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M25 Movers Corp. Identity

Already got the website ( but now i need the fallowing (not limited)
1. Business card
2. Flayer
3. Envelopes
4. Letterhead
5. Brochures

Thank you,

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Corporate+website Design For Clothing/fashion Company

New small womens fashion label looking for a logo, corporate identity kit (business card, post card, stationery in printable format) and very basic information only website (home, collection, about us, shop, contact). Looking for something simple but elegant. Please include portfolio with existing corporate identity projects.

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Icon Design With Strong Identitity


I am in need of a set of a 10-15 icons that would help to create the identity of a website.

For now, I just need some clean, sizeable, basic shapes with a strong identity that could be easily applied to a number of different features.


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Print And Online Advertisement

I need A4 sized printed web designs with a clear identity and trigger function.
Also I need related (flash) banners and a 1/4 page for advertising print in magazine.

We are a young company so this project will also help shape our corporate identity.

I need to see reference portfolios to make a decision about whether we can cooperate.

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PPT Presentation

Design of a PPT presentation, of about 40 – 50 slides. All content of the presentation is already captured, I only need the design elegant, minimalistic and following some rules of corporate identity. Need it done in 24 hours with hourly advance reports. (Presentation is in spanish so spanish-speaking designers can have priority)

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Corporation Identity Design

:: Company::
PulseTech Limited is new international telecom/IT company specialized in Internet of things industry (M2M) and Music Pattern Recognition algorithm. Our company deploys location based information system globally (France, UK, China) and outsources design & manufacturing of hardware devices. We are trying to carve out a new vertical within this new and large M2M market, therefore a compelling identity to our customer become part of business strategy. We are looking for proven graphic designer, logo creator, product designer, corporate identity talent that could deliver our value to customers and internal staff. Following projects are required in next 2 months thus lots of talent work are needed. The weight attached indicate resource allocation for this bidding.

Please choose any combination of following jobs to bid. We would like to provide further information on request.

Corporate Identity Design (20%)
Website design (30%)
industrial Design (30%)
Packaging & Catalog Design (20%)

::Our Products::
Location Based System covers large market space in M2M industry. In our projection, people and machines communicate intensively via wireless network within this 10 years. Instead of simple words, Sensed environment data, location, feeling become important piece of information. With our cutting edge algorithm, we can nationally pinpoint a mobile device (cell phone for instance) as less as 3 meters bias, much more accurate then GPS performs in city center. Customer includes bank & logistic company (asset management), explorer & elders (emergency location), even wild animal & Julian Assange (risk management) ; )

:Music recognition: (in house developing)
Tate facilitate truly interaction of mankind and device via music. With our artificial intelligent algorithm, we are trying to analysis the characteristic (pattern) of every song you have, and your classification(not genre) of few sample songs. Our sophisticated algorithm will sense the connecting between characteristics of song and your classification (Happy/driving/party/leisure you name it), then it will evolving classify songs, dynamically generate playlist that only belong to you according to your feedback of mood or location. In future, Tate will incorporate location based social function like foursquare to linking people together with music.

::Value ( ISI )::
Since two founders studied artificial intelligent and enlighten by bionics. PulseTech believed technology should study wisdom of nature. so as to sustain the social expansion and benefit to environment in return. In our view, technology of future must be Interactive, Sensitive and Intelligent (ISI) that emphasis on user experience. Thus our products are embedded with our beliefs as well as artificial intelligent algorithm.

We only focus on what we are best at, Keep Company neat by collaborating with the best team in market.

::What You Should Submit::
we are expecting a brief proposal (less than 500 words or 10 PPT) that:
a.)communicates your value to us, explains the process you would suggest to ensure that the right design is created for our unique situation b.)Provide examples we can look at. c) Tell us what feeling of our brand is and what corporate image you are going to achieve. Lastly, please tell us how much you would charge us and what content of packaging you will deliver.

We expect the winning bidder to understand that we need the logo for multiple applications, such as on the devices, web and on printed documents.

We are looking forward to quality design that give us a pulse.

PulseTech Limited

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PDF Broshure Adjustment

Our existent Smoking Withdrawal brochure ( needs to be adjusted to Fat Cell Reduction ( product. Same corporate identity to be kept. Just changes in content.

The final PDF product has to be delivered in German, English and Spanish. All necessary input will be provided.

Looking for long term relationship with selected designer. New projects to be offered soon.

Please, provide us with samples from your portfolio.

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Corporate Home Page

Corporate Home Page

I want a simple one page web page as a place holder / Corporate Identity

Later the site will be developed further

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Graphic Identity For Website And Other Collateral

I am a web developer, but I currently dont have my own website. I dont have the design skills to design my own one, but I dont want to use a design that looks like i bought it from a template site.

As a web developer with some experience in the area of UI and IA, I feel comfortable dealing with the overall layout. However, I want some ornaments for the site which I can carry between the site, business cards, social networks, letterheaded paper, and other collateral.

These ornaments include:
* A logo – for the site, letterheaded paper, business cards, etc
* A stylised version of my photo (for use on social networks)
* A more developed version of the above, for use as a strong visual on the homepage of the site
* A favicon

I also want you to work with my web designer to advise on colour, typography, etc.

The branding needs to give the impression that I am experienced, reliable, knowledgable, fun to work with, but also professional. It needs to be strongly personalised – this is about brand me.

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Telemarketing Experts Required

Anyone who can work on the below assignment are requested to place bid.

Pls. find below 2 major programs.

1. Vacation Package:

You have 5 days 4 nights in Orlando at our award winning luxury resort

You have 2 theme park tickets to Disney, Universal, Islands of Adventure or Sea World

You have 3 days 2 nights ocean front in Daytona Beach

You have 5 days 4 nights in Cancun, Mexico

You have 3 days 2 nights Royal Carrabian cruise to Bahamas

Target Market: UK Customers

Price : 398 pound= US$ 650

2. ID Theft Protection & Credit Monitoring:

Identity Protection

Dont let unauthorized individuals use your credit be notified of identity theft attempts.

Reduce Junk Mail

Keep your personal information from being sold receive less junk mail and unwanted credit offers.

Free Credit Reports

Get your three free credit reports every year; find identity theft attempts before they become real.

Target Market: US Customers

Price : US$ 199-299

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Group Brand Identity

We prepare the establishment operates in
the field of electronic trading platform B2C,C2C
and the media need to design brand identity system to register trademark.
Brand-recognition system include:
1. Trademark logo
2.Envelope A4, A5
3.Leaflet / Newspaper advertising
4. A4 Binder Materials
5. VAT Invoice
6. Subject Line
7. Name card
8. Catalog / Brochure / Profile
9. Greeting cards
10. CD – Ecatalog

1. Logos and brand names are created are unique, explained the meaning.
2. Brands Name need short, easy to pronounce priority together with the domain names as trademarks. com,. net or. vn
3. Brand names have thoughts related to the field of e-commerce B2C, C2C and the media.
4. The file format is designed AI, PSD, JPEG, Word, PDF. We got all the original files and can be easily modified later on, especially about the language changes. for example the language 2nd, 3rd
5. Detailed description of the color palette, color code, standard font, size standards, Fantastic Variations (minimum 5 Fantastic Variations).
6. All designs will belong to our copyright will be registered as trademark, you will not have the right to change or provide other customer.
7.Predominantly orange and green, modern design, reflecting the professional, charismatic, global, sustainability
8. Priority cooperation with professional designers had design the famous brand.

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Broadcasting IPTV Station Needs Visual Intro / Bumpers

Hello everybody,
Need video designer to create/modify template of TV station branding identity: Bumpers + Intros + News & shows identity/logo

Something like this:

I KNOW, BUDGET IS TIGHT, I dont mind if YOU JUST MODIFY/REFRESH some bumpers you created already for previous clients

FULL TIME position available afterwods for right person.

PLEASE email me FIRST what you did and how much you want for it

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