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Universal Smartphone App

Im looking for someone to create one universal smartphone app that can be used with iPhones, iPad, Android, Blackberry and so forth. I have a bunch of ideas and I need someone who can take these ideas and create one phenomenal app.

It needs to be very simple and easy to use. I dont understand programming, so please make the app 100% clean, no bugs and no crashes.

I do want this app upgradeable and grow constantly, so whomever I hire, they might have a customer for life. As Im new to this, Im not sure what else to include, but we can discuss more on this during the project.

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IPhone App Design

I have a few ideas for iPhone applications. I need someone to help me design it. I have no programming/IT knowledge but if someone can put their hand up for that part of the project, im sure the ideas are strong and original enough to succeed.
Let me know. thanks!

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Utube Or Video Clip To Introduce My Company

Utube or video clip to introduce our company and the
best ideas to promote the clip in the net

other ideas f using video broadcasting are appreciated

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Read the introductory chapter to PDF article provided here called SITE DANCE

Choose and describe three ideas about site dance that are discussed in the chapter (you must cite the page number for each idea). AND based on the ideas chosen from the chapter, describe at least one idea for a site dance of your own that you would like to try as your end-of-semester collaboration project (make this part up as if you were taking this course).

So to make it clear,….1 paragraphs for each of the 3 ideas in the article, and 1 paragraph about an a site dance of your own that you would like to try….thats a total of 4 paragraphs!


very simply and easy task. No plagiarizing or payment will not be sent. Must be own original work.

04/03/2011 at 16:27 EDT:

Skype me at Ncarolina1728 to discuss this if you are interested!

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SEO Front Page For My Website


I have just launched a blog but because of the nature of it, most of the posts will be images.

I need a landing page written which will be displayed as the homepage which contains content to help search engines decide what kind of site i am and therefore get better rankings in google, etc.

The site is – please take a visit and familiarise yourself with what the site is about.

Theses are the main sections:

Funny Statuses – users can upload screen shots of comical stauses they have seen on their facebook
Status Ideas – Textural submissions giving ideas to use as statuses on face book
Tagging pictures – pictures users can submit and use to tag their friends in

These are the main sections i want targeting on the home page.

The content must read well as to inform users what the site is about but also be rich in keywords relevant to my site.

Please provide links to similar pages you have written if they are relevant


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Idea Capture Project

I want help creating a website that lets people post their ideas and gives them the opportunity to share it with the world. The project using a MVC framework will entail the following:

1) a registration page (with facebook, google login options, linked in, and twitter)
2) a profile page for the user
3) an ideas page that relates to other ideas by keywords, and can be voted on
4) a ideas summary page which ranks ideas by three categories
5) and various form type pages to upload the users idea

What Im asking for is a relatively simple site that copies the economists ideas economy page, which can be found here:

The page will be due two weeks (14 days) from when the winning bid is choosen.
I will be designing the graphics for the site.

I also have the layout created so that you can immediately begin coding without having to design much. Ive tried to make this as straightforward as possible.

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CL Flagger

Must flag ads within 5-15 minutes.
Must work on Windows 7 OS.
Must be a multible URL entry to flag many ads. (1-10)
Must be undetectable to Craigslist.
New ideas are welcome.
I must be able to test it before purchase to be sure it works.

If you are trying to sell me any of the programs listed below, I already have them and they dont work!
CL Flagger
Feros Auto Flagger
Easy Ad Remover
CL Bot Pro

Program must Flag and Remove any Craigslist Post that is implimented by using an entry for Craigslist urls. I also have a website (That is Hosted at Godaddy) that can be used to integrate the script file for fast flagging. The link must be able to be password protected for my use only. Other Ideas are welcome.

I will not reply to a generic response.
Only serious offers. Will pay in 6 hours after live demonstration. And please dont bid if you ad poster or something like that. Looking for software ONLY. Looking to spend $250 Thanks a lot!

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Studiopress Header And Footer Revised – Update

Our company is seeking an individual to help us with:

1) ideas and recommendations for fixing (make better looking) header and footer for Target audience is women and it is an online magazine our company would like to appeal to this group and would like our
2Please provide quote, a couple of ideas for changing header and footer (to help us see how you would approach the project) for THIS project.

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Minisite Design – For Selling An ECourse On Clickbank

I have a website that sells a financial product. I want to create a new site that sells an enhanced version of the existing product, through Clickbank. I want to be very clear on what I will need, so I have provided details below.

What I will need from you is a home page (this will be the sales page) and an affiliates page. All other pages, will be just text which I can make with the html you will provide. We can use some of the text from the existing site (from the order page), but much of the text will be new – which I will create. If you can create some of the graphics, as outlined below, then I can work on the text in parallel to your design work.

You can look at this site to see the kind of design elements I am looking for:

What I will need are the following elements for the minisite:

1 top header
1 Text Graphic (with a sales pitch that I will provide)
1 testimonial box graphic
1 guarantee box graphic
1 signature graphic
1 check mark graphic
1 order button
2 html templates – Sales page and affiliates page
1 pop up chat box (will show up upon clicking out)

1 e-cover design
1 cd cover design
1 software box design
(Also one design with all of the above together)

Banners – flash banners
1 160X600
1 120X600
1 728X90
1 234X60
1 250X250

Design examples to get you started:
– Header and footer example for ideas:
– Home page examples for ideas:
– Affiliate page example for ideas:

Website Name and Text tag:
Step-by-step system for making $650 daily profit – consistently

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AD+World Health Website

We are looking for a creative web builder to build our website from an existing design. Storyboards via pdf files will be provided. There is room for the web builder to add their ideas. We are a not-for-profit providing medical relief to those without access to healthcare in the US and in remote regions abroad. Our designer is unable to build the site and is now on to other jobs but we still need to finish our project.

There is primary and secondary navigation. It is a simple site not too complex with some room for more dynamics depending on the builders skills and ideas. The site is visually driven and not copy driven.

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Premium WordPress Website For Small Business

About the client:
Our client is a Australian vending machine company that retails a range of vending machines. The company also sells vending machine and allocates location for clients.

Our client needs a new professional wordpress business website.
They need design ideas for the home page and internal pages.

– The theme color needs to be blue + touch of orange colour (similar to freelance site feel)
– Design first, wait for approval/review, then build.
– If possible, please provide a number of different design ideas.
– The project must be completed within the 7 days.
– Professional title design.
– logo matching to template design (logo idea is ready and can be discussed)
– Relevant images and photographs & contents will be provided.
– Must work in all browsers.
– Extra design/page ideas will be appreciated.
– An excellent Contact Form with drop down options

A good example of the design may be but I am open to suggestion

Please PM me your portfolio and any questions you might have.

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Ideas For Articles (web Research)

You will get 50 food/recipes related keywords.
For each keyword you will write interesting title of an article (must include the keyword), one sentence of what should the article be about (if the title isnt clear enough) and provide link to a similar article or info that the article should be based on. Article ideas should not be about specific recipes.
This is an internet research project, not article writing project! (I will outsource the articles separately.)

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Website Redesign Project

About the client:
Our client is a freight forwarding company that specialise in air and sea freight services to and from the UK. They also specialise in express parcels and excess baggage services to anywhere in the world. Their services are aimed at businesses and private individuals.

Our client needs to redesign their current website ( to a more professional Web 2.0 design.
They need Web 2.0 design ideas for the home page and internal pages.
The page width of the current site must be retained in the new designs.

We will require the design ideas in layered Photoshop (PSD) or FireWorks (PNG) and assignment of all copyright to us.
If possible, please provide a number of different design ideas.
The project must be completed within the next three days.

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Website Design For Small Business

About the client:
Our client is a new manufacturing company that makes a range of cylinder head gaskets and ancillary seals for veteran, vintage and classic cars. They also specialise in the manufacture and modification of cylinder head gaskets for high performance race engines and are the sole producer of the genuine Coopers Rings. The company also makes cylinder head gaskets for tractors, stationary engines and motorcycles.

Our client needs a new professional business website.
They need design ideas for the home page and internal pages.

We will require the design ideas in FireWorks (PNG) and all copyright.
If possible, please provide a number of different design ideas.
The project must be completed within the next three days.

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CafePress Store Item Designer

Im looking for a designer to help me create my ideas. I need a designer that understands the image guidelines for each item in the CafePress shop. The products are shirts, hats, bags, buttons. Being familiar with CafePress is a plus. Please send me your past designs for t-shirts, caps etc. Make sure you have watermarks on all your designs. I will need designs of cartoons, logos, and fonts. My ideas include a penguin, cartoon characters, multiple slogans, and logo parodies. Further information will be available as we communicate here. Thank you.

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NEW Idea Of Product Development Ideas

NEW Type Of Product Development Ideas

I need ideas for product development. At least 100 . The products should be:
1) easy to produce and Use ;
2) new for American market and also africa;
3) can be put for sale online or stores.
4) All idea need a short report of the product development

Please send some example of your ideas while placing bid.

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New Features For Web Browsers

I have some interesting ideas for new features for web browsers, but I am an electronics engineer, not a programmer.
Id like to discuss the ideas, under NDA confidentiality agreement, with a UK based programmer.
Can anyone help?
Many thanks

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Web Redesign

We are an attraction company in Seattle Washington and our website is just not attractive.

We are looking for new ideas and someone to implement the look of those ideas. We have someone competent who can help with the back end, coding and database stuff. But no one to actually help with the look itself.

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Musical Projections HD 3D

For my musical, I have to create virtual scenes as alice in wonderland or something like that

Our musical is "Romeo and Juliet"
We want to create a new atmosphere, the projections in hd.
Create a mix between reality and fantasy

Please look at this example, even if our will be more fantasy

we have also projected in front of the stage

We want real people to interact with people screened

It also requires the creation of a trailer for 1,5 minute
Will be considered the most attractive and economic offer

Ours is a big challenge in the theater, we also accept ideas and suggestions

If you have ideas please tell me
The project will start in 5 months

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NEW Type Of Product Development Ideas

NEW Type Of Product Development Ideas

I need ideas for product development. At least 50-100 . The products should be:
1) easy to produce and Use ;
2) new for American market and also africa;
3) can be put for sale online or stores.
4) All idea need a short report of the product development

Please send some example of your ideas while placing bid.

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Website Design – To Supply Photoshop Layered Psd Files

We require a Groupon site similar to city dash treats dot co dot uk however with new, fresh and original in terms of layout, design, color scheme,logo, text and graphics – the same high design standards are required but must not look like their site.

Please do not bid on this project unless bespoke high-end web design is your strength and you have a portfolio that can demonstrate this.

Project consists of

– website colour scheme – background, template etc
– website design – icons, feed containers and elements, side bar elements

Pages as per city dash treats dot co dot uk

– Email capture page (with website in background)
– Home Page
– About Us
– Choose your city
– Extra Deals
– Advertise
– Contact Us

You will be required to present initially
– initial ideas
– container feed design
– home page design
– splash page design (for email capture)

Followed by rest of pages once initial ideas approved

Job needs to begin ASAP
Time to complete no more than 10 days – very important
You must be available by chat or skype for adjustments as necessary

Please quote for complete job
MIlestone payment after approval of initial ideas

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UK Investment Opportunities / Entrepreneurs / Business Idea


This is aimed at UK freelancers with skills and a money making brain, entrepreneurs and the such like. Bidding amount is very much irrelevant on here so bid whatever you want as this is purely a method to open up discussions.

So essentially Im looking to get involved in a new project with the potential to operate a lucrative online website/business……………….arent we all!

Ive been invloved with some online ventures in the past although Im currently only running a hobby website but Id like to see if anyone out there has some ideas they need investment and/or some help with.

I have a few ideas of my own and have even tried launching sites in the past which havent quite made it for one reason or another – lack of funds but mainly peoples lack of commitment.

I own several adult domains which would be ideal for tube like sites and I have some ideas to create huge sites without hosting the videos, also I have fluttered with online adult dating in the past and I still think there are avenues in that market that can be exploited.

PM to chat about any ideas or opportunities you think could be beneficial to both of us.

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Design Wedding Invitation

We are looking for someone to design our wedding invitation.

Work process:

1. Design the art based on guidelines we will provide.

2. Show us a few drafts with ideas. We will comment on these ideas and together finalize it.

3. Once finalized we will receive a high quality copy of the wedding invitation, with and without the text.

4. Once the invitation is complete we will also want a design for the envelope. This will be based on the invitation design with a few of the main themes from the invitation put together to fit the back of the envelope similar to a company logo.

Technical details:

1. We would like to have a bilingual invitation. We dont have a specific idea of how to do this, so we are open to creative ideas. The text can be in any font, and can be in any position on the page that the designer sees fit.

2. Illustration may be hand drawn, painted, or computer-designed

3.All other parameters such as size of invitation, single/double sided, folded, etc. are open to interpretation.

Theme & Art:
We want our wedding invitation to have a forest and lake theme. We envision a beautiful lake scene with trees, flowers, and maybe even birds or animals. We would like to have a picture of a us sitting in a canoe. The groom must be tall with dark brown curly short hair and the bride must be petite with light brown shoulder-length straight hair. The couple should be wearing normal clothing (as opposed to formal/bridal wear).

We will provide pictures of ourselves to help you get an idea of what we look like.

Please provide samples of your previous work with your offer.

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Mens Shoe Designs, Sleek Italian Dress Shoes

Looking to have some new great designs created of some examples of mens shoes. I want to create a sleek italian look in mens leather dress shoes, prefrence to more of a point toe, low heel, etc. must be some original ideas.
attached pic is an example only to get ideas flowing
designs must transpire into complete file that would be sufficient to be provided to a manufacture if desired.
Good Luck

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Popular Ideas Tab And Category Filter And It’s Styling

Add the homepage tabs to category pages
Popular posts add filter per category shown
add the numbering and style as in the example image I sent

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School Uniform Site/Business Name Ideas

We are looking for help in coming up with a name for our school uniforms business. Quick turnaround (1-2 days) desired.

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Bring Ideas To Sketches

I need to submit drawings to manufacture in china. I Have 10 designs I would like to bring to life. I am unable to draw so the person that wins this bid will need to have skype or enough skill to take my ideas and turn them into drawings/sketches. I need someone to help me design my sunglasses collection. 10 designs all drawings must have front and side view. Drawings should have color and look like the final product.

please submit sample of a
pair of brown sunglasses with the handles in the shape of the letter J. I will use the sample to test your skill level and to know if you best fit the job.

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Project To Make Money On Internet


I need a person that are expert on technologies and have a lot of ideas to make money on internet in a legal way.basically i am a web developer and doing some online business
but my income is not stable and regular so i want to make a regular constant income through internet via websites.All your ideas are welcome like affiliate programmes,PPC,buying an established websited,selling adspaces on buy and sell ad networks and so…domain parking.But all this will not work if the site has huge traffic and good page rank.Tell me your ideas and we will work it out.

I need to see your previous work, so please send links and exactly description about how you will make money and how it works.please also write what is needed in capital (budget) and what the income will be pr day/month or something like this.Please only bid on this if you are expert and have experience in this or know how to earn money on internet.


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