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Experienced Facebook IFrame Designers Needed!


This is a fantastic opportunity for some ongoing and continuous work. I need iFrames made for Facebook users – you need to be able to do things such as:

– Custom Landing Tab
– Live Links from their Fan Page
– Side Profile Banner
– REVEAL Feature- FANs only Content
– Testimonial page
– Product and Services Image Gallery
– Opt-in box
– Graphics Intergration
– Integration of Web Properties and Design Themes

The successful candidate will be;

Motivated and ready to work. Have a quick turn around time, and be able to work closely with clients and send designed – with design revisions if necessary.

Fluent in English with excellent typing and grammatical skills

Have a real desire to work and earn money.

You will also have to be able to provide several different packages, ranging from Basic to Platinum, at competitive prices.

Please send me samples of your work when you reply so that I can evaluate the best clients.


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Facebook Slideshow Gallery

I need a facebook slide show gallery such as: (at the bottom)

It must have the option to upload images from your local computer and settings to change the arrows images. Also background option to set background color or to be transparent(as its in the example). Also it must have the option to edit its size. The app must be written in FBML javascript/PHP code so to be easy published on Facebook.

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Men’s Health Leads – Facebook/MyScape/Forums/Leads Whatever

Hi ppl,

Plz look at my site at,

this is a package that any guy will say WOW!

you must advertise along the lines of,

* Bid per 1000 leads you can get (lead is a person who enters their name/email and press submit)
* Describe your marketing strategy
* Dont bid high since, for example, in facebook, its EASY to create a fanpage for a subject like this, which will easily go viral.

Include "WhyDidntI" to confirm you read the whole message before bidding.

You can also give me your ideas on any kind of marketing you can do to get some cheap leads. If you can provide quality leads for cheap, I have many more similar projects.

Thanks and Regards,

Fahad Hassen

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Facebook IFRAME And XFBML Functionality

Im looking for someone that as already developed some functionality for IFRAME Facebook Application and that wants to resell it to me for a very low price:

1) XFBML intitialization in IFRAME app (not canvas app)
2) Add FB Bookmark in IFRAME app equal to FBML app (not as FB connect app)
3) Add App in profile page throw button in app
4) Invite Friend
5) Give me information about Facebook SMS, country enabled, operators, only for mobile users or for all?
6) Other question when project assigned (If Ill have more).

Very low budget but easy to do functionality max bid (20-25$)

06/27/2010 at 6:51 EDT:

1) FBJS intitialization for XFBML in IFRAME app (not connect app)

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Facebook API – Detect If User Is Logged In Into Facebook

I need someone to help me with the Facebook developer API.

What I am trying to do is check if the user that is accessing my webpage is connected to facebook or not.

It is as simple as that.

Budget: 10$

This is a 10 minutes job if you know how to do it. The winner must give me an HTML page example with a working code.

I need to finish this TODAY!

Please bid only if you are good and familiar with the Facebook developper API.

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Facebook Iframe Resizing

I need to be able to get a website that is larger than 760px wide to fit in the 760px iframe on facebook. I understand that the appearance may be different because of the resizing.

Things you need to know:

You will not have access to the FTP info of the website that will be displayed in the iframe, so we cant simply change the dimensions of the website

I want to know that you can actually complete the project before I award it to you. So, please show me an example of some work that you have done that is the same. Or, I can give you a domain to try and do it..and if you are successful, I will award the project to you…along with many other projects.

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Working Example Facebook Android SDK


I need a working sample of Facebook Android SDK.

The app must be able to:
– Login into facebook
– Use all available extended permission

The source code must be well documented.

The budget is very limited since I use this project for academic purpose, so I will be prefer to take the lowest bid.


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