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IPhone / IPad App

I have an idea for an iPhone / iPad app (dont we all) and need someone to code the app as well as design the interface. I also need someone to tell me if the app will even work or have a chance to be accepted by Apple.

I think the idea is unique so I dont want to put the description of the app in here. Would also like the bidding person to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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Poster Design For Animal Food Advertising

We are looking for a company or a single graphic design pro with skills and a lot of fantasy in designing a great eye catching POSTER for an animal food company. A special dryfood for FERRETS will be advertised on the poster. This is the best dryfood for Ferrets available on the planet at the moment. That is not just what we as the manufacturer say, it is what customers and pet veterinarians also say about our food.

Poster will be printed in A1 size
We expect high quality photorealistic design
We need a design where people will talk about!

We will provide you with:
Our company logo in Vector Format and Pixel Format
The animal food name design and slogan on Photoshop PSD format
The special font for the food name (TTF)
We can also provide you with FERRET pictures in HiRes but you might also draw yourself (we do not want any Ferret cliparts from the web in the poster design) or use stock photographs
A PDF file which describes our company and philosophy because we are not just like any other animal food production plant we started making our own food because we wanted to very best for our own animals.
A link to our Webshop, so that you will see the kind of style we like and to get an idea what you are working on.

We are open to any kind of eye catching design from playful and very colorful to extreme experimental designs.
It would help a lot if you describe your first idea from our job description and show us projects you designed in the past. Please understand that we only want bidders who know they can create something SPECIAL.

If you just bid to be in the game and place a standard info like I think I can do this work, give it a try we hardly will take the time to look at your portfolio because we need to choose the perfect team or person from the bidders and how can you expect us to do that with this little info. So please if you really want to deliver a great job we expect that you also take the time and send us a pm either with a sample of what you plan to design or at least with previous samples of Posters you made.

All uploaded graphics should just give you an idea of the product and should not be copies 1:1 into the design!

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Idea Entrepreneur For A Portal Of 4500 Domains


We are a company that recently bought a bundle of 4500 domains.
Our first idea was to build adsense websites on all domains, but we need one or more entrepreneurs to make the right structure, because we also would like the domains to do more than Google Adsense.

We need to create the right setup, so we do not need to change 4500 websites manually when we get a new idea, so before we start building sites, we must know :
– How can we get most out of the domains
– How to get most traffic on Domains.
– Is Google Adsense the right choice or should we combine with clickbank and other ads.
– Should we have same CMS on all Domains or 1500 WP, 1500 Joomla etc.
– We want to build 5-10 "backlinks shops" and use our portal of 4500 Domains for backlinks, is that possible ?
If it is possible, how should setup be ?
– How can we earn extra money while we have 4500 domains
etc. etc

In a few words : We have 4500 Domains that must be optimized and generate as much money as posible – how should the setup be ?
You should only come up with the ideas and structure of the portal, you do not build the sites.

If you have no experiense in handling this kind of project, please do not bid.
As bidder on this project, you need to come up with a detailed plan and winner(s) will be awarded with 50$.
Maybe winner(s) will be given long term jobs after this.

Thanks for bidding.

Best regards

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Tony’s Alcohol Disclosing Tabs

Like many other Australians, I cannot drink alcohol nor eat food containing alcohol, for health reasons. I asked my pharmacist if there was a disclosure pill, paper etc which reveals the presence of alcohol in a food or drink etc. The pharmacist said hed never heard of it, but it was a good idea.

I think it may be an even better idea if someone could help me invent the product, and market it. It could also be used in situations where drink spiking occurs. Hence it has a safety aspect, not to mention the health side.

On thinking about it, I said "Why cant I already buy this product?" Simple answer: Nobody has thought of it.

The idea must be worth a bit, but to make a quid from it?

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Need A Full Script Built Similar To

I have a site in mind that I need coded out. I am a designer so I can do the design work, but the basic functionality would need to be coded in (where you come in).

The idea is several sites combined together. The site will be an mp3 distribution and download center. The main competitor of the site would be

Im looking for a sort of site mixed in with and a few other sites. Ive pulled features from each site and would like them all combined into one.

This script can be built from scratch or built ontop of an existing script such as Hotaru.

We can discuss more of my idea once an NDA is signed.

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Mobile App For Car And Phone

my kids copy wited an idea for a mobile app to be used in car and phone there are no other apps at present time that does what thier idea is. we would share profits for a agreed time contact me .must sign a NDS statement, hope to hear from you.

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Iphone App Developer

I have come up with a great idea for an Iphone application. I need someone with experience to build it for me. Ive been told it will be quiet a complex job. My finances are limited but I am open to offers. I can only tell you what the exact idea is once you have signed a NDA (non disclosure agreement) which I have attached to this post.

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Amazing IPhone App To Develop!

I require an iphone app developer to help me build an iphone app.
I have an amazing app idea, but need help to get it built.

For this app you will require knowledge in.

– experience in building iPhone Apps.
– being able to make one iPhone talk to another via wireless
– wireless security for the iphone app
– a good sense of design for simplicity.

once the inital app is built it will need to be tested.
with the agreement that the app is 100% owned by me once completed and paid for.
and if it does well, it may mean more work for you 🙂

About the project. – heres the basics of how it works
2 users start the application… on both phones

User 1 wants to send data to User 2, so he hits the send button
it reads some data and design from phone1,

and wirelessly transfers the data to the phone2,

the same application on the phone2 recieves the data and adds it to the phone.

these are the only details i can give at the moment without giving away the whole idea.

a Flat Fee in $USD — or %20 of all profit made from the App. which could be a very large amount as its a great idea.

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Web Site Design 1 Page Only

I have a domain name, what I am looking for is a single psd file of a website design for a web design company. The design needs to be professional and creative and stand out using the theme of the ocean if possible. I need one page only, I will use the psd file to create a html site and all relevant pages.

I will not make any mile stone payments I have done this before and the designer produced poor quality work.

Neither do I want you to provide a full design, just a concept or mock of your idea, so that I get an idea of what you are thinking, I would also like to see at least three unique designs from your portfolio.

Please remember this is just for a design and so realistically reflect this in your bid. I am a coder and developer with mounting work and so could use some good quality freelance graphic designers, if your interested let me know.

Thanks, happy bidding.

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Large Long Term Project

Undertaking new online community/participation-type website.

User generated content website, polls/forums, interraction with twitter/facebook + room to integrate future web aps.

This will be a joint project with 3 individuals, including applicant, myself, and another individual

The site idea consists of a target audience size in the hundreds of thousands – millions with functionality depth somewhere between a facebook and a basic content-only website ( to give an idea on the size and depth of coding involved).

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Magento Theming

Dear reader,

Im looking for an offshore magento development/design company to work with. My idea is to built several basic and unique magento themes which i can resell to my customers. So my question is, whats the price for one magento theme (design and theming)? If my idea works out, i want to purchase more themes.

Best regards,


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Digital Caricature/Cartoonist – Wanted

Online lawn mowing company is in need of someone who does digital caricature.

I would like to have providers to do the project FIRST.

Based on this; I will choose the winning design.

Size/Type: A .jpg or .gif image at least 200 pixels wide.

Our website >

Project idea:

Futuristic and yet stylish person behind a commercial four wheeled lawn mower, cutting green manicured grass, with a colorful background (Sunlight…Etc.)

You can be as creative as you

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Simple IOS Application

I have an idea for a iOS application and would like to have it speced, mocked up, programmed, tested and completed by the end of this month.

I have the basic concept I would like to see but I dont have the objective-c skills needed!

I have a rough idea for an icon and splash screen, so some assistance will be needed to polish.

A wireframe will be provided to winning bidder.

Top half of app will consist of a few fields to input data.

Bottom half will be a graphic that moves depending on how fast or slow the user swipes it.
Text that the user inputs will need to be on the graphic.

Will need a way to remember user preferences.

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Architectural Asset

I dont know much about programming but I do know about building blueprints and the troubles that are within the plan sheets. I have an idea for a program that would help create a quality control aspect for Architects and their plans. I am looking for a person who is willing to work in partnership with myself in developing this idea and get it distributed and sold. This would be a partnership outside the respected companies that we work for and would require frequent communication. I am requiring a Non-disclosure agreement be sign by anyone who is interested in getting involved.

Please respond if you have high interests and are well qualified to create program applications.

Thank you for your interest.

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NEW Idea Of Product Development Ideas

NEW Type Of Product Development Ideas

I need ideas for product development. At least 100 . The products should be:
1) easy to produce and Use ;
2) new for American market and also africa;
3) can be put for sale online or stores.
4) All idea need a short report of the product development

Please send some example of your ideas while placing bid.

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Programmer / Developer With Knowledge Of Comparison Engines

I need someone to explain how a comparison website would be built, including:

– What software and other programs would be needed
– What skills and technical knowledge would be required
– A general idea of how to go about getting started
– How many programmers (or software engineers?) it would take to build such a site, and an estimate of how long it would take (I realize many variables come into play here, just need you to give me an idea of what those variables are and what I could realistically expect within a given time frame and budget)

This discussion will revolve around the following sites:

This project will pay $50 and its going to be a phone conversation, with you explaining the above to me. So, please be a fluent English speaker

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Need Innovative Web Redesigned

We have a webdesign company and a website as anybody else.

But now we want to REDESIGN our website to give it a innovative look. We want very very innovative website. When we say innovative, we dont mean in terms of complexity. We mean in terms of putting out the message. We want simple website in terms of navigation, but the graphics, Words, Text should be innovative. We need our website to be as a Poster or a Advertisement

Website should be in wordpress

Let us know if this projects interest you.

Its a first kind of project and we need innovative Cunning people in our team.

Tell us what your innovative idea, your idea of making the website innovative. WE NEED TO MAKE SURE WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING As WE ARE NOT GOING TO COMPROMISE FOR THIS PROJECT

If you write nonsense or SPAM, I will make sure to mark your bid as SPAM.

So lets talk business

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Need High Traffic For New Website

I am looking for the right freelancer who can generate high quality targeted traffic to my website.
its a new website and i need As many quality traffic you can per day.
I am open to ideas about how to get traffic but here some few rules.

1. must be real traffic 100% (I will not accept any bots/ automated traffic)
2. no popup/popunder (almost any one close it before see the website)
3. Banners/ads, blogs, affil networks all are allowed and welcome. if you have better idea let me know.
4. surf must click on banner or txt or visit website by him self and check the website, no RAPE him to get in like popunder.
5. Trarget Traffic Australia Only.
6. We dont want automated traffics from auto surf sites.
7. Please dont suggest SEO, CSE, Email marking.
But, you can try Video Marketing, Affiliate,Blogs,Banners or any idea you have.

Its a new Website that target Australian traffic and i need as many visitors you can get per day

budget: $200

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Real Traffic To My New Website

I am looking for people who can help me get my first traffic to my website. its a new website and i must get As many you can per day.
I am open to ideas about how to get traffic but here some few rules.
1. must be real traffic
2. no popup/popunder (almost any one close it before see the website)
3. Banners/ads, blogs, affil networks all are allowed and welcome. if you have better idea shut it to me.
4. surf must click on banner or txt or visit website by him self and check the website, no RAPE him to get in like popunder.
5. Trarget Traffic USA Only.
6. We dont want automated traffics from auto surf sites.
7. Please dont suggest SEO, CSE, Email marking.
But, you can try Video Marketing, Affiliate,Blogs,Banners or any idea you have.

Its a new Website that target to USA and i need as many visitors you can get per day

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Game For The Computer


We are looking for someone who can create a very simple game.
We are open for any type of game – but have a preference for something like Platform (Mario like)
Or Hungry Shark but any good idea will do.

When you get the project you will get some graphical elements from us and a general what it should be about – the idea is very broad and can be used in any sort of game.

We dont really care how you create the game, C++ or gamecreator or RPGcreator .net that up to you.

What are we expecting for this price? depending on the type of game – 15-30 minutes play time the source code and the possibility of extending our cooperation to a full game (more levels etc.)

Looking forward to your bids!

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Revolutionary Medical Web Project

You are bidding on an idea for a brand new medical-type website. This is all I can say about the project until you are chosen as the final bidder. The idea will require web programming skills akin to creating an early Facebook.

I am looking for someone creative, who, most importantly, wants to break out of the mold and work on something important. I need someone who can understand the initiative, add to the idea if needed and with the work ethic to get it done. I need someone who does not want to settle for ordinary anymore. Most importantly, someone who is willing to take a chance on an entrepreneurial endeavor.

If you are a talented web programmer and want to work on something revolutionary please bid. Your objective is to flesh out this idea into a working design for presentation to the world and investors.

For your services you will receive what you bid, plus 2% of whatever the company sells for. If your work is superb I will double bid fee and your stake in the company to 5%. I am not going to be a stickler, but I will be fair. I expect you to treat this like a pet project. Do well and you will be rewarded.

There is never a guarantee that the company will be sold, but when you see the idea I am sure you will understand. If not, you will still receive your bid price for a job well done.

All of these ideas are copyrighted and trademarked and confidentiality is expected at all times.

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Konkan Maharashtra – Php Developers And Designers

This is only open to the freelancers residing in the konkan area of maharashtra or nearby places.

I have a php mysql application to be completed. This is a small management application for a resort. The idea is that the daily activities at the resort have to be recorded, monitored and reported. Bit of designing will also be required.

Since I am based in Goa, I would like to have freelancers from Goa or konkan area of maharashtra to do this job for me. The idea is that if you stopped responding to emails or dont pick up phone calls then I can pay you a visit.

More details about the project will be furnished to short listed candidates.

Important : Please mention your city/town and state in the first line of PM. Any bids that do not follow this will be deleted.

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Website & App Design

Hi, Thanks for considering placing a bid on my project. I need somebody to design my website. It doesnt seem like my idea should be too complex (but maybe I just dont know) and then I have an idea for an "app" which I need designed which will be a by-product of my website.

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