with rounded corners. Each one in a different bright color and transparent background.

Text would be


Icons to be used on an iPad themed website so I am sure you know the type I want.

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Icons For Map Makers

I need icons for a website (Real budget $50)

You can take
map makers (google maps / ) as examples

We have already have a design concept of the website (, the icons are for this road issues:

-car crash
-traffic delay
-good traffic conditions
-comments with image attached
-men at work
-police control
-falling rocks
-hump road
-bird like twitter

please add previous work, portfolio.
We provide more details by Private message

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Free Shipping Icon In Photoshop

I need someone to create a nice "Free Shipping" "100% Guarantee" icons and to add a button on my site for me to select when I want to add any of those icons to the product. If you have any questions let me know. Thanks

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