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Children’s IPad App Illustrator

We are looking for iPad & iPhone illustration for children book.

Looking for an edgy, contemporary illustrator with a good handle on characters and a munny-sensibility.

The concept is about a little boy pet missing from home, there goes the story begin….

There are 20 screens in the app. The characters will include: mother, little boy, some cartoon animal characters.

We will commission in the middle of April and want delivery in four weeks.

Required sound effect: sweet mother sound, charming little girl for some conversation.

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Children’s Book Illustrator

Need a childrens book illustrator. Full color drawings. Would like to see samples please. Budget is $1 per page and I have about 30 to 40 pages that needs drawings. I will have more projects in the future as I have 4 more childrens I will write in the next 4 months.

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Illustrator To Joomla Template

Looking to have PSD/AI template converted to a Joomla 1.6 Template.

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Harley Redraw In Adobe Illustrator

i want my harley redrawn in adobe illustrator. The bike should be separate from the background and the road. I would like the road to be there but maybe a run down looking city in the background

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Illustrations For Characters And Background Scenes

I require an illustration done of a character and a background scene. See attached brief for more information. Potentially there are more of these to be done in the future for the winning illustrator.

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Photoshop And Illustrator Worker Required

I am looking for a freelancer who is proficient in Illustrator and Photoshop.
Work is to rearrange vectors/designs into new designs. You will need to have experience with working with Vectors.
You will also need a creative mind, i will give details and training but you must know PS and AI. Designs need to be simple and efficient as in training. You must be comfortable with working mainly in Photoshop. Illustrator will be needed only for 1 step.

As sample, i have attached a couple of vectors. Use them to make 3 business card of size 800 px X 300 px at 100dpi PNG.
You can use the vectors as any way you want. Change colors, shapes etc. Idea is to mix and match, and come up with new stuff. Cards must be well designed. You will be expected to merge elements from different files. You can not use any other resource other than what i give.

Work is to be billed upon hourly. Pay is Rs.15-25 (USD 20cts-40cts) per hour depending on designs made,& quality. Kindly only bid and do sample if agree with bid price. Message me with sample and your hourly bid. I have attached vector in the file.

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Illustrator Needed Asap

I am a looking for a illustrator who can do enhance some of my illustrator work,,wlll need to see your portfolio.

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Childrens Illustrator Needed (VECTOR FORMAT ONLY)


I need an illustrator to develop 24 regular illustrations + 24 simple illustrations.(little drawings)
If the quality is the expected more work is assured…im thinking in contract to an illustrator for a monthly payment.

Style: Very easy childrens book (google: dora)

deadline: april 18

budget: $250

Ill select the winner tomorrow.

PM with childrens examples to receive more details

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Bird Vector Icon Wanted


I am looking for an illustrator to design a vector icon of a bird which resembles to Angry Birds (bird icon)
will need it for an iPhone app which provides Angry Birds guide.

Want bird mascot to be in vector format so it could be modified later on.

Looking for talented individual/company to provide it within 24 to 36 hours, payment will be setup as milestone once the winner is selected and release it once the final product received. This is a quick job so my budget is not more than $30.

Winners may expect plenty of other design projects in near future.

P.S. Find attachment for reference of what kind of work Im interested in.

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Adobe Illustrator Tutorial Writer Needed

I am in need of a Adobe Illustrator expert to design some amazing designs, text effects, illustrations. Each tutorial will be $30. My client is looking to make this an ongoing thing of about 5 a month.

The tutorials are to be in english and well written, no videos, just text and images.

Tutorials are to be unique and custom, not rip offs from other tutorials. All copyrights are to be given to my client.

Please post your best Adobe Illustrator skills and if you have any tutorials to show that would be a bonus.


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Infographic Illustration –

Im looking for an experienced infographics illustrator. Please respond with some of your samples and costs as well as a little bit about your background.

Please only experienced providers

Thank you.

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Design illustrations for childrens book "Rain baby"

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WordPress Designers Needed!

Hi everyone and thank you for bidding.

I am looking for a wordpress developer who can develop me an amazing looking wordpress theme.

The theme is to be in the same style as and but not the same.

All work is to be custom and creative. I expect 3 concepts and unlimited revisions. I need this doing within a few days also.

This is to be delivered in v3c valid coding and within the original psd or illustrator file (which ever you designed it in).

Full copyrights are given to myself inwhich you can not take any acceptance for.

When bidding please supply a portfolio of what creativity you can do and wordpress themes you have done.


03/29/2011 at 5:38 EDT:

Also this theme must be widget ready so if client installs a new feature it will fit within the theme

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Cartoon Illustration

Im looking for an experienced Cartoon illustrator.

I need a landscape composite picture with little school children, reading, playing, running around.

Preferably the style can be like this:

Thank you.

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Ming And The Tsunami

This is another Ming the Minibus Book. It requires 12 Illustrations. The book is designed to let children know that if they on the beach and the water suddenly starts to flow rapidly out to sea then its a sign a tsunami or giant wave is approaching. The book will be distributed free online and to schools in Hong Kong. It will also be translated into Chinese and provided free to schools in mainland China. It also may be used by charities to raise funds for Japnaese Tsunami victims.

The illustrator will need to be able to produce the characters shown on Ming the Minibus cartoon show. These can be seen on youtube or at

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Photoshop, Illustrator, Html5 Tutorials


I am looking for great tutorials which all copyrights go to me and you can not claim to be your own creation.

The tutorials can be any of these:


Requirements are as follows:

Photoshop tutorials need to be high graphical content which is easy to follow.
Illustrator tutorials need to be high quality graphics which is easy to follow.
html5 needs to be clever tricks and be html5 valid.

I have been around just about all tutorial sites so please do not just rip a tutorial and claim it as your own. Has to be made custom.

Please look at:

these are the quality i am looking for

When bidding please bid for 1 tutorial, we will want lots but just bid for one and please send me work you have done which can show me you are very creative and skilled to do this


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Infographic Illustration

Im looking for an experienced infographics illustrator. Please respond with some of your samples and costs as well as a little bit about your background.

Thank you.

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Pop Art Illustrator

We are looking for designers for my concern. the actual work is pop art conversion from photos.
you can see some examples here
This is regular work, please bid if you have capable to do 2 pic per day

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Vector Creators Needed. Chance For Ongoing Collaboration

Are you a creator of great illustrations? Do you creative flawless and beautiful vector graphics? And work in Illustrator or Corel Draw?

Maybe you have some vector images that you created in the past, that now just are gathering dust on your computer?
Or would you like to create a batch of interesting vector illustrations for me?

Please send a very brief message with samples, rather than just bidding because I might accept several designers using the message box. So if you have decent samples or a link, chances are good that you can work with me.

I have an ongoing need for vector images and backgrounds. The illustrations can be anything under the sun, patterns, outlines of people, frames, flowers, nature, architecture, sports, technical, travel, items, animals, small obscure funny things. Anything really.

However; There are some requirements, that you will have to live up to! <— Important.

* The images need to be designed by you or your team.
* You must not have bought these images or parts of the graphics from somewhere else. You have to have made every single part of your work.
* The illustrations needs to have all vector curves closed, and I prefer images not created by autotrace function in Illustrator. Unless its been really really cleaned up and looks great..
* No logotypes with company names.
* No images that can be seen as a copyright violation. Illustrations of Disney, Shrek, Starwars and other things known from movies or media is not useful for me. I want your work. Not reproductions of others. Also I can not use caricatures of existing celebrities.
* everything saved as .ai or .eps and deliverd as .zip file.
* Ofcourse no sample images allowed from any existing stocksites such as shutterstock, istock or the many vector stock websites available! I pretty much live on those websites and WILL check it. I am well aware of what is out there, such as vector tutorials and existing vector stock CDs, website etc. No false submissions, please! Youll waste your time if you do so.

But heres a chance to get rewarded for your many hours of doing illustrations.

I will pay you $1.50 to 2$ per image depending on the complexity and numbers you present. If your work is truly unique, you deliever as promised, and we start a longer collaboration, the price can be negotiated to 4-5$/image!

Think about it. 😉


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Need Illustrator Artistic Character Work Done

Hello everyone,

Looking for a professional artist for some quick work under a small budget. Our client is asking to have their websites main banner and visualize their process turn around done in an artistic illustration way. Meaning two illustrations done, one for their from main page banner and another one for the way their process of order works;

Illustration #1:
– illustration must showcase three or four steps that fit within a 960 pixel width
– must be clear and detailed
– must show and be relevant to each step
– would be ideal to use one or two characters within it
– must not be any icons or any illustration that is licensed else where
– step one; submit order… step two; review and payment… step three; development and implementation… step four; delivery or setup

Illustration #2
– this is still up in the air and might not be needed after all. Please bid on both or one and state that within your msg.

Thats all folks. Please provide examples of your previous work. Examples should be only of illustrations you did. Please note only the candidate with clean, funky, unique illustrations (not clip art) will be considered. Only candidates with feedback on freelance will be considered. Non-feedback or new freelancers, sorry.

Our budget $30 – $50

Delivery timeline: 5 days or less

Lowest and best creative candidate or bid wins!

Thank you

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Need Illustrator To Finish Illustration On Photoshop

Im looking to finish the illustration attached… I want to make the trees a little bigger.. the banner i want to add text and have layers with multiple positions so it seems that is waving. same thing with the clouds and the chimney smoke. the front of the house wil be differnt with some bushes and a white fence.

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Children’s Book Illustrator Needed

I have written a childrens book about fairies. I need the cover and all pages illustrated. Whimsical and fun. Would like color images. The story is in poetry format and has 13 pages.

Please provide samples of your work for my review.

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Animator Extraordinaire – 1 Min. Children’s Cartoon

We are currently looking for a young and talented 2D animator/ illustrator to produce a 1 minute independent childrens cartoon.

Applicants must be skilled illustrators, capable of emulating a given style of drawing.

If you are truly passionate about cartoons and a hard worker, this may be the work for you.

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Graphic/death Fantasy Vector-illustrator,photo-shop Needed

Im starting a small business with graphic designed t hsirts I have lots of Ideas for shirts I need someone who is capable of reading and writing in English who understands what I need for the design to come alive on Illustrator using vectors or photo-shop I will send you requirments to submit the files to me so that I can in turn take them to my screen printer and print out the design.

this will be a long term, muitpule assignment.

Your competting agaisnt other designers on So please bring your A game in thumbnails nothing to detailed just let me see your style and work. Ill provide everybody who wants to be considered for this project to submit two or three samples of :

A Grim Reaper standing next a tricked out motorcyle You can submit different poses of the design as long as I can distingush the design as a whole you can use backgrond enviroments or just have the subject on the screen has to be submitted in photo-shop or Illustrastor ONE SAMPLE: of color with shading – 2nd sample in BLACK AND WHITE to show your true skills with a computer make it in pencil Illustrator.

If you can work in vectors with shapes please provide that skill in the heading of your mail response. if you have a site of samples please provide this as well but you do have to show the thumbnail examples to be considered for this project.

skills needed photo-shop/ Illustrator-vectors/ cartoon drawer/ able to draw vehicles realistically

duration: Long term

I will have full copyright/ rights to all my drawing ideas depending If they are my ideas or yours if they are yours and I decide to use them for one of my tshirt designs we will discuss royality fee or set amount to use your designs.

I will use milestone payments to safe guard you and me on both sides of the fense. willing to pay $20 to $60 depending on design and full color or just black and white.

up comming work will be:
1. design for a truck wrap full color
2. lots of new designs for shirts with full rights
3. new artists will be included / rush orders means more work for you…

Remember you must provide a sample of two or three thumbnails large enough to see your details of the character and the design of the motorcycle. If you have your own portoflio submit as well but you will not get a response if you dont read the request above. for submission details.

once you are the winner you will provide the finished project vie email and Hardcopy CD disk.

Good luck

Hope to work with you soon.

Best Regards

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Cut Individual Images From Adobe Illustrator File

Hi Friends,

I have an .AI file which has around 120 images (google map markers in different colors). I need someone to cut out those images and create individual images.

My budget is $30
Please bid if you can complete it in a day.

No advance payment.

Full payment after completion of work.


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