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Hi there!

Were looking for a company to help us out with a new project. We teach Australian kids about financial literacy, and want some really cool animations to go along with a few of our short videos (2 minutes).

We were thinking along the lines of these RSAnimate videos:
Or something like infographics. However, we are also interested in flash animations.

Were still unsure as to how many videos we need to do, because this is dependent on cost. If you are able to tell us how much you charge for bulk packages that would be great – so for example how much you would charge for 5, and how much you would charge for 20. Were keen to do as many as possible, cost permitting.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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Flag Illustration From A Sketch

Dear Bidder,

We are requesting an illustration design for a flag. The illustration should be of qualified size (3x5ft / 90x150cm). The illustration should also follow the initial sketch attached. Basically the design is ready in the sketch. We just need a larger version of it. We also have a high resolution imag from the relief to ease your work.

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Need Illustration Designed For Project


This project is for designer – pinky

i need 18 illustrations designed or website



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Illustrations For Characters And Background Scenes

I require an illustration done of a character and a background scene. See attached brief for more information. Potentially there are more of these to be done in the future for the winning illustrator.

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Manga/Anime/Cartoon Illustration Required


I require a picture of myself made in an anime character interpretation.

I will send you the picture and you will make the drawing based on that.


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Infographic Illustration –

Im looking for an experienced infographics illustrator. Please respond with some of your samples and costs as well as a little bit about your background.

Please only experienced providers

Thank you.

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Vector Illustrations X 22 Images

I would like a talented illustrator to provide illustrations of the attached plants and animals as EPS vector images.

The illustration style does not need to be too detailed. I am interested in different illustrative styles. No cartoons please.

The EPS files should be hi res/large enough to be printed up to A3 size.

You should provide examples of your previous illustrations with your bid and please confirm how many days work this is.

See attached file so you know what images I need.


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Cartoon Illustration

Im looking for an experienced Cartoon illustrator.

I need a landscape composite picture with little school children, reading, playing, running around.

Preferably the style can be like this:

Thank you.

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Illustration Graphic Maps

Based on drawing borders and google sattelite images, add a few symbols with related text.
Goal is to recreate fast a serie of 100 maps based on existing illustration maps.
Nice design skills a must. Look should be professional.

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Art For Children’s Book

I need illustration done for a 12 page childrens book – has to be computer based. The first page follows as an example

One day the people came to the Prophet Salalaahu alaihi wassalam and told him of a camel that was behaving badly.

[Note to illustrator: garden area with trees (including date palms), shrubs etc.- group of men speaking to one Man standing alone. All of the men are dressed in Arab garb with head coverings. Man has no distinguishable facial features – can be shown with head covering blocking face – this would apply to scenes where he is present. ]

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Infographic Illustration

Im looking for an experienced infographics illustrator. Please respond with some of your samples and costs as well as a little bit about your background.

Thank you.

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Pop Art Illustrator

We are looking for designers for my concern. the actual work is pop art conversion from photos.
you can see some examples here
This is regular work, please bid if you have capable to do 2 pic per day

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Need Illustrator Artistic Character Work Done

Hello everyone,

Looking for a professional artist for some quick work under a small budget. Our client is asking to have their websites main banner and visualize their process turn around done in an artistic illustration way. Meaning two illustrations done, one for their from main page banner and another one for the way their process of order works;

Illustration #1:
– illustration must showcase three or four steps that fit within a 960 pixel width
– must be clear and detailed
– must show and be relevant to each step
– would be ideal to use one or two characters within it
– must not be any icons or any illustration that is licensed else where
– step one; submit order… step two; review and payment… step three; development and implementation… step four; delivery or setup

Illustration #2
– this is still up in the air and might not be needed after all. Please bid on both or one and state that within your msg.

Thats all folks. Please provide examples of your previous work. Examples should be only of illustrations you did. Please note only the candidate with clean, funky, unique illustrations (not clip art) will be considered. Only candidates with feedback on freelance will be considered. Non-feedback or new freelancers, sorry.

Our budget $30 – $50

Delivery timeline: 5 days or less

Lowest and best creative candidate or bid wins!

Thank you

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Need Illustrator To Finish Illustration On Photoshop

Im looking to finish the illustration attached… I want to make the trees a little bigger.. the banner i want to add text and have layers with multiple positions so it seems that is waving. same thing with the clouds and the chimney smoke. the front of the house wil be differnt with some bushes and a white fence.

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Creation Of Advertisement

We are searching for graphic designer to take our idea and make an advertisement out of it. We have a handmade draft and search for graphic designer to make it into a vibrant advertisement. Some photo editing included and creation of a graphic spoon and a

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Infographic And Illustration Designer

We are looking for creative designers that can create static infographics. We have list of sample works to show and before you bid you will have to show us some of your sample work.

Please only bid if you know what is an "infographic" we will ignore any bids that talk about html/web design/seo and such junk we are only interested in creative designers that can design infographics.

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Childrens Book Illustrator

I am looking for an illustrator for a childrens book i have self published. I have previously had the illustration black and white but i would like to change the illustrations and have them in colour.

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Illustrator For Doodles

I am looking for a person who can illustrate doodled (cartoonish) illustrations for me on an ongoing basis….I want only good illustrators….I will provide all the info related to the illustration required or preferably Ill also send you a photo that needs to be converted into a cartooned or dooled illustration…..please bid for 20 illustrated doodles for now…which may include aharactes or objects (laptops, phones….computers etc) for now….might lead to long term if I like the job and bid offer….

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Create Advertisement Inc Photo Editing + Illustration

Creating an advertisement in InDesign + phote editing + illustration
We are searching for graphic designer to take our idea and make an advertisement out of it. We have a handmade draft and search for graphic designer to make it into a vibrant advertisement. Some photo editing included and creating a graphic spoon and a

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Whats Happening In A Biowaste Bin?

Hi, I need a series of illustrations for a new webproject, the idea is to cut a sticker for a biowaste container. The illustration has to show on a funny way whats happing in the container. What Im looking for is a shine through of whats happing or better what could be happen in there.

For example in the lowers part there is already some new dirt, a crazy worm is building a new home. Up there a family mice is building a new house with parts of the waste people throw away. The are some other creatures who building a green energyplant etc ect etc.

a example of the style im looking for and attached a sample of the container.

Please a bit per illustration needs 3 themes for a start.

Greetz Peter,

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Illustration Redraw Project

We need assistance to one or more of the following tasks. You do not need to offer all the tasks.

1. Illustrator
You must be redrawn about 25 illustrations and created 10 new illustrations. You must have a good line.

2. Composer and sound design
In english voice

3. Flash, animation and video effect.
Rasmus Refer

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Full Time Book Illustrators Needed

Please read the entire message before responding.

I am in need of an Illustrator for multiple books. Each book will need approximately 10 – 15 illustrations, or maybe more. I am publishing the books in Black and White and so color will be unnecessary, although I will not reject color illustrations. I may be using the illustrations in future printings or works and will only purchase illustrations that include all rights.

Each book will also need one full color cover including the title of the book.

If you are interested in this project I would like to see a couple of illustrations. I do not want to see signs, logos or any other types of work because I am looking for an illustrator. If you do send me irrelevant work I will not consider you for this or anything in the future.

This will be the process.

First, send me a couple illustrations, along with what you expect to make per book in a private message. For instance, tell me the total price that you need for a book with 10 illustrations, and also what you would need for a book with 15 illustrations. Or you can tell me a flat rate per illustration. Include the price of your illustrations in your private message to me. Also, please give me an estimate on the time it will take for you to complete all of the illustrations for the entire book.

Second, I will give you a book title and explain what types of illustrations that I would expect. I will give you a general idea of what I am looking for, but I will not tell you everything. I expect you to use your artistic creativity, and I want to give you some flexibility.

Third, send me the trial illustration.

Fourth, I will either approve or reject the illustration. If I approve the illustration then I will inform you that I have approved it, and ask you to finish the rest of the illustrations for the book.

Fifth, I will need to approve or reject the rest of the illustrations. If I reject them I will give you feedback on what I need. If they are similar in quality and content to the original illustration there should be no problem. If you have any questions during the illustration process feel free to email me.

If I am satisfied with you, and you are satisfied with me, I have numerous additional books that I need illustrated. I have enough work to last an illustrator a year or more. As long as we are both happy with the relationship I will allow you to continue to illustrate for me.

I am flexible with making payments. I can pay you in full after the completion of the work. If you cannot wait until you complete the entire project I will pay 1/2 of the agreed upon price for each illustration after I approve it, and the other 1/2 after the completion of all the illustrations for the entire book. Due to the fact that I need ALL of the illustrations for a book in order to market it, I will be unable to pay more than 1/2 of the agreed upon amount until the book is completed in full. If this is unsatisfactory to you, please do not bother bidding on this job.

I am looking for three things in the illustrations. Quality, Price, and Speed.

If you do not want to follow the process that I have outlined, dont bother contacting me because I will not consider you.

03/01/2011 at 21:55 EST:

The books will be primarily be in the following genres; general fiction, christian fiction and nonfiction, and politics.

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Create Simple Black/white Sketch Cartoon Design For T-shirt

I need a simple illustration in black and white caricature styling for the back of a T-shirt. I dont want to pay more than $50. Thanks!

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Illustration Required – Potential Rendering Also

I need a feature image for my wordpress blog.

It is currently this:

The theme is "Approaching life without fear"

I want to incorporate an image similar to:

Would be great if we can get it as lifelike as that image, the idea is to not make it look like "Gerard Butler"

It needs to be as long as the current image with the same dimensions. I want to incorporate the image above and make it look as similar to that quality. As far as colours, I am after a custom colour scheme. I want it to be vibrant (like david lachapelle photos – please see and incorporate a lot of yellow and burnt red.

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URGENT! Children´s Illustration


I need someone today, is a Urgent project!!!

We need a children´s illustration (1 to 3 years old) in vector format (adobe illustrator) vey colorfull and great quality!

Please send me PM with you relevant samples (just vector samples please) and website and I will send you more information.

You must to be ready to create a mockup of the scene today to check your quality (just b&w).

This is a important project, we have a lot of more drawing like this for 6 months!!!

Budget: 45usd

Dead line of the project: 26/02

Dead line for mockups: today (you have 10 hours)

Is very important the fast communication, do yo have skype or yahoo messenger?

Happy bidding =)


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Illustration Of A Product

Create two/three images, illustrating the meaning of a product. The product is a piece of jewellery. Picture is attached.
I want the meaning of this jewellery clearly illustrated in one picture to go on the front page of my website. I would like another one or two images to further represent the meanings and show the product in an appealing manner. Customers should instantly see and understand the meaning of the product from the first image.

The style is up to the designer, but must have a classic/elegant/traditional romantic feel to it as this is what the jewellery represents.

Attachment – The Hands mean friendship, the heart means love, and the crown represents loyalty.

Important- The text must be in Japanese, I can provide the Japanese meanings. And any additional translation if needed.

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IPR Presentation

Illustrate 50 slides, each slide having 1-3 frames, (maximum 100 illustrations) for a powerpoint presentation that will be animated. There will be a detailed story for each slide explained through indicative images or hand-drawn sketches to explain what each illustration needs to show. Style similar to istockphoto file 15674740, or file 14689420 using stick figures.

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Simple Map Illustration

Reproduce a map in illustrator

Budget $15

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Children Illustration / Character Design

We need design for three characters for a childrens book.

The characters are a dragon, a knight and a princess.

We are open to choose between different styles of illustration.

We would like to see samples of your work.

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Childrens Story Illustration,whimsical And Cartoonish

Need illustrations for a childrens story about a good mouse and a bad greedy mouse.
Requirements :
– A 2D cartoon style with good colorization
-Whimsical, friendly

The assignment is to create 6 DRAWINGS.
1 of them will include a simple background with both mouse characters.
The other 5 include background scenes of a simple mouse village.

You should have a portfolio on the profile, or send a link to it. So I can see what are your abilities .

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10 Monopoly Type Characters

10 monopoly type characters in term of around 20 days. Each character will represent a web page for the As Seen On TV Company web site. Characters will be done one at a time and a detailed description of each will be sent for the detailed creation.

On the home page there will be an illustration of a pitch man on a booth pitching, on the Kids page there will be a little 7 year old like Beaver Cleaver with jeans rolled at the bottom, sling shot hanging out of the back pocket watching in awe as the rubber band air cruiser 2000 take its inaugural journey, 50s woman in proper attire baking happily in the kitchen… pictures, images and detailed descriptions will be supplied for each…

$250-$750 USD

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